Tummy Tuck in Vacaville, CA

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I'm 37, 5'8" and about 175 (on a good day). I...

I'm 37, 5'8" and about 175 (on a good day). I started out at about 145, then had 3 kids in 4 years keeping on about 10 pounds for each pregnancy. After my second pregnancy I noticed skin changes around my belly button, but luckily no really big stretch marks. I'm all set to have my TT with some lipo in December. I didn't start out wanting the lipo and I'm still not sure about it, but we'll see at pre-op. I'm going to try and lose 10-15 pounds before my surgery date in hopes of minimizing the need for lipo. As soon as I get up some courage, I'll post some before pics.

no willpower

So...my supposed weight loss attempt is not going well *sigh*. Every day there is some potluck at work or party with food, not to mention my period is here. Bloating and cravings! I know ill have a better result of I can drop these pounds, but I have no willpower whatsoever! Working out is difficult, if I don't go during lunch break then I just don't go. By the time I get home, feed the kids, bath, blah blah blah, I'm just too tired. I don't think I'm fat just fatter than I'm used to. I kind of like having a butt and curves, but I don't like my face at this weight. Anyways, enough whining...I set countdown on my phone, I have around 45 more days and time seems to be CRAWLING!!! I have been browsing Realself and after seeing some of the fabulous results people have with Lipo, I'm coming around. I'm just scared of permanent numbing, seromas and complications. But I'm guessing I'll probably have some permanent numbing anyways with the TT, so I'll just have to deal. Right now my biggest fears are losing feeling, a high scar and dying on the damn table!! I'm going to try uploading some pics tonight....

Before pics

One of these looks upside down...Ima try and fix it later lol. Anyways, there's my pizza dough stomach... Ughhhh! Maybe if I put that on my phone background that will stop me from eating LOL

Pre-op today

I went to my pre-op today. I have been feeling really nervous about my surgery lately. I just keep thinking what if I die on the table, or worse what if I don't get oxygen and end up in a vegetative state. I don't know why I'm worrying so much, I'm usually not like that. I feel a little better now that I talked to the doctor, but I'm still a little nervous. When I showed up for my pre-op they had me strip down to underwear and bra and took some pics of me with a giant weird looking camera. It took a kind of 3D picture and he could manipulate it on a large touchscreen in the room. He showed me about where my scar would be, which is right about where my natural crease is. I have always had a little pouch, even when I was thin, and there is a little crease or lip where it kind of ends. It is low enough for me, so I'm happy with that. He made drawings on the screen showing what skin he would remove, and he said he was sure my results would be great.
After all of that he asked if I had any questions, then I pulled out my list lol. I was mostly concerned with the length of my scar, my belly button, and DYING ON THE TABLE!!!! I was also wondering about having a vertical scar. He explained to me that the vertical scar comes from not having enough skin to pull down to cut off the entire belly button hole. So then they have to sew up the hole left by the old belly button. I'm not sure if I explained that well enough...Anyway, he said that it looks like I have enough to pull down. I also asked about having the ring of stitches around the belly button. I have seen some surgeons that hide the stitches within the hole, and some don't. He said he does some kind of tear drop shaped hole. I'm not really sure that he completely answered my question, so I guess I'll have to ask for clarification when I see him again. As far as the length of the scar it looks hip to hip, but didn't seem to wrap around so that's good. Overall, I'm happy with the answers I got, I will ask again about the belly button though.
After I spoke with the doctor, someone came in and measured me for my garment. I got to choose between black and nude (I got black so I don't have to worry about seeing stains). She also showed me the garment, it's mid thigh kind of like a body shaper with a tank top. It zips on the side, I'm so glad because I was wondering how the hell I was going to pull that thing up! I have enough trouble now pulling up my high waisted spanx, I can't imagine doing that after surgery. Also it has a crotch hole for going pee. I'm kind of curious about going #2, but I guess I'll ask when I talk to the nurse. The lady told me a nurse would call me the day before surgery to answer any other questions I have and to go over instructions.
OH! Another thing! So he gave me a prescription for Lovenox in syringes which my husband will have to give me!!!! Luckily for me, my hubby has a medical background and can do this easily. But home injections!! Thats CRAY LOL! I think my husband is going to be excited to give me shots, maybe a little payback lol. He also gave me prescriptions for Cipro, valium, and percocet(?). I asked him for some other pain med though because percocet makes me sick. He gave me something called Norco, I've never taken that so I hope it doesn't make me ill. I'm going to google it!
So my surgery is PAID IN FULL, there is no turning back now. I downloaded a countdown app, and I have 14 days! I'm getting excited, but still nervous....

