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I, like most, have been thinking for years of...

I, like most, have been thinking for years of getting my face done - it is time now. Botox and fillers have kept me going, but they can't do anything for my neck which this year has started to droop and wrinkle-that puckering- nor take care of the jowls (aren't they the worst?) I hate having a square face. I certainly don't feel like I look, and it is amazing what the years have done over time, Yes time marches on, but does it really have to march along on my face with hobnailed boots?
(Joan Rivers' death did make me put a hold on getting a consult, just some stuff spinning around in my head, I'm sure that I am not alone in this statement.)
I've touched on the procedure with my PS a few times over the years, but not a major actual big girl consultation. After my Botox visit I would usually say Hey Dr PS what about my "jowls"? was usually the way I have approached it.
Well I finally had my official Consult with PS (taking my notebook with pages of questions) - got all the nitty gritty of what and how to get rid of the ravages of time and stress on my face/neck. PS was great - and walked me through the nuts & bolts of how a procedure is performed (if you're squeamish you might not want this much detail like I did) who does what, time involved, anethesia, sutures/staples, drains/no drains, football helmut dressing/light dressing, recovery, where would incisions be, muscles/skin draping, hairline, etc. PS spent a lot of time with me (almost 2 hrs) showing me what would happen to my face/neck by just moving the skin with me looking in a mirror. What the most interesting was when PS just did a slight lift above my one eyebrow to show me what would happen. Now I didn't think my eyes needed anything, but when PS did that I was amazed the difference it made. POW! I saw eyelids that eye shadow could be put on. We talked for quite a while he has the most calming affect on me because I was nervous, really nervous - was I actually considering having someone cut up my face? arghhh I brought a lot of pictures with me to show PS that yes I did have a jaw line at one time. I would highly suggest bringing some photos with you for your consult - it helps give the PS perspective of what you looked like at your best. I have very few photos of me now because I usually won't let people take any - who is that old person?
I also asked what do I need to do to get the best results from the surgery, I feel that this is pretty darn important. This is so scary, writing this review even makes me nervous - LOL - because it is stating that yes I am really, really considering this.
I was given a quote (I won't be posting cost, no matter what it is I feel it is worth it) on the procedure which included the surgical suite cost, anesthesia, medical supplies,etc. and the approximate length of time it would take for my refreshment procedure by the patient coordinator and given some general info and how much I would have to put down to "save the surgery date". Now I sit at home wondering if I should do this - I know I want to do this, I know that I trust my PS, I know that I can finally afford the procedure at this time in my life, but ... I've updated my notebook with all the info I received at consult and now the decision has to be made. I stopped reading the negative reviews, for me, those don't help - they will drive you crazy, if I look at anything now it is the "thumbs up" reviews. For me these are more help than anything. Think happy thoughts.
For me trying to figure out the logistics is more daunting then the decision to have surgery. Where will I stay that first night, who will stay with me; friend or hired CMA, do I sleep propped up in bed or in a chair, transportation, weather, hotel room, etc. it seems a never ending process and sometimes I can easily talk myself out of it because of all the "little things" that need to be done and coordinated ... it can be too much to think about.
Then I worry, once I make the date, lock it in with a deposit, I might "fail" the blood work/ekg part of the pre-op even though I am healthy. Nerves can certainly adjust results of tests. So many things to think about and consider, it seems unending.
For now I will leave this decision until after Thanksgiving. The above are my opinions, thoughts and concerns of this journey for me. I hope that this may give others insight into what they might think not normal worries to Wow other people are thinking the same thing. I don't believe that there is any dumb question regarding surgery, if the patient coordinator can't help then the PS should be available to address any question(s). Signing off for now Happy Holidays.

Almost talked myself out of it

It is funny that no matter what I am doing, in the back of my mind there is always "should I or shouldn't I?" it never seems to go away. Sitting and thinking about surgery and cost I still am wondering "what am I thinking?" Surgery. On. My. Face. what a decision. I've written on my calendar for tomorrow to call the hotel and discuss how a post-surgical patient is handled by the hotel - especially the check in part hmmmm I wouldn't want to scare anyone or even worse see someone I know. Slowly I am making decisions, writing in my journal, checking off stuff on my list, logistics still haunt me and I know that should be the least of my worries, but I can't shake the concern of how to handle post surgery regular stuff. Tomorrow is another day.

Hotel post-surgery research

Called the hotel to get prices and how it works as far as checking in after procedure. She basically said that whoever is with me can check in and I can go straight to room. I asked about a refrigerator for keeping stuff cold, etc. and there is a mini bar in the room. The room is very expensive even with the "special" rate for my PS. I'm going to have to think about this some more. If someone (a friend) stays the night I certainly can't handle the cost of the room for two. Oh well just another bump in the road to surgery. On the one hand it would be nice to rest up in a beautiful room and be close to PS for next day visit but I'd like to be home. More decisions.

Interesting piece of reading

I looked up an article that another poster mentioned. I think this is so true.
Important caveat: Don't let anybody (surgeon or spouse) "talk you into it." Research the topic until you feel comfortable, but don't let it consume your life. Speak to trusted acquaintances who have previously undergone blepharoplasty or other types of cosmetic surgery, but don't let well-meaning family, friends, or especially strangers on message boards terrify you with horror stories.

Once you finally do make the big decision, relax, think positively, and extend your trust. Expect to achieve a reasonable improvement. If you end up with even more, be sure to thank your lucky stars.

How true this is.

A friend to the rescue

I finally mentoned to a friend what I am contemplating (she had breast surgery years ago). I asked her how it went, where she stayed that first night and with whom. Then she said she would be there for me and help - with those few words it was like a weight was taken off my shoulders. :)) We laughed about stuff and thought about nick names like Bubble Face, Drain-oh and it was a fantastic stress reliever. I checked other hotels and found one reasonablly priced, very nice and close to PS office for next day visit. Still haven't sent in deposit. PS office surgery coordinator called me to find out how I was doing, did I have any questions, etc. I have started a new moisturizer recommended by PS office - wonderful stuff. I figure the condition on my skin before should be as important as how to take care of skin after.

Flourscent lights & Realty

Ok so today was hair color day. As she was away doing her mixing thing I was sitting in front of "the mirror" SCREAMMMMM OMG is there anything less flattering than a full mirror and that horrid lighting? Is that really my neck? ... no ... it must be a reflection of someone else ... pleassssseeee don't let that wrinkly, squishy, chicken skin neck belong to me. I'll move my head and see if it is attached ... dang it looks like head and neck belong to me. :[ That's it I'm done-Monday I am sending a check to PS, I refuse to go on like this any longer.

