Happy Birthday to Me It's Time for the Ultimate Bday Present ! A New Me!!!! 5'8 148 lbs 36A dreaming of joining D club :)

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Hi everyone first of all I would like to say I am...

Hi everyone first of all I would like to say I am so very thankful that there are supportive sites out there like real self :) I am at the beginning of my journey to say good bye to the itty bitty titty committee lol. I have finally decided after 4 kids total it's my turn!!! My birthday present this year is a whole new me!!! I am so excited to share this journey with all of you beautiful ladies :) everyone has been so friendly and supportive !!!
After looking at hundreds of photos of before and afters and reading many reviews I finally took a real step towards my dream since my teen years. I went to a consultation with Dr. Klink and was so impressed with his bedside manner, his knowledge and he answered every question I had and some I hadn't thought of haha. I have chosen him to do my BA and I couldn't be happier. Now I just need to place a deposit and schedule a surgery date plus of course get all the lab work, mammogram etc. Hope you all are happy and healing well and most of all enjoying your ta-tas :)

Had Pre-op today !!!!! It's a go and have my surgery date!!!! Aug 7th!!!!!!

I am officially going to be the proud owner of some hopefully DD's!!!! 5 days left till surgery date:) I am so happy :)

Details of decisions made during pre-op today!!!

Insicion: Inframmary fold (Under breast)
Placement: Under the muscle
Shape: Round (Smooth)
Brand: Mentor Smooth Silicone Implant Memory Gel
Profile: High profile
Size: 650cc

And yay great news No lift required :) wasn't sure after 3 kids :)

Ok Now I am literally dreaming of them at nite :)

Ok sleepless nites have begun and dreams are starting :) wake up with boobies on the brain haha. Driving my fiancé crazy lol with hundreds of pics of before and afters and videos and reading reviews and list of supplies pre surgery. This has taken on a life of its own :) thanks for listening ladies :)

Pre op pics forgot to post :)

Just wanting to preserve every moment of this journey and it's fun we get to share it together :)

Up at 2:46 am Ohhh nooooo :)

The can't sleep too excited moments have begun lol. Of course no one is up at this hour except graveyard shift people lol. I downloaded some plastic surgery simulator apps :)

Really starting to get excited and nervous at the same time!!

Last nite I came up with a whopping 8 questions I forgot to ask lol. Today I had butterflies in the store looking at the new bra sizes !!! But I did it I bought a L and XL sports bras since I know there really is no point in rushing to VS for a sexy bra quite yet lol. Soon though very soon me and Victoria have an appt haha lol.

It's getting serious now :)

Bought 4 cute sports bras and 3 cute bralettes and crackers and picked up meds !!!! So excited!!!! Is it Xmas yet lol want to open my present haha!

Nerves are at all time high!!!!

The butterflies have turned into a tummy ache and I noticed I was very edgy and irritable with my fiancé :( help ladies how do you calm your nerves?? It feels like when you are in the front of the line on a roller coaster that has a big drop!!!! You know that feeling that you are fine until you get close to getting in the seat and then all of a sudden you are like....wait ....stop the ride lol I want off :) Anyone felt like that??

Ok decided 2 days pre surgery it's time to reveal pre op me :)

Meet the current girls :(

Ok now the pre op shopping has gotten crazy lol

I have shopped till I dropped haha..first target, then walmart, then walgreens and now Kohls lol :) I feel slightly obsessed :) good news is got all my meds and man they were expensive!!!! Got all the sports bras I could possibly need let me in total 12 !!!! Picked my outfit I will wear to surgery and bought it! Got all the pre op supplies I could think of haha!

Man these boobies are expensive !!

I think I have spent like at least 300.00 on all the supplies and meds !!! Maybe even more lol . They better be worth it!!!

Today has been an emotional roller coaster !!!!!

