50's Something Grandmother of 6 - It's Now or never... I DID IT!! Wish I had done it 10 years ago...

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Like lots of people I've been reading about other...

Like lots of people I've been reading about other people's experiences on here. Now it's time to document my story.
I had a date booked for August for a TT but today found out that I could go ahead sooner, due to a cancellation. Now I'm looking at 5 weeks to wait instead of 3 months!
I am nervous but very excited at the same time.
I am 5' 2" and had three good size boys - around the 8.5lb weight. Have yo yo dieted since my youngest was born. Never really lost my baby weight!!! Last year I seriously dieted on a Doctor's plan and lost 35lbs. Have also been working out at the gym - I retired last year and finally have time for me. I spend between 5 and 7 hours a week working out at the gym, including an hour each week with a personal trainer. Just about everything has toned up but the belly won't go!
I had previously consulted with my current PS so was able to re-visit him and update the paperwork and book a date.
To complicate the "belly" issue is the fact that I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel disease 18 years ago, during emergency surgery. I had a further 4 major abdominal surgeries in the following 3 years. I think this took more of a toll on my belly than my three big boys!
I am tired of tucking in the excess fat and bulging out of the pockets of my skinny jeans (my legs actually look good in them!) I always wear long tunic type tops to cover my middle and never, ever wear anything with a tight waist or tops tucked in.
Even when working out at the gym my belly gets in the way!!!
If I don't do this now I think that I will feel too old to go ahead with the procedure. I just want to feel better about my body. I have maintained my weight loss and am just loving working out and toning & strengthening my body. My mid section has ALWAYS bothered me but I blamed it on weight.
I am very active with my six grand kids and love running around with them, climbing into tents, playing floor hockey etc. with less belly it will be SO much easier.

So, that's my story. I truly appreciate how others have shared their stories on this site. It gives me a great deal of insight of what to expect, positives and negatives.
Oh, forgot to mention, I have an AMAZING husband (we've been married 38 years) who I know will take wonderful care of me afterwards. He knows how much my belly bothers me and has been very supportive so far. Not sure that I would be able to go ahead with this procedure without him!!
Will post some pics soon. Just getting used to the idea that this is happening so soon!!

50's something grandmother of 6. It's now or never!

Posting pictures...OMG it looks worse!

Freak out at pre-op appt!!

Had my pre-op appointment on Wednesday and was freaked out because my blood pressure was through the roof (nerves?). Anyway, had to see my GP yesterday as I wouldn't be able to have surgery if my BP stayed that high. Turned out is was just one of those things, my reading at GP's office was 110/70. Phew...
So, have all my instructions and my meds. It is all starting to feel very real now. After posting my before photos yesterday, I know I have to go ahead as those pics are just GROSS!!! It looks even worse than I feel :-(

28 days now.....

The past week has flown by. So here I am with just 28 days to go. Am really excited and find myself spending half of my day on this site reading about other people's experiences.
Worked out at the gym for two hours today. Want to get my legs and arms as strong as I can before surgery.
Also had a cheeky trip to Mexico two weeks ago, so no exercise (other than lifting my elbow for the week!) and lots of yummy food and drinks. Have lost the weight I gained and will try and drop a few more pounds before June 3rd.
I hope the next four weeks pass as quickly as this last one.

21 days..time is flying by... Worried about recommended stool softener....

I can't believe how fast the last week has gone by. Despite being retired now, I manage to stay very busy. I help out with my grandkids at times - babysitting etc - and last week I spent 8 hours at the gym!!!
So, I am looking for some advice. Due to IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and IBS (irritable bowel disease) I actually suffer from a lot of diarrhea. I need to take prescription medication, to control this, 2-3 times a day.
Has anyone else dealt with a similar problem?
So many people on this site discuss constipation, but frankly, I haven't been constipated in 20 years!!! (Even when taking strong painkillers)
Awesome topic for discussion, I know, but I am really afraid to take Senokot, or the like.
On top of that my surgery will be done with a spinal - not general anaesthesia.
I realize that I will have to see how it goes after surgery, but if any has any experience or advice to offer, that would be terrific!!

This site is truly a Godsend. Some ladies have posted amazing lists of supplies and items to aid in recovery. Thank you for sharing your insight:-)

16 days....had my first TT dream....weight going UP !!!!!!! (why?).