3 days, 21 hours....

I'm finally starting to get kind of excited, I'm still nervous, and I had slight freakout the other night. I had a breast augmentation about 12 years ago, and I never regained feeling to most of my breast. But lucky me, I can still feel most painful sensations. I couldn't breastfeed because it felt like someone was stabbing me the whole time. I would also get the itchies (I still get them sometimes) that I couldn't scratch and it would drive me crazy. So anyways, the other night I woke up at 4a.m. and all I could think about was having that same issue, but now all over my abdomen and possibly my flanks from the Lipo. Then I started thinking, what if the sensation loss extended down to my va-jayjay?! I was really bugging out!!! I still can't stop thinking about it and I guess it comes down to choosing looking like this for the rest of my life or possibly losing the feeling in my abdomen (or worse!). I'm rationalizing my decision to go through with it by hoping that since there is no foreign body (implant) maybe I won't have issues, and I know I hate looking like this. Whatever...maybe I'm crazy. It feels good to write it down though...get it off my chest. I can't really talk to anyone about it that understands, especially about the itchies lol. Cause I know people are going to say,"that's what you get for getting breast implants anyway" and I don't feel like hearing that sh!t!! Well,I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I'm going to update once more just before I go into surgery. TTYL!!!

Today is the day!!!!

Im up hella early for no reason. Even the kids are asleep. Yesterday I got the preop call from the nurse with all of the information for today. Nothing to eat after 2 am since my surgery isn't until 11. Wear sweats and a zip up sweatshirt, with nothing underneath lol. She said I'll just have to take it off anyway, so Im going double commando. I'm supposed to bring my meds with me and when I'm in recovery the nurse will go over everything with my hubby.
I got some supplies yesterday...a few packages of gauze, alcohol swabs (for the shots), a couple of ice packs, and some chucks(?). I also put this zipper mattress cover on my bed, like the kind I put on my kids bed just in case they pee lol. I see a lot of people's pre-op pics and comments and they are leaky after lipo, so I figured I could maybe save my mattress. I also put some dark sheets on the bed. I think thats about it for now...Anyone else out there having surgery today??

I'm alive!!!

I made it through! So tired and nauseous. I'll write more later...

I'm home

I'm finally feeling well enough to write something. Anesthesia really does a number on me, it feels like a tequila hangover or something lol. So I guess I'll start at the beginning...

