30 Year Old Mother of 4 (All C-sections!) Looking for a Mommy Makeover! - Vacaville, CA

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I have been talking about getting this procedure...

I have been talking about getting this procedure for almost 2 years (my baby will be 2 on Saturday!) and researching it for a little over 1 year. After spending hours pouring over this awesome website and reading countless comments and inspecting hundreds of pictures...I've decided to do it! I have a consultation scheduled for July 28th with Dr. Klink in Vacaville, CA.
I'm nervous and excited and worried about money and what the Dr. is going to say!!! I want to document my journey here so I can help other ladies and learn from those who've already had their procedures.
As you can see by my title, I am 30 years old and I have 4 beautiful boys who have completely done a number on my body! LOL. All of the boys we're about 8 lbs. and I delivered all by c-section with no complications. I have oodles of stretch marks but it's the crazy hanging apron of belly skin and my now flat and lifeless breasts that have influenced me the most towards this decision to have surgery. I am 5'4" tall and I currently weight 183 lbs. My highest non-pregnant weight was 205 (yikes!) and I've been trying to get down into the 150's for a long time now. It seems that my body really wants to hang out somewhere between 178 and 184 cuz that's where I've been stuck for a year now! Frustrating to say the least.
Anyway, my plans are to have a full tummy tuck, breast lift and implants...but, we'll see what the Dr. says at my consultation!

Hugs from Heather

Questions to ask at my consultation?

Hey ladies! I'm headed for my first consultation with the PS on Monday, the 28th and I'm kinda nervous. I've been trying to compile a list of questions I should ask him...can you guys help me with this? Are there any questions you wish you had asked your PS?
Also, I know the Dr. will give me his input regarding what implant size would be practical for me but I wanted to hear from ladies who have had this done or are getting it done soon. My husband, of course, wants me to go BIG! Lol...but I'm not sure that's what I want. Before kiddos I was a 36C and now I'm a 38B, but I'm not really filling up the cup so maybe I'm smaller! Anywho, I've read other's reviews about getting big-ish implants and then wanting them out later because
A.) They made exercise difficult (I don't run much but I am very active at my gym)
B.) They made them look heavier than they actually were because the "girls" were so large
C.) They got even bigger after menopause and now felt like heavy busoms
D.) They had a lot of problems with dressing the Ta-tas. A lot of things were off limits to them or they were constantly trying to minimize or cover up their busty busts.
So, what do you ladies think? Any thoughts or suggestions?


Had my consultation!

Hey RealSelfers...so I had my consultation today with Dr. Klink and I'm excited and happy and anxious and a bunch of other stuff! First of all, he said, although I'm carrying a little extra weight (I weigh 181 now), it is not sub-dermal fat so he thinks I'll have great results with a tummy tuck! So I'm looking at a full tummy tuck with muscle repair (he said my pregnancies did a NUMBER on me!), lipo of the flanks, and breast augmentation with a 450cc Naturel (?) round silicone implants. Total price: $14,225! I'm actually quite happy with that. I was estimating in my head that it would cost about $14k and I've been saving money like a mad woman so I'm thrilled he quoted almost exactly what I was thinking. I was SO worried that he was going to say something much higher so...even though it's a chunk of change...I'm pleased. I'm also pleased that he did not feel I needed a breast lift and he did not try to up-sell me into anything else. He was really nice and explained everything and answered all my questions very thoroughly. The quote is good for a year from today so now we're just planning out the financial aspect of it and then we'll call back and set the date! I am waiting to get into nursing school and so the timing has to be just perfect. If I DO get into the RN program this Fall semester, we're planning to have the surgery during the Christmas break, but if I don't get in...we'll have the surgery in early Spring since that's when we'll actually have enough cash saved up. Although I'm READY to get into school...I almost would rather have that extra time to save up and heal up!
I'm going to keep trying to lose some more weight as the Dr. said it would greatly benefit my healing, so as soon as my schedule calms down a bit, it's back to the gym for me! I have a goal, I know what the plan is and it's motivated me to work a little harder. I'm one step closer to the FLAT side! Woohoo!
On a side note, I spilled the beans about my surgery to my mother today. She's very conservative and I've been very worried about what she would think of it all...and wondered if she'd support me in my decision. I knew she would be on board for the tummy repair but I didn't think she'd like the idea of breast implants. Turns out, everything is fine...I think! She knows I didn't make this decision lightly and that I'm doing this for me (and my hubby!), and I'm a grown woman that can make my own decisions so...she said it didn't matter what she thought, it was my choice. She's concerned about the pain and discomfort involved in the surgery, like any mom would be, but she didn't say anything negative or discouraging so I'll take that as a good sign.
Well, gotta head to work...will update again as things progress!

Hugs from Heather!

2 am torture

I'm feeling a little upset tonight and was just popping on this site to check for any new updates and read more (glowing) reviews about my PS.
I am working hard to lose weight and be healthy and fit before my surgery. Although I haven't set an exact date, in my head I plan for the surgery to be on or around March 10, 2015. That's 6 months from now! That's an eternity on one hand, and such a short amount of time on the other! I have been working out consistently and counting calories, and although the numbers on the scale aren't racing down like I'd like, I'm feeling really good and strong and active.
I don't understand why people like to criticize or discourage others in their journey towards their "dream body" or goals. Negative comments really get to me and make me feel like I'll never reach what I've been working so hard for. Blah...
Anybody have some encouraging thoughts for this 30-something, flabby and flat mother of four?

I have a date!

Hello RS peeps! I finally called Dr. Klink's office last Monday and set a date for surgery!!! So Thursday, March 19th, 2015 is the day I will go over to the flat side! That's only 92 days from today. On one hand, that seems so far away but on the other hand, it's just right around the corner, isn't it? My pre-op is scheduled for March 2nd and hopefully that's where I'll make a final decision on my implant size and such.
I have been working pretty hard on fitting in more exercise and eating better. I am down to 175 lbs. but I'd like to get down to 160 before the surgery. I was doing an at-home exercise and diet program called T25 but I had to stop after 3 1/2 weeks due to severe knee pain from the high intensity workouts. It took at least a month for my knees to heal and now I'm back in the gym 6 days a week doing a mixture of cardio and strength training. It's the eating right part that is so hard for me! I do pretty well until late afternoon and late at night, then the munchie monster takes over! Being here on RS is helping me to stay motivated so that I can be as healthy as possible before surgery so that I can decrease my recovery time and improve my results. I've got to put the will power into overdrive now that it's the season for parties and potlucks and holiday dinners. I also make and sell my OWN goodies so I have to force myself to not do too much taste-testing while I cook.
I'm posting some pictures here to give you a better idea of what I'm working with.



