TEN months and FIVE dats! Updated pictures :)

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I've been waiting a long time for bigger breasts. ...

I've been waiting a long time for bigger breasts. And I'm ready to have my BA. I want to share a embarrassing thing that happened to me. My husband and I were out at the horse track and he noticed a lump under my shirt. I looked down and sure enough one of my pads had slipped out of my bra. It was on its way down and stopped between my tummy and top. Ughhh.... Who knew how long I was walking around like that. My stats are 5'2, 125 lbs and 34 A/B. I'll be turning 42 this year. I have my consultation tomorrow afternoon. I hope I ask all the right questions. Will leave updates. Keeping my fingers crossed I'll be leaving the office with a BA date.

Pictures from my appointment today...

I wish I would of brought other tops with me today but I was rushing out the door. They said I can come back with tops and try em on again. Sweet:)

Photos from visit...

Busy the last few days...

Sorry for not updating for a few days. Been super busy with my son before he leaves for the Navy. Well I've decided on getting another consultation. Today I have a appointment @ 2. When I asked at my last appointment how many BAs he's done. He said just over 100. Makes me uncomfortable. From the pictures in his office his work looks good. But my friend said I should get another consult. Because a doctor doing this for 10 years should have done more at this point in his career. I'm going to update when I leave my appointment today. And I will bring shirts to try on.


I'm so happy I went to a new consultation. I'm trying to figure out the date for my BA. We are leaving September 4th to Las Vegas, Nv. My husbands having his Fantasy football draft there. And want to make sure I'll be up to traveling. My surgeon is out for vacation next week. He did say I would be fine having my BA the second week of August. Just need to pick the date that works with my husband. I'm so excited!!! I wish it could be tomorrow... lol. After I talk to my husband tonight I'm making my appointment.

So as far as the ccs. I really like the 450 ccs. The consultant says I'll lose some of the implant because it'll be behind my muscle. My best friend just had hers done a year ago and wishes she would of gone bigger. And the surgeon says a lot of women wish they would of too. I would not want to go through with getting my BA done and not be happy. And I've given this a lot of thought.

At my consultation today I asked him about pain. He says it really isn't bad. It'll feel somewhat like when my breast milk came in. Well that wasn't to bad from what I remember:) I've read that in some reviews. I'll take that in exchange for boobies. I'll update with my date ASAP. Have a great day everyone and thank you all for reading my progress.

Forgot to attach the pictures.

The big DAY!!!

I just scheduled my BA. My pre-op is August 8th. And my new addition is on August 9th. So excited!!!! Hopefully they will be settled in time for my Las Vegas trip September 4th. It's happening so quick:)

Couldn't resist:)

I picked up some sports bras today. And I bought three different styles. Seems most reviews want something to push down. I'm sure I will as well. But thinking about pushing together for cleavage. Not badly priced. For the two pack of Danskin Now (medium impact, foam) size Large, the cost was $10.94. Two pack Danskin Now (seamless, no padding what so ever) size Large, the cost was $9.94. And I purchased a single Danskin Now (double-layer seamless) size Large, and the cost $9.94. I couldn't find a snap front sports bra size???? So the smallest D I could find was a 40D. Do they make em 34D or 36D. I know it's a lame question but I've always shopped at the other end of the rack. I wasn't going to ask anyone at the store, to embarrassing for me. But I should just wait til afterwards. Dr. Castro's office sales the front snap sports bra at his office two for $24. Then there isn't any guessing game with what size I'll become. My daughter thinks I'm crazy for taking pictures of the sports bras and posting them. LOL....

Being ummm backed up...

So many women talk about not being able to have BM, after their BA. That's going to suck:(. After having my first child 18 1/2 years ago (c-section) my doctor recommended Smooth Move. It really works....It has been a staple in our house. When it is needed, we double the dosage, just use two of the tea bags in a coffee mug with hot water, then cover for like 10 minutes. It really doesn't taste bad at all. Then drink plenty of fluids before we go to bed. Hope this helps someone...

Smooth Move

Sitting waiting for my daughter at college and wow

WHAT ABOUT MY PARENTS! Funny that I don't wanta tell em. My dad will never understand he's 71 and I've never seen him in shorts before, he's just a good old country boy. My mom will just worry and never give my dad a moments rest about it. Hey maybe they won't notice (hee hee). I only see em every few years.
Every chance I get I check out boobies. I think I do it more than my husband. I found some nice boobs that I wish mine would then out like.