So the time is flying by. I have many jobs to do around the house but am procrastinating!! Keep telling myself that I work better under pressure!!!
Am starting to organize supplies in baskets ready for my husband. My closet needs a good clear out. I want to find some older tank tops that I can wear under the binder. If they get wrecked, then it won't matter.
Last night my husband and I went out for supper. I had a delicious butter chicken curry with basmati rice & naan bread. However, today I am paying the price. I have eaten a very low carb diet since my weight loss last year. I think all the carbs from last night are disagreeing with me. Lots of bathroom visits and severe tummy cramps (shades of things yet to come?!?!?!)
This Victoria Day (Canada) holiday is very emotional for me. Seven years ago I was in the UK with my Mum, who passed away on Victoria Day. Even though her actual anniversary date is May 21st, the whole weekend holds very sad memories for me. I sat and held her hand as she died. Still miss her SO much.....
My Dad had died exactly 14 weeks - to the day - earlier. Pretty rough year for our family.
Anyway, I am posting a couple of photos with me in clothes!!! I keep looking at my first posted pics and they look truly AWFUL!!
I really don't look too, too bad in clothes. I just make sure that nothing I wear is too tight around the middle.
Last night I dreamed a little about drains after surgery. In my dream it didn't seem to bothering me too much!
My weight is creeping up - even before the carb overload last night! I have been working hard at the gym...5 hours last week. Will just have to really monitor my food intake over the next two weeks carefully. Keep it high in protein, fruits, veggies and salad. It will keep me running to the bathroom more but what the heck!!! The more exercise the better!!
Thanks again RS ladies for your updates, information and encouragement...this is a terrific site. :-)

YIKES!!! 9 days now...can't wait to lose the flap, flab and tunic tops ....

I am just nine days away from my sx now. It seems like my anxieties are playing out in my dreams. Am having VERY vivid dreams, every night. Not necessarily about my TT. Even woken my husband and myself up twice, talking in my sleep! Did this happen to anyone else!
I'm trying to prepare as much as possible for recovery. Have clothes and supplies lined up in baskets and have been tidying like crazy. Next weekend I'll be giving my house a thorough cleaning. Our kids are grown up now, so it's just my husband and I at home. He is very good at cooking so I am not preparing much in the way of food. We both eat a low carb diet and our meals are mostly a serving of protein with lots of vegetables or salad. I buy flavoured olive oils and vinegars "on tap" and we mix those for our salad dressings.
I spent yesterday with three of my amazing grandkids and will spend today with my other three little cherubs. Need to get lots of 'kid fixes' in before surgery!

I've been reading a lot of updates on "June tummy Tuckers" and is it coincidental or do a lot of 'shorter/petite' ladies need to do this surgery? Like me, most people around 5ft 2ish have pregnancies where the belly goes straight out - nowhere else to go!!! This could explain, maybe, why we get such squishy tummies after! My first baby was almost 24 inches long when he was born (6ft 4 now!!). So like other shorter people I was asked "are you sure it's not twins?)
Anyway, just a thought....
I did a closet clean out this last week too. I am so looking forward to buying clothes that show off my middle - not hide it.
I've been VERY diligent about going to the gym - trying to strengthen my legs and arms. Am sure going to miss that for a few weeks. I'll really miss my trainer too. She is so sweet. She makes my training sessions fly by. I will go back and see her as soon as I can so that she can help me work out appropriately to gain my strength back.
Well, my next week is busy with gym times, a couple of lunch dates, Dr. Appt and hair appt. I'm sure it will fly by. I thought the time might drag for me but that hasn't been the case! I don't know how I manage to stay so busy. Iodate wonder how I used to find time to work!!

Thanks again ladies for your wonderful stories and posts. It's great to have this site to vent, reassure and support each other!

Grrrrr....tell me this ISNT happening!!!!!

With just a week until my surgery I have developed a yeast infection under my "flap".
Does this happen to anyone else?
Because of my prior abdominal surgeries I have a deep crease under my belly and above my pubis. In warm weather it can develop its own little yeast infection and has decided to do that right now!!! Timing is awful - hopefully the cortisone cream can clear it up fast for me :-(
I think I will be devastated if my surgery can't go ahead as planned....

HOLY CR#P!!! 3 more days...yikes...

