23 year old female; trying different skin care measures after deciding against Accutane - Greenville, SC

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I was recently prescribed to accutane & didn't...

I was recently prescribed to accutane & didn't know about the 7 day rule or whatever so have to start the whole process over again but honestly, I'm really scared to go on it after some of the things I've read. I have terrible cystic acne, it is very painful & I hate even putting make up on bc of how bad it hurts to touch my face but I'm a server and let's be real, I'm a girl.. I can't not try to cover it up. It's just really taken a toll on my self esteem and my over all personality. I've never had skin problems until about 8 months ago, out of no where. I hit a point 3 years ago where I went from 120 pounds & then hit 167 within 6 months (comfortable relationship probs) & after the break up, I'm back down to 115. It's awful that I'm confident in my body after going through being overweight, but my skin is a nightmare. I am really unsure about the medicine because I am already on anxiety medicine due to my anxiety (obviously) & I have a heart condition on top of nerve damage and problems with walking (after numerous surgeries bc of my broken femur & drop foot from spending 3 months in the hospital) due to a car accident 7 years ago. Like I said, I'm a server, a very fast paced one.. I can't afford the awful side effects, on top of my preexisting conditions. Any advice? I just don't know what I should do..

A friend of mine works in Esthetics & I have an appointment Friday

So, an old high school friend reached out to me yesterday, telling me that she works in Esthetics. I had never even heard of it before and still don't really understand it, but I trust her. It apparently works wonders for your skin so I will keep y'all updated. If anyone knows anything about it, please let me know! :)

I just want to take a minute to thank everyone on this site..

I am very thankful & so lucky I found this site. I've only been on it for what, like almost two days & y'all get me more than any of my friends or family has. I guess it's bc we're all going through it together or have been through it. I especially want to thank those who are no longer going through it, but still encouraging others. There is NO WAY I would post pictures of me without make up with this horrible skin ANYWHERE else but thanks to each & every person on this website, I feel safe and not judged here. It's like a huge support group. & I love it. & to think I found this site on google, looking up accutane reviews.. it was a blessing in disguise

Update on esthetic treatment

So Friday I went and got the esthetic treatment done. I wasn't exactly sure what it was all about but basically it's like a laser type of thing that is used on your troubled areas. It is supposed to make the bacteria in your skin, surface, which means of course it will probably get worse before it gets better. I have had two cyst randomly pop since (the one under my left eye & the one on my neck, right under my chin). I have seen slight improvement. She also recommended some bacteria free make up (it actually covers pretty well) but it will break the bank, like all makeups similar. I was given some samples as well & have uploaded pics below. I will be getting the treatment once a week & will def keep y'all updated.

Trying Neutrogena makeup

I went and got some Neutrogena make up the other day. Not sure if I'm too fond of the powder or foundation but I do like the concealer & the primer a lot. I'm hoping it will at least keep my acne from getting worse. The coverage isn't the best, in the pics I'm wearing the primer, concealer, my Loreal powder, Estee Lauder blush (on face, eye makeup isn't very relevant).

Make up coverage

So the past two days I've been using the Neutrogena skin clearing powder & the nourishing long wear foundation, as well as the concealer and primer that I've previosuly posted. I always tried this old trick I used to do before my cysnic acne started appearing, just when I'd get a zit; applying white toothpaste to troubled areas. Only white works but it dries it out and it has shown improvement.. Here are some pics.

I've decided to give Accutane a try

When I go back to my dermatologist on March 9th, I not going to ignore the prescription given to me for Accutane, as I did last month. I made this decision based on most of y'all that have calmed my fears with the experiences that y'all have had. My skin is getting a little better but as you can see, it's still a problem & I want to go back to that beautiful, acne free skin that I have had most of my life. Thank you so much to everyone who's reached out to me & kept up with my story. Or even, just looked at my story. I'm not going anywhere, so of course, I will keep y'all updated. Thank you again! Y'all are amazing people!

It's been a little while so here's an update

So I decided against accutane bc it's getting warmer & warmer out. I am a waitress at a rooftop wine bar so the dryness part was just freaking me out way too much since I'm exposed to so much sun & what not. I've been using the Neutrogena make up & it's made a HUGE DIFFERENCE. My face isn't compeltley cleared up but look at how much better it looks! I'm happy with this for now, maybe once it gets cold again & I'm not working every day in the sun, I'll give it a try. I'm mostly just having acne scarring (that I've had) but no breakouts really. My chin, a little but idk, y'all tell me what y'all think! Thanks! :)

An update with no make up

Yesterday, I posted pictures of how my skin is looking with my make up on, but y'all know that under that make up is what your skin really looks like. I just wanted to upload a few pics to show the progress under the make up. Yes, like I said in my last update, I have a ton of acne scarring but this is a MUCH better improvement.

April UPDATE :)

Sorry it's been so long, I celebrated my 23rd birthday this month but my skin is still doing much, much better. I'm still having very few breakouts & I give all the credit to my clean makeup :) y'all let me know what y'all think! Thanks for all of the comments. Y'all are awesome!

Just a little May update

So my cousin is super into all natural/ organic everything; although my skin is clearing up so great, I still have horrible acne scars behind the make up. She told me to buy some raw organic honey to apply to my skin for 15-30 min about 3 times a week. I've used it about 3 times and it is seriously amazing! I really recommend trying it!

No make up May review

I have a little toothpaste on a few breakouts I've gotten the past few days (PMS probs) but this is an example of how bad my acne scaring is. The only active acne is covered in toothpaste

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated y'all!

Instead of writing an update, I uploaded a video for y'all. I honestly haven't wanted to give y'all an update bc I feel like I'm letting y'all down. My skin gets bad, then it goes away, & of course ALWAYS comes back. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! & please, any feedback is very much appreciated :)

August update y'all!

so my skin is looking so much better. I have a wonderful new job & my stress level has reduced sooooo much. here's a few pics for y'all

sorry not all of my pics uploaded

Sorry it's been too long but here's to a new year and the return of my cystic acne..

So my face has been doing great since I last posted, I haven't been on bc I didn't want to relive this nightmare and now it's back. Out of no where...... this is awful and it takes me back to that dark, painful, self-confidence place I was in...
Upstate Dermatology

I'm not sure why it says NY,NY but I live in Greenville, SC.

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