Natrelle Inspira 445cc Moderate- flat chested to Big boobs!

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When I was younger, I've always been opposed to...

When I was younger, I've always been opposed to implants and the idea of going fake. It all changed after my second child. I've always been an A cup but they were perky and i was able to lift them with push up bras. Not after the second child. I could not fill my A cup bra anymore. Push up bras left me
With lines all over my skin and they were just uncomfortable. I didn't feel like myself anymore, didn't feel sexy naked or on a swim suit.
I started watching BA procedures and after seeing the periarleolar incision, I got the confidence that I can handle going under the knife.

So today is my 1day post op and I am feeling ok. Everything is tolerable. Pain is under control. I did not have nausea yesterday but this morning I am feeing a little nauseated.

I got natrelle inspira moderate profile, 445 cc on each side, crease incision, under the muscle. My plastic surgeon did an amazing job. I have not peeked at my boobs yet but Ive been enjoying the view on top. My swelling has reached below my clavicles and boy it feels like my milk is coming. It is rock hard. All night, I've been on board with taking percocet and valium simultaneously. I haven't had anything heavy to eat yet. Been taking a few bites of bread with my meds and drinking lots of water and juice. I walk for 4mins every 4hours to prevent blood clots. I still have my compression stockings in place.
I've been able to use the bathroom by myself but when pain meds wear off, I have my bf help me out.
He's been an amazing caretaker to me. I feel helpless but i am trying to rest as much so I don't have to torture him. I am very particular. As He help me lay at our recliner sofa, my pillows, blanket and my arms has to be in a particular way and I hope he is not too annoyed with my meticulous demands. I am starting to move my arms but I am still limited on my range of motion.

So far, I do not regret doing this for myself. In fact, I cannot wait to see how they look like after they heal.

Post Op Life Day1 Til Day3

I had my surgery on the 30th. Everything went well. I got the new Inspira line by Allergan in 445 cc moderate-silicone.Surgery day: No anxiety at all which was weird. I initially planned on taking a valium the night before but I didn't feel like I needed it. Mt surgery time was at 1pm so I was thirsty and hungry all day.Everyone in the surgery center was fantastic. The staff was easy going, explained everything and they made me feel at ease. As I lay in the operating table, the nurse pushed general anesthesia and said nytnyt to me as I focused on the clock. It was 1:52pm and I was gone.... I woke up from what it felt like the best sleep that I have ever had in a long time. Everything was a blur, tried to stare at the clock but it was blurry. So I mumbled and asked what time it was and the rn said it was 2:50 and he was calling my bf to come and see me now. Then i was out again. I woke up my bf was walking towards me and I held his hand and he asked me how i felt. No pain on my chest just pressure, however, my back was killing me so the rn placed a pillow under my legs to release pressure off my back.Got home at 5pm and I was helpless and dependent.I was the hardest patient per bf! Haha I am very particular with how my pillow sit on my back, side and back of the head. And very specific with how my blanket should lay on top of me;) he had to get me up every 10 mins to take me to thw bathroom and boy I was like a water fountain lol. The first night was the toughest and I felt helpless and I didn't want to torture him so much but he was very patient. Anyway, i can home with drains to prevent more swelling and bf had to empty it once in a while. NotMuch pain just a lot of pressure.Day2: Saw my ps today and he said that everything went well. It was hard to place the implants cause they were big and I have such a tiny body. He said my muscles and skin were really tight and that he had to stretch me out before he placed the implants. I told him i do not like taking thw valium cause it makes me slsleepy and he said no lol. I need it for my myscles to relax especially I am so tight. I do not have any patience. I feel sad, depressed, groggy with taking all this meds haha i am usually full of energy and moving around doing something. This is all new to me. Ips said ky breastsbarebtoo high andnit still looks flat. I said to him, they look great and he looked at me and said no they dont, they will look great in 10 days, excellent in a fee months. Wow isn't he a prefectionist. Well I didn't have a breast shape to behin with, my boobs were flat likeasheep of paper lolSo i had a little nausea and the nurse gave me a phenergan shot. Not much pain, just pressure. Drains still in:/Day3: I thought i slept well last night and so did thw bf. I didn't bother him so much. He woke me up at 7 to get up and take meds so i got up and ate a cup of yogurt and took my percocet and cipro. We headed to my ps afterwards.Ps said i'm starting to look better. They dropped a little and there are more dropping to happen and it will take longer for me. I can move my arms, brush my hair and tue my own hair. I hate morning boobs. I get them every 4hr or so lol. Yay! He took the drains out and it was the weirdest feeling as he pull each one out. But it felt great now that it is out. No pain no nausea just normal pressure on my chest.I wore a tank too today and caught my bf staring at me a few times;) i napped all day today and so did my bf and our kids.Happy healing all!

