Breast Implants with a "Mini Lift" - Vacaville, CA

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I had two kids and my breast lost their shape...

I had two kids and my breast lost their shape completely. Between breast feeding and weight loss I very little breast tissue and a lot of skin. I also had oversized areolas. I chose a silicone implant (because I didn't want the ripple effect that the saline can give you). My implant was placed under the muscle for a more natural look. They turned out beautiful better than I expected! Shopping is so much more fun now. I will say the hardest part was having two young children because you can't lift anything for a few weeks after the proceedure. You definately need someone to take care of you the first couple keep that in mind if your thinking about it.

My surgery was done on Febuary. A couple weeks...

My surgery was done on Febuary. A couple weeks after I went out and bought a couple cheap bras just to get ne through until all the swelling went down. My breast did change a lot in the first few weeks. I'm 3 months out now & I've just now started buying nicer bras. I was a. DD after the surgery after everything has settled & the swelling is gone I'm a D- cup.
As far as picking up my kids...I was picking up my infant after a week or so. The hardest part was trying to put him in a car seat or high chair where I had to extent my arms out to put him in. Not only did it hurt I felt like i was going to drop him. As long as I held him close to where my arms could stay tucked in i was fine. My toddler was another story it was a least 4 weeks before I could pick him up. Luckily he likes to do things himself. When I did pick him up he was strong enough to hold on to me. As long as I got down to his level & just stood up with him it was ok. Hope this helps. Enjoy your new boobies!
Vacaville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Klink is a profectionist!! He is very thorough during all the follow up appointments making sure your scars are healing and that your breasts are settling. He is very personable and will address all you questions and concerns.

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