25 year old, mommy of three, got her sexy back! Thank you Dr Klink!

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Hello everyone! I have booked my surgery with Dr....

Hello everyone!
I have booked my surgery with Dr. Klink at Solano Plastic surgery centre in Vacaville, California. I was unsure at first about getting a BA because Dr Klink suggested a lift along with the BA. After taking two weeks to think about it and do more research I realized this may be the best option for me.

I made a second appointment for another consultation with Dr Klink where we discussed my concerns. I was already decided on the tummy tuck with muscle repair. However, I was still not feeling at ease about the anchor scar and how it would look after surgery.

The doctor analyzed my breasts and decided a lollipop lift would be appropriate verses the anchor lift. This left me much more comfortable and at ease. A sort of meet in the middle if it was possible. I wanted to make sure he was still able to do the lift like he normally would but using the lollipop incision style. He insured me that he could and he may have to make a small incision below the lollipop scar which I am fine with so long as it doesn't go all the way through the fold of my breast.

My husband is still hesitant because of the cost. It is very expensive. However, I felt comfortable with Dr Klink. He listened to me, humored me, gave me his opinions while allowing mine to be heard. It was just an overall good experience.

So today, I finally booked my pre op appointment and surgery date. Pre op is March 7th and Surgery is March 2016. I will keep posting as much as possible as time goes on.

Pre Op Appt

Hello Everyone! My Pre-op was today. It went great. As always Dr Klink was very reassuring and went over all my questions. I am fully confident in him and his abilities. He truly makes you feel as if you are his only patient. Iam thoroughly pleased so far and over the moon ecstatic for surgery in a little over a week.
We are thinking around 350 CC's. However, I will ultimately leave it to him as I know he understands what I want and what I have in mind and he is more educated on what size would look best on my frame.
Please keep me in your prayers for a smooth surgery and smooth recovery.


Post Op Mommy Make Over

Hello Everyone! I hope all of you are doing well. I am now 5 days post op and I have so much to say!!!

I went into surgery terrified. I mean so scared. The nurse was incredible. She instructed my husband on how they would be contacting him and then told him to kiss me good bye.

He did. They then too mentor a room where they prep me for surgery. Nurse yet again being excellent. So sweet, attentive and patient with me and my nerves.
The Anesthesiologist came in shortly went over my history and let me known what his role in surgery would be. He was also wonderful very nice.

Dr Klink came in last where he greeted me warmly as usual. He then marked me up. The nurse looked at my markings and said "wow! Guess you don't need lipo" which was a relief for me because I really didn't want it.

I went into the OR around 730 and I think I was out by 1230-1250. Don't quote me on that I was highly drugged up on anesthesia.

I remember hearing the nurse and seeing her stroke my check, telling all went perfectly and that all is OK. I heard my husband's voice in the background but couldn't focus because of the anesthesia. Which is normal. Once I was more alert the nurse and doc said he somewhere around 1 pound of skin and no lip whatsoever. Plus my Brest lift and breast augmentation look phenomenal. I have a way to go to hear but here is a picture for my followers.

The picture below is 5 days post on at my check up. :)

I'll update more as I can.

9 days Post operation

Hi everyone! It's been 9 days since surgery. I've been seeing Dr Klink everyday since surgery and today we decided to take a day in between visits. Iam doing great. Surgery went beautifully with no complications. Thank God! Morning of surgery my husband dropped me off and I was immediately welcomed by Dr Kinks head nurse. She was incredible. Great bedside manner, very easy to talk to, very gentle spoken. The anesthesiologist then came in, he was great too. He explained what he would be doing to take care of me and how I didn't have to worry about a thing. The nurse prepped me with an IV and ran fluids I believe. I was so nervous I was shaking and freezing. The nurse brought me several warm blankets. So sweet. I was really wishing hubby could have stayed throughout this part but I understand their process and it works well. Once the if was in and the OR was double checked for being prepped they pushed my bed over into the OR and the MAGIC happened. Yes!!!! MAAAAAGIIIC! Dr Klink and his staff gave me exactly the results I wanted if not more. Waking up from surgery wasn't bad at all. I vaguely remember the nurse stroking my cheek in attempt to wake me up. But I really remember the voices in the background. I remember hearing my husband's voice and that's when I started opening my eyes. I was trying so hard to stay awake but anesthesia was still very much present. After a few minutes according to my husband I woke up. I partials remember this. I remember the nurse saying how incredible my results were and how my husband said I looked great too. I just remember saying "I want to see my boob's!! I got boob's!!!???????????? lol Side note:: I did NOT end up needing the liposuction at all. Which was a relief for me. The nurse was in the background giving Greg all the post on care information he would need to best take care of me. Including teaching him how to use the machine on my legs to help blood circulation. I remember the nurse letting me see my breasts by holding a mirror in front of me and boy! Was I thrilled!! They wheeled me out to my car and I went home. My first night wasn't bad. My husband stayed on top of my medication and pushing fluid. He tried to get me to eat but I just had no appetite what so ever for anything at all. I just wanted watered down Gatorade, ginger ale and water. Day two I final ate two strawberries and three saltine crackers. Hubby pushed me to eat half of a banana that evening worried that I wasn't getting enough protein or calories. But Dr Link explained as long as Iam pushing fluids first few days I would be fine. It was day 4 I believe when I felt my worst. Oddly enough. I really wasnt drinking too much and the percocet on day 4 became too much for my body. Hubby took me to Dr klink because I was clearly dehydrated where he gave me if fluids past closing time, tremedol (spelling error?) And a shot for nausea. Literally 15 minutes after that I took a 40 minute nap and was good to go. I even ate a meal hubby made. Fast forward to today 9 days post op. I was seen every single day. ? cared for completely and today was no different. I went in. Dr Klink examined me and said I looked greater took out my last (fourth) drain and removed some stitches. I've never felt better. Will update again soon. ?????????

2 weeks post op!

I can hardly believe this is a photo of me.

Dr Klink is a genius! I mean if I could bear hug him and not look like a total wierdo I would. Lol. Iam so happy so far. His post op care is wonderful. I saw him today for my two week post op check up and all is healing and looking fantastic. Breasts are settling well. I will see him again in a week. I can't wait to get out of my garmet and be able to start buying bras. But all in time, I trust Dr Klink and his Judgement and will continue to follow his directions accordingly.

Pictures are from today!!:)
Vacaville Plastic Surgeon

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