Well, only 3 more days now - 3 more sleeps (or two if I can't sleep the night before!)
Trying to get everything organized. Cleaning house today. My husband is hosting his company BBQ at our place in 3 weeks, so I am trying to get some thorough cleaning done this weekend so it won't be too bad for him to catch up on.
He is a really good house husband so I'm not too worried. I think it's more to keep me occupied at the moment! I'm lying in my 'recovery' bed right now and one of my cats is not impressed with my 'new' spot or the smells of all the new cushions, pillows etc. I'm sure that by Tuesday both of my kitties will be joining me on this bed!! Meow!
So, I got my hair done on Thursday, nails booked for Monday. Will manage to fit in one more weight class at the gym but Zumba and working out with my trainer are done for a while :-(.
Have a bunch of books to read and movies to watch. I'm also hoping for some nice weather so I can maybe be outside for a bit during recovery time. We live in an awesome location with an amazing view of the mountains. So pretty to just sit and admire the view.
I have set up a spot on my recliner and got a zero gravity chair too - just to cover all the bases.... I guess you could call me an over planner!!! Also got a toilet seat raiser and shower stool for the bathroom. Oh and a "grabber" for getting things off the floor and to help with dressing myself!
Because my sx was originally planned for August I had started to amass my supplies already (over planning?) got a lot of my things from Amazon...best prices and free shipping.
So now I just am busy keeping up with reviews and trying not to get nervous.
Oh, I keep coming up with different ideas in my head as to why my surgery might be postponed: the surgeon is sick, my blood pressure is too high, my 'under flap' has a yeast infection, my little leg ulcers (related to IBD) are cause for concern, I'm coughing from a dry throat etc, etc, etc!!!
Seriously, I will probably pass out in relief at the surgery commencement, no drugs required ha ha!
Well, RS ladies, hope your recovery is going well,if you're on the flat side, hope your nerves aren't frayed, if your sx is imminent and hope your excitement is building if you are still patiently waiting xxx
P.s. June 2014 tummy Tucker's please DO look for my typos!!!

The final countdown.....10, 9, 8, ....

In just over 10 hours I'll be at the surgeon's office waiting for my surgery. Have to be there at 8.00. It will be with a spinal injection and sedation. I get to come home a few hours later.
Currently enjoying my last bath for a while. Only just finished cleaning my floors!!! I managed to stay busy all day running last minute errands, going to the gym and doing laundry. Then my husband & I went to Costco but managed to bump into old friends that we hadn't seen in about 15 years!!! Stood and chatted for about an hour!. Kinda put me behind schedule but kept my mind busy!!'

Now I plan to enjoy this bath, have a cup of decaf coffee and be in bed just after 10.00. We will have to leave just after 6.30 in the morning as the Dr's office is very close to downtown Calgary and the traffic will be horrendous!!
I just hope we can leave in the afternoon before the rush begins...
Hopefully I'm coherent enough to post tomorrow, if not I'll be back soon,

On the flat side now!!

In recovery- Sore upper abs area. Can't feel incision area yet! Spinal was less traumatic than I imagined. Will update later at home

Home safe & sound!!

Kinda uncomfortable at the moment, probably from moving around etc & getting home. Looking ULTRA thin already!!!
Know that recovery will take a bit...got to see my "flap" in the OR. silly me, I even tried to pick the bag up!!!!
Will probably have more stitches to come out as Dr had to do some modifying on my previous scars that were very tight. Well. See on Thursday when I have to go back for a check up.

And it's day one...

Not much sleep last night...quite happy with what I can see so far!!

Check up today at surgeon's office.

Dr & nurse both pleased with how I am doing so far. Last night I was able to get much more sleep - thank goodness! Felt better this morning...last night around supper time I was really miserable. Extremely tired from lack of sleep and my incision was burning. The nurse from Dr's office told me I could take Advil more often to help with pain and loosen the binder a little.
This evening I am starting to feel more uncomfortable again. Probably tired from trip out today. Binder is also starting to feel very tight again.
Lots of gas but no poop yet. Kinda surprised, thought I might have been by now based on my usual habits! TMI probably, huh?

YAHOO. Went number two!!!

Ok, was starting to worry about not pooping, so took senacot last night and again at 4a.m. Also ate a large bowl of fresh pineapple at 4 a.m. Was thinking I might have to try milk of magnesia this morning. Took all my pills early, just in case. Then around 10.30 the rumbles began! Just went with little pushes till it was done! Have been twice more (I usually have chronic diarrhea due to IBD).
So now I will play it by ear and see how the bm's go LOL.
I'm also indulging myself in some chocolate....shouldn't really but feeling the need. Haven't eaten regular chocolate for more than a year - since my weight loss. I don't want to pile the weight back on, but feel like I'm entitled to a few little treats at the moment.
My husband has been amazing looking after me, cooking great sodium free meals. My appetite has been fine. Just eating smaller portions.
Last night I
finished my pain pills from Dr. Taking Robax platinum and Tylenol now for pain. It seems to just about cover it. Did not sleep as well last night. Was awake and walking around from 4a.m. - 6a.m. Probably need a nap soon. My husband is going to help me wash my hair.
So it could be a lazy day in the recliner - I ended up renting an electric lift and raise recliner the morning after my surgery. It just makes it so much easier to get up and down and be in the right position. For the last two nights I have been spending part of the night in the recliner and part in bed. My back aches in different places in the bed vs chair, so I am swapping them out!!
Wishing happy healing to this week's surgery ladies - take care xxx

