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Had my pre-op today. Very nervous and excited!...

Had my pre-op today. Very nervous and excited! Ready to take my body and fitness to a whole new level. 03-05-2014 is my big day. I feel like documenting my journey will help others as well as myself. Started eating better and working out but the weight hasn't come off. Looking forward to my new body and capabilities!

A little more information about me

I am 5'9" and 235. When I went in for a consultation I thought the doctor was going to tell me to lose 50lbs then to come back. That is NOT what happened. He actually told me that he has seen much success with overweight women and this surgery with continued weight loss after the procedure. Plus added health benefits. My first procedure will be 3-5 for a Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift/Reduction. Six months later he is going to work on me again and do Lipo. If I do well after my first surgery I am thinking about the possibility of chin lipo and a chin implant as well. Not trying to get too ahead of myself though :) I have a four year old daughter and am struggling with how I am going to answer her questions. My family is aware of my decisions and support me but I don't want my husbands side of the family to know. I have no idea how they would react and would rather not make waves. They are awesome by the way. I just don't want to hear anything about risking my life for vanity. For me this is not about vanity but more about health and pushing myself to try new things. (But I would be lying to you if I didn't say I can't wait to put on a pair of fitted jeans and a fitted tshirt.) Ever since I had my daughter I have had mild anxiety. I don't take risks like I used to. I don't want my daughter to be afraid to experience this beautiful world around us. Thanks for taking time to read about me. I love seeing the comments and others success.

Ewww (said like Sara with no h cause h's are ewww.) I love Jimmy Fallon.

So as my surgery date approaches I find myself constantly irritated by this big belly. I can't wait for it to be gone! I wake up every morning and grab it, jiggle it and pull it up to give myself an idea of what is to come. I have moments of being scared but then I remind myself of the rewards. Wouldn't it be nice not to have to pull up my pants every time I stand up or sit down. I am sick of walking around looking like I have a loaded diaper on because my pants won't stay up. Even at the gym I am constantly having to adjust my pants. At my pre-op they took 3d photos. YIKES!!! I had no idea how bad it really was. A friend of a friend had a tummy tuck by the doctor I am using and said she was so happy with the doctors work. That is comforting :)

9 DAYS! Just watched a video on general anesthesia.

I didn't realize how much there is to general anesthesia. OM goodness! A ventilator does the breathing for you once you are out! Having a little bit of a hard time processing this. I think I may need an anxiety pill. Super nervous!
Countdown Clocks

Breakdown haha

I have been staying up so late every night. I have so many things on my mind.

I sent this text to my husband who is at work.

Yes. I will go to bed soon. I've been staying up till like 4 am every night. Lots of stuff going through my head. Like if I die on that table will my husband and daughter know how much I loved them? Will my dog miss me? Should I write something up as my last requests? Is this all worth it? I know nothing is going to go wrong I am just in my head. It is just beyond me to imagine my life without the two of you. Or think of how you guys would be without me. I'm crying now. This is so scary for me. From what I have read on the plastic surgery review a ton of women go through the same thing. Ok done with rant. I just love you guys and my life so much.

He just assures me that everything will be fine. Then I ask him if he will be mad at me if I "leave" them. He says he doesn't know because that isn't going to happen. He is so confident.

This is all normal correct? Maybe I shouldn't have watched The Hunger Games right before bed. I feel like a crazy person. Ok time for bed.

Getting ready

I have been able to see almost every important person in my life in the last two weeks. My dad, sister and nephew came up from San Jose to spend the day with me today :) It was so great to see them. Everyone is happy for me and thinks I will do great. All of my family, friends and RS friends have been supportive and for that I am eternally grateful. I am surprisingly calm today. I have accepted the fact that come hell or high-water I am not backing out! I can do this! Wooooo! Go me! :)

I have everything in order including a walker and a bed side commode that fits over the toilet. I used a commode years ago when I broke my hip and it was a life saver. Have a wonderful night RS friends.

Tick tock...tick tock....

I am still doing surprisingly well mentally. I think I have just accepted all the risks associated with this surgery and believe the benefits out weigh them. I am actually getting very excited. I am keeping myself busy with cleaning the house and getting everything ready for my "vacation." Haha. I went to the store and tried on some bathing suits today. I was going to buy a wish bathing suit but decided to bag the whole idea. Seeing myself in those suits today reminded me of how much I need this. It also reminded me that the surgery is just the start and I am going to have to really work at this to get the figure I desire. I am sure this surgery is going to give me the kick in the ass I need to push forward towards my fitness goals. GO ME!

Less than 24 hours

Less than 24 hours till show time :) I am still calm which is great! Thank you RS friends for all the support! More tomorrow!

I made it!

I made it! I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr Klink and his staff! Everybody was amazing today. So thankful! I'm in no condition to take photos. I am lots of pain and feel like I'm goig to faint when I stand. Thanks for all the well wishes. Xoxo RS friends!


Updated photo.


Feeling pretty bad but loving my results so far. Xoxo


Hi RS friends. I am doing well. Still in tons of pain. My doctor prescribed Flexiril originally but I have been having muscle spasms when I sleep so we are going to try Valium today. He didn't prescribe it to me originally because it makes me hyper. I am really hoping it helps. I guess it can't hurt as I am sleeping all day except for my walking and pill taking. My husband has been wonderful! Tomorrow I get to shower but I am super nervous.
I have basically been doing a liquid diet. Juicing and protein shakes. An occasional cracker. Swelling seems to be getting a tad better. Hope you are all well!


