Do Not Do Fraxel Restore with the Palamar 1540

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Last year I had one palamar 1540 fraxel restore...

Last year I had one palamar 1540 fraxel restore done at a top dermatologist's office preformed by a technician for very slight fine lines around my eyes. I was 44 years old and had been told by many people that I looked in my early 30's since I do not go out in the sun and always have taken very good care of my skin.

The healing process was exactly as she had told me it would be which was bright pink skin for a few days that would turn slightly brown and slight flaking of the skin. Exactly two weeks after the procedure I started to notice tiny dots form that looked like the tip of the laser head and broken bright red vessels all over my face. I immediately called the woman who had preformed the treatment and she told me to come in the following week. When I arrived at my appointment I was not looked at by my derm but the technician and the nurse that was in charge of the company that she worked for. They both looked at me and told me that I looked fantastic and had the fraxel glow and refused to acknowledge that I had a tiny pattern on my face until I informed them that everybody else had noticed but them. They finally admitted that it was the areas that had been treated and would fade in a month.

It is now going on 14 months and the pattern has turned into deep circles that are fading and forming lines. My skin is so dry that I no longer can use any kind of retinol product and I look at least 10 years older. Once again I do not have any before pictures since the tech told me that my lines were so slight that there really wasn't any reason to photograph me since they probably would not be visible in the pictures(this should have told me something).

As far as the broken vessles are concerned they are still visible and their excuse for them was that they were probably present before and they were not aware of them since I always wore my make up. I then informed them that they had to remove all debris from my face before they could preform the treatment and received no reply. I am completely devastated and have been to at least three other doctor's who are not sure why this happened. Ladies, please keep away from the palamar 1540 and any other laser that is on the market since they are all junk and will cause more harm than good.

I forgot to add the fact that my fine lines around...

I forgot to add the fact that my fine lines around my eyes are actually deeper than before the treatment 14 months ago!

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