Abdominal Skin Excision (No Mr) and Liposuction to Abdomen and Flanks

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It was the biggest decision I ever made to undergo...

It was the biggest decision I ever made to undergo this surgery but I told myself there's no looking back it needs to be done. I had this "apron" of fat and skin that hung over my waist and no matter what weight I was it was always there in one size or another. I'm post op and happy to see it is gone. I had an abdominal skin excision. No muscle repair. And lipo to the abdomen and flanks.

For now I will just post photos but soon I will post about the experience pre and post surgery and where I'm at now.

Days 1-9

Pre op:
It was very hard for me to make the decision. I was scared of complications, recovery and if it would be worth it. Despite it all I pushed myself to make the decision.

Surgery day:
I had lots of nerves. I had anxiety medication the night before which helped. I found myself at ease because I knew this was what I wanted. The anesthesiologist was extremely friendly and happy and she made me at ease. Faster then I knew it the surgery was over and I was awake in recovery. I was not in pain. I was nauseous. So nauseous. All day at home I was on painkiller and nausea meds. I felt pretty good. I saw instant results. A flatter stomach and no "apron". I thought if this was the worst I could handle this but silly me the first day was the easiest because lidocaine was still in me from the surgery.

Painkillers kept me from feeling too much pain. Nausea was bad. I was barely eating. Forcing myself to have lots of fluids and powerade. I had lots of bruising, soreness, nerve pain and minor swelling. I was bed ridden. Not able to sit up straight.

Days 4-5 (the worst)
These days I would never want to redo. Pain was at an all time high. It was intense nerve pain. It is a pain that you can not even imagine. I've never felt anything like it before. These days were hard physically and mentally. It took everything in me.

Days 6-8
This period marks when I first started to sit-up and walk more. Bye bye bed and laying down. At this point I began to massage more vigorously then before and more often. Bruising started to slowly go down. Nausea still exists but I am able to eat more then before. Discomfort is from extreme swelling and from tightness. After standing, walking or sitting my stomach would become soo swollen. It would tug on the sutures and I would leak a bit. If it got bad I would lie down and massage to make it better. The tightness was bad I couldn't walk straight.

Day 9- today
Similar to yesterday. Bruising slowly fading. Nausea sometimes. Worst part is swelling from sitting and standing. Gets so painful I'm walking holding my stomach. Tightness at incision. I am starting to lie down and stretch myself out. Trying to slowly force myself to stand straight but not yet successful. Every day has been a battle but with every new day there is progress . I yearn for the day I am normal again. I know it is a long process. I look forward to seeing what progress each day has.

Bye for now.

Day 10

Today was my best day yet. I had lots of swelling and tightness but I pushed through it. I had what seemed to almost be a normal day. I spent a lot of time last night stretching out on my bed to help relieve some tightness. Today gave me loads of hope for the future.


Day 11-
Swelling and tightness got to be a little much on day 11. I found myself getting upset because the day before was way better.

Day 12-

Drain is out! Getting it taken out wasn't exactly fun but it wasn't painful either. Have some gauze on the hole as it leaked a bit. Today I had swelling and tightness which seems to be the biggest symptoms I have. I also find I'm just sensitive because I'm not normal yet. I am able to sit at a restaraunt to eat but I'm not able to sit normally. I sit back on the chair and then i get frustrated because I'm too far to eat. So then I sit all the way to the front up straight but then I am holding my stomach from discomfort. After the meal I get up and I am sooo tight I can't walk straight and I'm swollen from rib cage to pubic. I also find that as the swelling is going down elsewhere i can feel a couple small lumps or bumps. I can also feel firmness on my stomach closer to the incision. Despite all of this I am doing more each day. I am bending over easier then the day before although still with difficulty. I'm looking forward to the progress that every day brings.

Days 13-15

Feeling wayyyy better. The doctor was right about two weeks being the worst. I drove for the first time. It was uncomfortable and I will refrain from doing it unless I have to. I am able to sit for longer periods. When I get up I'm really tight. So I lay down or stretch it out. Bruising is going down a lot and swelling is less and less each day. I still sleep on my back because on the side i feel like the stomach is pulling and the sutures. I am looking forward to seeing the improvements with every day. I hope my story helps. Feel free to comment.

Day 16

Today I was getting uncomfortable tingles in my abdomen. First time I've felt this. Other then that it's going well. Still swollen. One side seems to be going down before the other haha. Stitch is getting little bit itchy.