My show time was originally 11 am, but they called me early and I was there at 10. The nurse took me back and had me change into a gown, bonnet and booties, then led me to a gurney where she took my vitals. After that the anesthesiologist came in and asked me some questions and gave me an IV. During my last surgical procedure (tubal ligation) I had a laryngospasm, so she assured me she would be watching me carefully for that. D.r Klink came in and marked me up, then the anesthesiologist came back and gave me some relaxing stuff in my IV. They wheeled me into the OR and started getting me arranged and I remember NOTHING after that!!
I woke up in recovery feeling nauseous as hell and so they gave me a couple of injections. I was already in my garment and with the compression things on my legs. Before I left I had to show them I could pee, which took forEVER lol.
Once I was home, my hubby got me settled in the bed and it was nausea city from then on. Thank God I didn't vomit! I've been taking my meds on the schedule that was given to my hubby and I also had a lovenox shot in the arm. The norco does not completely get me pain free, so Im going to ask if thats normal tomorrow. The valium makes it a little easier to move around, like going pee, which is a fiasco!! The hole is placed oddly because of the drains so the first two times I went a little got on the garment. I have seen a lot of the BBL ladies using a funnel for peeing so I had my hubby cut a hole in the bottom of a red solo cup (LOL) and that works great! Necessity is the mother of invention lol! I'm DREADING what will happen when I have to poop, I'm NOT using a funnel for that one lol. You know what strike that...I guess I'll do what I have to do because when you gotta go ,you gotta go!
So I was feeling so terribly nauseated, I finally gave in and took half a Phenergan. I have some here from something else. I was miserable, and now I feel so much better. I do still have pain, and my drain holes kind of sting but nothing to be done about that till tomorrow.
I see Dr Klink tomorrow morning for my first follow up. I kind of wish I had bought a walker, my back is already starting to get uncomfortable. They said they may give me fluids tomorrow if I need them, but I don't know what else they'll be doing.
Oh yeah, I forgot they sent me home with a portable leg compression thing that I'm wearing while laying in bed. It compresses my legs periodically to help prevent blood clots. Well I guess thats it for today...I have a couple of pics, but none of my incision yet. One is my drain, the other the compression device and the last is a pic my son colored for me :)

1st post op Dr. visit

I just left the office from my post-op appt. They opened my garment and I'm not going to lie, I was scared to look! I didn't want to be disappointed! I finally looked and I'm very happy with my results, it looks better than I expected. Dr. Klink said everything looks great, and that it's going to get better since I'm still very swollen. They took 50cc and 40cc from my drains, cleaned my incision and belly button and gave me some fluids. I also got some toradol and some zofran (i think) to help with the pain and nausea. I'm feeling much better today then yesterday. They took around 4.5 pounds of flesh off and I didn't get the lipo. He said that he may go back and do it if needed, but he didn't want to damage the blood flow to the area. Something like that, so I guess I'll see how it looks later. I'm happy as of now, I guess I just need to wait and see how I look when the swelling goes down.

4 days later...

Nothing much has changed since my last update. I have been seeing the doctor every day since my surgery. They check my wound, clean it and give me a couple of shots (Toradol and nausea stuff), then re-bandage me up up. So far, my wound has only been covered with bacitracin and a layer of gauze then the garment. Today was a little different, he cleaned the wound and put a thin layer of a kind of surgical glue (can't remember the name but it smelled kind of sweet) and then a single layer of thin brown tape. It wasn't steri-strips, and it came on a roll. He said the tape should stay on now until the wound scabs over and heals. He said it shouldn't come off when I shower, but if it does we can just put a new piece on.
I also forgot that I have been showering since day 2 post-op, he said it was fine to take a regular shower with mild soap using just my hands lightly over the wound. I was shocked! Everyone else I have read about says they had to wait a week, or cover the area or even shower with garment on. After the shower he said to redo the bacitracin and gauze then lay down until my garment was out of the dryer. He said while I showered to wash the garment on a gentle cycle cold wash, then cold air dry it in the dryer. I'm spacing my pain meds out a bit longer, especially the Norco. I have been taking stool softeners since the day before my surgery in preparation for the constipation, and nothing has happened until this afternoon. I tried to go a few times, but any kind of strain was just to painful. So last night I went all in and took 3 stool softeners!! All night I kept thinking, "Please let me make it to the bathroom and not explode in this bed!!". After waiting all day with nothing, I was starting to consider suppositories and all out colon war! Then finally it happened, and I feel like a new woman lol!! I have some new pics, but they are from yesterday. After I shower tonight, I'll try and take some more. I have a lot of swelling at my sides and i have a bit of the "Ken doll" Va-jay-jay going on, but overall I think it's looking good. Happy New Year to everyone....