3 weeks from today I'll be on the flat side!

Hi RS ladies! I have been tying off and on to update my profile but I'm having trouble uploading. I will try again tomorrow with a more detailed update and maybe some pictures. I can't believe I only have 21 days to go! My pre-op appt is this coming Monday at 10:30; I'm nervous and excited all at the same time!
ok...more tomorrow!
Hugs from Heather

Pre-op today!

So, I had my pre-op appointment this morning. I was so anxious beforehand! My mouth was dry and I was quiet (which is NOT normal for me!) It just felt more real today than it ever has before. Part of it was that I got a certified check for over 10k from the bank and drained all but a dollar from my checking account! That was an exciting and scary moment!
Anyway, I was worried that the appointment was going to be uncomfortable or disappointing or that my husband and I would have a disagreement in the office...we've been discussing implant sizes and shapes and profiles until I was almost sick of it all! All that worry was for nothing, the appointment went beautifully! First they handed me a big ol pile of paper work to read over and initial and sign in a million places. Kinda felt like I should have gotten a house in the process, I signed so many things! Then they had me change into the dressing gown (he has really pretty satin gowns instead of hospital exam gowns!) And I got my pictures taken for the
3D imaging with the Vectra machine. Then the PS came in and looked at my breasts and abdomen and we just rehashed what we were going to have done. He says all but about 3 inches of my stretch marks will be taken out (woot woot!) And that everthing is going to look fabulous. I replied with "I hope so" and he said "There's no hope so, I KNOW so!". He might say that to all his patients but it sure made me feel special and excited. :) Orginally we had talked about doing about 425/450 cc in my right and left breast respectively, but after doing some more measurements and looking at the imaging from the Vectra, we've decided to go with 500/525cc. That should bring me to a nice full D. So, recap on procedures: I'm having a full tummy tuck with muscle repair, a breast augmentation with Mentor Memory Gel silicone implants with a moderate plus profile and I'll also be having some lipo on my flanks. I talked to the PS about doing more iipo (who doesn't want more?) And he said we'll see how things go during the sx. He hesitates to be too agressive with lipo so that my blood supply isn't compromised in that area of my body. That sounds sensible.
After the exam and the final decisions on implants, I was given my lab slips and my Rx and some basic instructions about stopping certain meds and what to wear on the surgery day, etc. I will be going tomorrow for my yearly physical with my regular primary care physician. I am a little anxious about that as I have not told her I'm having plastic surgery yet. I'm not sure why I'm concerned with her reaction, but I am. After that appointment I plan to have my blood work done. It's a fasting test so might as well get it done as soon as possible, right? I already put my Rx in at my local Target pharmacy and there seems to be some confusion as to the price of some of the meds. I have 4 Rx: cipro (antibiotic), percocet (pain), valium (muscle relaxant) and then 5 syringes of Lovenox shots (blood thinner). The pharmacy didn't have enough Lovenox in stock so I will have to go back another day to get it. I asked the Pharmacist for an approximate total for all the meds so I could be prepared (I'm super type A, I'm afraid) and she said the cipro would be about $4, the percocet about $30 and the valium would be cheap too. Then
she said the Lovenox shots would be expensive...as in $400. I bout wet my pants! Keep in mind, this is the cash price for these meds as the pharmacist feels that my insurance might not pay for these meds since they are for an elective procedure. Yikes! After I picked my bottom jaw up off the floor, I told her to go ahead and order it and I would pick it up later. I immediately called my PS office and they felt those prices were just outrageous! Whew, good! The receptionist/assistant said she'd see what she could do on her end and get back to me to see if she could help me with the situation. I haven't heard back from them today so I'll probably be calling them tomorrow. I knew I'd probably have to pay cash for those meds but I certainly didn't think it would be that much. Let's hope it was just a clerical error!
So, all-in-all, I felt like it was a successful appointment and it renewed my excitment and anticipation for the day that I cross over the the flat side! Just 17 more days to go!
How's everyone else doing? Any other March ladies out there wanna tell me how things are going? I'm posting a few more recent pictures so I can have some good "before" shots to compare with my awesome "after" ones!
Until next update...
Hugs from, Heather

Oh no! I'm sick!

Hey ladies....today has been kinda awful but there was a silver lining to my dark clouds , thankfully.
First of all, I started the day hungry and cranky because I didn't get to have my coffee or breakfast. I did my pre-op blood work first thing this morning and I had to be fasting for it so...bleh. Then I had my yearly check-up with my primary care doctor immediately after. I had started feeling a little icky yesterday and it had gotten somewhat worse today with a dull headache, sore throat, cough and chest congestion. Good thing I was already scheduled to see the doc! Anywho, as I talked to the nurse at the office, I told her about my upcoming mommy makeover and she got so excited and happy for me! It was so positive and me feel so good and confident! She had had some work done in previous years and told me that I was going to look great and feel so good about myself, etc. Yay! She also said to expect that day 1 post-op I would be in awe and amazed at how my body looked and felt. Then days 2-10 (or so) I'd start to swell up and wonder what I'd done to myself! But then by month 3 everything would settle back comfortably into place and I would look in the mirror and say "Hey! Who's that hottie?" Hahaha! That gave me a good giggle and also made me feel good that she wants me to have realistic expectations. Yes, it'll hurt, but you'll heal in time and it'll be great!
Well, after that my doc came in and the first thing she said was "I don't suppose there's anything I can say to talk you out of this surgery?" Jeez. Um...no. I said no. And she said "You're sure? I just think it's a lot of surgery for someone so young. But I guess you've made up your mind?" In my mind I was thinking, well, I just plunked down 14k for this so, yes, I believe I've made up my mind! She proceeded to tell me that a friend of hers had had a mommy makeover and said it was the worst pain she'd ever experienced. Well, ok, I know it's going to hurt! Sheesh. I know she just has my best interest in mind so I'm not mad or anything, it was just a little bit of a downer after all the positivity from her nurse.
So she gave me my check up and basically just said I have a virus and there's not much she can do for me. Drink plenty of fluids, rest, etc. She did mention that if I got more sinus congestion I may have to postpone my surgery because of issues with anesthesia. Yikes! I definitely don't want to postpone! As the day progressed I got worse. The headache is so intense and my throat is throbbing and tight. I ended up not going to work tonight because I can hardly stand up right or open my eyes because of extreme light sensitivity. I've taken a few doses of tylenol and there doesn't seem to be much improvement. I can't take ibuprofen or aspirin as they said to stop those at pre-op yesterday. So what's a girl to do? Lay in bed in a dark room and sip on gatorade and eat jello I guess because that's what I'm doing now.
Any ideas to help me get over this thing fast? I've been gargling warm salt water for the sore throat and I already take vitamin C and use albuterol and qvar inhalers.
As for the silver lining to the day...I went back to my pharmacy to pick up my meds from the PS, and miraculously, the insurance completely covered all the Rx cost and I didn't have to pay a cent! Isn't that wonderful? Now to just get over this virus....
until next time,
Hugs from Heather

just a few days to go!

