39 Years Old, Long Awaited Nose Job -traveling from Alaska

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My expectations are, that my nose is de-projected...

My expectations are, that my nose is de-projected from my face. It's way too long for my short jawline. I have a tiny little face. At age 39, that gives me lots of compliments from people unable to guess my real age, and I LOVE IT!!! But, the nose....It has a dorsal hump. And, when I was 27, I had to have a nasal turbinate resection so I could breathe, literally for the first time in my life-through my nose. My nose is crooked too. When I tilt back, it's evident that one nostril is bigger than the other, and this with the nasal hump is just not something Im willing to travel into my 40's with.
I've been looking at Dr. Bitner is Utah. His work looks really truly amazing to me! Not fake at all. Not cookie cutter at all. He does a good job at helping those with crooked noses, that's for sure.
Have any of you had experience with this surgeon? I'll be sure and post some pics tomorrow of my own nose, at a more decent hour.

pics of my crooked over projected nose

more pics for better explanation

Im really hoping someone chimes in. I know I"m not the only one who can see these things. And I don't have a doc picked out. I live in Alaska, so I'll have to travel same as I did for my chin job. Please guys, all advice and more recommendations will be so much appreciated!

face forward and smile

When I smile, my nose does TRICKS!!!! I know it's because it's crooked. The tip is off too.

a non-smiley

I think I look normal, face on, until I smile. Now, is this something that has to do with "tip" work? Is this because the septum is deviated? I feel so stressed out, like I'm in the dark.

I can't find my own post

Why can't I see my own post in the newsfeed?

I want to get my nose fixed. It has always...

I want to get my nose fixed. It has always bothered me and this march I will be 40. I want to make sure this goes well. I'm attaching some pictures. I want rid of the dorsal bump and I want my nose to be straighter. I would also like it to be deprojected.

I have had 2 surgeries to respect my nasal turbinates. I'm still on Flonase but can breath ok. I'm having to do all of my surgeon research online which makes me nervous. I don't know anyone personally who has a doc to refer me to.

I'm considering a consult with Dr. Zoulaman. I don't understand why there aren't more reviews of his work though. This is a very frustrating process-learning where to look and who to trust.

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