day 5- 1 drain removed

This morning I had one of my drains removed. I thought it was going to hurt, but it was completely painless. He said the next one may come out at the next visit, as long as it isn't draining a lot. I think I don't return until Monday. My pain has significantly reduced, but now my cycle started (boohoo) and since I can't take my usual meds for cramps (Motrin 800) I may just take 1/2 a Norco instead. This should help with both pains. There isn't really anything new to report, I'm still swollen on my sides, especially on my right.I'm trying to take it easy, not too much bending and reaching in hopes that it helps with the swelling. I have also been taking Arnica since about 3 days pre-op. My family swears by it so I'm still taking that. About 5 pellets 2-3 Times a day. Sometimes I forget lol. When I shower I'll take more pics, until then happy healing to all!

1 week post op!

So, I saw my Doc today and had my last drain removed! I'm happy, but nervous. I know that now that there is no drain, I'm going to start with the real swelling. They also removed my belly button stitches which didn't hurt, just felt a weird pulling sensation. They replaced the tape on my incision and put some around my belly button. My wound is looking mostly healed, in some places it's just a thin line that seems healed and then there are a few small parts that still look like they are scabbing. My right side is still very swollen and a little pleated. Dr Klink said he was pleased for the most part, but that he didn't like the right side swelling and pleating. He said it should start to go down, but that he's going to watch it carefully. I'm supposed to see him again on Thursday, he said if I have fluid build up there is always a chance of having to get fluid drained. I asked if there was anything I could do to help prevent fluid build up and they just said continue to take it easy. No lifting, no washing dishes, being on my feet for long periods, laundry, cooking, etc. Basically, I'm going to be CHILLING!!!! My hubby is very good about helping me out, he cooks, cleans & takes care of the kids like a champ. I always said he would make the best stay at home Dad LOL. I'm very lucky, he is so good with the kids so I don't have to worry about them.
Also I mentioned before that my cycle started early and I couldn't take my Motrin 800, so I took 1/2 a Norco instead. But today I got the go ahead to take my Motrin tonight if I need to! Then he offered to give me a shot of Toradol so I don't have to take any Norco today. I'm so glad, because that stuff makes me so constipated!! I had been taking more of the colace pills with no luck this time, then I tried the Milk of Magnesia....I took the max dose not knowing what to expect. I think my whole insides got cleaned out! I felt like I had a colon cleansing or something. I will never take that much again lol!!
Ok, this may be TMI, but I was worried about getting poop on my garment but the nurse said the hole is big enough and not to worry. But what I did as kind of insurance was kind of fold a chuks pad under the edges of the garment hole before I sat down. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it made me feel a little better. Nothing got on the pad or the garment, but it didn't hurt to have a little insurance. I showered yesterday, but I was alone so I couldn't take a pic. Tonight I'll have some help, so Ill get pics and post them tonight. Happy Healing ladies :)

1 week post op pics

I'm super swollen! No more drains though, so that's nice


I'm SO itchy right now!!!! I want to scratch so bad! I'm itching near my hips at the end of my incision and I am REALLY ITCHING at my drain wounds. Those are the worst, it's so hard to keep from scratching! I know itching means healing, so I'm glad....but damn it!!! Thank God for the garment, it's like my barrier/reminder. I'm starting to understand what everyone means now when they say they feel weird without the garment on. When I'm waiting for it to dry, I feel weird like my insides are going to pour out or like my upper tummy is just going to fall off...That makes no sense LOL, but it's how it feels to me. Anyway, I'm considering purchasing another garment from my PS because I would rather have one on stand by. Did anyone do this? Is it worth it? I'm going in tomorrow afternoon for a check up, and to turn in my leg compression device. He say's I shouldn't need it anymore, which is great because the noise is driving me batsh!t at night LOL. Also I'm going to ask about scar treatment options, specifically ones that I can afford LOL. I'll update again tomorrow with any new info I get. Goodnight and good healing!!!