Oh ladies how the time is both flying and dragging! I feel as if I'm walking in a daze. I can hardly believe that in less than 4 days I'll have a flat stomach and new, full breasts! What? Me? Have plastic surgery? No way!! A dream for sure.
What ISN'T a dream is all the stuff I want to get done between now and then! Tomorrow (Monday) I plan on finishing the Mt. Everest of laundry we always seem to have hanging around. Then I'll organize my linen closet, deep clean my 4 sons' bathroom and finalize the next 2 week's worth of meal plans. Tuesday I'll be doing the last grocery shopping for a while, then I'll prepare one of the kid's rooms for my mom to stay in while she takes care of me and I'll strip and wash all my bedding and pillows. Wednesday (day before sx) I think I'll try to take it easy; maybe just put a few finishing touch ups on the house, then go get Mani/pedi (per hubby's orders), and then work on getting my recovery "nest" together. That evening I'll pick my mom up from the airport and the plan is to have a light dinner of soup/salad/bread sticks at Olive Garden and then go to bed as soon as possible! It's like my parents used to tell us on Christmas Eve when we were kids: The sooner you go to bed, the sooner tomorrow comes! Eeeek! Then the next morning, we'll show up at the surgery center at 6:30am and by the afternoon, I'll come home with a transformed body!
I'm so ready for all of this to be over with. The planning and building up to this day has been exciting and fun, but I kind of feel like my life is starting fresh and I can't wait to get it started!
Until next time,
HUGS from Heather.

less than 24 hours to go!

So pumped...and tired at the same time, lol. Is it tomorrow yet?
Just got the call from my PS nurse for final instructions for the big day tomorrow. She said to wear only a zip up sweatshirt, sweatpants, socks and slippers...nothing else! I'll be leaving in my new fancy under things from the doc so she said no need to wear any. Also, no jewelry, piercings, contacts, perfume make up or lotion. Shower tonight and tomorrow morning but don't put on deodorant. Bring all my Rx in, including my regular asthma inhalers, and...nothing to eat or drink after midnight! That's pretty much it! She asked if I had any questions but I couldn't think of any so...that's all!
It's been super crazy around house. My washing machine broke, my 2 year old has been throwing up since yesterday morning, I'm just now getting to clean like I wanted and my husband and I have been frantically trying to finish up the laminate flooring we're putting in our living room before my mom gets here! Her plane lands at 630 so there's not much time left....I'll be glad to undergo anesthesia tomorrow for the simple fact that I'll finally get some rest! Ha!
I'll post again in the morning!
Hugs from Heather!

today's the day!

Well, it's 5:30 am...I have to be at the PS office in one hour. I gotta tell ya, right now I'm more tired than anything! I finally got to bed around midnight only to be awoken at 3 am to the sound of my son running to the bathroom to be sick. He didn't exactly make it and now that's THREE kiddos down with a stomach bug. Aaaaaaahhh! I CANNOT GET SICK! My husband didn't even stir in his sleep and my mom was probably so tired that she didn't hear anything. So I mopped it all up and sprayed Lysol everywhere and mad my son rub down with hand sanitizer, and did the same myself. So far, I feel fine in that department, but I do have a bit of a stuffy nose and started coughing again last night. I sure hope everything is ok to go through with the SX. I'd be devastated if we had to cancel now.
Well, time to shower again and NOT drink my morning coffee, lol.
later, ladies!
Hugs from Heather

Oh my soul...the pain!

I was so sure I'd be one of the ladies that kinda breezed through this procedure with some moderate discomfort and I'd be up on my feet in no time. Unfortunately, I'm definitely NOT one of those lucky gals. After i woke up in recovery yesterday, I certainly felt like I'd been hit by a MAC truck! Once I was fully awake (mostly) they wanted me to pee so I could go home. However, I just couldn't go. I ran the water in the sink, I put my hands in warm water, I put my feet in warm water, I even splashed warm water "down there"....but nothing! So I was put back in the recovery bed and the catheter was put back in. Ugh. Then they sent me home without the catheter sometime in the early afternoon, accompanied by an open - crotch compression garment, a post-surgical bra, those sexy thigh-high white compression hose, and also a leg compression machine that "massages" my legs. Honestly, I couldn't keep track of time. I was so groggy and hurting so much. As the evening progressed, my mom and husband stayed on top of my meds and injections and I drank a little gatorade, a little water and a few bites of jello. I was having trouble breathing, feeling congested and needing to cough. The cough, of course, was extremely burning and painful so I tried to avoid it. But I started doubling up on my Qvar and Albuterol inhalers in the hopes that I could start breathing a little better. Anyway, I kept trying and trying and trying to go pee, and I just couldn't! If I didn't go pee by 8pm, I was going to have to call the PS and possibly go back into the office for a cath or something. Well, right at 730 I finally tinkled a little. It's wasn't much and it didn't relieve me all the way, but a least it was something. Then I preceded to have quite an uncomfortable night! My chest was super crazy tight and sore on the left side, my stomach was reasonably sore and burning around the drain sites (I have 5) but my shoulders and upper back were just excruciating! As of yesterday, I was seriously regretting having gone through this procedure at all. I just felt like something was wrong. There was too much pain and so much discomfort! I'd tried sleeping in our recliner and in our bed with a bunch of pillows, but nothing felt right.
My PS does follow up appointments for the first 5 days in a row, post-op, and boy was I thankful for that today! I hobbled I to his office at 8am today and promptly started crying when my PS came in. I told him all my issues and he immediately got me on an IV of fluids and some heavenly pain med called Tordol (i think). After a few minutes I began to feel much better but then I really had to pee from all the fluids and lack of urination from the night before. They took me back to the recovery area from yesterday to let me pee and to monitor me. Yet again, I just couldn't urinate! So frustrating! So they put a catheter in and drained and drained and drained SO MUCH urine! No wonder I was feeling so bad and couldn't get a good breath, my bladder was so distended! They also decided to give me a nebulizer breathing treatment as my O2 levels were too low. Finally I started to feel better! I was sitting up, I had color in my face and I could carry on a conversation and keep my eyes open. Whew! What started out to be a 20 min office visit turned into an almost 2 hour treatment! But I'm soooooo thankful that my PS keeps such a close eye on me, it really saved me this time.
Ok, so for some SX stats...Dr. Klink was able to take 4 lbs of skin off my stomach yesterday and he ended up putting in 550cc silicone implants in both sides with an under the breast incision. I was shocked with the amount he was able to remove. I got a tiny peak at my tummy today when they were cleaning me up, but I was still feeling so crappy that I didn't pay much attention. Right now my chest muscles (especially my left one) are spazzing and therefore "the girls" are riding high and tight. DR. Klink said all we can do is take Valium and wait on gravity and time to move them down and soften the muscle. I got sent home with the catheter for two more days and I also got a breathing toy I have to use to keep my lungs clear. It's kinda of a bummer because practicing with the breathing instrument makes me want to cough so badly. The PS basically said "so what! cough it all up, we can't have you getting pneumonia".
The rest of today went pretty well. I'm trying to increase my fluids and actually eat something. I've had a portion of a Frosty, some gatorade and sprite, water, some goldfish crackers, a sliced kiwi, about 1/2 cup fresh pineapple and a little bit of Raisin Bran. Not too bad, huh?
As the evening progresses, I'm feeling much more sore and tired (even though I practically slept all day!) and I think I'll be heading to "bed" soon. I'll be at the PS office again tomorrow and will try to take pictures to post.
Hugs from Heather

