25yr Old, No Kids, 34AA 5'3 95lbs. Vancouver, BC

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Ever since I can remember I've felt uncomfortable...

Ever since I can remember I've felt uncomfortable about my lack of breasts! Im 25 years old but I feel like a 12 year old boy. I want to feel like a woman! Im so tiny everywhere. 5'3 only about 95lbs. Starting with hardly anything!! 34AAs hardly filling out a padded braw. I have now finally booked myself a BA. been checking out SO many reviews on this website an they have been so helpful/motivating!
I'm thinking about maybe 300-375s. high profile. silicone. thought if anyone in my similar size has had them done what size did you go with? an are you happy with them??
Would love to see some more reviews!!

wish boobies

These are some pics of what i think i want! medium/large i think! I want them to look as natural as i can but as big as i can LOL if that makes any sense!

more wishes!

any one of these would be awesome!!

before pictures

forgot this one

rice sizers!!

made some approx 300ccs rice sizers to try at home!! gonna make some other sizes later!

375-380cc rice sizers

280 rice sizers

I think i like this size! I kind of wanted to stick with moderate or moderate plus but I dont know if i can go up to 280 on those!

t- 37 days!!

My pre op is a week today and I cant wait to discuss more with my doctor and actually pin point ccs! Im still thinking anywhere between 275-300.

here are a couple more pics with rice sizers

Had my Pre Op today!

So today I had my pre op and it is now feeling very real! Still 28 days to go but I'm going to be working lots and have lots of other activities going on to keep me busy so time will just fly by!!

Feeling very comfortable with the size I chose. Initially I wanted somewhere in the 280-300ccs range. But after trying them all on again and speaking with my consultant I have decided on 255ccs. I really like the proportional look they give me!

Started picking up a few things for post op:

- advil
- emtec
- senekot - stool softner
- benedryl
- freezer packs

Anyone have any suggestions on what was helpful to you during your recovery? or things you maybe didnt think you'd need but would suggest to someone now?

Thanks everyone!! getting really excited :):):):):)

13 days!!

My procedure is 13 days away and it can't come fast enough. Feeling better and better about my decision every day!! My surgeon tells me I with 255ccs I should be about a C cup which is definitely what I was hoping for :):) Can't wait!!!

A week away today!

Going to be posting a bunch of before pics in some of my favorite clothes to compare to later!

on the other side

3.5 hours post op! I cant believe i finally did this!! so excited to start the healing process! more updates to come!

3.5 hours after

these pics didnt upload.

first night down!

I think I slept alright last night! I remembered to set alarms for my pills. I took some senokot and benedryl right before bed. I so wish I could lay flat down, either on my stomach or back, but it's alright for now. I am not in very much pain today. Things are all still very tight and i have no feeling in either of my breasts at the moment. I can hardly tell that the ice pack is cold. Definitely hurts when I use/ move my arms. Like when i used them to push. myself up into a sitting position or when i do my exersizes. But it is tolerable. Just feels like I worked out too hard. Ill update any changes!

day 1 post op

Honestly, I was expecting today to be much much worse than it was. But I think because I have stayed on top of my medications, as well as my ice packs and arm exercises today was not bad at all! Little aching when I move my arms. I have started to experience those little nerve electro shocks, which are not pleasant! At first it felt like I tore something, but after it happened a few more times and I did some research I found it was quite normal and usually passes sooner rather than later. So anyone else out there experiencing the same thing, don't panic!! totally normal!! I have also gotten the hiccups on and off all day! Been driving me craazy! I dont know if its the meds, the pressure on my chest.. or what! But that has honestly been the worst part of today! So all in all, pretty alright day! But I can't wait for them not to be soo swollen and hard! all in good time I suppose! To anyone out there undecided about having a BA, I am only a day in and i KNOW this is one of the best decisions I have ever made! So totally worth it!! xoxox

day 2 post op

Got to have my shower today, and man was it good! Woke up this morning with a sore back from laying at a 45 degree angle. Can't wait till I can sleep normally! Still have the small nerve electro sensations through the top of my right breast when I move my arm a certain way, and through the bottom of my left now. Hope those don't last long! Took myself off the emtec meds today so I am just using advil and it seems to be working just fine. Feeling bloated still and havent been able to pass a bowel movement yet though I have taken senokot before bed each night. Mixed in some metamucil to see if that helps today!

day 4

nothing new to really update here! havent taken any advil or anything today and feeling fine! still getting those pinching shock pains every now and again but getting used to them now. haha! the nipple and about an inch around them are still numb. hoping once they settle they will be a little closer than they are now, but i dont really know how that works!

post op today!