12 days post-op

So, I had my check up the other day and Dr Klink said everything looks great. He says everything is healing super fast and that I'm way ahead of where I should be. I don't know if that's what he tells all the girls, but I do feel great. I'm walking upright, I can sleep on my side pretty comfortably and my wound is healing up nicely. I'm able to cough (very lightly) without a lot of pain and I am slowly getting back to my regular self. I'm not lifting heavy stuff or bending down. I kind of bend over and put one leg out behind me, hard to explain, but it works lol. I did buy another garment, and I'm glad I did. It is way more convenient and comfortable to have a clean one to jump into as soon as I'm out of the shower. I got the same size as I had before, but the beige color. It is so fugly lol and it seemed tighter than the other one at first but now it's feeling better. I haven't gained any weight since the surgery so maybe I just needed to stretch it out. Before surgery I was up to 185(!!!), but when I weighed myself a couple of days ago I was 175! I know they took off 4.5 pounds, plus I was so nauseous the first few days I didn't eat. Now that my appetite is back, I'm going to really have to watch it. And as soon as I'm cleared for exercise, I'm going to be hitting the gym. Also, I go back to work tomorrow! I should be good, but we'll see. Happy healing ladies, I'm off to bed.

First day back to work

So today was my first day back. It wasn't bad, but we weren't that busy and I have some great co-workers. They all knew I was having surgery, so they are looking out for me lol. I'm an X-Ray tech, but my modality is not as strenuous as most. I think I'm a little swollen, but not too bad. I slept terrible last night so now I have a headache and I'm tired, but I think it went well today. I'm posting some pics from this morning. In one of the pics you can see what kind of looks like finger depressions, the side view. What I had been doing is putting a camisole on, then the garment, but it was still pressing right on the end of my incisions and bothering me. So i got a fluffy fleece sock and put it on my skin the long way, right at the zipper/clasp area. It lines up perfectly with the zipper. The ones I'm using are toe socks, so I get the nice indentations. It looks kind of like I got slapped hella hard LOL. I go see the Dr tomorrow, and maybe I can talk about scar therapy.

It's almost Friday....

...and I'm still stuck in this garment! I have a love/hate thing going with it. I hate the stupid crotch hole and it makes me itch. But when I don't have it on, I feel like one wrong move and I'm going to eviscerate myself LOL. My "snake bites" (drain holes) have almost healed (Thank GOD!) it's not itching as bad. I'm feeling tighter up top, near my xyphoid process. I wonder if maybe my skin flap is trying to reattach to my body or something?? I don't know LOL.
Anyway, I went to my follow up appointment this past Tuesday and I guess I wrote it down wrong because my appointment was the day before. But they saw me anyway, because they are the bomb lol, and he said pretty much the same thing as last time: everything is looking good, I'm healing well, I have no fluid, I'm still swollen. I did finally get to snap a quick pick of my incision without the tape though! Usually he puts the tape back on so quick, I don't have a chance. I didn't get a chance to ask about scar therapy, or how much longer I have to wear my garment at my appointment since I was late so I have to wait until next week. I talked to a doctor at work whose wife had a TT and he gave me the name of the scar strips she used. He said they worked well and they order them from Amazon. I want something that works, but doesn't cost a fortune.
Other than that, nothing is really going on. My back has been killing me lately and it's a little harder to get comfortable at night because of it. I think I'm hunching more because of the tightness I'm feeling, so it's making my back hurt. Oh, and I'm trying to get sick! I've been doing Emergen C everyday and it seems to be helping. But every time I cough or sneeze it hurts so damn bad! I'm going to post some pics, I've been trying to take one every morning so its easier to see the progress with the healing.

