Young Mommy, Wanting my Old Banging Body Back Plus a Bigger Booooottyyyy - USA

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SO I just want to add wish pics that take my...

SO I just want to add wish pics that take my breath away & that I think are achievable . ya know? i think it only hurts us when we post wish pics way too out of our league. I totally feel i can get amazing results if my dr can carve out my old body & put all the useable fat in my butt lol. i love all the success stories, even some of the unsatisfied stories look amazing. it'll be at least a year until i can start shopping around for drys but I'm so super excited.

more pics.

found my dream body.

geeezzzz....if i could just have this tummy!

this is like my ultimate WANT!

just daydreaming

more wishes

WHO is she??

wishing til next yr.


For dr

Miracle Watts lawwwwd

Transitioning from day dreaming to actual planning I'm so happy!!!

For dr

FINALLY! in the right position. (NEW Job advice needed)

Finally, I have a new career. Some money stacked (not all but over half). & I know what Dr. I want to go to! DR. HASAN! Seems like everyone wants him, he's booked! & now because of this family emergency he won't be back for a while, sucks. Anyway, I'm finally at a point where I can become more a part of the bbl community here. I have a question, have any of you gotten this done while you were new to work? I;m already hired & haven't mentioned a surgery or anything because with the family emergency Hasan is having, I couldn't book. I need to get this done asap! Next yr I start a program for school and I cannot miss ANY days so this summer would be ideal, hoping to go in May. I know I will have to be back to work asap &I'm a nurse so I know it's gonna be hard but....I'm going for it. What did you ladies who had a new job tell your company? how was it returning to work right away?

Hasan to Duran!?

Okay so w. this recent uncertainty of Hasan's return, I may switch to Duran she is literally the only other Dr comparable to Hasan. I'm nervous about going over seas but my mom will come with me. She's getting hers done here in ATL by dr boutte but I absolutely HATE bouttes work. She does not pay close attention the way hasan does to the certain slopes of a nice butt. She may pay close attention but Hasan and Duran have a different eye. They actually make wish pic results.


So I paid my downpayment to secure my date in May w. vanity. There was one other surgery that day so its cool....My coordinator is still saying he will be back april/early may so I'm going at the end of may to give myself time to save up. I'm pretty sure I'm going to a recovery home regardless if I bring someone w. me or not just because it seems more economical. still have to crunch some figures!!

Silver lining? (Hasan)

Maybe this lonnnng break will be good for when he comes back. He'll have fresh hands and be rested hopefully. I know sometime when I take break from a skill, I come back better than ever. Hopefully thats the case w. Hasan. I am confident he'll be back by April (secretly crossing my fingers) & everything will be okay for us Hasan fanatics. Gee I sure wish it was another Dr that was out though lol

Dr. Duran

I'm seriously considering the switch....I'm nervous about Hasan coming back &I actually like Duran's work just as much. I just don't want him to not come back & thenI have to wait for Duran idk...I wanted this surgery like YESTERDAY. My mom got hers done almost 1 weeks ago & she looks so cute!! she was very modest w. her booty & got her waist all the way together.

Doctors in the US comparable to Hasan? (not fisher)

are there any?! with a reasonable price....consistent results? I don't like Fisher's butts.

Duran update.

Wow so I just realized that my fears of going to the DR are slowly fading. I'm actually researching Cipla & corresponding with one of Duran's coordinators. I actually had a thought "I need to text my vanity coordinator for my it can be back in time" I know my mom is gonna flip when I say I wanna go to the DR. But I HAVE to do this. I only have my eyes of very select doctors. Hasan & Duran. I don't like any others.... I LOVE their work, very consistent. But....the fact that Hasan is gone with no definite date tells me that either a it was truly an emergency & he doesnt have the decency to understand know there are women who are depending on him to perform surgery some of our lives are on HOLD & he cant even release an exact date. I know deaths are tough but life goes on man....Im tired of signing on everyday wondering if something is new in his story. or b. Vanity is just shady so it could be another death of a pt he's settling. Idk man but all the different stories are starting to effect me, the more impatient I get the more I feel like Duran may be a better choice! Im closer to making the switch. Im gonna maybe give it til I get a quote from Duran or the end of march to ask for my refund. Cilla seems state of the art. & I trust it for some reason... Duran's site is nice too. Plus I'm plain getting tired of the anxiety from Hasan. & I sorta like Durans butts better


Okay... I'm really considering just switching to Duran. Im contacting them I just need to pay the coordinator fee. Tomorrow I have to start my refund process with Vanity.

Cilla Travel buddy?

Is anyone trying to go in June? early June near the 8th or so? Its creeping up for me... today makes exactly 3mos from the day I'm trying to go!! & I know the time is gonna fly.

Dr. Duran update pt. 2

So I'm corresponding with a coordinator. I got my quote...just waiting for my date. Forget Hasan. I always felt Duran was a tad better. I was just afraid to go to DR. Never even considered it til now. This is my body & I need to feel 100% confident in my Doctor. & this Hasan situation is putting a cramp in my journey...the uncertainty. the inability to plan. Im trying to go in JUNE! I'm supposed to sit here & plan on a glimmer of HOPE?! I want to buy my ticket. I want to get my supplies. I want to progress. 3mos is going to roll by just like that. with that being said... Duran is a BEAST. she knows how to lay that fat. I have someone who will be staying with me for the week there. So once I get my date/pay my downpayment. Its FULL STEAM AHEAD!!


