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I am hoping to get a tummy tuck since I have lost...

I am hoping to get a tummy tuck since I have lost 50 lbs in the last two years. Right now I am a 37 year old mother of one, 5'4" tall, 170 lbs. I am hoping to get a tummy tuck in 2017. Ideally I would like to lose 20 more pounds but I will see what the consultation doctors have to say when I get to that point. I have been trying to save money but have not saved up much so far so I will have to look into financing.

Surgery Booked

I have scheduled my tummy tuck surgery for January 9th with a pre op on the 4th. So happy this is finally happening! I'll have to add "before" photos soon.

Before weight loss pics


I had my pre-op appointment today. I had my pictures taken and got my prescriptions filled. I also got some post op stuff I ordered from Amazon. I am all paid and scheduled for Monday morning! I can't believe it's happening. I've been waiting years for this. Hope to post again before surgery with photos.

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

I have surgery scheduled for 7:00am tomorrow. I have all my meds, snacks, supplies and bedding ready to go. I took some before photos today. If you can't tell I love using my new selfie stick to take body pictures. I am 37, 5'4" 172.5 lbs as of this morning. I'm down from 220 two years ago. Time to get rid of my hanging belly!

Surgery Day

I made it to the flat side! I'm very happy with the results so far. The surgeon said he tightened my muscles about 4 inches. Feeling good and on meds, but I'm not feeling overly drugged. Everyone was very nice and made me feel comfortable. Now comes the long road of healing and swelling. Post op is on Wednesday.

Post op

I had my post op today. I'm healing well and the scar is low and even. I'm swollen but excited for the end results.

Products Review

So not much to report today, just swollen, so I thought I'd go over what was useful to me so far.

Walker: very useful to get around the house without back pain, getting up and down and for balance at night.
Stool softener: a must! Those pain meds are brutal on your digestive system!
Selfie stick: great for taking body pictures when it's hard to get the right angle otherwise.
Pens and paper: so helpful to write down when you last took which medication.
Hydra-8 water mug: I'm in love with this thing! It tells you by hour how much to drink throughout the day.
Ice packs: once swelling sets in and you ween off the heavy pain meds ice packs work wonders for both swelling and pain management.
Lanyard: I got one with hooks on the bottom for holding shower bottles but used them for my drains and it worked perfectly.
Flushable wipes: help you feel clean after using the bathroom and safe to flush so no mess.
"Go Girl": this specially made cup helps women to pee standing up which was amazing when it was hard to get up and down.

That's all for now. Happy healing everyone!

Out of the House

I went out to breakfast and grocery shopping today and got dressed in real clothes. It was hard to hide my drains but I just put them in my pockets. I was bent over the whole time but tried to look normal. The cart at the store helped as a sort of walker. I could have used an electric cart but decided against it. Now I'm home swelling up again. Time to rest for the remainder of the day.

Drains Out

I had a follow up appointment today and had my drains and bb stitches taken out. Still swollen but only taking pain meds at night. Slowly but surely feeling better. I return to work and dance class on Monday. Hope I can make it through if I take it easy.

Two Weeks PO Tummy Tuck

Two weeks post op today. I hope this is swelling and not fat. My weight has remained steady throughout, within 5 lbs or so. It's hard to not gain weight when you're laying around all day. I went back to work today at a desk job and it wasn't too much. Hopefully getting back on my regular schedule will help the days go by faster. Just taking ibuprofen now and getting as much protein as possible. Scar looks good and the strips are slowly peeling away so I trim them. I have another follow up appointment in a week and a half.

2 Weeks Pics

3 Weeks

Three weeks. I'm more mobile but swollen and getting a lot of twinges lately. Steri strips still hanging on.

4 Weeks

4 Weeks. A little less swollen. Still have strips from surgery on some areas of my scar holding on. I got some scar cream to use until I can use the strips I was given at my last appointment. Next follow up is in about 8 weeks. I can't wait to start exercising at 6 weeks. I'm still wearing a compression garment most of the time but have switched to alternating with girdles which don't feel as supportive, but I'm trying to ween myself off of the compression garment.

5 Weeks

5 weeks. I finally had all my dressing from surgery fall off and my scar looks good. Still swelling every day so I keep my compression garment on all the time. My dog jumped on my tummy while I was laying down but he's only about 7lbs. It still hurt a lot though. Excited for that 6 week mark to start exercising. I feel like all I do is laze around all the time.

6 Weeks!

Well, it's the magical 6 week mark. I'm told I can start exercising now. (Yay?). All of my scabs have fallen off now so I can start wearing the silicone tape. I forgot what they told me on how long to keep it on so I guess I'll have to call and find out. Otherwise I'm mostly swelling in the evening but it gets better every day. I still wear my compression garment most of the time because it feels more secure than not wearing it. Also I may need to round out this belly button a bit. Pics attached.

Before and after 6 Weeks

Day before vs 6 weeks after.

Day before vs 6 weeks after

50 days

50 days Before and After in my goal pants.

2 Months

Super swollen or something....

3 Months Post-op

Three months. I'm still swollen if I don't wear a compression garment. Scar is healing well. It's hard to not gain weight. I need to lose about 20 lbs but slowly. Had after photos taken at my appointment last week. Not much else, just waiting for the swelling to go away. Here are some photos.
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