Decided against Rhinoplasty

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I have been considering getting a rhinoplasty for...

I have been considering getting a rhinoplasty for years and I have met with Doctors. I have been getting mixed opinions from friends/family about the possible outcome.

I like the current shape of the nose but I have felt unsatisfied about the size relative to the face. My goal is to try to keep the natural shape but resize it to fit the face. The current nose fits the face well from the frontal view but any slight turn of the face and it appears to be too large. I have included photos of mostly turned face. Depending on the lighting it can look either too large or fine. I have also uploaded photos with shorter hair, that's when I think it stands out the most. I also uploaded an image I resized with Photoshop and 3D-imaging from Dr. Bitner, whom I am leaning to the most.

What's your opinion?

Additional photos

Thank you for the responses so far. Here are a few pictures that some asked for.

and a chin implant morph (although it's with the nose change)

Thank you everyone for your input, I will be taking all of your thoughts into consideration.

You all have been great and really helped me look at my issues with my appearance from a different perspective. I wish you all the best.
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