26 Year Old Mom, Full Tummy Tuck with Lipo to Flanks Scared!!!!! - Valdosta, GA

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Hello my name is robin and I have a tummy tuck...

Hello my name is robin and I have a tummy tuck with liposuction to my flanks she filed for October 8. I am soooo scared I have been having dreams every night since I scheduled the surgery!!! The plastic surgeons is a nice woman and has a surgical suite and the anesthesia person comes from the hospital.im just nervous about the healing process, I have someone staying with me for about a week afterwards and I have a 5 year old daughter!!!

2 days away-tummy tuck October 8 at 10:30

I'm super nervous!!! My biggest fear is the anestthesiawhich is crazy I've been put under twice one for breast reduction the other colonoscopy, and I work in the medical field!!! I have been praying constantly! Also I was 183 at consultation I have gained weight which when I'm nervous I eat and now I am 188 is that bad will my results be affected? Is a this anxiousness and nervousness common?

Day before surgery on pins and needle....

My mom calls me and say I don't want you to have this surgery you know its 50/50 in like wtf!!!! She is listening. To my grandma who is an LPN AND IM A FREAKING NURSE PRACTITIONER.... And my grandma is thinking I'm having bariatric surgery which is pissin me offffff cause I told my mom not to tell anyone. So I'm already scared and now I'm few making out more like what if I don't wake up and all that... Like I really hate that she called me with this bullshit excuse my language but geeZ I'm already scared as hell

It's 7:23 am day of my tummy tuck

So il the day is finally here after waiting 3 years for this Im finally having my surgery. Current at the moment I'm taking a crap. TMI I KNOW. But I will update soon as I am able. Thank you guys for the support.

Had my tummy tuck don't have good pic snow

So I did it and ablsolutely do not remember a thing. I have a marcaine pump and take norco and Demerol pretty much on a schedule and phenergan. I went home with a catheter and will d/c in the am.. Here il are few pictures . I'm about to drift bout off to sleep... But I'm on the FLAT SIDE!!!!! Only get nauseated when I wake up

Post op day 1!!

Well no pics still wrapped up with binder. I have a question for you ladies whom have this done. I still can pinch fat in my upper abdoman is this normal? it's only the day after surgery! But it's bothering me! please help

Post op day 2

Went to see plastic surgeon. They changed my dressing and said I will get one drain out next Wednesday, plus sutures out of my belly button. Then Friday I will get other drain removed. I took two pictures. Here they are. The pain is getting more tolerable. I still haven't pooped yet but I have been taking a stool softener.

Still no bowel movement

No bm as of yet, I haven't been eating the best either and that is going to change. Even though the doc said I could shower I'm still afraid to take off binder and shower alone. My drains are putting out nicely. The pain isn't as bad, I usually take the pain meds to help with sleep. I have been drinking plenty of fluids. I stand up a little straighter and that scares me like I should t be doing that this soon. But tomorrow I will eat way better and not stress as much. And continue to walk. When I shower tomorrow I'll have pics up

Post op day 4, scared severe swelling

I had a full tummy tuck with lipo to back and flanks, my lower abdomeb feels mushy and my upper abdomen is really big I mean I look pregnant!!! Is this normal I have attached pictures, my abdomen looks weird and misshapen. Any advice is this normal or abnormal should I be concerned??? I'm going through the emotional rollercoaster of this procedure!!!!
I think it looks funny I see others on here and their abdomen looks flat!! I look pregnant and the swelling is really bad. What do you guys think.? Am I worrying too much or does it really look bad?

Post op day 5- why did I do this to myself?????

Today has been better, I had 2 bowel movements. And I only take a pain pill at night. I had to take one just a minute ago because I started coughing and that shit hurts like hell!!!!!!! I'm going through the stsges of why the hell did I do this to myself like was it worth it!!!! Did I hate myself this much? I don't know the swelling is scaring me and I am just an emotional wreck!!!!!!

Day 6 ugh

This is how I feel!!!! I'm craving salty foods Ive been drinking like 2 liters of water a day! I had another BM. My help has run out, so I have to drive my daughter to school in the morning I'm super scared!!!!! But im off of narcotic pain meds only taking 800 ibuprofen. I'm ready for these damn drains to come out I have no clothes to wear besides a house coat!!! And I'm still moving slow as hell!!! I hope all this is wortg it!!!!

Post op day 6 pictures... I'm starting to hate this I don't even know if it was worth it

I don't like the way my stomach is looking it's hard and I look pregnant I'm so unhappy!!!!!! I don't know why. Maybe I should have lost more weight!!! I still have rolls in my back even though I had lipo!!! I don't know I'm regretting my decision!!! Here are pics as requested!!!

7 days out!! One week post visit

So I got only one drain out, the other will come out this Friday. Plastic surgeon said don't worry about swelling it will be like that for about a month or so!!! But I'm still slightly worried!!! She said I had a lot of lipo done to my back so it's still swollen!!! And she told me to take it easy!!!!! And relax especially after I get the next drain out!!!! I really really love her she is sweet and funny!!! It feels good being almost drain free!!!! Here are some pics I'll leave with you guys!!!!

Day 8

Interesting day so I got one drain out yesterday and I slept good maybe a little two good, my drain almost came out but since I'm a nurse practitioner I know the tricks of the trade so I migrated it back in and took out the sutures myself and tapes and gauzed it up. Tomorrow I'll just let them pull it at the appointment! Nothing is coming from it really! I have more pics I'm starting to like it more'!!!! I know its a journey and I'll try to be patient!

Day 9

So anyone did yAll gain weight after tummy tuck? I admit my eating has been horrid but I'm 193 previously 185 and my thighs ugh! Well I put on a 2 piece and I was happy no hanging fat but I have soooooo much work to do!!! And I'm going to try to clean up my eating as the days go by!!! I know how to Los weight I did before!! And I'm currently drain free!!!! Yay! I just hope I love the well to come!!!!

Bathing suits

Bathing suits

????2 piece

Just wanted to see how I look???

Bathing suit

Day 12!!!! I don't even feel like I had a tummy tuck!!!!

It's been great the swelling is still here and by the end of the day I swell a lot!!! But I love my new body!!!! Really no complaints here are some pics

Day 16 post op!!

Feeling greAt. No pain at all. Still wearing my garment. Hopefully my pics will load this time!!

5 weeks out

Hey it's been 5 weeks since I had te surgery! I'm doing great, unfortunately I haven't lost any weight, actually I gained about 5-7 pounds! I've started my new job. No pain at all and im about to start back working out. Here are a few pictures!!

Almost 6 months post

April 8 will be officially six months. I've started working out more, I must confess I gained a lot and now I'm
Slimming back down!! I'm kind of happy with my results, I want to get lipo in my upper abdomen though and upper back.

She is really sweet, her pictures in the office are amazing I just have pre- surgery nervousness

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