Feeling SO much better!

Whew! What a difference a day makes! I slept really well last night in my recliner, only being interrupted by my sweet husband to give me my meds. I had another follow up with my PS this morning and he says I'm moving great and everything looks really good. My left breast is still riding high and I have to keep the catheter for another day or two, but otherwise I am doing great! He even said I have a cute belly button, lol. Just as we were heading out of the office he asked me if I wanted another Toradol injection to which I sweetly replied with "Yes Please!" It just makes all the difference in the world! I learned that its basically a strong dose of an anti-inflammatory medication...like a giant ibuprofen kinda. Anyway, whatever it is, it's a miracle to me. I feel so good now, I can hardly believe it! I've been able to drink 1/2 cup of coffee, about 1/3 of a Jamba Juice smoothie and ate a small banana so far today. I'm trying to drink more water and I'm getting ready to try a small piece of pizza. Feeling pretty sleepy all of the sudden so I'll probably take a nap after lunch while the hubs watches basketball. Here's A Pic My Husband snapped from the appointment today. Looking flat and scary all at the same time!
until next time,
Hugs from Heather

post op day 3

No a whole lot to report, not too much has changed. Woke up feeling pretty stiff and sore, especially my lower back but that's to be expected, right? Anyway, went in for my check up at 830 and....drumroll...I got my catheter out! yesssss! Now I gotta pee by myself, but that's much better than feeling like I am sitting on a stick and having a tube hanging out my woohoo, ya know? I also get to shower today if I'm feeling up to it (heck yes, I am!) And I get to wash my compression garment and sexy surgical bra. One more thing, in an effort to help my breast implants settle down into their intended place, my PS gave me an elastic band to wear around the top of my chest to press down on my breasts. It's not overly uncomfortable but I'd prefer not to wear it, of course. I also got another Toradol injection so I felt right perKY after leaving the office and was even able to eat an egg Mcmuffin and drink some orange juice. Once I got home, I wasn't ready to sit down yet so I used my rolling office chair as a walker and walked laps around my family room. After that I promptly fell asleep for quite a while and now I think I'll attempt to use the bathroom. Keep your fingers crossed, lol!
Hugs from Heather

little update

I Saw My PS again this morning and he took my two breast drains out (owwwwww!) And one of my tummy drains (didn't feel a thing). So now I just have two tummy drains that I hope will come out soon!
The nurse also changed my gauze and bacitracin ointment and replaced it with paper tape and Mastasol. Now, I told them repeatedly that I am allergic to mastasol but she put it on before I could stop her! She told me if it bothered me, to just wash it off when I got home. Easy for her so say! Taking this garment off and washing and re-applying tape is no easy feat. Needless to say, I left it on and so far, it just itches. But I'm thinking that my incision should probably be itching by now as it is beginning to heal. Any thoughts on this? Anyone else itching?
Anyway, Dr. Klink did not give me any toradol injections today so I'm not feeling super duper awesome. I slept most of the day away and had a little crying spell in the evening. I'm tired of hurting and tired of coughing. I'm tired of wearing compression stockings and using the leg massaging machine. I'm tired of sleeping alone in the living room recliner and I'm tired of not being able to do things for myself. Blah blah blah. Pity party over....guess I'll go to bed now. I'm arriving to sleep in my actual bed tonight. We'll see how it goes!
Hugs from Heather