I just had my post op today! everything seems to be ok, going to make sure I stay on top of my massages! This morning I woke up with what the nurse called "blushing" across my breasts. Though she didnt tell me why that was, she told me it was totally ok and to notify them if it gets worse. anyone else had this? Ive uploaded a photo of what they looked like a couple days ago, and what they look like this morning so its easier to see this "blushing".

day 10

not much to update today! The swelling has gone down so thats good! I'm back at work and everything seems to be going well. I have noticed that i do slouch my shoulders a bit and I think its because the muscles are still tight, so I have to make a concious effort to stand straight. I don't have any more pain, just a little near my incisions when I touch them, and sometimes when I do the massages. Cant wait to take the tape off as it is a little itchy and irritating. only a couple more weeks to go! still in love with them! havent felt the infamous "boob greed" yet! Still very happy with my size :):)

2 weeks + 4 days.. still in LOVE

I can't believe how much my new look has boosted my confidence! Well, I guess I can.
I love the size they are! I think they are absolutely perfect! It's also nice to know that if ever I have the days where I want them to stand out a little more, I can wear a push up bra!
I am starting to get feeling back I think, cause I've been having this sort of "pins and needles" sensation for a few days. It's a little uncomfortable. Sometimes when I get the chills and shiver it hurts, and sometimes the feeling of my bra rubbing on them hurts. But in that weirs pins and needles way. So, tolerable.
Bought a bathing suit today, just a cheap one cause I am still expecting them to change a little. But it felt so good to put one on and not feel like a little boy.. now I am actually looking forward to going to the lake with my boyfriend!!
I took the tape off today cause it was bugging me. But I am using the scar gel I bought from my surgeon, and I put a bit of my own surgical tape over them for mow. Still wearing a sports bra 24/7 and still trying to sleep on my back as much as I can, but that is getting a little tiresome. Hoping to feel a little more comfortable to sleep on my side soon!

4 weeks today!

i can't believe it's been a month! I am loving this! nothing totally new to report. i believe that all the swelling has gone down.. i think i am still waiting for them to "fluff". Ive got most of the feeling back on both breasts. except for the nipple and a little underneath. still getting that pins and needles feeling! I have occasionally slept without a bra. which feels amazing! only a couple more weeks before I can stop wearing these bras for good! incisions are healing slow. but they aren't bothering me much. unless my bra rides a bit high and puts pressure directly on them. i bought a little lingerie top for the first time and now im addicted! haha. I never felt comfortable trying to dress sexy because i never felt sexy. but i am feeling sooo much better with my girls!!!

just because

I'd say I have about 80% of all feeling back in both breasts. My nipples feel a tiny bit sore but not bad.
its been 5 weeks. so next week i will be going for another post op, and hopefully be allowed to stop wearing sports bras and be able to go out bra shopping! Can't wait!!!!
A friend gave me a 32D bra from la senza. Id say its probably just a little bit big, so I think I am looking at a C, of course it all depends on which store you buy from as they are all so different! But I am happy with them, so the letters dont really matter to me!!

6 week post op

Had my 6 week post op today!

I was told everything seems to be healing nicely! They are still more full up top than on bottom but my ps told me that was a good thing right now. don't want them bottoming out! Over the next few months they will relax and I will continue to do the massages. He says still not to wear any padded or push up bra. basically anything that causes them to squish up, because we want them to settle lower.

not a whole lot of changes to my incisions but thats ok, they are healing, just not as fast as Id like. Still apply my Kelo-cote twice a day!
Cant wait to see all the changes after a couple more months!

Picture of side view, you can see they are definitely more full on top causing my nipple to point downward and making them look incredibly awkward ha

second pic to see how they squish together!

incisions 7 weeks post op

pic #1 - left incision top 4 weeks, bottom 7
pic #2 - right incision top 4 weeks, bottom 7

they are completely smooth but still very pink. it looks like maybe i tore the right side a little bit on the end. its gonna take some time for them to heal but i can't complain.
using kelo-cote twice a day. and I am going to start red light skin therapy to help them along!

all in all, very happy with the way things are going!

7+ weeks

they have settled! now theres a nice slope to them, and they are looking a little more natural!
I can feel a couple ripples on the outsides but you cant really feel them!
still waiting on the feeling to come back to my nipples but i have faith it will!

side view pic - left 10 days PO/right 7 weeks

just over 2 months!

heres a before and after. and a picture of 280 rice sizers which gave me the look i wanted!(left pic)they look pretty similar with the 255ccs i ended with!(right pic)

still got some tightness and some numbness! but hey, its only been 2 months!!

3 months and still in love!!

first pic. top 4 weeks. bottom 3 months. you can see how my nipples have centred more rather than being lower and pointed down. looking more and more natural every day.

incision pic. 1st top and bottom are left breast. 2nd top and bottom are right breast. they look quite raised but you can't feel them. still crossing my fingers they will get smaller and less noticeable.

They are still very tight along the bottom leaving me with limited feeling basically right under the nipple. have most of the feeling back in the nipples but hoping more will come :) i get that sort of pins and needles feeling when they are touched.

all in all. still very very happy with my decision to proceed with the BA, as well as the size. One of the best personal choices I have ever made.

just like to keep updating :)

loving them! almost 4 months in! theyve got a nice slope to them which i love! i was nervous about being able to see the top of the implant and having them look very round, but they dont!! and they're getting squishier every day :D!!

incisions 4 month update!

Incisions are healing nicely. The left one seems to be healing much faster! they are very smooth though, so just waiting for the redness to fade! (ignore the oval patch, i had placed a sticker over them when I tanned).
Still have limited feeling in both breasts which makes me nervous but after doing some research I have found that sometimes it can take a year to come back! so, i will continue to have hope :)

6 month post op!

Just had my 6 month post op! Everything seems to be perfect! I am still totally in love with them!! Went to Victoria's Secret to be sized just to see the differences between brands. I fit 32D at most places. but as VS i am definitely a 32DD. Crazy. I was not expecting to get so much from having absolutely nothing and just using 255s. but i am in love :):):) so very happy!!!

6 months

Surrey Plastic Surgeon

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