Scar treatment and pic from this morning

I completely forgot to mention the name of the scar strips that the Doc I work with recommended. They are called Mepiform, and they are available on Amazon. I have never used them, but he says his wife has had great results with them. I guess she buys the one large strip and cuts them thin and long to fit her scar. She wears them for about 2 weeks before throwing them away so it would seem they last pretty good. I have never personally used them and I am still trying to research which one I'll try. I don't even really understand how they work, so I'm trying to understand the difference between the cheaper ones and the more expensive ones. Maybe the length of time they last, I dont know? If anyone has any tips or recommendations, let me know! Happy Healing :)

Disclaimer: I have not used the Mepiform. If I do, I will definitely post pics and let everyone know how they are. Also, if anyone knows anything that works well on brown skin, I'm interested :)

Trying out Spanx for the day

I went out today wearing my high waisted spanx instead of my garment! I feel like a rebel lol. I admit it's only out of sheer laziness, since I fell asleep before washing my other garment. I feel OK, and it's nice to not feel SO constricted. I'm going to put it back on this evening though, since technically I haven't had the go ahead from the PS. The only new updates I have are that my back is KILLING me from having to sleep propped up, I got a cold and am now experiencing the pain of coughing/sneezing and I noticed a lot smoothing out of the right side of my incision. That was the side with the most pleating or whatever, and it looks so much better now. I admit I was kind of worried about that side, but it seems to be working out.

Nothing new...

I saw my PS on Tuesday and he did everything he usually does. He was so fast with the tape I didn't get to take a pic this time :( I also got to ask some questions...
1) The tape stays on the incision for 4 weeks, then I assume I can start scar treatment.
2) I have to wear the garment for 6 weeks (the usual time it takes the muscle repair to heal)

I also had to return my fugly garment (the tan one) because one of the seams near the crotch opening started unraveling. I was a little worried they wouldn't take it back, but then I figured shoot I paid $75 or $80 bucks for this thing. It should not have ripped in 1 week, especially since the other one is fine. But they took it back no problem and they will be giving me a new one this week. They ran out of my size in either color.

I'm still sick! I have this cough that will not go away! I NEVER get coughs when I get sick, it's always just nasal congestion. Of course this would be the one time I get a cough. I have some swelling and a lot of soreness from all the coughing I have been doing. My upper abs are hella sore, like I did a sit ups all day. I am still sleeping semi-upright, I'm getting used to it I guess. I have also noticed that I can't eat as much as I used to. If I try to eat too much at one time my stomach just has no where to expand to lol. I start feeling super tight in the abs and it's very uncomfortable. This is a blessing and a curse because I love to eat LOL. But it should help me lose some weight. Happy Healing Ladies. I'm thinking of sneaking my tape off, taking a pic then re-taping myself this week. I'll post as soon as I do. Happy Healing! :)

4 Weeks Post Op today

It's officially 1 month now. I'm feeling pretty good, this week seems to have been a turning point for me. I went for a follow up today and I'm off the tape, and cleared to use scar treatment. PS recommended Mederma cream or Newgel+. I asked about the strips and he said that the creams/gel treatments are very effective, and he said the Newgel is his first choice. I know it's more expensive and so I'm trying to decide what to do. I'm tempted to try the strips, but they are fairly pricey. I got a pamphlet from the office that came with a small square of the Newgel+ strip and it actually fits right over my belly button so I put it on there LOL. My belly button seems pretty well healed, but it kind of looks like an anus to me LMAO. Hopefully there is still some swelling going on. But I won't complain, it's still way better than what I had before.
I'm cleared to exercise now as long as I'm wearing my garment whilst doing so. Also, I'm supposed to start "weaning" myself off the garment. A few hours off here and there, but wearing to exercise, to bed, when I'm on my feet for long periods. I'll still have swelling, but it should gradually decrease as time goes on. Other than that, there is nothing new. I'm putting up some pics from last week. I'm having trouble logging in from my phone and Kindle, so I haven't been good about posting or adding pics. These pics are first thing in the morning.
Oh yeah also, has anyone tried Newgel+? Anyone have any advice on silicone gels vs. strips? Any advice is welcome. Happy Healing ladies and goodnight! :)