Getting better, day by day. But OMG. purple thighs!!!!

Felt more like myself when I got up this morning. I took half a sleeping pill & managed to sleep in my be-pillowed bed for the night - just woke up at 4 a.m.
I also scooted onto my right hip slightly to relieve a bit of the pressure off my back. Can't scooch on to my left hip as that's where my drain is and that side is a bit more puffy and swollen.
I have discovered that I am Perkier In the mornings but am downright miserable late evening when it is time for a binder switch and bed....grr.... Last night I did my own binder switch - my husband got upset with me!!!! I am getting tired of being dependent. We sure take our mobility for granted. I find that' I go to the bathroom, move around for a bit, then get settled back in my chair with pillows etc. only to find that I forgot something!!!! It's just not worth getting up again..too much effort ha ha.
Oh my... My thighs are quite, quite swollen at the top and developing into glorious hues of purpleness!!! I know this will eventually disappear but it looks quite amazing right now!
So, each day DOES get better but it is definitely a journey....

TA- DA!!! New me revealed...note, I colour co-ordinate my nightgown, underwear AND thigh bruises especially for this photo shoo

Well, as it's morning I am definitely a lot happier than in the evening and took some photos of the svelte new me to share.
I figure, if look this good in a nightgown, how good am I gonna look in a dress?!?!?!
It is SO good to have something to look forward to after the last few days. The first few days are really a challenge. I don't think I had expected as much pain & discomfort. I've had 5 major bowel surgeries so have prior experience with abdominal pain. However, on those occasions I was in hospital with a morphine pain pump!! My PS gives 3 days worth of painkillers and you start the the morning of the surgery!!
So, I am hoping for onwards & upwards right now. Will still take baby steps, try to do a little more each day but I WILL listen to my body.
Lovely sunny day here (for now!). so I hope to sit outside for a bit. My garden swing has a recline feature so is hoping to put my feet up, pillows under my knees and enjoy the sun.
Happy healing day to my new flat side buddies ;-)

HURRAY!!! I have a belly button!'

So today at the PS office I got my drain out. I really hadn't bothered me too much except if I caught it when flipping the binder. Then the plug of cotton over the skin graft was removed and I have a belly button!!! Going into surgery I had more of a fold, rather than a belly button because my previous abdominal surgeries had left my abdomen a hot mess. Dr. P told me that he didn't know if I would end up with a belly button but due to his awesomeness I did . Who knew I would be this excited?!
It looks like the skin graft is taking very well,too.
I also found out that he removed 1060 grams of tissue (2.5 lbs) & 200 ccs of fat (.5 lb) via lipo. I was kinda surprised as I thought I had WAY more to be removed. Turns out that it wasn't so much fat as bunched up tissue & skin (again from previous surgeries).
Today I am extremely happy with the results so far. I have only taken Advil for pain - mostly for a headache.
So, I have to go back again on Thursday to get some stitches out. I tried a little driving close to home, to see if I can take myself and it looks like I will be able to manage it.
Also excited to get permission to try and sleep on my side with a pillow between my knees and hugging a body pillow. YAY!! It has been so-o hard to sleep
On my back.
I get to shower tomorrow morning...yippee!
My Dr's nurse has also suggested to try a compression garment under my binder as. I have REALLY swollen 'lady parts!' My incision is quite low front & centre as Dr. P removed scarring from previous surgeries.
My royal purple thighs are changing into more lovely shades!! Haha,,
Will try & post pics of belly button later at binder flip.

Weepy day????

