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My pre op is Monday. Surgery is scheduled for Oct....

My pre op is Monday. Surgery is scheduled for Oct. 16th. I feel excited and a bit nervous. I don't have a lot of questions or concerns because my mom just had hers with the same Dr. and I went with her to her pre/op and was there every step of the way. I am glad I saw first hand what it was like before I did it myself. I keep asking her if it was worth it. The more time passes she feels more and more like it was worth it.

Pre-op Done

Today I had my pre-op and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Paid remaining balance and signed all my papers. Also had the dreaded before photos, it wasn't that bad. The staff and Dr. are all very nice and I didn't have very many questions.

It feels really close now

Up until this weekend surgery felt so far away. Now it feels really really close. I went away with my husband this week and ate way too much and wrong. I had wanted to lose some weight before surgery. I've been feeling sort of low on energy but can think of so much to do to prepare but lack the energy/motivation to do so. My son has a sore throat and runny nose so I am hoping I don't get sick too. One of the things that I am looking forward to most is not having to do the morning routine waking my teen son up every morning. That is a huge struggle every single day. He's pretty much a rock. Surgery day is 12 days away. My doctor said not to take anything special as far as supplements just be healthy. I'm not really concerned too much about gathering items and such for such a short time. I will borrow a recliner from my mom that has an easy handle to open and close. My recliner you have to do quite some leg work to close.

I finally got up the nerve tp post photos!

I finally took photos and it was freaking scary. I had never transferred photos from my phone to my computer. I emailed them to myself and was terrified I might accidentally send them to the wrong person or post to Facebook lol. I am so glad that is over.

4 more days!!

I can't believe surgery is just next week. I don't feel ready at all. I haven't cleaned as much as I wanted or shopped for what I think I will need. I'm feeling some anxiety about that. This week my friend's husband was killed in a car accident so that has been very heavy on my heart. The services for him are unknown as of yet so I'm very concerned that I won't be able to go and I will feel really horrible about that. To change the date of surgery would be very difficult. It's already paid in full and my husband has the time off.

Night before Surgery

I'm not sure I can sleep. I still want to mop the kitchen and clean the bathroom. I have my space in my room ready with borrowed recliner and table. All my comfy loose clothes are on top of my dresser (my usual drawers are way down low) My husband is very nervous and gave me what felt like a "if you don't make it through" speech, lol. He wanted to make sure I knew that he loved me, etc. Side note, my husband is a terrible spider getter. There was one hanging on the fan and he had it then dropped it. I'm trying not to think of myself resting in my chair with that spider running around. I feel bloated tonight unfortunately. I can't eat or drink anything after midnight. I had my last meal around 8. I'm working on drinking plenty of water between now and then. I haven't been drinking enough today, been so busy. I have had the most wonderful support. Friends checking in letting me know they'll be praying for me. My mom will take my boy tomorrow night. My daughter will help take her brother to and from school tomorrow. My mother in law had back surgery not long ago and wanted to make sure I had everything I needed as far as supplies. I borrowed her hospital table so I can use my laptop without having it on my lap and extra pillows, also a grabber thingy. I might just use that for pinching people though lol. No matter what, I'll make sure and be in bed by midnight. I feel bloated and like I need to move around before I try and go to sleep. Prayers for everyone that is having surgery tomorrow, I hope you all have a restful sleep, God Bless You!

It's done!

I'm having a hard time staying awake as I write. Yesterday went well. The Dr. said everything looks beautiful. I had quite a bit of vomiting last night, not sure if it was the anesthesia or pain meds. My mother in law gave me some medicine for that and that has helped. I haven't had much of an appetite. Drinking stuff makes me feel nauseous so I only do small sips. Grapes have been great. I did have a little Cream of Wheat and a banana this morning. Today has been much better. I have trouble going pee. I can only go a little at a time. At my appointment today I had IV fluids. I still haven't seen my tummy, the Dr. gave me a mirror to see but I wasn't able to focus to see it. My husband has been 100% awesome and so has everyone else. I'm very grateful for that. I hope everyone is doing well.

Feeling much better

I am feeling way less nauseous and pain is manageable. I am still very very sleepy. I am going to try and cut back on the valium some. My legs are so very itchy from the socks. I'm going to try and take a shower in a bit. My cousin came over for a visit and we had frozen yogurt :) My appetite is getting better.