Almost a week post op, some ups, some downs

Hi Ladies! Can't believe it's been almost a week since my surgery! Right this very moment I'm feeling pretty good (but really tired from my morning Percocet). Yesterday was a different story though. I went to my regular post-op check up and I showed the med assistant and PS how my incision was turning a little reddish and itchy and how they had put Mastasol on me the day before. I had washed the Mastasol and paper tape off in the shower that morning and aside from some mild itching, I didn't see any allergic reaction so I just put fresh paper tape on the incision and went to the appt. So the PS looked at the incision and said it was probably just itching from regular healing and it didn't look like I had an allergy to Mastasol after all. Ok then! So they said no more gauze and Bacitracin, just paper tape that I should just leave on and they would change as needed. Then they gave me a new, tighter bra, thank goodness, and put my chest strap back in place and decided I still needed to keep my last two tummy drains in for probably 2 more days. Oh well.
As the day progressed, two big events happened: I had a BM (hallelujah!), and my tummy incision got puffy and really red and really itchy and little bumps started popping up around the border of the incision and I was going out of my MIND! I couldn't exactly scratch it because it was underneath the compression garment, and I couldn't really get a good look at what was going on because I'd have to get fully undressed! So I just tried to rub at it a little and tolerate it as much as possible. Come bed time, I couldn't take it any more. I took the garment off and got a good look and the incision and holy moley, what a mess! At this point it was an angry red color and swollen and bumpy and OH. SO. ITCHY!!! I immediadely took off the paper tape (micropore....which I am very allergic to, aparenty) and ran some very hot water in the sink and added several good shakes of sea salt to the water and soaked a washcloth in it. Then I held the hot washcloth against my incision and felt so much relief! I did that again and again, across the whole incision until I felt like it was clean and some of the itch had been relieved. I learned this hot salt water technique from an older nurse friend of mine. I had terrible allergies to the tapes and adhesives used during my last two C-sections so I knew this would work. After that I laid down on the bed and my sweet husband gently rubbed cortisone cream around the border of the incision and placed gauze over it to cushion it from the compression garment. What a relief!
This morning I woke to intense itching again. I removed the gauze (some of it stuck!) And saw that the incision had oozed a little in the night. I did the whole hot salt water treatment again and then used a blow dryer to make sure the area was completely dry. Then I did the whole cortisone cream and gauze thing again, squeezed myself back into my garment and anxiously waited to call the PS. As soon as his office opened, I spoke to one of the girls there and they said I did everything exactly right (well, I didn't tell them about the salt water thing) and to keep doing the same thing until my appointment tomorrow. Whew. I'm glad to know I didn't mess anything up but I also wish there was something they could do about it today! Oh well.
If everything goes well, at tomorrow's appt I will return my leg massaging machine and I will get my last two drains out and I will maybe start to feel normal again! Woo hoo! I've started tapering off the percocet and valium (mainly because it makes me so groggy) and I'm feeling a little more active. Don't get me wrong, I slept almost all day yesterday and I had myself a good crying spell while dealing with the incision woes, but today is a new day!
i guess this post is QUITE long enough so I'll be going. Later!
Hugs from Heather

Allergy confirmed....but to what? 1 week post-op already!

I saw my PS this afternoon and told them my incision woes and then let them get a good look at it. Yikes! They were all a bit upset and discussed back and forth what it could be that caused the red, swollen, watery, itchy blisters: mastasol? (I had told them of my supposed allergy to that), the tape? The Bacitracin? Who knows....?
I'm afraid the med assistant who applied the Mastasol to my incision on Tuesday may have gotten in trouble...she seemed subdued. I Kinda Felt bad. Anyway, the doc was very apologetic (I don't really blame him....allergies are allergies!) And he immediately prescribed a 5 or 6 day course of strong oral steroids. Thank goodness! He said that should help with the itching but that the rash could take a couple of weeks to fully clear up. Yuck. Oh well...
I DID get to turn my leg massaging machine in and the PS said I could stop wearing the compression hose and the chest strap, hallelujah! Those compression hose are so HOT! I was glad to get rid of them. Although the chest strap was bothersome, I still might use it. If feel like both my breasts are migrating up instead of down, so I may wear the strap to see if it helps settle them better.
I actually tried on some of my regular clothes today and was both surprised and a tad disappointed. Some of my dresses look UH-mazing, but some of my skirts were still too tight. I'm sure part of this is due to the fact that I was wearing this thick compression garment and because the doc says I'm still really swollen. Speaking of swollen, I didn't get my drains out like I'd hoped; still filling with too much fluid. The doc says the "magic number" is 30cc. If I put out less than 30cc in 24 hours, he'll take them out. Although the drains are annoying and severely limit my wardrobe choices, I'd rather they stay in and get all that excess fluid out if possible. I'll see the PS again tomorrow on account of the infection/allergy so maybe I'll have achieved the magic number by then!
In the meantime, I'm trying not to compare myself to other ladies here on RS who've had procedures on the same day as me but are seeming to heal with the speed of lightening. Some are back to work, some have no drains, some have beautiful, smooth belly buttons
and incisions...some are already off their pain meds....sigh. What am I doing wrong? Why have I had so many setbacks? I wanna cry but I won't. I'll remember that everyone is different and heals at their own rate, in their own time....right?

15 days post-op update

Sorry it's been a while since I've been on RS, ladies. It's been a week of ups and downs and I just couldn't get up the energy to update...let alone get my kids off the computer/phone/tablet long enough to do anything!
Anyway, I got my final drain out on Tuesday, the 31st, it was a breeze, no pain! But the doctor and nurse both scolded me strongly that now that I don't have any drains "to fall back on", I'd really better take it easy. He literally told me to sit on my butt and do basically nothing. Right.....I'm not sure if he got the note that I have 4 boys that are on spring break! Also, the very day after I got the drain out, all of my help left and I was completely abandoned to do everything on my own! My mother flew back to North Carolina after being with me for 2 VERY short weeks and my husband had to go on a business trip for a few days. I have to admit, I cried a bit (maybe more than a bit) and felt quite overwhelmed. I had to stop taking my percocet because my PS said I couldn't drive until I was off my narcotics and with all my helpers leaving town, I needed to be able to drive! I did get permission from my PS to take ibuprofen because, lucky me, my period started hard and heavy and the Valium and percocet weren't helping with the cramps at all (weird?). So I lived on ibuprofen and an occasional Valium but it never cut the pain entirely. All of my doctor's appointments have been going well, my PS sees me every 2 or 3 days (the follow up care is AWESOME), and my breasts have started to soften and feel more natural. All of the hives and blisters from my allergic reaction to Mastasol have disappeared, thanks to the steroids, and now I'm back to just paper tape on my tummy incision. Apparently I'm not allergic to the tape, just the Mastasol. I got the stitches out of my bb about 10 days post-op and he took the last couple stitches out of the ends of my tummy incision just a few days ago.
I'm happy with my results, although I have recently noticed that my tummy is puffier and my skin is starting to kind of hang again. It's not drastic, but I do notice it. I'm hoping it's just swelling that will be going down as I heal more. I am allowed to lift up to 10 lbs. now (a gallon of milk, roughly), but exercise is a no-no. Mentally, I feel eager to get back in the gym but physically, I'm no where near ready! I thought I was making pretty good headway into my healing; I had been shopping and out to eat a couple of times, I went to a church service, and I was feeling a little better each day...but lately I feel awful and like I have regressed. I'm so sleepy all of the time, my head is foggy, I've been running a low grade fever, and my tummy incision is red and quite sore on my right hip bone area and I've been getting headaches that can be debilitating. I see my PS again on Easter morning (I know, right?) so I'll try to ask him about all of this then. I feel like I need a refill on my Valium and Percocet but I'm worried he will say no. I'm not sure what's normal, but I feel like I shouldn't still need to take those meds! I know a lot of people are just on regular tylenol now and are doing fine but I'm still hurting quite a lot...and that is depressing.
There's more to say and pictures to post but my brain is shutting down so I'd better stop before I say something weird.
Until next update,
Hugs from Heather