Starting out feeling funky today but going down fast!
When it was time to flip my binder I discovered that my new belly button looks like it's popped out :-(. I shouldn't be too disappointed as it was a bonus extra from my surgery and there will still be 'something' there to represent a BB.
My son had bowel surgery yesterday and his wife is not disclosing much info. She seems to be mad at me for going ahead with my surgery last week. My son had been scheduled for last month and I would have been able to help out but his surgery got delayed.
Now HER mom has to babysit their 2 year old & 5 month old twins.
My diarrhea hiatus is over - I know I should be grateful that I did not suffer from constipation post surgery - so now I am back on my anti-diarrhea meds. It just means that I am running to the bathroom about 5 times In the first hour that I am up!! Not as quick as i was before surgery....need more time!!!
So thinking I might just go to the mall and have a little wander around.
P.S. I won't be surprised if this entry is full of errors and if the pictures don't post!!!!!!!!!!!

Stitches out!!

Today at Drs office I got my stitches out and tape removed. I still need to put polysporrin on my vertical abdominal scar and belly button/skin graft. My nurse has me put Saran Wrap over the polysporrin. She also suggested putting the wrap on my incision to keep moisture I it and prevent my tank top from rubbing too, she said that another patient , with arm lipo surgery, had to put cream & Saran Wrap on one arm to aid recovery. Turns out that that arm ended up with a much finer and lighter scar than the other arm! I'm willing to give it a try!!
The wrap that is called 'press & seal' works best as it sticks to the skin.
My surgery on the upper abdomen - that released previous scarring is called a "z" plasty as the scar is a "z" shape!! Will take some photos later and post. Am washing my binder and wearing a Spankz slip while reclining in my chair. Am supposed to try and straighten up a bit more now too, seeing as I have my stitches out.
Have been trying a collage app so will post a before/after shot - fingers crossed that it worked!

Forgot to mention drain malfunction!!!

Forgot to relay this story from Tuesday. I was getting ready to go to the surgeons office for follow up and hopefully drain removal. Being a smartass & independent, I was lying on the bed waiting for my husband to come help me with the binder flip etc. my tank top was toast so I decided that it would be easier to just cut if off rather than struggle taking it off. So I cut through the bunched up tank - at chest level - and then I heard a hissing sound...yes, I had CUT THROUGH MY DRAIN TUBE!!!!!
Luckily, my husband is an engineer and the easy fix was to re-attach the tube to the bulb. I just had a very short drain then.
It turned out that my drain was removed that day, but it sure gave my Dr's nurse a giggle!!!!

Today was a good day,but I didn't do much at all. I find that by the evening I am feeling tired & sore. It feels hard to get comfortable too. I am still not sleeping great - would give anything to sleep for more than two hours at a time.
I will try and get some pics tomorrow. So-o pleased with results so far. My skin was a BIG hot mess before so I wasn't expecting perfection after. Yesterday my nurse suggested that I might just need a little tweaking in 6-8 months but that remains to be seen and I'm not stressing about that yet.
Hope all you ladies have a lovely weekend. Xxx

New photos

Added some photos after shower this morning. I still have lots of swelling & bruising but it's to be expected.
My scar looks bumpy in places and low down there looks like a hole bit it's not. Just some kind of puckering and accommodation from my previous scarring. Nurse said my PS May revise it in 6-8 months. I'm not concerned. This is such a HUGE improvement from what I had going on before....

Two weeks now....but a "blah" day :-(

One of those 'down' days today.
Yesterday I think I did too much. Went to an assembly at my little granddaughter's school - my little sweetheart is 6 but has autism, so she goes to a special school. The I decided to run a few little errands. By the time I got home I was tired and realized that I had got out of my car 8 times ...and back in 8 times!!! No wonder I was sore.
So I had a shower and looked at myself naked in the full length mirror for the first time :-(. HORRORS- I look AWFUL... My midsection looks dreadful!
It was huge disappointment for me. I am not looking for perfection at all and had a pretty crappy looking abdomen before but at the moment it is hard to be in love with what I see.
So, I am trying to give myself a Good talking to and realize that it is only been 14 days. I also sneezed this morning. and did a half cough.... Not good.
I have posted some photos to show my fat waist, hips and bulgy lady parts. I did try on the compression garment, recommended by my nurse but then I just felt quite 'mummified!' Just can't seem to get comfortable today, physically or mentally!!!
Oh well maybe tomorrow will be better .....
Happy healing to all, especially this weeks new flat siders.

Three weeks now - one step forward, two steps back?