Got the infamous band yesderday at Day 4

Well, my Ps gave me the infamous band so these bad girls can start dropping. They are lolking great. Left if healing slower than the right. Not muxh pain just stiffness and boy the horrible morning boob. Everything is well and I hope all your ladies are doing fantastic as well. ;)

1 week post op 445cc Inspira Moderate profile

Yesterday, I skipped on taking percocet but i am still taking valium whenever I feel tight. I am early on my healing process however, I went dress shopping yesterday to find me something to wear for a date with the bf for our Anniversary. Well, I had to stop by VS to get comfortable wireless lbra to use underneath that dress for two to three hrs max. Well, I am currently a 32DDD and those cups were ginormous! Haha. She started me off with a 32 D and I thought that was a good fit but the lady said it was too small that she is going to have me put on a tripleD. Idk, How bras are supposed to fit properly, I was a negative cup size before, I remember. But hoping these babies drop and heal quickly and not shrink. I will be going back to work next week and I am not too excited yet. :)

One month & 6days post op

Hello to all the lovely ladies on RS!

Today, I am a 4weeks &6days po ba. I feel amazing. I am not limited with my range of motion anymore. However, there was a code ble at work this week and I couldn't go halfway through one round of chest compressions. My boobs we're stiff and tight after a couple of compressions. That was a no go! Lol

Saw my Ps on monday and he said that he loved how my breast looked at thia point. they dropped pretty well and juat a little more dropping per ps. He aaid rhey looked spectacular! I do feel the same way.

I've been using sports bra and no wire bra daily. I got measured at VS not too long ago and I am a 32DDD. I only own two bra from there at this point. I bought a couple no wire bra at target to use on a daily basis along with a couple of sports bra. I use my sports bra to sleep.

Now that I have BB (big boobs) lol, It is hard to find a bikini top that has a small band with a big cup. My band size is 28. I was hopimg for those large bikini top but the band was wayyyy to big although the cup were a great match to my new girls. That was not an option.

I also feel that VS bras aren't the perfect fit for augmented breasts or I probably need to get sized again. What do you guys recommend as far as bra brand that fits your augmented breasts?

5 weeks & 1day Post op

5'4" 112 lbs 445 Natrelle Inspira Moderate ????

Size, work out etc

Boobdeo lol
I am about 3m post op and my breasts are much softer. I could feel rippling but they are not visible. Some days, I feel like I wish they were bigger (more projection maybe?) but I am very happy with them.! I am a 32DDD btw. Scars are not faded yet but I've been applying maderma on it.

Workout: I've been working out, cardio & weight lifting, however I haven't been able to perform any push ups or pull ups. My chest muscles feels like they are pulling each other. So hoping to be able to do these soon.


I don't take pictures much, but this was taken at 3months post op with 32DDD VS bra????

UPDATE! 7 Months p/o

I've been MIA for a while, but here's an update pic of those fabulous boobies:D
I've been sleeping braless every night and it hasn't bothered me since. Sometime I worry that they might sag faster if I didn't wear any support at night and I end up putting on some sports bra. LOL.

I always support them by wearing a sports bra during workout. I haven't seen my PS for my 6 months po but I will schedule this week.

So I feel awesome with my body and my implants are not a bother at all, i mean they do not feel fake to me. I love how they look on clothes. I gained some weight for the last six months after the BA And still trying to lose! Anyhow, Goodluck!
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