Showered last night and 1 drain removed

Last night I had my shower and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I washed my hair, my husband helped. The most uncomfortable part was laying exposed while my garment washed. I slept in my bed last night which was great. I think that the valiu must have been subduing my tickle cough because I wasn't having a problem with the cough. I started to need to cough which is next to impossible so I took a Valium. I think it relaxes my coughing muscles or something. I saw my doctor today and he removed one drain. I still have 2 more. That felt like a hot snake exiting my body but it was over quickly. I also had my last shot and can lose the sexy socks. My doctor has seen me every day since surgery which I love. I was feeling pretty good today so decided to go to church. I was tired after that, A friend brought dinner over and visited with me a bit. I'm trying to stretch out my Percocet farther now too. How active is everyone? I'm not sure how active I should be. Obviously I'm not doing laundry or vacuuming but how often is everyone getting up and moving around?

Doing great

I am doing great. Another drain removed today, one more to go. Everything is healing nice. I have pooped twice and showered twice. Last night I fell asleep in the living room in the recliner. I didn't mean to do that. I had went the whole night, about 10 or so hours without meds. To my surprise I wasn't in very much pain. I am trying Tylenol now, I would love to be able to stay awake to watch a whole movie or type a full sentence lol. I went to the grocery store with my husband today. No more squeezy things on my legs but I do have to wear the socks a bit longer.

Still doing really good

I'm doing really well. Able to sit and stand on my own. Went to church on Sunday. A little bored is all. I'm not sure how much I should rest. If I'm up to long it's mostly my back that hurts. Coughing is also painful. I can't remember if I said this already haha. I have wanted to eat frozen yogurt quite a bit. Family is awesome. I took regular Tylenol. It helps some but I think because I took it often before surgery it doesn't help much. I think I'll take Percocet for first meds in morning when I;m stiffest and Valium and another Percocet at night, 2 hrs apart of course. Mostly because I get so stiff, mostly in my back. I feel like I need the pain meds more for my back through this ordeal more than anything.

All my Drains are Gone!

I got my last drain out today. I don't have to wear my special socks anymore, and the doctor took out my belly button stitches. My belly button hurts a little more when I get up and sit down. It had some discharge today. When I cough it feels like something pokes out. Maybe I'm not ready for Tylenol only. Over all I'm doing really well. Went out to lunch with my husband and looked at model homes for something to do and walk around a bit. My husband barbecued chicken for me. Today was a bit stressful because my husband had to take my cousin's son to the doctor because she doesn't have a car. Poor kid had a swollen face and had an infection in his lymph node. While my hubby was out my son called to be picked up because he was having problems at school. I had to scramble to find someone to pick him up. My belly button hurts so bad right now when I stand up.

Moving along

Yesterday I felt emotional and crying for no reason. I think that maybe I was feeling that there are certain people that I love that I am always there for and there were requests of me continued through this time. They know of my surgery and I just kind of felt like maybe it would be nice for them to ask how I was doing for a change. Also, my brother has not called once or stopped by to see how I am doing. I know I am probably just over emotional but I try to show the people I love care and concern and inquire of how they are doing whether it's a good time or a bad time for them. My husband is great though and listens to me vent about these things and says he loves taking care of me. I felt more pain yesterday than the prior days, maybe because my belly button stitches came out? I went out a few times yesterday for minimal walking around and to get some sunshine but walking around is exhausting and hurts my back. My doctor plans to do some more lipo later which was planned from the start because he's a very careful doctor and didn't want to do too much at once. I've been feeling kind of nauseous again. Maybe because the drains are out? I don't know. I have another appointment today. He saw me every single day after surgery including Sunday for the first week and now every other day. I can't imagine a more caring, careful, compassionate doctor than him. The whole staff really.

Friday Post op

At my appointment yesterday I graduated to tape instead of goop and gauze. I also don't have to go back until next Friday. I've been staying up really late, enjoying recovery and watching movies. I'll be sad when my husband goes back to work. I feel like I still need the Percocet here and there but have to be able to be off and drive by the time my husband goes back to work so I can take my son to school.

2 weeks post op

Today marks 2 weeks since surgery. My husband goes back to work tomorrow :( I will be on my own. I'm mostly taking Tylenol and sometimes a muscle relaxer or Percocet at night. Last night I took cough syrup with acetaminophen in it. It may be ill advised but I was coughing and wanted it to stop. It hurts so bad. I always have this sort of chronic tickle cough. I'm not looking forward to the being in the car for so long dropping and picking up of children. In some respects the second week seems worse than the first. Probably because I was really drugged the first week. The second week is more painful because I've backed off the narcotic meds. I think this is probably the most pain I've been in in my life. It's tolerable though. I don't feel that it is at all like a C section. Although I was younger with that and it was many years ago so I could be foggy. My kids are 16 and 22. My daughter (22) is awesome and went shopping yesterday. My beloved son is a handful. He has some special needs and it'll be hard still recovering while my husband goes back to work. The hardest will be getting him up in the morning and to school on time or close to on time :) He will spend the night with my mom tonight and she will take him to school in the morning and he is spending the weekend with a friend so that's great for me :)