Yaaayyyy!!!! I have to get my refund from Vanity still. BUT OMG! Yessss....4 months and 2 weeks. I hope this flies by lol. I can finally plan accordingly!! My kid's father is coming with me.

Dra. Duran Work Excuse

so.... I just emailed them asking when I'd get my excuse for work & they said.... after surgery. WTF I would mess around & lose my job like that. What the hell?! I'm trying not to be livid. I kindly told them "i HAVE to get it before I leave" "theres now way around it. i need the excuse before I leave so they can give me the okay to stay out" *deep sigh* any one with any experience with this?

New to my Job

my sx date is July 21. Im new so I don't have a lot of time on my just hoping my Dr's excuse gets me through & that I'm only out for 2 weeks. i happens to people right? lol

flllliiippppiiiinnnngggggg PISSED!!!!!!! (DRA. DURAN WORK EXCUSE)

okay they're telling me I cant get a medical excuse until during the dates i will be there BUT I can get a letter stating that I have surgery reserved with them.....which I said is better than nothing & then they emailed me asking for the details to the letter. I said thatt I need it to say I have surgery planned and need at minimum 2 weeks off they said no & I realize that sounded like an excuse so I said well GIVE ME THE LETTER YOU SAID I CAN HAVE! & its a freaking problem. Im so mad right now I don't wanna lose my job, i love love love it here but how the hell am I gonna say "bye I'm having surgery, see you in 3 weeks Ill give you the letter when I get back". WTH ARE OTHER LADIES DOING TO GET AROUND THIS??!!
I CAN EVENBOOK MY TICKET OR NOTHING YET. I'm so dang mad omg. wth is so hard about providing a letter.


Now that I have a letter to turn into my employer stating the time I need to be out. ..I feel like I can move full steam ahead! So I booked my ticket. good grief! it was 695. & I was going to add flight insurance but my mom said "if you know for sure you're going what you need that for?" then I thought about omg what if duran needs to cancel last minute?!?! oh well, cant stress over that, this trip is already stressful as it is. I'm excited now I have the flight information to be able to book my rh . Also, I selected a regular window seat for my trip to sdq but on the way back I upgraded my seat to have more comfort and room on the way back! As for a rh. I want paradise recovery....It looks modern. has the amenities I would like & its simply what Ive been looking for. So....I'll update once I make my RH reservation.

paying for Duran.

do we seriously have to pay the rest in cash when we get there?

i'm getting SCARED (duran & permanent limb numbness)

So....I've seen on here there are 3 cases (on this site alone) where Duran cause permanent right foot numbness, right hand numbness & I forget where the last girl was numb. This is SO scary 3 of them were from 2013. So I'm praying that Duran learned that she doesn't need to go so deep.... That is literally my biggest fear, permanent changes! Like I don't want to go into this with a permanent mental or physical damage. Just praying and hopeful that I will make it through just fine. I keep telling myself that those are just a few out of many more & that my chances of everything going smooth is far far far higher, the other side of my brain tells me "it could be you" I feel confident everything will o well but this makes me more nervous than ANYTHING!!

i just weighed My self:(

&im only 156!!!! Wtf. My pre pregnancy weight was 130. And i was 184 like....a few months agon im mad as freak!!!! Im about to eat like crazy for the next few months i want to be at least 170 for my surgery!!!

Recovery House? deposit PAID!

Kindness is the only place I really kind of fell in love with!!! There were a few others I had my eye on but I couldn't stop staring at Kindess' pictures. Also, several women have been there & had good experinces! & Idk....they just feel right!!

Woke up to 2 messed up emails.

first my flight club order was canceled for whatever reason....idk!!
THEN! Kindness emailed to tell me that the single room that they said they had available for my dates before I paid were no longer available. I am so so mad. Im gonna find another RH.

Kindness Update.

So. after talking to ceecee it seem the customer service rep for kindness made a mistake & they actually do have a single room for my date & I asked for an email with the updated info & still haven't gotten one yet so Im just waiting. Still looking into other RHs

Another Kindness update

So I was super annoyed over the whole misunderstanding and had an attitude because they werent responding quicl enough (I didnt want to lose time as other rhs were selling out and its 3 mos pre!!!). But Ceecee assured me that they have a single room and I have an email stating such. So I'm content

No longer staying at Kindness RH.

My mom is coming with me & she's a nurse so I will be with her at a beautifuullllll hotel then when she leaves I'm going to High Class Recovery in a private room. This is all coming together. I'm excited!!!

It's always something.

I was emailing HighClass all day yesterday no problem. I pay my deposit & Haven't heard a PEEP!!!!!! I'm so upset right now. I was calling....emailing. NOTHING. okay so today may have been an off day. I'm giving her til the end of tomorrow before I file a fu*** complaint via paypal & go with either Princess, Kindness or Armonia.

I be tripped. lmao

Heard back from HCR....Im neurotic right now because this process is so stressful. I don't want to lose out on my spot and I want to make sure things are STRAIGHT! Anyway I'm so excited.

Vanity . Hasan Update.

LIES Lol. Apparently "he's back in the country, just had a meeting with the whole staff and stated that he needs to reinstate his license so for that reason he won't be able to do april may june surgeries" I said girl its fine. Meanwhile me my mom tickets ar bought to the DR lol my downpayment is made for duran & my recovery house has a downpayment. girl Bye!

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<3 Journey Update .

I'm almost all set.
Just need to finish packing.
Get 2 supplies or so.
Get my tourist card.
& get paid lol so I can have the rest of my money.

I'm so excited to meet ms. Duran.
Praying for a safe journey to bootyland.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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