My Journey to Revision Rhinoplasty

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Hello, I thought I would make this review about...


I thought I would make this review about my journey to finding a revision plastic surgeon. I will be documenting my research, my reasoning and my experience to share with everyone.

Hopefully this post will help others as I will be talking about a LOT of doctors until I finally come to December and make my decision.

The revision rhinoplasty I am seeking is augmentative. I know a lot of of revision patients mostly want a hump that was not completely removed, removed. If this is you, this review might not be for you.

If you are trying to get closer to your preoperative state (make your nose bigger) you might find this review useful.

A little bit of relief

A few days ago I visited a local doctor, Adam Weinfeld and I asked him how much lengthening of the nose was possible and he said that with rib cartilage a lot of lengthening was possible (more than what I need) so that is one good point.

I'm still very depressed day to day because I have to look in the mirror and not recognize myself but Dr. Weinfeld said he could get me really close to my original nose.

One thing that bothers me is that he won't show me more before and after photos in consultation. I do like the before and after pictures he has on his website but none of them show the problems I have (short, pinched, thin nose)

He is the first doctor I have seen in person for a revision rhinoplasty consultation but I have e-mailed a few others.

I was originally planning to travel to LA to meet doctors there but after doing some research I have decided to travel to Baltimore and see some doctors at John's Hopkins hospital.

What I like about the doctors there (Dr. Boahene and Dr. Byrne) is that they are not just cosmetic surgeons but also do reconstructive surgeries like trauma from car accidents and craniofacial fractures. So if they do those really complex cases they may be able to give me the result I want.

I'm also planning to see Dr. Cochran because he is so well known but I am hesitant about him because of some bad reviews. If anyone has insight on any of these doctors feel free to comment!

Good News!

I'm excited to say that I am going to see (for sure) Dr. Kofi Boahene, Thomas Le and Patrick Byrne in Maryland (and going to take advantage of the trip and visit NY for the first time!) the flight tickets have been bought!

So far Boahene is my favorite because he is so accessible. I have not met him in person yet but he knows my story because we have been e/mailing back and fourth.

At first I didn't consider Thomas Le even though I wanted to because his consultation fee is $300. But after talking to some of his patients I have decided he is worth at least a consult.

I am considering canceling the appointment with Dr. Byrne because I heard he rushes the patient during consultation. I also heard he is always running late because he is so over worked. I think I would be afraid to have surgery with a doctor who has too many patients. How would he remember my needs and aesthetics? (Which are very different from the norm)

I was seeing a local doctor his name is Adam Weinfield but have crossed him off my list because he avoids showing me pictures. His excuse "no two noses are the same". Since this is a revision, I am not going to risk going to a doctor who won't provide examples or do imaging. No matter how skillful.

Also another note: I was considering Dr. Cochran in Dallas because he trained under Dr. Gunter who was the best rhinoplasty surgeon of his time. I am going to cancel the appointment with him because of horror stories I've heard from very unhappy patients. Plus, he is NOT a board certified facial plastic surgeon... This makes him under qualified for the job. I never really liked the noses on his website (I did love Gunter noses though!)

I will be updating you guys late August or early September about how my actual consultations went.

Baltimore consultations

Hello, so I went to Baltimore to have the consultations with the doctors there, I am stuck now between two of them so if you guys have any input or suggestions I will be glad to hear them via PM or as a Comment to this forum.

I will just go in order of appearance:

August 27 I saw the much anticipated Dr. Boahene.

We had e-mailed back and fourth for a long time so he was familiar with my case (very important). What I really like about him is that he is an ethical doctor and I have found it really hard to find unhappy patients. He is also open to giving you the nose YOU want, not a cookie cutter nose. What I didn't like is he didn't show me pictures of other patients and also I didn't like that he only allowed me to pick to fix three things... Id like everything fixed not just three things. But I trust that he can definitely improve my nose. I also did not like the morph he did of my profile and also he forgot to morph my front. I am convinced however that he would send me a morph of the front if I e-mailed him asking for one. He said most of the things I asked for were possible. 2/3

The surgery would last around 3 hours and cost around 11k (all included)

August 28 I saw two doctors

Since I was already in Baltimore I decided I might as well see Dr. Byrne because he wrote an article about how to make the nose wider with inside out lateral osteotomies.

Long story short... He said my nose did not look operated or overly small even tho I've had other doctors confirm that I have a pinched tip and inverted v deformity. I didn't even ask him to do a morph or for a price or anything. He said all he would do to my nose is make it minimally longer /derotated his wait time was ridiculous

On the same day I saw Dr. Le

This so far has been the most meticulous doctor. You can tell he really pays attention to what you say. What I don't like about this doctor is he mentioned multiple times that I shouldn't believe anything I see on the internet and that patients post lies about him and that one patient went to his office and was very violent toward him. I like that he really asks you about EVERYTHING about your nose and is willing to fix as much as possible. He also was open to showing me his previous patients so far he is the only doctor that has done that and that really helps. I really like his results that he showed me and I feel like he understands what I want and is willing to talk more about it. I'm still waiting on an e-mail he is supposed to send me. Another thing about him I didn't like was that he charges per 30 min so the consultation fee was really high because he takes his time (which is a good thing) apparently this is the reason he charges so much... Because he talks a lot so he spends a lot of time with one patient.

He said the surgery takes like 10 hours and would cost around 10k -15k

I'm really torn between these two doctors. I was thinking about seeing Dr. Davis but after inspecting his photos I feel like they all look the same so he might not be the doctor for me.

What do you guys think?

Have you heard anything good or bad about these doctors?

I totally understand that all doctors have BAD reviews no matter how skilled. It is still better to be well informed rather than not tho. Hope this revision journey is helpful to you guys. Looking forward to your comments!

Beverly Hills Consultation

I visited Dr. Frankel because I was going to be in LA anyway for different reasons so I thought I might give him a shot.

The consultation went well overall but I felt a tiny bit rushed because he was running behind on schedule and there was still someone after me.

By my conversation with him I did notice that he was extremely knowledgeable because he easily pointed out the deformities that I had and some internal mess ups to his fellow.

I really loved the frontal view he simulated for me but did not like the profile view. He wanted to raise my bridge too much and project my nose and make it pointy.

For this reason I dont think I would chose this doctor. It is important that the doctor agrees to do what you want on your nose and not force his aesthetics on you.

Besides that, he was also the most expensive out of all the doctors I have consulted with.

I would recommend this doctor to anyone that likes high bridges and projected/pointy noses. He is very talented and knows what he is doing.
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