Hi dolls! Pain is still pretty bad and I am still loving my results. My doctor gave me an antibiotic shot today and says everything looks perfect. Unfortunately I was not able to get a photo because I just forgot. I go back to see the doctor again tomorrow morning and will snap a photo then. My husband says the incisions are starting to look better and the bruising is going away. All great news! I think he is a little disappointed because the "girls" are smaller. When the gauze comes off he just stares at them lol. Even in this state I feel beautiful. I have been eating very healthy! And plan to continue. I did not go through this pain for nothing! Thanks for taking the time to read about me and continually inspire me. You ladies rock! Xoxo


Ugh! I thought I was done with the dizziness. I took my first shower and it made me extremely nauseous. Thankfully my husband was there to help me stand but I needed to hurry up and get out before I fell over.

Side by side

So I know I am nowhere near my goal however, I feel like this change has been substantial. I am still very happy!

Another great post op appt

I am feeling so much better today! Doctor says everything is coming together nicely but he would like me to increase my caloric intake. He said the body needs protein to recover and eating up to 3000 calories a day in this first week would be beneficial for me because of my size. I have been doing a few crackers, an ounce of cheese, a couple ounces of turkey breast and shakes each day. My shakes consist of pineapple/orange juice, chia seeds, kale, spinach, chard, tomatoes, almonds and berries. I also alternate a whey protein shake. I am avoiding salt as much as possible and drinking lots of water :) I am still very swollen but it isn't painful. Doc removed my breast drains today :) Today has been great!

I'm so happy I could cry

Feeling better and better everyday. I am stunned with my current results. I still have tons of work to do but I couldn't be happier! Spoke to my doc today and he says in six months he is going in for some aggressive lipo of stomach, flanks, back etc. He thinks after the lipo I may have some extra skin so it looks like he will remove another flap of tummy skin. He assures me this pain will be nothing like the original tummy tuck with muscle repair. Here are some photos I just took. I can't believe this is my reflection!


Side by side. Less than seven days post op.

I made it through the first week.

Feeling great! Had to request some extra pain medication because I am out. I am still sore and can't stand for more than five minutes without my back feeling like it is on fire. I am very happy with my results and I would say all the pre tears and worrying were all worth it. I am still very swollen so I haven't been able to get any pictures clothed yet however, I ran across some pre surgery photos and thought I would share. Hope you are all well. Love each and everyone of you beautiful ladies!

Hey dolls

So I wanted to post some photos of after tonight's shower. I am still very swollen and my breasts are still very square. I am currently 230lbs went in for surgery at 241. I wanted my photos to reflect that I am far from being completely flat. I am a very big woman and although I don't have a bikini models tummy I am still very happy. I had realistic expectations going in and was made very well aware that my transition would be 2 seperate surgeries. I have six months to get myself in the best physical condition for part 2 of my journey. Hope you are all well! Xoxo

Some progress

Feeling sexy!


Hi friends! So I ate a handful of mcdonalds fries, like 15 French fries and they made me swell so bad:( Avoid salt at all costs. I also started my period last night so I am very bloated. Wah! Taking it all in stride and trying to hydrate. Down 15 lbs since my surgery ;) I was able to wear a sundress at the mall yesterday. It felt wonderful to wear normal clothing and not look pregnant! I am still over the moon! Xoxox

Deleted photo

Didn't realize my face was in one of the photos so I cropped and am just adding it back :)

Hi RS friends

I haven't updated in a while but I am feeling great. My body is transforming and I am very happy. They removed 7.5lbs of fat from my body and to date I am down 22lbs total. They removed my final drain last week yay! I hope everyone is doing well. xoxo.

More photos

Lighting a little off. I am not this tan. I should be though ;)

Two month post op

Hi dolls! Just wanted to do a quick update. I am feeling pretty darn good. Got the okay to get back to my normal exercise routine. I still get ocassional sharp pains and my breasts are still tender. My second surgery will be in September. We are going to have to work on my breasts a little more as they are a bit square and I will be receiving lipo. Doc may possibly remove some more skin. I am still so happy I did it! Xoxo.

Second surgery scheduled!

Hi RS friends! I finally scheduled my second surgery for Dec 10! I had to push it back because I need to get back in shape. I took a five months hiatus and managed to gain 20lbs! Yuck! So, back at it! Need to get myself in the best physical shape for surgery! Hope everyone is well!

Looking through old photos

Today I was looking through old photos and found this gem. It is a reminder to me that I need to continue this lifestyle change. I am looking forward to my next surgery. Currently scheduled for January 7th but I think I may push it out. I still have 40lbs to lose to be at my goal weight.

She's back!

Haha. Current photo. I slacked for a year or so and put on almost 30lbs. Then I decided to finally take the weight off for the second part of my procedure. So currently I am down 26lbs and plan to drop another 30. Going to see my doc again on 4/15 to plan my surgery date! Thinking about a consult on Brazilian butt lift. I hope you are all well ????

Finally!!! Going in for round 2!

Hi friends! So yeah, I have been postponing my 2nd surgery thinking that I would have lost a bunch of weight. Well I did lose 30 then gained about 20 back. Second surgery is 6/27! I'm ready to move forward. I am still happy with my first surgery so this should be the icing on the cake!
Vacaville Plastic Surgeon

Just amazing all around. Great staff and facility. I wouldn't have had it any other way. I am so impressed! The entire staff including Dr. Klink made me feel so comfortable and important. I can't say enough about Solano Plastic Surgery!

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