So, if you read my previous post from this morning, I haven't been feeling well. It all started yesterday in the early afternoon. I'd had an appt. with my doctor's head nurse (I LOVE her so much!) at 9:30 that morning. I looked and felt great, everything was going well! In an effort to occupy my boys without involving myself too much physically, I took them to a new community park where I mainly just sat on the bench and supervised their play. Anywho, around 1 pm I started to feel yucky....just groggy and irritable, a little nauseated and achy. Then I started to run a low-grade fever and got a REALLY bad headache. I had not been using my percocet so that I could be alert and drive and take care of my kids but by bed time yesterday, I finally gave it an took a percocet and a nice long, hot shower. I still ran a little fever and I had no appetite and my stomach started to ache along my incision but I chalked it up to maybe having done too much and just needing some rest. I finally made it to bed and slept kind of fitfully. My right side, just over my hip bone was SO sore and it just hurt to move in the bed. Fortunately my husband made it home from his business trip around 10 this morning so I had reinforcements! However, I could not get out of bed! My whole body hurt and I couldn't stand up straight! I was also getting dizzy and feeling hot flashes. With my husband's help, I finally made it to the bathroom, got out of my compression garment and got a look at what was going on. I took off the tape covering my incision and found that it was pretty red and puffy on the right side and that the top right side of my pubic area was also quite red, sore, warm to the touch and kind of hard. At first I just applied a warm, wet washcloth to the area to get some relief but my gut told me it was more serious. I called my PS and they scheduled me an appt today for 2:30. After hanging up with them I just decided to lie down until it was time to leave but just 15 minutes later they called back and asked me to come in right away! That, of course, made me anxious! What if it was something serious? What if I had a seroma and I was going to have to face that "big ass needle"? What if what if, what if! I was teary eyed and nervous all the way to the doctor and my husband held my hand and stroked my hair and told me everything would be ok. When I got to the office, they put me in an exam room right away and got a good look at my incision. The doctor was very calm and saw my anxiety and patted my arm and said "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you! I'm so sorry you feel so bad!". With his assistant's help, they syringed out nearly 30cc of fluid from the lump just under my incision! Whew! I felt some relief right away...and the needle wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be! Then he "massaged" the sore parts of my incision to drain any possible infection. After that, they gave me a shot of antibiotics, then a shot of Toradol (yay!), and sent me home with and Rx for two oral antibiotics. I'm feeling much better already and I'm so glad I went with my gut and called the doctor. My PS wanted to send some of the fluid he drained off to be cultured in the lab because it was a bit cloudy instead of clear so I guess I'll get those results in the next few days or so. He also wants to see me tomorrow AND on Sunday. He really takes such good care of me and I have definitely gotten my money's worth with his post-op care. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with him and his staff!
Moral of the story ladies, if you feel like something is wrong, don't hesitate, call your doc!
I will try to post pictures soon!
Hugs from Heather

A few pics

So these are all about 11 days post-op. I was not using tape on my incision at the time because of the allergy problem so it looks a little...crusty. Sorry! But I'm really happy with the results so far!

More fluid...and Easter weekend!

Ok, so I've had some hiccups in my recovery! I went to my PS on Saturday after I had had 2 doses of the oral antibiotics and although my incision was overall not nearly as red or heated, it was still swollen and kind of hard. Time to syringe out fluid again! He numbed me up and inserted the needle a little lower this time and drew out...are you ready...60cc of fluids! Whew! What an instant relief I felt! Also, my fever is gone and besides just being tired all of the time, I'm doing ok. The doc gave me another antibiotic shot in the arm (my poor arms are sooooo sore from all the antibiotics, Toradol and Lovenox shots!) and told me he wanted to see me again both Sunday and Monday morning. Easter Sunday? Yes sir!
I went straight from the Saturday appointment to Target to pick up yet ANOTHER Rx (just a refill of the Percocet and valium) and then straight to church to practice for our special choir Easter musical. The practice wasn't overly long but the church was warm and I was tired and, for heaven's sake, I was still recovering from surgery....what was I thinking? It was a little harder than I thought and I felt faint a time or two but I made it!
So today was Easter and I was determined to go to church for 2 reasons: #1 I had, for the first time in about 10 years, bought a new Easter dress that I felt beautiful in and I really wanted to show it (and my new bod) off to my friends....and #2 I am part of the church choir and I really wanted to participate in the Easter Cantata we were performing. I had to miss the first performance of the musical so that I could make my 9:30 doctor's appointment, so I waltzed into Dr. Klink's office, dressed to the nine's and chipper as can be. I actually felt pretty good this morning. He checked the incision, and again it looked better, but still tight and swollen. Guess what comes next? Yep, more fluid removal; this time in 2 places. Out of the normal place he'd been sticking, he got about 25ish cc but he was SURE there was some built up higher up on my hip so he stuck me again up higher and farther right (no big deal, I was numbed with Lidocaine first) and sure enough he got about 30-35cc more! Once he did that, my incision flattened out quite quickly and nicely. However...he's considering putting a real drain back in me. :( I have a appointment tomorrow at 11am. He said to go ahead and eat breakfast and come to the appointment, but if he feels that there is still significant fluid backed up, he'll want to surgically place a drain in my trouble spot. While I'm a tad bummed about this, I'm not too upset. It's nobody's fault. It just happens sometimes and I definitely would prefer the site to be constantly draining with the tubes than to have to be stuck with a needle and syringed everyday. That being said...I'm crossing my fingers that all the fluid will have miraculously disappeared by tomorrow and I can get this recovery back on track!
On a positive note, my PS said I looked amazing in my Easter outfit and said I'd really Wow my friends! He's so sweet. :) I did go to church and I did get sufficient "Oooohs and Aaaaahs" from my friends and I did sing in the choir...but I probably shouldn't have, it was really hard. My tummy hurt from singing so much and standing so long and I was completely exhausted afterwards. My Easter dinner consisted of a Percocet and a chocolate Frosty (all I felt I could stomach!) and then about a 3 hour nap! Tonight I went with my husband to stroll around our new local Wal-Mart and pick up some food for the next day or so (I've not been up to grocery shopping at all, and I'm the only cook in the house!) and now I'm scrambling to finish this update so I can get some homework done for my online class that's due by midnight! Aaaaa! With all the stuff that has gone on with this recovery, I've gotten behind and procrastinated more than ever!
Until next post,
Hugs from Heather!

Going under the knife...again...tonight!