Deposit put down

Went and dropped off depost to secure a surgery date. Talked with PT coordinator and PS stopped in to say Hi. I got some paperwork, and the sheet of what type of blood work & EKG that must be done first. I don't get why the PS office doesn't arrange for this to be done. I don't have a "primary" doc so now I am trying to find out where I can get this stuff done. I'm hoping one of those Immediate Care places will work - another stumbling block...sigh. Did make hotel reservation including requesting a small fridge for cold packs, etc. that was easy, not only did I get a winter sale rate but PS special rate also applied so that is crossed off my list of "to do" things.
Got a new calendar so I can track appointments, "to do" lists, etc. Written down and in my face makes it real. I have been juicing for about a year, but will really put my juicer to use just to make sure my body is healthy and clean. Signing off for Christmas - everyone have a wonderful holiday.

Yoga, EKG and stuff

I'm starting restorative yoga classes today hoping to get my mind in a happy, restful place. Looking at photos of the poses makes me wonder if my body can actually bend like that - guess I'll find out. I'm feeling that this is a whole body experience not just face/neck therefore I'm doing everything I can to get my body and mind ready for this. I will also be taking a class that includes Reiki.

Still having problem in finding somewhere that I can get the EKG - don't have a "primary" doctor so this is a problem. The blood work can be done easily at Quest or other labs but the EKG doesn't seem to be something done in offices. If I am unsuccessful I'll contact PT coordinator and discuss with her.

Just to make me laugh I'm making a list of what I don't want; for instance frozen face like Nicole Kidman, Marty Feldman eyes, etc. I believe that attitude is half the battle of preparing for this landmark decision in my life. Happy New Year everyone.

7 weeks but who's counting?

I'm working on my list of things to do prior to and post SX.
Hotel (w/mini fridge) - check
Friend - check
New button down PJs (thanks Santa) - check
Fuzzy socks to wear in hotel - check
Arnica Montana pills & gel - check (5 days before/10 days after)
Powdered meal supplement - check
EKG/blood work - found labs to do both - check
Yoga - check (peaceful mind/peaceful body)
On-going exercise routine - check
Continue to juice veggies/fruits & flood system with good stuff - check
Lose weight - :(
Take care of skin (on-going) - check
PS deposit - check
Hair color appt prior to - check
Dentist appt (prior) - check (don't want my face being pulled & stretched for teeth cleaning)

I have stopped stressing out about procedures am now looking forward to "new face & jaw line" happy, happy ... dance of joy.

Something to do while waiting

Ok so this morning I again was pushing up skin on face wondering what will I look like? Then for lack of anything to do,(it's 4:30 am) I layed down and took a pic - in this case gravity can be a friend. My icky jowels almost disappeared because in a prone position everything moves to the back of my head - gladly my ears didn't explode from the weight of the jowels pressing on them LOL I have another week to go then I can get the blood work and EKG. PS won't accept blood work earlier than 30 days pre-op. The journey continues.


Finally found a lab that will do an EKG - who would have thought this would be so difficult. Tuesday is the big day, then next step will be the blood work which I've already researched. I actually found (on the web) a lab in Florida that has contracts with labs (example: Quest) all over US - their prices are fantastic. if anyone is curious.

snow, snow and more snow

Blizzard conditions, it just keeps falling. Will bundle up later and see if I can find my car.

Blood work

Had EKG done, the lab did have a sense of humor - the treadmill where stress tests are done had a carrot hanging from the ceiling in front of where you run LOL Next Tuesday will be blood work, then following week with be pre-op to see if EKG/blood work is acceptable - more stress yikes! Fingers crossed that all is well and I'll have the go ahead for surgery.

Blood work drawn

Went to Quest and had my bloodwork drawn - completely painless. When the girls saw it was for "cosmetic" sx they asked me what I was having done. Both were very excited and told me to come back when it is over. I actually left with a smile on my face, I've only told one other person and their upbeat "you go girl" attitudes (from complete strangers) took some of the stress I'm putting myself through to rest for awhile.

Pre-Op in few days

Argh - I woke this morning with shoulders and neck sore, must have slept all scrunched up (I do that in stressful times). Whenever I catch myself pulling my shoulders up towards ears I take a deep breath, calm down and feel them dropping back to were they should be. It is annoying that I can't relax except at yoga class. Deep breathing, listening to singing bowls and enjoying the instructors peaceful voice ahhhhhh In a few days I will know if all systems are go. I've held back from buying supplies for post sx because I want to make sure this is going to happen - I did buy my Arnica Montana and have protein powder to make shakes. Wonder if I should start weaning myself off coffee - it will take a few days, I don't want to have to deal with caffine w/d after sx. Well that is it for this morning - will update after pre-op. Take care ladies.

All systems go!

Pre-Op is complete. Unbelievable amount of paperwork one has to complete, a pack for each procedure - took forever. Doc took the "horrid" before photos - all doubts of having surgery vanished when I looked at that old droopy woman in the photos - wow it is like being slapped in the face looking at them and I had makeup on too ... jeez. Doc and I looked at all of them and I asked "realistically" will he be able to fix all the hanging, droopy bits - I don't want to have unreal goals. He said he feels that he will be able to, he has a plan LOL. Then I had meeting with nurse to go over all the pre & post stuff, so much to remember - my head was spinning. I now know why many folks make a spreadsheet of the medications and when to take them and check boxes. I don't think I've ever taken so many pills (not a fan of taking anything). They want me to start on a multi-vitamin and vitamin C. Arnica will be taken 5 days before and continue until 5 days after - a total of 10 days and I can also use the gel. I do have issue with one of the meds so waiting for response regarding my question. I was given SkinMedica cleanser, gauze pads, solution for eyes, etc. Also told not to use ice or frozen peas. Gel pads were recommended but don't freeze just keep cold in fridge. Cool gel pads on face is best but always have a barrier between pad and skin, something thin like tee shirt material. It's an exciting time! :))

Medication Spreadsheet

Worked on that this morning and finally got it together. I look at it and think that's an awful lot of pills. I'm also going to make a contact sheet for my friend who will be staying the weekend with me at the hotel. (PS office, SX center, directions, etc.). My friend asked on a scale of 1-10 where did I place myself - 8 for right now. I am really excited especially whenever I look at myself in the mirror - yuk.

Great website by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It has 3D imaging with detailed explanations of how the face ages, the layers of muscles, skin, etc. I found it extremely informative.

10 Days til blast off!

I'm starting to put together my food packs, straws, etc. for the hotel the weekend after. It's getting very real now. My poor PT coordinator I've been emailing her non-stop with questions LOL These ladies are all angels and must hear the same questions, concerns constantly. Still need to get my prescriptions ouch the cost is pretty hefty. I'm going to shop around.

Ready or Not

Finally got all my prescriptions - price not as bad as I thought. Hard to believe that the time is close - so very close, 5 days. What are my feelings right now; worry, excitement, scared, hopeful, stressful, happy so many emotions floating around in head. This will more than likely be the worse week ... waiting for the day. Stomach often does its version of a somersault. Hoping I don't freak out on "the day" and embarrass myself. Will probably send nurse a gazillion messages saying I'm scared what do I do? Weird how one minute I'm so excited to get rid of this hangdog face and feel almost euphoric about the procedure to "what the hell am I doing?". Oh well ... see you all on the other side. Starting Arnica today, think I'll go take some pills :) Signing off for now.

