29, 4 Children, 5'5" 145lbs . 310cc moderate plus smooth-round silicone under the muscle - Vancouver, BC

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I have four children and breastfed each of them,...

I have four children and breastfed each of them, which resulted in a deflated "empty" look. Prior to children I used to be a B cup. Iam unsure if I truly am any more. I desire to obtain a natural look but add that fullness too achieve a small C cup or full C. My surgeon suggested a 275cc or 300 cc. I am stuck on the sizing. The smaller size feel like the perfect fit however he says to keep in mind it will appear smaller once placed under the muscle. I don't want to regret going "too small" but also don't want my breast too large and have a obvious augmented look. Help! Pictures of me, and my desired look. Surgery very soon Aug 30th

Leaning toward 300cc

After taking some sizers home and testing them out with different tops I am more so leaning toward the 300cc implants rather than 275cc. But I'm still a bit scared to go "too big" attached are some photos with out inserts (white shirt) and different sizers in the purple shirt. Thoughts?

Just payed full amount. 14 more days

Ladies I just payed the full amount. I think I might poop my pants. Lol this is all so exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time! Stomach is in knots but in a good way I think? Anyways I'm pretty set on the 300ccs moderate plus silicone under the muscle. I think the thing I've struggled with most is coming to terms with spending this much money on MYSELF! If it was a new family vehicle or a vacation no doubts but this is pretty big! So just trying to take breaths and hoping it will all be worth it in the end. After all, taking care of my four kids and sacrificing myself for 9 years deserves a little mom credit right? Eeeeek. A couple more pics of my current breast in bra. Note how im missing upper pole fullness in my b size bra.

On the other side!

Well ladies it's done!!! I went in this morning at 10:30. I got prepped and layed on the operating table. Prior to arriving I was starving but as soon as I arrived nerves kicked in and I felt anxious worried. I joked to my husband that
Maybe I should run out in my hospital gown while I still had the chance. They nurses and anesthesiologist were so
Kind and friendly. And quickly helped me calm my nerves. I went over sizing with my PS and was pretty set on the 300 but still worried that I might lose some of that volume with under the muscle. Once we finished our talk I was out before I knew it. I woke up In a different room pretty confused and was talking now all sorts I funny stuff like "why didn't anyone count for me I thought someone would count" haha I guess I felt tricked into being knocked out. Pain was a 7.5/8 and they gave me drugs which brought it down to like 6. When I was cleared to leave I was given one more pain med and some gravol. The drive home was a bit painful. Any bump on the road was felt in the chest area. I felt dizzy at one point and almost threw up. I think that was the drugs kicking in. But now feeling much better after some crackers and ginger ale. And at home resting in my bed. OH and my surgeon went with 310cc! I'm a little nervous right now hey look very swollen and huge. Feels like someone is sitting on my chest. Anyways will keep you all posted! Yay I made it :) sry if there's spelling mistakes, still pretty high right now

Day 2

The night went fairly well. Propped myself up with pillows and woke up once to take meds. My wonderful husband helped me with everything from getting up to pulling my pants up. Haha I spent much of the morning walking around as we were preparing to go to a family trip away for a week (3hrs from here ) I checked in with my PS today and he changed my dressings for my incision. He said everything was looking good and I got a sneak peek at the new ladies. To be honest I don't know what to think yet. They look swollen and are sore and I feel like they are further apart than expected. The size in general is a bit bigger than I expected so with a bra off it all feel very foreign. I'm not like "instantly in love" like many other reviews. I think there will be an adjusting time and they still need to heal and drop and get soft before I can assess the final look. Attached are some pics with the surgical bra. However the real boob shots will have to wait till tomorrow as I got the go ahead to have a shower then. Still feeling so nervous about the results. But thought I'd be as honest as possible here for other following along the journey. Side note pain is about a 3/10 when kept up on pain meds.

Forgot to add pic of he implant card

Day3 first look

The night was a bit rough. Woke up with a stiff neck and right chest. Also have cut down on my prescription meds from two to one pill every 4-6 hrs. I finally got to have a shower and got a first real look at the new breast. I'm still kind of taken back by how big they look but adjusting to the new look. Here's a few pictures of day three. My right breast seems a bit lower and bigger. But I'm sure they will hopefully even out over time. Wondering how
Much of the size is swelling and how he look will change once they drop and fluff.

1 week

Wow one week has gone by. I would say day four was the worst as far as discomfort goes. Sleeping upright was a pin in the butt. I have to be honest it taken some time eating used to my new size. It is kind of like when you have really long hair and you chop it all off. You find yourself walking by the mirror and saying "woah is that me? " and along with that come the questions of "did I go to short? Does this look suit me?" Or in this case did I go to big? Do these breasts suit my frame? I had one night where I broke down and cried and though I made a big mistake with the size and that they were too big. Mind you I was high on drugs and was on my period so not a good combination. Lol! However now that a week has gone by I find myself liking my new look more and more. I promised myself to take some time to adjust to the drastic change. My PS said it takes up to 3 months to achieve the final look. So I will have to be patient. I had my follow up today and he said everything is looking good. The steri strips got taken off and he put new ones in place. He says every other day now I will be able to put brown tape they provided on the incision as to provide pressure on the scar and achieve minimal scarring. But to hold off putting and scar cream on until 3/4 weeks. I so look forward to sleeping on my back tonight! Also he showed me some three simple excercises to move the implants gently to ensure the fit into the pocket they made for it and prevent capsular contractor. This is suppose to be done twice a day and be kept up as a life long thing. So that pretty much sums up my one week update. Oh the one other thing is I tried on my old bathing suit last night and .... Oh man I felt like a new woman! I felt like a cut out from a magazine lol . Minus the tummy. Hahaha something I will need to tone up now that I got these nice ladies to show off. My husband who was *stern voice* "against this" sure hasn't been able to keep his eyes off me and with a smirk told me "I feel like a kid at the candy shop but I can't touch anything" hahaha we might be having a little trouble with the no sexy time for 4/6 weeks rule. Thankful for this community of ladies and support. Will keep you all posted

First look at the scars.