So, Dr. Klink decided that I need to have a drain put back into the right side of my lower tummy. Bummer, huh? At the appointment this morning, while my incision looked a little better, he's just not satisfied that we've gotten all of the fluid out. To add to it all, he has to go out of town for a few days and doesn't trust any one else to "stick" me to syringe out the fluid, so he feels inserting another drain is really the best thing to do to get me back on the road to recovery. I'm ok with it all, but the doc seemed upset, like he was disappointed that it had come to this I guess. Well, anyway, they told me at 10:30 this morning that I would be having the drain inserted at 5:30 tonight so I had to stop eating/drinking by 11:00am. So that was a super duper bummer. I had a prepackaged protein shake on the way to the appointment and then a small banana right after... so I guess that's it for me today! So I'll arrive back at the PS office at 5:30 tonight, get put back to sleep, and they'll insert the drain, making sure the tubing extends all the way around my hip (I guess) to make sure to access as much fluid as possible. They said the procedure should take about an hour, then I can head home! Since the doc is going to be unavailable over the next few days, I'm assuming the Surgical Nurse will be following up with me. I hope so, I love her!
Well, guess that's all for now. I'm going to go browse Pinterest or take a nap to pass the time. Pinterest might be a bad idea since it's riddled with pictures of yummy food I can't eat! Let's hope this drain does the job and I can finally start healing quickly and smoothly!
Later, Ladies!
Hugs from Heather

Some updated pictures....and important advice!

Hey gals! Here's some pictures I've been meaning to post. These are from the day that I got my last drain put back in and how my incision looked before and after. Please, please, please don't hesitate to contact your PS if you feel something is wrong or just "off". Turns out, that fluid I kept having to have drained had staph infection in it! It wasn't a HUGE infection, but if we hadn't caught it early and treated it early, it could have been quite serious! Listen to your body and trust your gut! Hope everyone out there is healing well! Your comments and encouragement really helps me get through the tough days!
Until next post,
Hugs from Heather!

28 days post-op, More recent pictures and an emotional ROLLER COASTER!!!!

Hey ladies! Hope everyone is doing well! Here are some pictures from today, my 27th day post-op...original op, that is. Over all, things are finally getting back on track and I'm finally starting to feel more myself and regaining some of my strength and energy! Woot woot!
However, I wanted to talk about what has been going on emotionally over the last few days or so. I have read many other posts from ladies who have gone through this or a similar surgery and I expected to feel the ups and downs they talked about but, holey moley, I was not prepared for how INTENSELY I would feel these crazy feelings. I have had some set backs in my recovery and I was feeling a little frustrated and a little down about how slowly things have progressed in the healing process but just this week I felt something new. Ya know how there's the "baby blues"? How a mom has just given birth and has a new beautiful baby and should feel all this joy and happiness but just...doesn't? Well, I think I had/have what I now call the "body blues". I was in the shower, washing this beautiful new, tight, perky body that I had dreamed about and worked hard to save up and pay cash for...I had gotten everything I wanted! But it felt like I was washing a stranger; that I, all of the sudden, didn't feel like myself anymore! Sure, my old body was saggy and stretched out like an old balloon. And, yeah, the boobs were flat and lifeless...but it was the "real me" and even though I bemoaned all of its problems and said it was uncomfortable...I was kind of comfy in my old body! This new one was so tight, my new boobs were maybe a smidge too big and still quite tender, and now I have all these restrictions and no energy....did I make a mistake? Was I experiencing buyers remorse? It hit me hard like this for two days straight. I was constantly feeling the need to have a good long cry and figure out what was going on with me! So, finally I called my Mom and talked and cried and tried to explain everything I was thinking and feeling. Moms have a way of making it all better sometimes...at least mine does. She thought that my main emotional turmoil was brought on by stopping my Rx pain meds almost cold turkey. Huh, I had NOT EVEN THOUGHT OF THAT! And, duh, of course it is going to take time to get used to this new body, Heather, you had 31 years to get used to the old one! Cut yourself some slack and give yourself some time to heal and get comfortable with yourself all over again. Good advice, huh? I thought so. So, if anyone else reading this has had a similar experience, let me know! How did YOU feel? What did you do? Did you experience the body blues at all? I would love to get some real feedback on this.
I will admit that I have been getting better and am enjoying this great new bod, but tomorrow I may feel different....and that is ok.
On a different note...I had a check up with my PS today and everything looks great! No more swelling, no more fluid build up, no more redness, etc. No more tape on my breast incisions and got my stitches out on my incision from the drain replacement. We ARE beginning to talk about a phase 2 to my procedure as the doc would like to do a tad more lipo on my hips and upper tummy, just below my ribs. He would also like to take a little more skin from above and below my tummy incision...just tighten things up a bit more. This SHOULD not cost me any more money and will most likely take place in December as I am beginning my RN program in August. He says the recovery from phase 2 will be MUCH easier and quicker than the first surgery so I am all for it! Yay for good doctors! He really seems to care about his patients and I just love him to pieces!
Well, I guess that is all for tonight!
Until next post,
Hugs from Heather

8 weeks post-op and doing fine!