4 Days to go

Yikes, interesting how one's mind never turns off. I will wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking stupid stuff like what if I end up with Marty Feldman eyes? It's not because I don't have the utmost faith in my PS but its just stupid stuff like swelling - will I really look like Stewie from Family Guy? I made my own ice packs last evening from something I read on internet. Yeah well they are both liquid after being in freezer all night :( Guess I put too much alcohol in bags and it never froze. I'll add more to try and get that "squeeshy" type of bag I'm looking for. Lets see, what other dumb stuff have I done to keep busy? Ate a lot of my jello/pudding cups that I bought for after sx LOL I washed some throws to be used for recovery - cat promptly threw up on one. Round and round we go. One step forward, two steps back. I love this site just because it is somewhere to blog about my feelings knowing I'm not getting someone rolling eyes thinking oh gawd she's at it again yadda, yadda, yadda.

DIY slushy ice packs

Success, I've made my own slushy ice packs. I mixed 3/4 cup water and 1/4 of 91% rubbing alcohol in zip lok bag (sandwich size) and put in freezer. I bought colored zip lok bags and now have a variety of red, yellow, blue and green slushy ice packs ready for my post op face. The alcohol keeps the water from freezing solid. The rubbing alcohol cost $1.89, free water and the sandwich colored bags were about $3.00 - I splurged on getting the color variety box. A much more cost effective (and kinder to face) cold pack for face than regular gel packs, peas or corn kernals. What I like is that it isn't hard or heavy. And as always never put any ice against brand new face should have barrier between cold pack and skin such as tee shirt material. Hope this might help some ladies.

Friday is big day

Have to get to the bank (again) so I can pay the surgical center and anestheologist. Need cash for cabs, tips, etc. also need to get enough cat food to last for 2 weeks I am confident that I will be out and about without scaring anyone. Tomorrow I will pack up everything in the morning, in case I need to get anything else, use my handy dandy checklist, then sit back and relax ... HaHa relax yea right who am I kidding? This has certainly been one heck of a ride! Like being on a merry go round and trying to reach and grab the golden ring for a prize. It has been a long time coming, I'm so glad that I've decided to do this and that the time is near. As we so often read - now is my turn to take care of myself. I want to smile when I look in the mirror not get depressed. I won't look like a movie star (never did, never will) but I'm not looking for some magic transformation. I want to look at my best with a little help from my friend - my trusty surgeon.

Today's THE Day

Up before the birds, showered, washed hair (no products yikes) brushed teeth. Hungry and most of all thirsty, probably wouldn't be so bad if the heat wasn't on drying the air. What do I feel right now - very, very anxious. The car picks me up at 6am - surgery at 8am. OMG argghhhh deep breathe. It has taken so much time (years) to get to this point and now it is here. I am very excited but, of course, extremely nervous and scared afterall, it is my face. I'm sitting here and my stomach is doing flip flops and rumbling. Packed my stuff last night - hoping the surgical center has enough room for me to store this stuff. Everything is set not much more to do but wait for the "fat lady to sing". Wish me luck RSers.

I Made It! :))

Thanks for your well wishes. I'm back from the other side! SX day is a blur. Had Dr McDreamy for anesthesiologist plus his helper. Everyone at surgical center very nice. Doc came in with his calipers measuring and marking my face. Once he left I hit the washroom once for good measure. McDreamy decided that general anesthea would be best way for my particular surgery. Excuse the typos goop in eyes. Once on gurney I remember the further down the hall we went the colder it got. Next I was waking up and being put in a chair to wait for my "resposible adult" to come and get me. Yup that is all I remember from the surgery ... nice. Saw PS gave us some instructions, told me it went excellent and he would see me on Saturday. The hotel was right across the street so I was wheeled there to start my icing and pill regement. The hotel took very care of me and responsible adult. Pain scale really not much maybe a 2. Worse was the wrap around throat which we finally snipped in the evening because I literally couldn't swallow anything because of the tightness.
Had a rough night only because I find it difficult to sleep on back. I propped myself up in bed and dozed on and off. Next day post op (what beautiful words) PS removed the headgear and I felt 100% better without that vice on my head and throat. I felt like dancing when that vice was removed - like a TV commercial, I heard birds singing, the sun came out and I felt like running through a field of daisys. Then he gave me a mirror for a peek at what I looked like. I almost cried it looked so good even with the swelling. Very litte bruising, puffy eyes and of course that very attractive "Stewie" look where my face is bulging out the sides once back in a lite wrap. Given instructions to take it easy, don't bend down, don't strain, etc. and of course everyone came in to check out PS handiwork. I am glad that I have the pain pills because whenever I get a twinge I pop one - I have no intention of being a hero. My teeth do hurt so I'm thinking my gums are swollen for everything and no I didn't have any teeth work done, just some weird after surgery thing. I don't know if headache is caffine w/d or surgery. Eating is a chore even though it's only jello, pudding and protein shakes. I did have some plain chopped up pasta which was devine. I've used my water pik to clean my teeth, I miss some brushing I'm sure. Lets see .... my right side appears to be worse than the left. My eye stitches come out tomorrow (Monday) and I'm hoping I've kept them moist eough so nurse won't have problems removing. Oh forgot about my take on drains - all I can say is they are gross and disgusting, I went from hoping none would be used to getting 3 yes 3! I felt like a cow needing to be milked with those bags hanging from my head. And of course one leaked all over my shirt.
Arnica is doing a fantastic job keeping bruising away. I hate taking all the rest of the pills, I just about choke on them. Only a few more to go. Hopefully I won't have to go through any metal detectors because I'm sure the staples will set them off. As a reminder, facelift, necklift, endoscopic brow lift and upper and lower eyelids. Surgery 5 1/2 hours. I'm exhausted for now time for sleep.