6 days to go...

Super excited, but of oh nervous! I hardly sleep anymore. Just wondering what I'll look like. I know when they are done they'll be so high up. I hope it doesn't take long to drop.


I hope I'm dropped enough by the time I'm going to Las Vegas. We are going to the city of sin 9/4/13.


Not all pictures went through

4 days to go...

I'm going to return some of the sports bras. And look for some that open in the front. I have four Walmarts within 5 miles. Sickening right???? I'm sure I'll come across something. And pick up anything else I'll need. Thankfully so many reviews make, making a list of must haves easy. Well just excited to get my BA done. My husband is tried of hearing me talk about it. I'm going to try and not bring it up at home until the day. Not promising though... LOL Hope everyone is healing well.

3 days more to go...

So not a whole lot going on here. Just trying to keep busy. Made sauce with tons of meat, to freeze for dinners. I married a Italian and if he had sauce everyday he'd be happy. Went looking for front snap sports bras. No luck and ran out of patience. So my daughter and I went to the gym. Don't know what else to do. Guess I'll have a beer and call it a night. Come on Friday!!!

1 more day:)

So I picked up stuff for when I return home tomorrow. I bought a neck pillow people use for travel. ($8.50 Walmart)Thought it'd be comfortable, because every time I fly and try to sleep my head falling always wakes me up. Also purchased this sitting up pillow that should give support, hopefully.($19.99 Target store) If not I'm sure my family will take over it. Beats headset already had and a tablet. Can use to zone out and relax from my family.

So starting pork for pulled pork sandwiches. So easy and taste freaking awesome. ONLY!!! 3 ingredients. First~ about 3lbs boneless country ribs( I bought about 7lbs at Costco for about $12.00). Not very expensive and dividing the meat in half gives two meals not to shabby huh? Freezing the other half for next time. Second~your favorite barbeque sauce (I love Sweet Baby Rays). Third~a 16oz bottle of rootbeer. K...so put pork into crock pot, pour the entire bottle of rootbeer in, put the lid on and set on low for about 5-6 hours. After done cooking pull meat out set aside. Drain all fat and liquid. Return meat to crock pot, with two forks shred, it'll seriously just fall apart. Pour your favorite BBQ sauce let it heat through and you're good to go:) Oh it's up to you how saucy you make it.

I'M so happy to today is the last day of my daughters college classes!!! I've been taking her to two campuses, 4 days a week, all summer break. School begins August 20th ughh, hardly any break. And she's doing duel enrollment AGAIN. So I guess she's going with me to my appointment today since I've to pick her up.

sorry I'm rambling just a little nervous:)

To all that are having their BA today... the best of luck!!!

Hi all...

Well tomorrow is the day. He had a cancellation my time moved from 1pm to 7:30 am. I'll need to be there by 6:30. The surgery center is just 10 minutes from home. I just had my meds filled and getting ready to lay out everything I'll need for tomorrow. Wow it's finally here.
So my right breast is getting 450cc and a crescent lift. My left is getting 475cc and no lift. I had a breast surgery the start of my freshman year in highschool. My right breast is a little lower than left. So can't wait to see end results. I don't wanta take out my piercings. When I had surgery last time my nipples closed up.

I purchased these Compression bras from Dr. Castors office $24 for a two pack.

Compression bra...

Looks so small and tight. Not looking forward to wearing these for 4-5 weeks.

I'm here just checked in at the surgery center...

So not much sleep last night. But not nervous just to excited to sleep. I showered up and shaved. I got to surgery center at 6:22. Filled out my paperwork. And now just hanging out.

:) good to go!!!

So today went super well. After arriving at the surgery center, I filled out paperwork to admit myself. My husband dropped me off. No sense for him to wait there.