Day 17-18

Tingles come and go. Swelling is slowly decreasing. Still gets worse when I sit or walk too long. Tightness is still there but also decreasing. I would say generally that every day is slightly better. I have an appt tomorrow to see doctor. So well see how that goes. My incision is still covered with tape. Curious when that will come off. I am also still wearing my garment 24/7. My doctor requests we wear the garment for 6 weeks. Happy recovery to everyone else!!

Day 19

Ps appt went well he took off the tape. My next appt is for 6 weeks now!!! He started me on "Scarguard" so I'm putting that on regularly and covering with paper tape. I'll keep you posted on how that product is. The incision is super sensitive and stings on the sides. Ps also told me I can resume regular exercise. One issue I had. I have a curvy figure and since swelling is starting to go down I am less swollen on top so my garment has started to form creases under my rib cage. The doctor noticed a crease forming on my stomach under the rib cage so he asked me to take a tea towel and fold it and put it in the garment so that it can't cause creases on my stomach. I'll let you know how that works out. Sounds awfully uncomfortable to me.

That's all for now!

Day 20

Same thing. Swelling and some tightness. Incision is itchy.

Biggest thing is my garment is getting big on the top. I put a hand towel like ps said but it's itchy and makes me hot. Any suggestions on how I can manage to wear the garment for another 3 weeks when it starts to get loose. As it gets loose the fabric creases my stomach more. Any tips help!!

Day 25

Been a bit since last post. I moved to a new place and was able to do some of the moving so that was great. I really pushed my body the last 3-4 days and I'm surprised at how much I can do. That tightness that kept me from standing straight is pretty much all gone. At this point it's swelling throughout the day which is increased from sitting and walking. Some tingles and nerve sensation. There is also some stinging on the ends of the incision.

I've been using scar guard. It's helped a bit. It takes time so I'll see long term how I heal.

I am getting sick of not wearing bra or underwear though. I am small chested and hate the look of my chest in the garment. I'm also curious about how I'm going to handle when I get my period soon. I'm going to have to get loose underwear or something.

Hope your healing well.

Day 31

Alrighty so all in all I'm doing better. Less tightness I'm walking straight. Swelling comes when I walk a lot or sit a lot. But it is less and less every day. Everything is good minus I think I'm allergic to to the paper tape I used on incisions. My ps told me to use scar guard and then paper tape in order to maximize my scar guard and not apply every day. Look at the reaction. It looks consistent with where the tape was. I'm going to not tape it for today and see how that goes. I'll keep you posted.

Happy recovery!

Day 39

Wow it has been a bit since my last update. I guess that means I have been doing good.

I am still in my garment and I use padding to stop the creases. I tried the ab board but because I'm still full around the stomach area it stuck out and looked too fake to wear out of the house.

My tightness is gone and comes up rarely. Swelling has severely decreased. I can sit successfully for hours. Upon standing I am a swollen. I rub on the areas. And I am fine. I am walking fully upright. I am not doing an specific exercise yet but I am walking a lot. Even more then before the surgery.

The incision is beginning to heal slowly but surely. I am using the Scarguard up pretty fast as I had the allergic reaction to the tape so now it is uncovered so I'm applying it daily.

In 3-4 days I am allowed to stop wearing the garment. I will have to update you on how it is after that point.

Wishing everyone a healthy and speedy recovery.

6 weeks!

Here it is the 6 week mark!!! Today was my first day without my garment on and it felt so different. My stomach swelled up pretty bad by the end of the day. I had to come home and rolling pin it.

One thing, for some reason I feel bigger then before. I was so happy with my results day 1 post op and then now I feel bigger. Is this swelling? When do you really start to see it for what it will be? I especially am curious about the lipo areas also. Anyone else felt this way for their recovery? Would love your thoughts. Thanks.

Scar treatment

I've been using scar guard. I'm almost all done it. And I'm not disappointed nor am I really happy with it. I had a bit of a reaction to it. Anyone have any suggestions on their favorite?

Lansing Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr Colony. He was very understanding about my case and gave me all I needed to make an informed decision. He readily available by phone 24/7 post surgery which made me feel rest assured. All of the staff was great. I was very very happy with my choice. If anyone is considering Dr Colony and would like to ask me any questions it would be my pleasure.

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