Tuesday after SX 5th day

Yesterday another check up and eye suture removal. It was quick with only a few quick pinches. It does look nice to look in the mirror and not see the black sutures outlining my eyes. I was also told that I don't have to keep the lite wrap on 24-7 if it is uncomfortable which it is but to wear it as much as possible. I guess I didn't look all that great because PS kept asking if I was all right, might have been a little green around the gills. The girls all came into room to check me out, asking how I was, that it looked great yadda, yadda, yadda. It did make me feel better but I'm sure that is SOP for office LOL. I got to little alcohol packets to use on my magic marker lines on face for removal. Do. Not. Rub. just gently patt and dab with clean water. I had two dark thick lines in the 11"s between eyes and I managed to lighten those up so it looks better, at this point I don't really care about the rest of them. It's 4:30am and thoughts so far. Pain is really non-existant, its more an uncomfortable feeling, if I think it feels like its going to be actually painful I pop a pill. Of course, when I do something I shouldn't my body makes it very clear that I have had surgery and to stop whatever I was doing PING!, POP! Ouch. At least now one pain pill works, no longer need two at once. Have these weird prickly stinging sensations in scalp - staples/sutures or where drains were removed, feeling very sleep deprived. Is it worse than I thought - no, not really. My upper lip is so puffy it overhangs the bottom lip like a huge awning - very attractive, I also like how I drool when I drink something. Ah the joys of being beautiful. I wonder how much weight I've dropped since this adventure has begun, but I can't see the numbers on the scale so I don't know. My cheater reading glasses don't work for everything. Another PS visit tomorrow (Wed.). Did some lite combing of hair just to get some of matting out but only what I could see like combing my cats. Three more days of steriods pills. Need to start up the multi-vitamins and C. Also will juice some greens today to try and get my system "moving" but of course if you're not eating solids there isn't a lot to "move". Made a cup of coffee and it tastes wonderful even though it is instant. My teeth ache, don't know if I'm clinching my jaw at night, is it from swelling - who the heck knows, all part of recovery. Instead of having all my medical stuff within reach I've made one kitchen counter my medical area. I figure that this way I must get up and move around if I want anything, got to walk around. The medication spreadsheet I made is the best thing ever - there isn't any way I'd be able to keep track of the pills without it and even with it I missed two pills I should have taken days ago which is what happens when you fall asleep. I can't say enough nice things about the PS' office staff and the surgical center folks, all go above and beyond to make the experience as good as possible. Most of these people have gone through some PS procedure so they know what the patients are going through - they really are true angels as corny as that sounds. PS is wonderful. All in all I'm very happy with everything - am I singing because I had surgery ... nope, but when it is over and my face isn't melting toward my toes you can be damn sure I'll break out in song.

I Can Wash My Hair!

I can wash my hair, I can take a shower, no more head wrap. Tap, tap, tap that is the sound of my feet doing the Dance of Joy!
Had sutures removed today from around my ears. PS used me for "show and tell" with a patient to show 6 days out from surgery. He also showed her the dreaded "before" shots of me. Happy Happy Joy Joy I still have that Muppet Baby look or Blow Fish look whichever. I have another appt next week hopefully the staples will come out then. Did I mention I can wash my hair??? I still can't smile, face is stiff, but if by next week I can move my neck easily, I can drive ... beep-beep. PS says everything is healing great. I take the last of my pills today, that makes me feel better. I never had the black & blue bruising but I am a tad yellow - like a sunflower. All in all everything is going along better than expected. I am pretty tired from the trip to PS office and of course all the dancing, so I'm taking a nap and will wash hair tomorrow when I'm not so zapped. Yawnnnn


Next to washing my hair the next thing I will look forward to is being able to sleep on my side with big fluffy pillow tucked under head. This, for me, is one of the bigger challenges the sleeping sitting up - so uncomfortable. sigh. I've now been up since 2:30am prowling around my home with my cats. I'm tired but can't get comfortable enough to get back to sleep. Filled my ice bag and wrapped it around throat - yawning can be a struggle and that seems to be all I want to do. Will move to chair and see if I can get back to sleep. Yawnnnn ouch, ouch, ouch.

The Simpsons

As I was doing my morning face check, it finely dawned on me what my present stretched smile reminded me of - just about any character on The Simpsons! The wide stretched upper lip over hanging the bottom less obtrusive lip. Yep that's it ... I am now a character from The Simpsons - lipstick anyone? LOL And my PS said he couldn't make me look like a movie star ...

Clean Hair Ahhhhhhh

Feels wonderful. Took quite a while (while in shower) only soaping small sections carefully then rinsing and find another section soap/rinse. I still have staples in so I had to be very careful. So nice not to have that gunked up mess on my scalp - yuk. I've turned yellow again, it seems when I ice that is when color appears. Apparently 5-10 days is when bruises turn yellow or green, therefore I'm on schedule.

One Week Anniversary

Hard to believe that the months and years of contemplation about FL etc. was completed one week ago at the hands of my beloved PS :)) Just one week, gad how time flies. Today's update, woke up with less swelling, I can open my mouth all the way :o love my eyes, less round look to face, stiffness in neck, tingling in some of the hard spots, other previously rock hard areas seem to be softening of course all this can change within the hour LOL for now I feel good, nope thats not right ... I feel GREAT. Early this morning I got up and ran a washcloth under cold water and put that on my face and layed down again - that sure felt good. Interesting how hot my face gets, some bruising popped up on neck, good motion in neck. I need groceries so I may drive to store, nothing left but apple & protein drinks sauce need something with substance, rice pudding sounds good or mashed potatoes. Ice Cream!!!!! I'd love a gooey greasy salt laden pizza but can you imagine what that would do to my face, I'd look like the Goodyear Blimp. Grocery store parking is pull in so should be ok with neck. Have to mail some bills too :( Lovely day out suppose to be 65 woo hoo doesn't get much better than that ... but it does, all I have to do is look in the mirror. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

2 am

Having problems sleeping, can't get comfortable, sore back and shoulders along with stiff neck. Besides that I'm good. We have beautiful weather here in Chicago area but that doesn't mean there won't be more snow in our future. Eyebrow feels weird, all these crazy sensations that change on a constant basis. I think might be getting cold, will call PS office today to see what I can take - don't want to be sneezing, I can just imagine how much that would hurt. Still forget sometimes I've had surgery (I feel good) and will overdo around the house then exhaustion sets in. I hit a scalp staple while scratching my head - you don't want to do that. I forget that the staples are holding my face on LOL So difficult to yawn - hurts like all hell. we sure learn about different body parts that are all connected that we never thought about or cared about. Well I'm going to try and go back to sleep, thanks for listening. Still happy, still glad that I did it.


Some post op thoughts that may help others:
*Find “your” surgeon, research, consult and get that warm fuzzy feeling before committing
*PS is not one size fits all
*Ask questions again and again until you are comfortable
*Do not let the horror stories get to you
*If you do not trust your PS and team then find another one that you do
*"Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears"
*This is your decision, for you not anyone else
*Listen, take notes and follow your PS instructions pre and post op
*Everyone heals at different rates
*Don’t over do - give your body a chance to heal
*Be realistic in your goals, if you get better than expected, consider it a blessing
*Medication spreadsheets are your friends
*Rome wasn’t built in a day
*Sit back, relax and heal

New face & SkinMedica moisturizer

This is to all who wonder why moisturizer doesn't soak in to the new skin on face. I've asked the anesthestitan at my PS office. I'm using SkinMedica dermal repair cream & sensitive cleanser. She said it really is a doctor question, but it is probably due to swelling/fluid retention blocking other substances from seeping in. I have doctor appt this Wed. and will definitely ask him - she suggested to me not put moisturizer on the swollen areas. Makes sense to me, swelling is result of fluid retention so probaby of faces/neck saying whoa I can only handle so much at a time.

