My Story 34. No Kids. 5'10". 145lbs. 34B Wanting a D - Vacaville, CA

First and only consultation was today. Going in to...

First and only consultation was today. Going in to it I knew it would be. Based on all the reviews, I was already sold! Dr. Klink actually surpassed my expectations. He oozes experience, is very friendly and professional. I left his office feeling well informed and secure! Though, between all the information and excitement, I was a bit overwhelmed.
He wants to give me moderate + profile, round smooth silicone, under the muscle, between 450-500CCs. I love all of that, but the CCs have me a bit nervous, that just sounds massive. We'll see!! Overall, I am crazy excited!!!!

BA date is set!!!

Just hours after my consultation, I called back and scheduled my BA. Eeeeeeek!! I can't believe it's really going to happen! Pre-op is October 17th. OMG!

Correction: pre-op is October 17. BA is November 8th

Somehow I mixed that up. Just anxious, I guess! Lol

Stressing over size

I think I am worrying way too much about size, right now. I'm almost obsessing over it. It's all that I'm thinking about, except for fantasy football lol. I'm telling myself to relax and trust my PS when my pre-op rolls around, October 17.
My co-worker was nice enough to bring me one of her bras to play with. She's quite busty. That did help relieve a bit of stress.

Getting over size fear....

500CCs seems to be a really common size for women in my height range. Knowing that fact is providing me with a sense of ease. So no more stressing over that!

Had to push my pre-op back

My pre-op appointment is now scheduled for October 24.

Counting down

It's slowly sneaking up on me. I'm so excited!!!

What supplies did ladies purchase for post op healing?

Too much research?

I didn't think it was ever possible to over research, but I've done so much that I feel like it's creating concerns and worries that I didn't have before nor do I need to have.
Think it's time to stop researching and feel confident in my decisions.
My pre-op appointment is Monday the 24th. I'll ask all my final questions then.

Pre-Op was today!

My PA uses the 3D machine. We decided on a range 425 to 500CCs with a moderate plus profile. I'm excited! I pick up my meds today. ????????????????????

Practicing..... lol

These aren't sizers, I put on 2 bras and added 2 pairs of socks. Don't know what size I created, but I like it. Lol

Don't mind the plunger in the background, I was cleaning my bathroom when this brilliant idea popped in my head. Hahaha!

Less than 2 days now

Less than 2 days..... EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!????

Boobs are in

I got my girls! So very happy! Crazy sore, the pain is at a 7 right now. The staff at Solano Plastic Surgery as well as Dr. Klink are all just amazing. I don't think I could imagine a better experience.

What I got...

Mentor smooth round, mod plus, 450 right, 475 left.

Happy happy happy

Yesterday, day of surgery

I woke at 3:45 am, didn't need to be up until 5. So I just laid in bed thinking about what I wanted to do before taking of for the PS's office. Finally at 5 am, I got up showered. Then began the mental list I created while waiting for 5 am to arrive.
I vacuumed and did dishes, packed my meds and was ready to go.

Got to the PS's office at 6:30, I was immediately greeted by Kat. She was incredibly friendly. She made me feel so comfortable as if I had known her for years.
She weighed me, made sure I wasn't pregnant, took my vitals. Basically all the pre surgery prep work.
My PS came and did his markings.
Right after that the anesthesiologist came gave me some happy juice, then the next thing I knew I was waking up.

I was crazy groggy for a bit, they fed me lots of water. Dressed me, then the boyfriend took me home.
Once at home I took my meds at 9 am. Then dozed for a bit. My pain level stayed around 6-7 all day.
No nausea or anything, overall I felt pretty good.

Just had my post-op appointment...

PA says I look great and that I'm healing faster than expected. He says I won't need to do any massaging. And as far as needing a band to help push the girls down, we'll play it by ear.
He also to me I need to take it easy, that I'm doing to much with my arms.
I see him again Friday.

Oh the pain.....

Yesterday evening I feel asleep, when I woke up I was in severe pain. Holy guacamole Batman! But I told myself that this is all part of my journey. I took my Percocet and sat motionless until it kicked in. I refuse to get all depressed and feel anything less than happiness! New boobs hurt and that's ok, the pain will go away and my boobs will be glorious!!!!

The pain is very minimal now....

But the tightness is no joke. Looking forward to them loosening but, I'm just happy to have them. I know this is part of and the my will get there.

Needed a new sports bra for work....

Yesterday, only 7 days out, so still very high up. Want to Vicky's secret. First I tried on one with no front zip in a 34 D, could not pull over my head and had to step into it. That was a NO! Next a front zip in a 34C, also NO. Then 32D, again NO. Finally a winner with a 34 DD, front zip, no wire.

Stay tuned for Pic of 34DD

Photo for previous post

8 days post op pics

2 weeks and 3 days post-op

They're doing well! Having some serious morning boob when I wake up.
Left is slightly behind righty in the dropping and fluffing area, but overall, I am very happy!!
Vacaville Plastic Surgeon

So far, he is everything I need and want him to be.

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