After being brought to the back, I had to leave a urine sample. I said it better come back negative. I couldn't imagine having a baby at the age of 42. Two more years and I'm done raising my children. Whoo Hoo. Don't get me wrong I love kids. But I'll be happy when they are going to be grandchildren:) Back about my surgery,

I disrobed and put a gown, blue head thing over my hair. Lilly my nurse then took my vitals.Also did a EKG, put my IV in and put these compression things on my legs. Signed more paperwork and chatted for a few. Just after that I met the magic cocktails man:) He gave me a patch behind my ear for my stomach so I wouldn't throw up and discussed what he was giving me. Just after him Dr. Castor was there and talked for a few while marking me. And confirming all that we discussed the day before. Then wheeled me off to the OR. Oh Lilly even had me remove my unmentionables, she said after being put under they are going to put a catherdore in me. Sorry can't spell. But heck sleeping and not having to wake up to pee is a BONUS! LOL They had me slide over to another table. Talked a bit more, then I was waking up with a wrapped chest. Like I have a huge present to unwrap. Merry Christmas... heehee. Dr Castor called my husband to let him know to come and pick me up. I can take my shower on Sunday and put on my compression bra.

My husband dressed me. The pain was about a 8 on a scale from 1-10. So a recovery room nurse John gave me two pain pills. They loaded me up in a wheelchair put me in the car. And I was home bound. My son picked up some pies.(pizzas) Had a few bites with my diet Dr Pepper. I tried to shut my eyes but just can't sleep. Today is going to be chill. Great day of TV , football, golf(I love Phil Mickelson favorite golfer) and my most favorite sport baseball. I love love love SF Giants!!! I'm sooo thirsty.

I hope everyone that had surgery today is having a smooth recovery. Oh my arms aren't so bad to move.



I submitted pictures twice not sure why they aren't showing up ~

Forgot to mention....

I went with 475 cc in my left breast and 450 cc with a crescent lift in my right. I have high profile, silicone and the implant is Natrelle. I love the gummy bear feeling I'll have after healing. My friends boobs feel so natural. Love em so far. I looked down and kinda see my boobs wow I see cleavage. I just can't sleep these pills are doing nothing for me. Not much pain at all and barely I hope I'll be able to breath better after this ace bandage is removed. Can't wait for Sunday to do so.


post op



12:52 am...

Still can't sleep. The meds are working knocking off the edge. I was late taking my pain med by 1&1/2 hours. The pain on a scale of 1-10 is 6-7. I found that sitting up to sleep isn't so bad. I have my back and neck pillows also I have a pillow under my legs and arms. My foot surgery was a hundred times worse than my boobies.

I have to pinch myself that I have big boobies.


Day 3 post op... I took a shower at 3 am. It felt so good to remove the ace bandage. Was totally expecting frankinboob but not at all. My skin is stretched and they are sooo hard:( I was hoping for bigger. Does anyone know after dropping will they look larger and round? Keeping my fingers crossed. I'm sad that they aren't bigger. Well something good is that my Dr lined up my nipples. So the crescent lift worked.

I haven't gone yet. But I really don't even fill uncomfortable at all. I'm going to make myself a cup of smooth move and put it through the test:)

Here are some pictures from this morning day 3.

My arms are achy. It feels like the implant is in my armpit.


Side view...

Hello all day 4...

Pain is pretty much gone. I'm back to doing all of my normal stuff in the house. I have my appointment with Dr Castor tomorrow morning. And not to much happening now. Hope all are healing well.

12 days post op...

Hello... I've been trying to wait and update at 2 weeks. Sorry I removed my pictures. I have been so stressed out with my breast. My left is slightly smaller and sits higher up before my ba. Dr. Castor did put 475cc in left and 450cc in right. He didn't promise perfection but said it should balance out nicely. I'm really worried that it's going to look way off. I know it's to early to know. I have began wearing a band 24/7. I see other women that their crease was moved to accommodate and I think to myself why didn't I have that done? Does anyone know if that could be done now or is it to late?

After boobs drop, will they look better? I really love my girls. My right is coming along wonderfully! I massage like crazy. When I'm driving, I'm constantly pressing down on the top of my left boob. Any advise...please:). I'm driving my husband and daughter nuts.

So sad today my husband said looks like my boobs looked smaller. He said that they are still big, but the swelling has gone down. Two days ago I went to Victoria Secrets and was measured, very pleased with the results, 34DD and also 32DDD. I almost wish I would of gone bigger. Boob greed...LOL.


I wanted to say that I have been sleeping on my side now for three days and it is awesome. I haven't had morning boob in three days now. My boobs are getting softer everyday. I felt a little giggle today in my right boob. Wasn't a lot but so cool!