Can we say "draw your eyebrows"?

I have extremely light and sparse eyebrows and always have to color them in. I wanted to go grocery shopping and looking in the mirror I looked like a balloon smiley face, round, yellow and not features except eyes and mouth. I pulled out my eyebrow powder, brush and attempted to draw on my brows. First setback is that I have no feeling in that part of my face, so I really had to pay attention to what I was doing, I have those little stencil thingies I did one (yeah well it was ok) then the other one which ended up on a completely different angle looked more like a caterpillar than eyebrow. Crap! This took me forever, so I left it and off I went. I even used a little concealer under my eyes. The staples are pulling and very uncomfortable, think I'll pop a Tylenol. Beautiful day out, nice to have the dust blown off of me for awhile.

12 days post SX

Today is another PS visit, 12 days after surgery. Funny it took so long to get to; thinking about, consult, committing to and finally having surgery and now it is behind me almost a dim memory (not really but looks good in writing). Every day has a new surprise when looking in the mirror but I now look to see what has changed not what other piece of my face has slid downward towards my feet :)) I am hoping the Frankenstein head staples get taken out today, having metal in my head is getting really old. I look forward to being able to wash hair without worrying I'll rip out a staple. I am very lucky (so far-knock on wood) haven't had any bad experiences post-op healing. 12 days - it actually seems so much longer since surgery. Now it is all the strange stuff that we go through like not feeling your face, eyebrow(s) that don't move, fear of sneezing or coughing, or the dreaded creeping swelling. So fingers crossed staples get tossed today.

Staple Free!!! Hooray

Need I say more?

Practice what you preach ... Patience

Well now it is my turn to practice "patience" while waiting for face to settle. This has been an interesting time in my life, I've made new friends (RS) have a better attitude and I do believe I have a spring in my step. I am happy, I am thrilled, I want to sing from the rooftops.
I saw a lady in PS office yesterday who was one day post-op, she looked great (another testament for my PS) we talked a bit and I told her it will be smooth sailing. I chatted with her husband for a bit too. The PS office is the one place where I can comfortably discuss my surgery and recovery and know that I am not being judged. The ladies in the office all hugged me and are as happy for me as if I was a family member. I bought some large sunglasses with spring arms to accommodate my swollen face which size can change on a daily basis. I can't wait until I am able to wear mascara again and go to Nordstrom's to have makeup done with my new face. It's easier to sleep without staples digging into head, but still cannot sleep a full night on my back. That is the worst part of this trying to sleep on back, on an angle and then the creaks and groans as I try to get up in the morning. The PS visits will be further apart as I heal, the numbness will dissipate, my eyebrows will move again, and to have full mobility of my neck are all things I anticipate. Time heals all, Live, Love and Be Happy.

A decent nights sleep

Well this may be cheating, but I took a Tylenol PM last evening and it is the first full nights sleep I've had during this "sleep on back 45 degree angle" thing. And I woke up still on back ... nice.

Upper lip a bit puffy this morning but I can definitely see some facial definition forming. Having issues with one place where staples were removed from scalp, that pulling sensation. One thing stops and something else crops up, a never ending story of pings, pops and ouches. Can't wait for the OK to start using the scar stuff on my scalp. My hair (color) still looks good but I know a few weeks down the road I will have that angelic halo of white hair until I have ok to get it colored. Think I will get a little funky with some copper hi-lights. This is one of the fun parts of recovery - new makeup, new hairstyle, new me. We all deserve this gals!

Question: Teeth, wondering about professional cleaning at dentist. Anyone have this done yet, if so how long did you wait before you went? I can't imagine having her pulling and tugging my mouth in her zealous cleaning especially working on the back molars. How did this go for you.

18 Days post-op

Woke up this morning to snow covered ground, happy Spring. It seems so much longer since surgery when I think back. No new sensations still the pulling, tugging, tingling and an almost burning sensation around the edges of face. Neck still pulls and has a lot of swelling, puffy under chin, I think a lot of work was put into the neck to get rid of jowls and hanging turkey skin. I still ice neck areas but the face not so much anymore. I was told if its swollen keep icing. I've noticed that my cheeks are soft again :)) and don't have that "marble" type hardness anymore, of course, that could change in a moment's notice. Hardness from swelling is all along the sides of face, forehead is soft but can sting at times. Ears are ok no problems except the itchyness of the dissolvable sutures on the inside, all sutures inside and back of ears. No PS visit this week, but waiting for "official" ok for mascara, etc. I feel naked without mascara. One incision in scalp throbs a lot, but not as bad as when staples were in. Hope next week get the go ahead to start using bioCornum on incisions. Have a good one.


Had some issues with one scalp incision. Throbbing and heat yikes. Monday night no sleep because of it ... sigh always something. Tues. contemplated calling PS about it but held off (don't want to be whimp). Washed my hair and dried it and the throbbing went away. I'm thinking that scalp and incision were drying out and pulling. I believe that the water helped moisturize the area, I now am putting Arnica gel on incision and no further problems. Every day something new to deal with. The heat in my face seems to be getting a little better, but some days it is really noticable, melting my ice pack at a quick rate LOL I think it is fascinating how for years I didn't care about my underwear, now I want new and pretty, especially pretty. This surgery sure has made one hell of a difference in my outlook of life. This was the best investment I have ever made and never once have I thought "what did I do?" instead I'm thinking, damn I look good again! Now I look like I feel inside. If I knew how to do crewel work I'd make a sampler "Happiness Is A Facelift".

Plastic Surgery Quotes

From the great Joan Rivers:

"Old women are suctioned to the ground. Boobs, out of a brassiere, in the morning, it just goes. I use my left boob as a stopper in the tub."

"I saw what's going on under my chin. I don't want to be the one the President has to pardon on Thanksgiving."

"Money can't buy you happiness but it can pay for the plastic surgery."

"God created this nose" Rivers response "and he created Plastic Surgeons to fix it"

Puffy eye

Woke up this morning and did my face check. One eye is puffy and uneven looking to the other. I know this is just a swelling thing, but it does look weird and in the back of my mind thinking "what the hell? Ive got crooked eyes". I know that by later today both eyes will look the same. Probably put too much goop on eye and made it swell. Everything else looks good, I see a tiny, tiny bit of facial definition below cheeks - nice. Top lip disappearing, 5 months since Botox injection for lift :( You don't appreciate something until it's gone except of course hanging face, jowls, sagging chin, etc. LOL

Still very happy with results at this very early stage. Maybe I'll start singing I Feel Pretty from Westside Story.