So Im feeling not too bad at the three week mark. Still frustrated at not being able to do much still. I did go to the gym yesterday and went on the treadmill. I have to admit that it felt okay at the time but it wasn't a good idea. Last night I had two tiny spots bleeding on my incision and a pain in my left side. NOTE TO SELF : wait for the go ahead from PS before going ahead with exercise!!!
My nurse had me putting self seal Saran Wrap on my vertical incision/skin graft area on top of Polysporin but I discovered a rash yesterday morning so need to stop. Just put the cream on with a piece of gauze and some tape. In the photo you can see that my skin looks very pink.
I liked the look of my TT on the first day after surgery. Now I find myself picking at flaws. This waiting for healing is the hardest part at the moment, for me.
How are you ladies getting through this phase??

Weepy day AGAIN!!!

Sheer frustration and mad at myself.....just have to ride this out but have to admit that I'm struggling :-(

Bummer - no wonder I was weepy!!!'

I had a red patch above my incision on the left side and it has continued to grow since Tuesday and has headed up to my ribs this morning and around my left hip. So I called my PS office and now I'm on heavy duty antibiotics for the next 10 days: for a infection. :-(. But at least it explains why I've been feeling icky and weepy this week!
Now I'm just going to kickback and really relax for a few days and get back on top of my game.
I thought I had been doing so well so I hope this is just a minor set back. I have my surgeons cell phone # to call over the weekend in case it doesn't improve.
So, fingers, toes & eyes crossed that this resolves soon.
Have a great weekend ladies - especially in Canada where we seem to be having an extra long weekend for Canada Day!!

Tummy looks like a map of the world!!

Infection looks better this morning - PHEW!!!! I was advised by my nurse to "draw" an outline around my inflamed areas so that we can track if it is growing or shrinking. It certainly hasn't grown overnight and is looking a little less red (except for one area on my hip ). So I am taking that as a sign that the antibiotics are working. Also included a photo of my two cats as they are usually I the background when I take photos I my bedroom!!


So I have just ordered a bikini!!!!! I haven't worn one since before my eldest son was born - he's 37 this fall!!
My husband and I like to travel to warm places, so I hoping to be able to wear one soon once I'm healed up.
I have ordered from the UK, it's a company called Bravissimo. They have awesome stuff. What I like about them is the quality of their bras and their sizes. They cater to ladies a little more well endowed!!!
Their swimsuits You order by bra size so they fit really well...no small, medium or large etc.
My husband is excited for me and I can hardly wait!
My infection seems to be under control & I had a lovely day yesterday - I drove to meet a dear friend for lunch and she gifted me with a very cute top. She was amazed at the "new me" :-)

HA HA HA. no muffin top In the jeans!!!

Just a quick little update...tried on my skinny jeans. NO muffin top or tummy squelching out of the pockets...YEAH!!

4 WEEKS NOW (plus one day!!!)

Yesterday was my four week mark. I woke up feeling really good. Even had a little stretch in my bed - that felt great. I think I'm starting to relax a bit and realize that I REALLY DID THIS!!! I just love looking down at my flat tummy, where the rolls used to be.
I have been sleeping on my side for 3 weeks now, with a pillow between my knees. I believe that some nights I am kind of rolling on my tummy too - my favourite sleep position!! For the last week I have been sleeping through the night too. Much needed.
My infection has really settled down too, which is a relief. My skin is very dry and scaly on that side now.
Still like my electric recliner to relax in. A road trip yesterday (2hrs each way) was a little tedious still. By the drive home I was tired and a bit sore. It seemed like I felt every single bump in the road. In 2 weeks we have another trip - 7+ hrs this time. I am looking at booking hotel for half way! just to get a break. Once you are sore it is hard to bounce back.
I am in the position to say I am SO GLAD I did this surgery. I feel a lot more confident and love trying on more fitted clothes.
I've posted a few new photos. Some new dresses that I've bought a some of my scaly skin!!!

5 WEEKS ( plus one day!!)

I've been having a great week, so far!

Have been taking my binder off for 30 mins before my shower each day and again for 30 mins in the evening.

Walked around at the Calgary Stampede last night for a few hours. Stopped for some supper and wine, so that gave me a chance to rest for a bit.
I DIDNT wear my binder (whoa!) but I wore a Spanx like cami and boxer shorts, so I had two lots of compression. It worked really well and didn't show under my clothes.

I just LOVE how concave my tummy is right around my middle! I do have a bit of swelling on my upper abs and of course, the obvious 'Ken doll' My thighs appear to still be swollen, especially my left one. I really do think that I need to get back to the gym. My weight is creeping up - think it's the inactivity....my appetite was hardly affected by my surgery.