Here are some pictures of my girls since my BA...



I keep trying to update pictures. But they don't all come through. Very frustrating!


Today is a cheat day. I'm wearing a sports bra Whoo Hoo. I'm supposed to wear my compression bra and band for the month until I see Dr Castor 9/3/13. Half of a day is bad right? Hanging out with my husband, today we are going for drinks and lunch.

With every passing day they are feeling softer and a part of me. I'm falling in love with em. I wasn't so sure after my back. They didn't look how I imagined them. But I can now see them changing every day. I'm so happy now that I had this done. My only regret is that I didn't sooner!!!! Anyone not sure about doing this. All I can say is go for it. Lifes to short and don't live thinking I should of. I have so much more confidence. And I feel complete now.

Good luck to all getting your breast augmentations and if you have already good luck healing.

my ba not back


pictures 2 weeks today:)

Time is just flying bye! I feel so blessed.

For the women recovering good luck:) It'll get better everyday!

3 weeks today... pictures:)

Today is three weeks. I went to my second post op appointment yesterday and everything is going very well. He said I should go braless it'll help with my lefty dropping. And do not have to wear my band 24/7.

I love my girls. Stopped by Victoria Secrets yesterday after my appointment just to take a look and get measured again. I just can't believe my size. 34DD, 32 DDD or 36 D. Dr Castor says I should wait a few more weeks before buying bras. Which I totally agree. They're not to comfy in a bra yet.

I can start working out now doing cardio. No heavy weights up top. Just common sense stuff. Looking forward to a run:)

Going to see Blake Shelton tonight. It'll be fun to dress the girls up!

Hope everyone is doing well


Not all pictures came through with post.


My girls birth certificate:)

5 weeks today!!!

Time is flying bye. Everything is good. Just waiting for my left to drop.

6 Weeks:)

Blows my mind how fast my girls are changing. When first had em done I they didn't look as I expected. I started second guessing myself. (just a little) But as time goes on they are rounding out and getting so squishy!!! My left nipple still doesn't have feeling, but right never lost feeling.

So happy with my results so far. I just can't wait to see my end results. Las Vegas was so much fun. My best friend and I went clubbing with our husbands. I wore a dress that showed off my girls. Didn't even have to wear a bra!! I had no problems at all we danced to hip hop and rap the entire night until 4 am. I wanta go back!!!

Anyways hope all are doing great healing.


Not pictures came thru...


Once again not all pictures come thru...

7 weeks picture...

All is good :) My girls are so changing shape and rounding out at the bottom. Looking very natural.All restrictions have been lifted per Dr Castor. Went for a run over the weekend. And back to the gym. Only can't do chest at the gym. Fine with that. Anyways super happy with my results.

Updated pictures...

Changing sooo much. I have to pinch myself because it is hard to believe that I have big boobies. Still no feeling in my left nipple. They GIGGLE tons. Other than that just super happy with my results so far.

Officially 2 months...

;) Hope everyone is having a boobilious day.

New pictures...

So happy not to much new since last week. But I have been saving all my pictures since my BA. And wanted to show everyone the changes so far. At first ,I didn't think my results so far would be this good. Very happy so far!!!

I'm thinking of having my right nipple reduced in size. It is larger than my left. When I was 16 I had a large tumor removed. And because of that my nipple is stretched. Doctor Castor says to wait a few months because of scare tissue. And I may change my mind. Because it still could change in size with dropping and rounding out. Will see... but anyways overall super happy.

New pictures!!!

Enjoying everyday! So much more confidence. And makes me feel complete. I haven't purchased any bras as of yet. Just wearing sports type of bras. I really think that if any one is setting on the fence with getting a BA done. Go for it!


10 months and 5 days PO...

Time is flying bye. Love that I had this done. Scares have faded a lot. And the girls look and feel very natural.
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

I went with my second consultation. ARTISAN AESTHETICS PLASTIC SURGERY & LASER CENTER. And so HAPPY that I did. Doctor Castor is so comforting and spends the quality time that makes the difference. He is by far the most TALENTED in his field of expertise! Doctor Castors staff and himself, from my very first call through present was nothing but professional and thoughtful. I would hands down refer Doctor Castor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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