Hey Ladies! Sorry it's been so long since my last update...a whole month has gone by! I didn't update for a few reasons: basically everything is the same (except for the emotional part), I have been EXTREMELY busy dealing with finals, potty training my almost 3 yr old, and getting all my boys (including the hubby) through the last few weeks of school and getting myself ready for NURSING SCHOOL!!!
Well, physically things are going pretty well. The extreme sensitivity I was feeling in my breasts has subsided and I can stand to be touched now (hee hee). I'm not sure I mentioned this sensitivity before but it was real! Hubby and I were worried I'd lose sensation (as so many women have mentioned!) but it was just the opposite! I hated even my towel brushing across them when I was drying off from a shower. I chalk that up from the fact that I had under-the-breast incisions and that my skin was stretched tight because of the added volume. Anywho, that's pretty much all back to normal. My breasts have dropped & fluffed nicely and feel quite natural. I still think they're a tad heavy, but I'm getting used to that too. I'm still struggling with dressing these perky twins though! I find that most tops that fit well in the chest are too big elsewhere and vice/versa. If I wear something that is proper sized around my tummy, I look like I'm flaunting my ta-tas! Oh well...I'll just have to do a little more shopping, darn it! When I saw my PS the other day for my 8 week appointment, he cleared me for regular cardio exercise but told me that I had to wear 2 sports bras now because I have "big boobs" (his words, lol). He didn't say anything in particular about lifting weights (at 6 weeks he said no weights at all!), but he basically said exercise regularly, but if it hurts, don't do it. One thing I am still adjusting to is sleeping with these big boobs! I wear a bra to bed (usually a sports type bra) and I'm still trying to find the perfect position in bed that doesn't squash the girls too much, lol. Oh! And tying my shoes, shaving my legs and painting my toenails has been an experience too! Previously, my little titties didn't get in the way, but now I have to kind of contort myself so my boobs don't get smashed between my chest and my thigh! Anyone else feeling the same way?
My tummy is doing ok. No more fluid, no puffiness in my incision, no more scabs or stitches poking out really. I have noticed some loosening in my skin and where my muscles were repaired but I suspect that's typical as the swelling goes down and as my body continues to heal. As I mentioned in my last post, we are discussing my future revisions and have decided to do them in December during my Christmas break from school. The doc cleared me to go without my compression garment finally! I thought I would be out at the 6 or 7 week mark but he's sneaky and just kept saying "2 more weeks", even though he would keep me in it longer than that! His receptionists said he does that often. :) Anyway, although I'm happy to not have to wear the CG all the time, sometimes I WANT to wear it! Especially at the end of the day when I'm a bit swollen and tight and a sometimes sore. The PS said that's typical and I could wear a Spanx-type garment to help me wean myself from the compression garment. I did that yesterday and it went pretty well, all through grocery shopping and carrying in those heavy bags and such. Without the garment I can FEEL my incision too much, know what I mean? It's difficult to describe, but without the material of the CG or spanx covering the incision, my jeans and undies kinda rub against the area and I'm more conscious of it. Also, as certain areas of my tummy heal and the numbness wears off, the skin is slightly sensitive and the rubbing from the clothes is somewhat irritating, but certainly not unbearable.
I guess that's pretty much it! I've had some fun doing some shopping and going through my closet and getting rid of all the clothes that don't compliment my new, fantastic bod! I've been trying to get back in to the gym regularly and so far I'm just walking briskly on the treadmill and doing about 30 minutes or so on the stationary bike. I'm going to add the elliptical today and see how it goes. I took my boys swimming a few days ago and that was interesting! My body feels so different when I swim and my tummy felt so tight and the resistance of the water on my arms kinda made my chest ache. Note to self: Your body is sill healing, slow the heck down! Ha! For Mother's Day my Sweetie bought me a FitBit Surge (don't hate him, I ASKED for a fitbit!!!). I had asked for the cheaper Fitbit but he insisted on getting the bigger, better one so that I'd have everything I needed! Anyway, it was kinda expensive (in my book) and I want to lose a few lbs. before my revision surgery so I'm gonna use the HECK outta this thing! It helps me keep track of my calories, my heart rate, my steps for the day, how many calories I've burned, my sleep patterns at night, and so much more. I'm pretty thrilled with it...but I kinda wish it wasn't so large and manly, lol.
Hope everyone is healing nicely and feeling beautiful, until next post...
Hugs from Heather

19 weeks post-op update with pictures!

Hi everyone! No, I didn't drop off the face of the earth...I just didn't have a whole lot to say and no changes in my status until recently. So my weight had been going bonkers after about 6 weeks into my recovery. I lost a lot of weight after the surgery initially, but once my appetite returned and I was feeling better, I started eating more regularly and well...ya know what happens! Anyway, I also had some issues with my ovaries and a polyp in my uterus, etc. which caused some abnormal bleeding throughout the month so my GYN put me on birth control to help regulate the bleeding. Bleh. The first round of pills caused me to break out in a rash all over my body and I gained nearly 10 lbs. in 2 weeks! I stopped taking those pills and they switched me to the mini-pill. No more rash, but my body was puffy and tight and bloated all the time. I didn't feel myself and despite counting calories and exercising regularly, my weight seemed stuck. Whelp, without consulting my doc, I just stopped taking those pills too. I can deal with the symptoms, but not the side effects. I said all that to say this...I'm FINALLY feeling back to "normal"...whatever normal is. Lol.
Everyone told me that through my journey of healing after the mommy makeover that I would swell off and on for a WHILE and then you think you're feeling better and then WHAM, one day you would start to feel amazing and your body would start to REALLY show the effects of the surgery. Well, I think I finally hit that spot! About a week and a half ago it felt like a switch just went off in my body. I had been schlepping myself to the gym 6 days a week but still did not have the stamina I used to for cardio and strength training...I was exhausted and frustrated, but I kept on anyway. My tummy would be flat some days and puffy some days and I just was getting discouraged. But...now, all that has changed. Yes, I still swell if I've eaten too much salt or bread or dairy (but I was like that before surgery...I just didn't notice because my belly was always protruding anyway), and yes, there are still days that I feel tender around my incision or down my midline...but overall, I feel fantastic! I look in the mirror and I can't believe this body is mine. My confidence has gone through the roof and I just feel so much happier and energetic and positive. I wish I could explain it better than that, but there are no words. Clothes shopping is SO much more fun...except for blouses with buttons...alas, I don't believe I'll ever find the perfect button-up that fits BOTH my breasts and my tummy. Oh well, no biggie.
I saw Dr. Klink for my monthly check-up 2 days ago and even he was excited for how my body is starting to shape up. We also discussed the upcoming revisions: the tightening of my incision (my tummy has loosened up a bit), the lifting of my mons pubis area, the lipo to my left hip and the minimal lipo to the upper tummy region. I'm still working on losing weight since Doc said he wouldn't do the surgery if I GAINED weight but that losing it was great...and I'll be busy with nursing school starting in a couple of weeks, so the revision surgery is set for somewhere around December 22nd. Dr. Klink said the surgery will take about an hour and recovery time will be quite minimal. Yay! I'm so dang excited to see how it'll all look after the revisions. I'm so happy with it now, I can hardly believe it'll look better!
Ok, enough chatter...here's my pics!
Happy Healing ladies, and Hugs from...
Vacaville Plastic Surgeon

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Klink. He is so skilled and kind and genuinely cares about his patient's well-being. His work is amazing; I am so happy with my results! His staff is always kind and quick to help or answer any questions I've had. His surgical nurse is absolutely the BEST and is very loving, calming and nurturing. The post-op care for this doctor is OUTSTANDING! He sees his patients every day for the first 5 days after surgery and then every other day for a week or two, then every three days and so on. That alone was worth the money I spent on the operation. I just cannot say enough good things about him and his staff! I highly recommend him to anyone wishing to get a Mommy Makeover in the Solano County area!

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