10 days post op. Even though I had my dressings changed by my surgeon twice since, today was the first time I removed them myself during a shower and put tape on after. Pics of incisions attached

2 week update!

I've really been looking forward to writing this particular review. The past week I must have got some sort of stomach bug or maybe it was a lingering effect of the drugs but I basically got really irregular and had bathroom issues and looked like I was 4 months pregnant. So I just felt really gross about myself and overall though (combined with the bigger breast) I looked big and boxy. Well I am finally feeling better after 5 days of this and my stomach is back to its normal size. This morning I took a shower and took some updated pics and I was really liking how they look. For the first time I was feeling giddy and excited. Of course I am my own worst critic still and I have noticed that my right side still seems much firmer and stiff than the left. The nipple is also a little lower it seems and the right breast in general seems a bit bigger. So that's been bothering me. I know they drop and fluff at different rates so I'm hoping once the right catches up there won't be so much of a size difference ( I'm thinking it might be still more swollen than the left) most pictures you can't really tell but I did get one on an angle that shows that difference. However it's probably much more noticeable to me than others. If you are looking at the pictures my left is the side I have a tattoo on my rib cage. It's switches sides depending on if I took a selfie or mirror pic. (Just a side note)

My incisions are healing nicely but it's been a pain in the ass removing the brown tape it's like waxing haha so many tiny peach fuzz hairs and the tape rips them right out. I also noticed my right side when I gently feel with my hand that I can actually feel the implant a bit almost feels like a bubble that I push in and out. But early on I've read this is not uncommon. I've been meaning to call my doctors office and ask about it. I had a night where I totally freaked myself out with anxiety and basically used real self as a Google search engine of all the things that can go wrong with implants.... Learn from me, don't do that! Lol the next morning I was totally fine I just had a moment of panic and overthinking this whole healing process.

Other than that I like how perky and natural still my breasts are . Sometimes I still think "woah they are big" in person they seem bigger than the pictures , aside the close ups those are pretty on point. But all in all I think I made the right size choice. Had gone with 275cc I think I would have ended up regretting it and getting boob greed. Right now they seem vavavoom to me haha however in clothes they don't look hugely different at all. But in a bathing suit they look pretty out there ;) which I like. I can dress them up or down and I'm sure bras will make a difference in that too later on. Happy healing to all you guys in the same boat! Thanks for reading

Just a quick comparison of the old compared to the new :)

Sorry not great quality pics but I def feel like a dif woman in my old bikini

5 weeks

So I've decided to write another review because I feel there is more to report now. I went to my one month check in last week and it went great. I am in love with my size! I went from being scared that it was too big with all the swelling , to the swelling going down and worrying I was losing too much volume haha honestly this whole thing was a roller coaster ride. At my 1 month check up I enquired about the "bubble" or liquid type feeling I could feel on the outside of my right breast. That was the one which also happened to still be harder so I worried myself sick with what it could be. My surgeon assured me that it was nothing to worry about that my muscle was still stretching and making room for the implant and that it was likely the outer shell of the implant I was feeling. He said in women that are smaller there is less to cover the implant so if you go looking for it you will likely always feel it a little bit. That being said I no longer feel the bubble! I also brought up that I felt my right was bigger and at the end of the appointment he took me to the computer to show me what I started out with. That there will always be a very slight imbalance because no two breasts are the same. I looked at the pictures and I was stunned.... I mean 4 weeks and I had honestly forgotten what I started out as ,or more like the lack of. My nipples looked sunken in and droopey and my breast entirely deflated. Once it clicked I was just so extremely happy with my result. Hands down best money I have ever spent.( even tho I still at times feel guilty for spending so much on myself ) I feel so Much more comfortable around my husband when we are intimate and not at all because of how he is with them but how I FEEL with them. He loves my new confidence and he has not been able to keep his hand or eyes off me which I'm quite enjoying too ;) so a week after the appointment my right side had finally caught up to my left. They are both soft on squishy they feel amazing. I'm still doing my breast massage twice a day. ( something my surgeon says to keep up for a lifetime to ensure the well being of the implant and preventing capsular contractor) Half the time i don't consciously think about them being "implants" anymore. I got cleared to lift my kiddos again and I was overjoyed I missed all my snuggles. doing the daily routine with trying not to lift a 2 and 3 year old was ridiculous. I still gotta stick out sleeping on my back another two months! Which I loathe...., I find myself accidentally turning to my side at night and quickly correct it. I was also told I can now wear any bra I like but he also advices to hold off on a giant shopping spree as they still might adjust in shape a little. However today I bought two T shirt bras! I got sized..... and I am a 36D. I couldn't believe it. I know originally I wanted a small to a full c. I remember saying I don't want to be a D. Haha but I can honestly say they do not feel as big as what I thought and I would regret having gone smaller. They fit my frame perfectly and my surgeon did a phenomenal job looking at the wish pictures I had brought in and sizing me to those. I could be happier. My scars are healing great.... I started doing some light excercise again. And I've been doing some massage on the incisions when changing the tape. (Which he suggested to keep on till the 3 month mark) to help the scarring to be as minimal as possible. So here are some updates pics. Just simple bras no push up. I'm happy with the results! If it were Victoria secret my size would prob be up to a 36 DD
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