tomorrow post op

Last night I started feel so much better which was great since my husband went back to work today. The house was a disaster, I mean gross. On top of caring for me he was building the fence and wore himself out and went to bed early. I was glad to feel much better today but felt tremendous pressure to get much done. It was so strange, just yesterday I went to the mall and was exhausted so fast and came home right away. I felt like I could do housework today but didn't know if I should. I did some housework, laundry( I drag tall baskets rather than lift to the garage but there is a step or two) I went to some Halloween stores after picking up my son, I had to find a new hat for my Cat in the Hat costume :) I went to the grocery store and picked up a pumpkin and treats. I made cupcakes and tried to carve the pumpkin, my boy didn't want to (teenagers...sigh). It took too much effort so I stabbed the pumpkin with a screwdriver and put ketchup on it. That's all I could come up with. How I went from wanting to carve a cute girly face to stabbing my pumpkin I will never know. I'm not sure if I did too much today or not. I did no vacuuming or mopping. Tomorrow is my post op. It's been 4 days since I've seen my belly button, incision. The doctor said to change it every 3-4 days and showering in the tape is fine. I feel scared every time to open it up of what I may see. Not so much as far as results but a complication in healing or ripping myself open. It feels strange to keep it closed, like it should get some air or something. I felt much better with the bacitricin and gauze for some reason but I trust my doctor so I will follow his advice. I hope tomorrow goes well and everything is healing nicely. Only problems really are some shortness of breath and diarrhea last night and this morning.

3 Weeks already!

Just thought I'd post a quick update. Not too much difference between weeks 2 and 3. Still have to take it slow and feel very swollen and tired doing anything for too long. I'm still avoiding too much lifting and stretching. I have tried mopping, that went well. I have an appointment tomorrow morning.

4 weeks

I had another post op yesterday. Everything is still going well. I will see him again next Friday at which time I can be tape free and start wearing the CG less. I am pretty active. I would say 80 %. I'm doing pretty much everything I normally would with the exception of I tire or get a sore back sooner. I'm really happy with my results especially considering he's doing a little bit more lipo in a few months. Being in one position too long will cause my tummy to feel sore, nothing a few Tylenol here and there can't fix. I haven't went shopping, I'm still wearing yoga pants mostly because my CG is hard to conceal under most pants and the texture of my suit causes most of my pants to fall down.


My recovery is going well. My incision looks great and Dr. says I'm doing great. I should be happy right? I am but I keep feeling down on myself about my weight loss. I have lost 5 pounds total. While the surgery wasn't for purposes of weight loss, I have a ways to go as far as that goes. I weigh 180 pounds. My Dr. suggested the South Beach Diet, has anyone had any success with that? It seems pretty restrictive as far as carbs go especially in the beginning even excluding fruit in the beginning. Before surgery I did alot of walking, several miles a day. Now I feel like I don't even have enough energy to do what needs to be done in the house so I haven't added that back in yet. I am pleased with the results so far, don't get me wrong, just feeling discouraged as far as my eating/exercise goes. I have coffee with sugar (3tsp.) in each of my 2 cups every morning. I'm addicted and have tried other sweeteners. Diabetes runs in my family so I really want to do my part. I feel so unmotivated and blah.

Almost 3 months Most Op- New Pics

I am almost 3 months post op already. Time has sure flown by. I haven't updated in awhile. I'm still doing well. I'm surprised that for almost a month and a half now I can get up from lying down and use my abs with no pain, I'm not sure if that is normal. I haven't done any hardcore ab work though. We'll see how that goes later. I'm cleared to do everything and have been to told to hit the cardio hard and watch my carbs. I'm having a hard time with that but have been walking 3 miles a few days/week. I plan to increase that. I've gained a few pounds, it's so hard because my dad is visiting for over a month now and he likes to eat and brings back a different coffee cake every time he goes to the store. Unfortunately, my appetite is normal now. He will leave next Tuesday so things will get back to normal. I haven't wore my garment for a few weeks now. I do like to wearing slimming tanks such as flexees, I feel supported and more comfy. I have another surgery scheduled for April. It's part 2. Lipo and maybe more skin will be taken. My tummy is currently lopsided, there is some extra fat on one side but I feel very confident it will be fine. My Dr. told me from the beginning that he would do more lipo and touch up 5-6 months after the first surgery. I'm not at all worried about it. What I am worried about is gaining weight or not losing any. I'm having a hard time still with that. I'd like to lose 30-40 pounds before my surgery in April. Any encouragement with that would be greatly appreciated!

3 Months Post Op New Pics

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