So I got my Mepiform and NewGel+ in the mail last weekend. I am planning to do the Mepiform strip at night and the NewGel+ during the day. The Mepiform came in the mail and I almost threw it out! I ordered a DVD at the same time and Amazon sent them both in the same envelope. The Mepiform was in a thin paper package, kind of like what we use in the hospital for gauze and stuff. So it was one big sheet and I cut it in half then each one in half again. They are very thin, and very sticky. I like that they are thin, and almost the same color as my skin. The NewGel+ sheet I tried from the doctor's office was way thicker and harder to deal with in my opinion. In their defense, all I had was a 1" square, so maybe the strips are thinner. But for the price, I'm sticking with the Mepiform. The gel is OK so far, it's very thick and has a greasy consistency but it's not greasy. I dont know if that makes sense, it's very smooth kind of like glosser that you put in your hair. I'll put some pics up of the strips and the gel and do another review after a week. Happy Healing:)

2-1/2 months post op (I think?)

I've been MIA, but it's been crazy! We moved across the world, and getting everything taken care of has been a lot of work. I also left my iPhone on the plane ????, so ALL of my pics and everything were lost. So far everything is going well with healing. I feel pretty much back to normal. I do feel a slight tightness or stretching when I move certain ways, especially while laying in bed. It's not completely comfortable yet laying straight and flat, but I'm getting there. I'm no longer wearing my garment! Dr. Klink said I could wean myself off after 6 weeks, and I did. It was annoying to pee and slippery under my clothes so I just quit it cold turkey after about a week of weaning. I'm still numb from about my belly button to my hair line, and I suspect that will remain numb. Oddly, I'm not numb on my actual incision. It feels weird when I touch that area and I'm still just a little sore all over my abdomen, but not too much. My scar is flattening out very nicely on the right, that's where I had some pleating.
So I bought some Mepiform off Amazon and also some NewGel+ silicone gel and I tried both out. You aren't supposed to use them together so I would alternate a day with the strips then a day with the gel, or strips during the day and gel at night.
The strips stayed on well, I would wash them off, dry them and they stuck back on nicely. I used the one package cut to strips (see above), and it lasted me a month. I stopped using them so they may have lasted longer, I dont know. I stopped using them because sometimes they made me itch and I got tired of trying to find somewhere to lay them to dry. The kids would accidentally touch them, or I would and it was just annoying lol. They are super sticky so it was difficult to manage them, and ain't nobody got time for that! Dr Klink did say he does not usually recommend the strips because he feels the gel works just as well, and he has concerns about moisture getting trapped under the tape and causing skin irritation. i think if you have a ropey, or raised scar the strips might be of use, but for me it just wasn't worth it.
I have been using the gel on a semi-regular basis. I'm bad about remembering things, and with the move my use has been pretty sporadic. I bought the larger size tube (see above) and I still have about half left. I dont know if it is responsible for the smoothing out of the pleating or not, but it has flattened out almost all the way. Without treatment I scar pretty well, my scars usually fade to a light tan or off white color after a while, but maybe the gel will accelerate that. It's easy and fast to apply and it has never left any residue on my clothing. I'll probably use what I have and then decide if I want to buy another tube based on my pics. I'm going to post some pics from this morning. I wish I could create some before after collages, but to do that I'm going to have to screen shot the pics off here and edit them...blah blah blah! I hate that I lost my phone! And I have to wait to get a new one until we get a bit more settled in and see who has the best deal. I'm going to try and post at least every week or two, at least some pics. Well, Auf Wiedersehen from Deutschland, and happy healing ladies ????
Vacaville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Klink and his staff are all very friendly and professional. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable prior to surgery or during my visits. Pre-op communication was excellent and my post-op care has been phenomenal. I am very happy so far with my results (scar placement, wound care, etc.) and I would recommend Dr. Klink to anyone looking for a surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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