So for now, I am going to enjoy the good feeling. Our weather is awesome (we had an amazingly lo-ong winter here) the Stampede is in full swing - going to the Grandstand show on Friday and vacation in sunny Kelowna B.C with family is on deck for next week!

Happy healing to all!!

Bikini blip :-(

Wasn't as happy with the bikinis as I'd hoped....still looking like a box!!!!
I know I still have a ways to go. Things will surely improve once I get back to the gym.
I am going to keep the checked gingham bikini - it fits better. I'm hoping that in 6 months it will look a lot better on me.
I still love my results though but jus think I look a lot better in clothes!!
We are our own worst critics I think!!!

6 weeks (plus one day!!)

Am busy doing a little vacationing right now!! Swam a little in the pool with my grand kids today - first time since my surgery. Spending a little more time without my binder, sleeping in a compression tank top. Also worn my binder for only about 6 hours today, even though I haven't checked in with my PS. I will have my 6 week check up next week @ 7weeks.
It is 37+ celcius where we are staying. Hard to wear a tank top AND the binder inthis heat.
Will update my photos soon!!!!

7 WEEKS (plus 2 days)

Had my check up yesterday & don't have to go back for 6 months - unless I have any problems.
All is going really well. Dr very pleased but wants me to put my shoulders back and be totally straight. He suggested lying on floor with hands above my head to stretch out a bit - but not if it's painful. I do still tend to hunch over. Still feel like I'm tight through my abdomen ...duh!! I DID just have a tummy tuck!!
Got some pokey stitches snipped off too. They were just poking out a little but it is so much better now. Also have scar therapy cream to begin using.

Now its time to start weaning off my binder. Don't need it at night anymore. Then I'll go down to taking it off during the day for a couple of hours but I can wear 'Spanx' like garment when it's off. After that I progress to 'Spanx' only until I feel comfortable.

Got the go ahead to return to gym..YEAH!!! Actually went and did the treadmill for 15 mins yesterday. An ready to go again today, will go for longer. No ab work yet but I ca do 5lb weights for my arms - better than nothing!

Bought a very form fitting dress yesterday, So impressed with my flat tummy! It's been so-o long since I last wore anything so fitted. Amazing!!

Last week on vacation I wore my tankinis still at the pool. The difference was I was walking around feeling confident with my body instead of trying to put on a dress over my swimsuit before I stood up to walk around! I felt so free!!

Have posted some photos too. I have a "z" shaped scar down my middle but that is a repair my surgeon did for the awful scarring I had from my bowel surgeries. I don't actually have a belly button - but I didn't before either! I have a red circular patch from the skin graft that my surgeon performed. It 'kinda' looks like a belly button if you're not too close!!

I am so,so impressed with my surgeons work. Also so glad to have done this as I feel amazingly 1000 times better about my body. Just have to wean myself from looking at long baggy tops when shopping!!!! I tried two on yesterday before I realized that I don't have to wear them anymore!!!

Photos for 7 weeks

Not all my photos downloaded!!! So here's some more!

8 weeks (plus 1 day!)

Things seem to be going really well in the TT department. No more binder at night. It do like the security of a compression tank top, though overnight.
Haven't worn my binder much for the last two days as I've been in bed, mostly. On Monday I had surgery to remove some basal cell carcinoma from my upper lip. I only expected a small incision but ended up with a cut from my nose down to my lip. So I have a lot of stitches inside my mouth as well as on the outside. I will post some pics after. I have been in so much pain....had to request stronger pain meds from the surgeon as the T3's were not even touching the pain. So have been taking 2x Percocet every 4 hours and that = sleep!!

Now I know why so many ladies were sleeping all day after their TT. For my TT the surgeon gave some slow release Percocet 2x a day for 3 days. I found that the Robax platinum was a better pain reliever for me, not the slow release stuff.

I am so much more mobile now at the 8 week mark. Getting in and out of bed is no problem. I think I am even using my abs a little bit to sit-up in bed and getup from my recliner. *on a side note my 8 week rental was up on my electric recliner so it had to go back. That's why my abs have to help a little in my regular recliner.
I had just started to visit the gym Gain but now that is on hold for a couple of weeks....so frustrating!!!'
I have ordered. Couple of cg's from Leonisa and am awaiting delivery of those. I think they might be a little sleeker under clothes than the binder.
Well, off to nap again. HOping that the pain from my face surgery settles down soon - probably will be 5 days agIn just like the TT!!!!

Graphic pics of facial surgery...

It seems like this is more painful than my TT.....can that even be possible?!??