Jaw sore this morning, getting careless with what I am eating, too much chomping on food = sore jaw in morning. I've never washed my hands so much in my entire life as I do now LOL I feel like I have OCD wash, wash, wash, but clean hands/healthy face & neck.

Question: when did you stop icing for swelling? I really don't see that it makes a difference anymore at 22 days post op. I find it more uncomfortable than anything. I might start taking Arnica for a few days and see if that will help with swelling.

More snow this morning - sigh

Slept on side ... not good

So last evening I thought I'm going to try and sleep on my side, if only for an hour. It took a while to fluff the pillows and get them aligned correctly, took a Tylenol PM and laid down. It was heaven - now this was only going to be for an hour or so. When I woke up this morning, yes I slept the night through, the entire side of my face was throbbing, even the side I didn't sleep on hurt. My neck hurt, I swear even my toes were aching and my hair. Yep I slept all night on my side and boy oh boy am I paying for it this morning. Ice packs here I come.

Lesson learned, I get it, guess those PS know what they are talking about - they do know best. LOL Why would I ,a mere mortal, think that someone with a gazillion years of schooling and experience know better than me??? Duh.

Jimmy Fallon Thank You notes

My thank you notes:
Thank you swelling for making me look like Wilson from Castaway.

Thank you, browlift for making sure my brows have a mind of their own.

Thank you, surgical center for still in the 21st century gave me a robe so my butt can hang out as I walk down hall.

Thank you, FL for not allowing me to color hair for many, many, many weeks.

Thank you, eye goop so that all I see is through a haze.

Thank you, FL/NL for making every sneeze, cough and gas attack an adventure in discomfort.

Thank you, Jello for making food I can eat.

Thank you, FL for giving me skin as tight as a drum.

Thank you, PS for your skills and the eye of an artist.

27 days post op

Had my check up today and all is going fabulously. I asked about the one scalp incision that has been botheing me. Its not infected and probably just some wayward nerve that is source, not to worry (suggested I get Motran) I can get hair colored in 2 weeks (thank gawd), I can wear contacts, put earrings in (hope holes didn't close), incisions scabbing over. Of course I forgot to ask about going to gym and yoga (within reason), called office and left message. Don't go back for another 3 weeks.

Beautiful weather, birds are singing, I've got a spring in my step ... Life Is Good.

30 days post-op

Next week will be hair week - cut and color, yea!!! I've let the colorist know she will have to be creative with touchup and wash. I'm of course getting brand new cut and want to put in some funky red & copper highlights. :) Once that is complete I'll be ready for the great reveal to my friends - no one has seen me or knows. I have to wonder if I will be disappointed if nobody makes a comment because I think I look so very different, but will anyone else notice? My PS asked what have friends & family said but I told him no one has seen me yet - he seemed surprised. Only family is out of state so they won't see me until November and I would think face should be pretty well settled.

Wore contacts yesterday, what a great plus, was really getting tired of my "cheater" reader glasses, they don't fit correctly and aren't prescription. My eyes did have to adjust to "real" prescription again - it took a while. Still using the SkinMedica cleanser for sensitive skin, don't really like it but it is what I am suppose to use. It will not remove any makeup - I use my Chanel cleanser to remove that, then do another cleanse with the SkinMedica and apply their dermal repair moisturizer. Funny my nightime routine has certainly been extended from usual - clean, moisturize, sleep or even worse just sleep, I'll wash in the morning. I'm glad that I can use the bioCorneum under chin.

I get a lot of white gunk in corners of both eyes - anyone else experience this after blepharoplasty?

I do a lot of contemplating sitting in the early mornings with my coffee, cats curled on lap. I think back on the entire process up until now and look at the one picture I took of myself at surgical center right before surgery, pretty damn depressing. I wonder if our PS' have any idea the change that they make in our lives with their surgical skills and compassion? I believe that the bond between patient and PS is completely different than with any other medical provider - this is, in my opinion, so much more personal, discussing surgery is only part of the process, they tap into our minds to find out what is really bothering us, what are our hopes and fears - yikes I'm getting really deep here ... sorry 'bout that. :)) As Monty Phyton would say "and now for something completely different", need to change my dental cleaning appointment because there isn't any way I will be able to open this mouth wide enough to handle a cleaning LOL A couple neck twinges this morning, but I am sleeping better wooo hooo. Incisions are healing because they now all itch, good sign. Have a good weekend.

A wayward suture

Sitting at home this morning fiddling with hair and kept finding a little piece of something in hair. fiddle, fiddle, fiddle and couldn't get it to come off - figured it was scabbing from healing incisions. Finally got up to put some baby oil on it and low and behold it was a suture, knot and all LOL To cut or not to cut? I knew PS office open this morning, called and went over to have nurse remove and cut. I sat around for about an hour with her laughing and joking these people are definitely friends. I told her that I was so angry at myself that I didn't have PS put filler in my lips while I was "out" during surgery, shoot, darn, pooh. She said she has been having filler in her lips for ages and always cries ... always. She said even when she puts her mind to it and says "I'm not crying this time" the tears flow LOL So I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and know that it is going to hurt and I will cry - let the tears flow. At least I don't feel so whimpy if the nurse cries its ok for me to. I'll have to discuss with PS next time in 3 weeks when I see him again. Have lovely Easter.


Ok anyone who had browlift surgery notice that eyebrows changed color and got course? Maybe I'm going nuts but I swear that my brows are darker and hair seems more course. Result of facelift, browlift or combo of both - very strange.

Update & Coolsculpt consult

Today wasn't the best of days, nasty, pounding headache and neck was very stiff with that awful creepy crawly feeling, like bugs under skin. I think that means nerves are starting to regenerate. Face was pretty hot again, melts ice pack at quick rate. I found a few new soft spots on my face which makes me happy. Slowly the areas of numbness are getting less and less. It will be nice to actually feel my face and then maybe the moisturizer will soak into those "hard" areas of face.
This week is haircut and color week - yeah! My incisions are scabbed over and I have the ok from PS to color - its been 5 weeks since surgery. I've been looking at different hair styles and can't decide - fun times.
Something different: I'm wondering if Coolsculpt will work on "bra rolls", really its always something. Who needs two additional boobs overflowing the sides of bra ... sigh. I called the nurse at PS office and have a consult for next Friday about these two problem areas and see what they think. I wish they had a coolsculpt body suit that you could zip up and when you took it off, you'd have the body of Venus LOL Anyway, if I decide to go forward with that I will put it on the coolsculpt section of RS. Waiting for rain tonight hopefully it will wash the bird poop off my car. Hope I get some sleep tonight feeling a little exhausted - probably did a little too much today.