Today I have felt so many different emotions ranging from silly sadness that I am saying goodbye to a part of me :) but extreme excitement and anticipation of my new boobies :) I have also had a lot of anxiety over thinking about stupid size !!! Just hoping my breast tissue will stretch enough for me to have nice sized boobs lol. Just wish I knew for sure. Do you guys relate to any of that? In addition my freakin nerves have gotten the best of me most of the day ! Been irritable with my fiancé but he has been really supportive and even told me don't worry I will be with you before you go in and I will be waiting for you when you wake up:)

This part I really liked he said "when you wake up you will see the boob fairy came and delivered a new beautiful pair of boobies you have always wanted !"
It did comfort me and you ladies in RS have been life savers !!! Thanks for being such awesome women!!!

Just started my excessive padding bonfire :)

Good bye excessive ridiculous uncomfortable thick padding !!! I took out all the removable pads I could find in my bikinis and tops and even CUT one out of my fav pink top haha. Think I am starting to lose it !!! It's going to be so freeing to not have to need padding !!!!yippeee!

OMG surgery moved up earlier!!

They called me and told me surgery is moved up to 4:15 instead of 6:15pm ...I am driving my fiancé crazy freakin out right now :) here we go!!!!!Girls thanks so much for all your support and encouragement !!! It has meant a lot to me and helped me get to this point! Soon I will be welcoming my new boobies !!!!

Surgery was a success!!!!

Resting and recovering but will update full details soon! Thanks for all your prayers and kind words :) love u ladies !!!!

Wow they turned out beautiful love them!!!!!

There's so many details to share but I am still feeling loopy from drugs :) thank God for drugs !!!!! But I didn't want you ladies to wait any longer to meet my new girls !!!!! Ready here they are!!!!

Day 3 post op is feeling and looking fabulous !

Today I feel sexy ! I finally got my drains out and let me tell you girls you feel a huge difference in pain when those god forsaken tubes are removed!!! I looked at them fully nude and was amazed at my before and after pics !!! I am so happy I had the courage to get my boobies done! I went to my post op day 3 appt and love love my dr :) he took his time answered all my questions and just explained to me the whole next part of healing process! Thanks ladies for being terrific support through this beautiful journey!!!!

Day 4 post op !!!! Fantastic day !!!

Minimal pain down to 1/2 a Percocet and just a little soreness and achiness since I went back to work today !!! I made it thru whole work day :) had my first shower woohoo!!!! Feeling clean and fresh !!!! Drains were taken out yesterday and ladies wow what a difference in pain !!!! So much better without those :) scars look good and the girls are shaping up nicely :) feeling very sexy !!!!

Day 5 post op not so good :(

I thnk returning back to work mon was kinda rough on my boobs :( they are more sore and having burning sensations and pulled muscle too :( and to make matters worse I have a beautiful 6 month old baby girl and I picked her by accident :( she weighs 18 lbs . I really don't think that helped :(

More pics of my changing boobies :) post op dr visit day 3

I am pretty happy with how I look I each one of these :) it was fun trying on finally a cute sports bra :)

Wow it's already been two weeks post op!!!!

Hard to believe it but it been two weeks post op! They have changed significantly from even a few days ago ! My ps says I am healing beautifully, dropping at a perfect pace and swelling is reduced a lot already. Still though they feel heavy, burning sensation still and nipples are sore and so are incision sites :( still on pain meds but weaning slowly lol . I take pics almost everyday and showers feel fantastic !!! I have been obsessed with bra shopping but no underwires yet or push ups either lol . Thanks for all the encouragement, great advice and caring you all have shown me !!!!!! Love u guys :)

First Corset Bustier from Fredericks of Hollywood !!!!!!

Omg I love them more and more everyday! Today I just bought my first corset bustier and felt sexier than I have felt in my life !!!!

Before/after pics

Time to take down wish pics !!!!!

I can't believe I am no longer envious of my wish pick boobies !!! I love mine! Thanks ladies for all of the encouragement, compliments and support !!!
Love u guys

Well tmrw marks one month post op!!!!!!!

I can't believe how transformed I feel on the inside and of course on the outside :) I walk around with so much more confidence now in every situation whether it be work or social. I never knew it would be possible to raise my self esteem just from feeling sexy and proportionate ! You ladies sharing your stories and pics and videos have meant so much to me :)
My ps has allowed to wear any bra as long as no underwire and the other day I discovered a strapless bra that was wireless yay!!!! I am healing at an amazingly fast rate which makes me real happy !!! No meds except an occasional Motrin ! I truly hated being on Valium made me go in and out of sleep/ wake cycles !!! Glad I am done with those !! They have softened a lot already which is really surprising being only one month post op!!!!