Contact Lens

Ok ladies, I have worn my contacts a few times since FL I'm 30 days post. Today my eyelid got swollen and seems very sensitive to air its like a when a draft hits your eye and is a little watery. Sound familiar? Another time heals all scenario? Thanks,


Hi RSers, now that my incisions are starting to scab over I was wondering if once the scabs fall off does the hair go too? Thanks,

39 days - Tired Just Plain Tired

Well this morning is overcast and rainy - not helping with mood, good day for hiding under blankie. Feeling a bit down this morning, face is swollen yet again ... I admit it I had McDonald's fries yesterday, so who's fault is it my face is swollen arghhh. I'm tired of hard face, tired of staring at face in mirror, tired of looking for imperfections, tired of being patient, tired of "dirty" look of neck/parts of face, tired that makeup doesn't sit right on face, tired of not getting sleep, tired of being tired, tired of trying to scratch an itch and not feeling it, tired of ice packs, tired of hot face, tired of telling myself you have months to go-grin and bare it bucko!, tired of the miscellaneous pings, pops and ouches. This too shall pass :)

"Everything stinks until it is finished" Dr. Seuss

41 days

Ran out of bioCoreum scar stuff, will have to go over to PS office and get more, those little pump bottles certainly do last a long time (good thing because like everything with this process it doesn't come cheap). I've been using the container I got last June when I had moles removed from face. Today, lets see, slight headache, stuffy nose, left side of face is now lumpy (this is new), right side isn't, eyes have evened out again, left eye changes by the hour, strange sensation in forehead, did get good night's sleep, think I'll go to restorative yoga class Friday for hour of peaceful singing bowls and scents, yawning still is challenging, prickly sensations at temples - all in all a good morning so far. I sometimes think that Lucy from Peanuts should open her psychiatry booth for us RSers, suggestions for a nickle, it would be the one thing that doesn't cost a fortune, but ... you do get what you pay for LOL

Life is Good

Beautiful day out today warm and sunny. Yesterday met with a RS friend and we sat having lunch and traded war stories after FL. We had a lot of fun.

I stopped at my lawyer today to chat (a friend for many years) and he didn't recognize me SCORE!!!! He kept apoligizing that he didn't realize it was me, his office is in the back so he had a distance to see me. Needless to say I was thrilled with that reaction. This is the fun part ladies.

Feeling good today but pesky swelling on left side is still evident (to me) and the flaky skin. I have appt with PS next Wed. will ask about it and any recommendations he might have. I'm sure he will just say moisturize and it will fix itself. Swelling under chin still there and that creepy dirty color too. And of course now getting more of the sharp stinging pains that mean the nerves are regenerating - a good thing. The one scalp incision still lets me know it is there. Otherwise for those few things I am doing great, I am very happy with results and extremely happy that I had surgery.

A brisk walk

First I will say I have not gotten the ok to start any type of exercise from PS. I'm turning into a big blob not working out :(( This morning was just beautiful so I grabbed my water bottle, sunglasses and put on sunblock and went for a brisk walk for 45 minutes. Wrong ... it started out ok and felt so good, then my neck started to ache probably from swinging of arms. Then got really warm (it's pretty cool out) so I slowed my pace to a leisurely stroll (I usually pass folks walking like this). Got home to see a bright red face not just a pretty healthy flush but red. Another lesson learned. sigh.

No appointment for 6 weeks :)

Today saw PS and he poked, proded and check me out. Said I don't have to come back for six weeks. I feel like a baby Robin leaving the nest for the first time when I left the office LOL I thought I had another wayward stitch but it was hair twisted up - can we say I feel stupid? I, of course, pointed out some things, skin color, hardness, etc. which I knew what the answer was going to be ... all together now "it takes time". He did say I should gently massage under chin which is quite hard and lumpy. I've sent a message to the nurse asking how to do this, I don't want to damage anything (I hate massages, so for me to have to do this is icky) So basically I'm good to go. I'll be checking in periodically to see how all you RSers are doing.

More Thoughts.

I find it interesting;
Men who have never hugged me before now do.
Women don't much say anything except "your hair looks good" or "did you have your makeup done?"
Medical professionals are so very interested, checking out incisions, asking where are the stitches, even saying my skin looks flawless (it doesn't but I'll take the compliment).
Family won't see me until the holidays. Will there be a reaction or questions haven't a clue.
Biggest reactions are from folks who haven't seen me in years like "you look younger" nice words to hear.
Are mirrors my new best friends ... absolutely.
Do I think about little tweaks, of course I do, a person can't not keep looking in mirrors and not see something that might benefit from additional intervention by PS. LOL
New face, new hair color, new hair cut, new me.
Trying to be patient is the biggest challenge waiting for that magic 6 month mark.
Are there regrets - nope, nada, nie, absolutely not.

Swollen eyelids

Woke up this morning to two swollen eyelids. What is that all about? Hmmmm every morning a surprise. I'll be putting a cold washcloth on them shortly to get the swelling down. Every time you think you are home free something tags you and says "not yet babe". ha ha I can put head back a lot further than before, side to side movement still stiff. I find that the under chin massage is helping remove all the creepy skin on neck. Is it helping lumpiness, not sure. It is uncomfortable though because of that "burning" sensation the neck skin has, but doctors orders so I will continue to do it. Looks to be a nice day today going to try and get some walking in. Have a good one.

May 10


Ah Ha Moment

Today at my local grocer, Trader Joe's, one of the guys who works there called me "Miss" instead of the dreaded "Ma'am". That kid made my day! Kisses to him. Ha Ha Ha

It's the little things that count.

3 Month Check Up

Ok folks, I've got the three month check up under my belt. Nothing to report except that I should continue with the massage under chin where lumpy. Told any questions or concerns to call PS no matter what. Next appointment in three more months which will then be the "magic" six month mark and picture day. This will also be time to bring up any tweaks, what about this?, what about that?, how comes?, etc. because I am being a good patient and waiting until that time to ask questions about FL results.

I'll take my trusty notebook and go over anything that hasn't settled to my satisfaction. I've got notes, but mostly the things I was going to point out fixed themselves - time does heal. I'll take a good hard look at face and neck before that appointment and if I see something I'm not happy with, it will be bullet pointed in my book.

So that's it friends, until September. I'll nose around occasionally.

Good luck to all that are just starting their journey, those in healing mode and if anyone has questions you can send me message and I'll be happy to respond. What a joyful ride this has been.

The things we do

I thought I'd get fit because due to surgery my fitness plan is not what it used to be and I am pretty flabby. Driving around one day I noticed all the folks on bicycles and thought that may be a good way to go. I am so over "walking" argh. I won't go into the ordeal of trying to find a bike, but will move right to the "try it" stage. I think I remember the last time I rode a bike I saw Fred Flintstone in his pedal car going to work LOL Anyway, I told the kid at the store (he looked about 12) that I haven't ridden in many, many years. I was told to take the bike into the lot next door and walk with it and start slow. Okkkkk (?) I took the bike out pushed it a little, threw a leg over it and started to pedal ... pedal, pedal, wobble, wobble - I'm up OMG I'm riding wooo hoooo oh, oh looks like I'm going to have to stop, I see a wall. Hand brakes, use a very soft touch, squeeze both at same time and I will come to a comfortable stop (I can do this). Squeeze ... BAM, screech and off the side I went! As I was heading for the asphalt the only thing I thought was "Please Don't Fall On Face!!!" not don't break anything, but don't fall on face. I didn't, thank gawd, banged up hand, elbow and knee plus broke a reflector off the bike. All the hard work the PS did on face is still in tact, my pride now that's another story.

A few updates

At almost 4 months post here are some things that are on-going.
*Yawning can still be pretty uncomfortable, but better than saggy neck.
*Face still itches at the "hard" spots next to ears ... sigh.
*Every day I love my eyes and brows more and more.
*Face still gets puffy especially with humid weather and when I have "pillow dents" those can last forever. I will put ice pack on face if they are particularly bad.
*Top of head still uncomfortable ... sometimes.
*Getting head just right for sleep on pillow still takes a lot of time for adjusting, so nothing hurts.
*Using bioCoreum on scar under chin 2X a day.
*Still massaging (lumps) under chin, they are getting better.
*Extremely dry, dry, dry flaky skin at sideburn area, now using Argon oil.
*Still get flushes followed by the itchies.
*I may be nuts, but I feel that I have more fine hair on face than before procedure (not like gorilla hair) - all the new blood in repair mode? I haven't seen anyone mention this so I thought I would.

Very happy I did this :))

6 months

Hard to believe that on Sept 3 it is going to be six months since surgery (FL, NL, upper/lower bleph, endoscopic brow lift). On the one hand it seems like yesterday, but other times it is such a very long time ago. Questions I will have for doc: lumpy under chin - better - but still slightly lumpy, horribly dry skin patches above ears by sideburns, this too seems to be getting better, but I'm hoping that they might have something that I can apply (I've tried just about everything) and will ask about the slight softening of jaw line (70 yr old skin isn't going to tighten like 50 or 60 yr old skin).

Things I'm still noticing: tenderness on top of scalp, cheeks can still be tender to the touch on occasion, temples can be pretty tender, scar under chin is almost invisible now, my eyes are phenomenal, I still can sweat like a horse and turn red, but this is just me healing :)) neck still a little stiff (especially after I work out), I should have had him do something with the spots (peel/laser) on face which didn't bother me before, but now drive me crazy LOL

I have never once regreted the decision to go forward with this surgery or with the surgeon of my choice. My attitude has changed dramatically, I love looking in the mirror and applying cosmetics, I have been told this surgery has taken a good 20 years off my face (this from a handful of people I told) I do not regret keeping the surgery to myself, I am very happy and satisfied and love life - it may sound corny, but it is true. This surgery has changed my life.

One last visit

I just did my six month surgeon visit and had school pictures taken LOL Then I saw the before and afters ... OMG I can't believe I was walking around looking like a haggard, old, scary woman. I wonder why Wes Cravin never tapped me for a movie. All kidding aside, I knew I looked better, but seeing those pictures from six months ago (an eternity) was a realization I don't think I was prepared for (really). I had no idea I looked that old and tired. I am comfortable with how I look now and because I rarely let anyone take pictures of me before so I could compare, it was seriously quite shocking.

Anyway, the visit went well, there is one area on my neck that could be better, but that is for another time. All my little concerns are just that ... little concerns and normal to the healing process, all in due time. Next visit will be in March 2016 at the one year point. That is the time I will discuss any lingering items (if there are any) and see what he thinks or suggests. I will probably start using a good "lifting" type moisturizing cream just to keep on top of everything. I would still like to have something done with the large pores on my chin and nose and get all those spots removed from my cheeks.

Now I will move on with my new face and happy attitude, I am thrilled with the outcome. For all on the road to this point, those who are still on the fence and those in the healing process good luck with your decisions. Surgery isn't for everyone, but those of us who have had it with no regrets lets be happy and supportive of all on RS. Take care,

14 Months

Surgery is a distant memory. Lots has happened including relocating to a different state. Didn't make my one year post-op appointment (didn't feel like driving to Chicago). But thought I'd give a few reflections regarding the surgery. Yes, I am happy that I had it done wish I would have done it years earlier, of course, I didn't have the money at that time. I love the results, especially my eyes they are damn pretty LOL I wish I looked like I did one month post surgery (even with the swelling) with that nice tight jawline which isn't evident anymore. I think the jawline is the most difficult part of the procedure of course that is what I hated most were those jowls. They are getting soft again [sigh] a disappointment for sure. Are they better than they were, you betcha, but I still see them especially if I am tired. I'd say that everything above the lips is great and holding in place. This is my personal belief that 70 yr old skin isn't going to react as 50 yr old skin would. It is not a fault of the surgeon, I truly believe that it is just the aging process continuing on, Mother Nature doesn't care that I had a FL, neck lift, endoscopic brow life or both eyes done - stomp, stomp, stomp time just keeps marching on. I knew that Botox and possibly fillers would still be in my future (if I desired them). I did have hope that the jowls would not reappear as quickly as they have though. I was very realistic about the entire procedure and the results on this 70 yr old face, after all, you just can't expect to look like a 20 yr old, nor do I want to, when you are 70. I often wonder if my other RSers that had surgery at the same time I did are doing one year post op. I saw one gal is having a revision of her neck - it seems that the jowls and neck are the toughest areas to have work on. I have to say if you are contemplating surgery sooner than later is a better choice, if finances allow. Be realistic about the results and that your chronological age does affect the outcome - doesn't matter if you feel like you can do cartwheels, (who wants to do that?) mature skin is mature skin. So ... I am very happy with the results especially every time I use eye shadow or blusher on those lovely high cheeks. Would I do it again of course I would, it was worth every dollar, every sleepless night, all the stress and nervousness. Now the decision is do I want to start tweaking with injectables or just leave well enough alone and save myself $$$. LOL

March 6, 2015 ... Dr. Geldner Rocks! ....Choosing Dr Peter Geldner to perform my procedures was the best decision I have ever made. I have been a patient of his for several years and when the time came I knew he would be my PS and bring along his trusty team of in-office professionals. Dr. Geldner and his group made the entire experience as stress free as they could. Procedures are individualized and you aren’t treated like a number on an assembly line, as he says “it’s about you, not me or the other guy”. From the initial consult to all the pre and post op visits, I’ve always felt in the best of hands. Everyone has a kind word, a laugh and a smile, no matter how many emails I send or questions I asked … I feel more like a friend than a patient and I think that says it all. Experience, training and trust go hand in hand for this type of elective surgery and you will find that at Dr. Geldners office. It is a group effort with Dr. Geldner at the front of the pack, his warm, soft spoken demeanor is comforting. He has a sharp wit and great sense of humor too. I can’t thank him and his team enough for making this a wonderful experience.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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