Trying on old clothes from before BA

I can't believe how different I look in tops and dresses from before my BA !!! I love that I didn't go so big that it would force me to get rid of all my fav clothing :) I think the size my ps and I picked was perfect for my body !!!! I am glad I didn't go any bigger or smaller :) :)

New treasure!!!

I discovered a strapless wireless bra in nude, white, and black !!!! I bought it at Kohls :) I wanted to share with you guys cuz I really thought I was gonna have wait till I can wear underwire to wear a strapless bra :) yay!!!!! They were on sale too just bought last week :) happy shopping :)

Just joined DD club !!!

Today at my post op I found out I am a DD!!!!! So excited can't wait to go to VS and Fredericks !!!!! I also got the green light for the hot tub this Friday !!!!! Also starting next week NO MORE surgical tape on my incisions ! I start using my mederma scar cream pm :) :) Can't lift weights for 4 more weeks but I can go back to the gym :) super happy !

OMG just came from VS and Fredericks how fun!!!!

Last night my bestie and I first went to Fredericks and had so much fun trying on lingerie I would never have worn before my BA !!! I got measured at 36 DD !!! I was nervous at first because it's just so hard to believe I am DD like I always dreamed :) I thank Dr. Klink for doing such an amazing job with my surgery :) :) I bought 2 bras and 2 bra lingerie sets !!!! Then we went over to VS for a second opinion and I measured a DDD!!!! I bought two awesome T shirt bras there wow!!! There is so much quality in their bras and softness :)

Here is my b-day/ boobie reveal party dress I picked:)

I am having a b-day / boobie reveal party for my friends who haven't seen me in a long time before my BA and this is the dress my honey and I picked out to showcase my girls :)

Continuing with the whole new me!

This has nothing to do with boobs lol but I am finally getting my Keratin treatment to transform my hair today!!!!! I will post pics soon :) you can't have great boobs without great hair right haha :)

A big thank you to all the beautiful ladies :) :) :)

I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you who have taken time out of your day to love and support each other. Realself is an amazing website that has been so informative and supportive through this journey of self change. Without this website I wouldn't have met all of you fabulous ladies!!! Be good to yourselves and always know we all deserve to be happy!!!!

The new look!!!! My Keratin treatment :)

What do you ladies think?

The boobie/bday party was awesome!!!

I had so much fun and felt so confident at my party ! We first had appetizers and champagne in our hotel room and then some delish dinner at Ma Jongs and fabulous dancing at 3 different clubs!!!! It was so much fun and my girls were shocked at the twins !!! They thought they were beautiful and so proportionate to my body :) never been so happy !!!! I also posted the first bikini that I have ever filled out on top and felt sexy and best of all NO PADDING:)

Hard to believe it's been a lil over 2 months since my BA !

Still love my boobies :) I can't seem to stop shopping it's just so much more fun now ! Well I am now past the 2 month mark wow! Scars are doing well but still kinda dark. Morning boob pains and burning still happens every now and then but I am not complaining:) feel so lucky to be transformed !
Vacaville Plastic Surgeon

My experience when I first walked in for my consultation was an instant comfort and at ease with his manner. He answered all the questions and brought up some I hadn't thought of. I immediately knew after doing tons of research and checking all his reviews and of course meeting him that he was destined to make my dreams come true! He listened patiently to exactly what I wanted and promised to make me happy as long as was safe to do so. Being a 34-36 A my whole life I wanted to join the D/DD club so badly !!! Guess what he made that happen and with minimal pain and minimal scarring! Also last but not least I don't want to not compliment the staff !!! They were patient and understanding and such a support system for me! Also a nice surprise was meeting the lady Kat who is runs OR and she made me laugh and feel at ease and felt special! I will always in the future trust Dr Klink with any other plastic surgeries needs!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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