Well, what a journey. Happy to be at the ten week mark!! Feeling closer to normal. I can still tire easily some days - if I've been busy. Have been going to the gym and doing a low impact step class and some weight classes that focus on my arms & legs only. Feels really good but I had to drop my weights down significantly. Before TT I was lifting & squatting with 17kg on my back & legs. Now I am only lift 4kg :-(. Oh well, I will just have to work my way back up.
Some days I still like to wear my binder if my back gets sore. Today I managed to wear a compression tank for the day but put my binder back on at 9pm just to help support my back a bit. Will probably sleep in it tonight too. I believe I am officially weaned from the binder now but I'll use it when I feel the need.
I sure that once I can get my core a bit stronger then I'll have less need for the external support.
Feeling so amazingly awesome about my TT. it is taking me a bit longer to recover from my recent facial surgery. My incision scar is fading nicely but my face is still distorted. I'll never get that half inch of tissue back:-(. My family / friends are being very kind, of course, saying it's hardly noticeable. But I see it every single day. The area is hard and lumpy and my lip is quite thick. It feels like the freezing is just wearing off - like when you've had a filling at the dentist. Except this feeling is there all the time. That part is also very stiff so it is hard to eat. Still doing baby size bites!!! Hard to floss but easier to clean my teeth now.
Have added some pics. Huge improvement over the weeks. Really helps us to appreciate how far we've come.
Going on a birthday/anniversary trip to Antigua in three weeks!! Am looking for a couple more bikinis. How long do you have to wait before exposing that skin to the sun...does anyone know or heard from their PS about that? I will be just past the three month mark at that point.
Congrats to you fellow Nanas who had their surgeries 10 weeks today also. Looks like you are doing great according to your updates.
Happy healing to you newer ladies. Just be patients it DOES get better!!

13 weeks - 3 month update!!

The time has flown by! Here I am three months later And still loving my new shape!! Getting pretty much back to normal. Not quite as tired after going to the gym. Increasing my weights gradually and even went to Booty Barre last week. Still not up to my 5 times a week, but getting there. I still wear a compression tank top when I go to the gym. Most of the day, though, I am not wearing any other support. Occasionally, if my back gets sore, I pop my binder on for a bit.
I really need to work on my thighs at the gym, they got quite swollen right after surgery and continue to be jiggly!!! Booty Barre will really help!
Overall, I am quite thrilled with my results. I still seem to have a bit of swelling in my upper abs, the "Ken" doll in the evenings and maybe a little 'dog-eared' on my hips. I am optimistic that this will all settle down.


Just trying to upload photos from my phone!!

FOUR MONTHS - (plus 1day)

WOW!! So hard to believe that it has been four months now!
I think I'm in the settled phase of my recovery. Accepting the results I DO have but maybe hoping for a little more improvement?
I think I have dog ears. Maybe that can be revised a bit down the road.
My upper abs seem a little more pronounced than I would like but through discussions on this site it appears that some other people have this too. Also I need to take into consideration what was there before the TT. It was all a big blob if excess skin & some fat mainly due to scar tissue from my previous surgeries.
I do seem to have quite the "Ken doll" going on still. Again this might settle more with time.
Recently I had some considerable pain - which I totally did not expect at this point in my recovery. A talk with my Drs office confirmed my suspicion of nerve regeneration pain. Quite sharp & uncomfortable pain that nothing seemed to alleviate. The nurse suggested Advil, massage, stretching & going back to sleeping with a pillow between my knees. It seems to have worked!
I'm going to the gym 4 times a week and building up my stamina & weights. I only wear a compression tank for my weight classes - not Zumba or Booty Barre.
I had still been wearing compression tanks daily but my husband & I took a trip to Antigua, where it was way too hot & humid to wear one, so I got out of the habit that week.
I am still thrilled that I look so thin around my middle. Most of the area is numb yet but that is a feeling I am used to. I have been spending more than a few $$ on underwear as I'm trying to find some that is comfortable. Bikini styles often land right at the scars on my hips. Cotton styles have seams at the sides which again can irritate my scars. Nylon/spandex types with no seams are the most comfortable unless I am hot & sweaty!! So, I'm still experimenting!!! Who knew this would be such a big issue...haha!!

FIVE months already!!

Well...not quite sure where the last five months have gone. Still so, so glad that I had this surgery!
I have noticed that I have some feeling back - less numbness.
Some evenings the mons area feels like a water bed...kinda sloshes around...weird!!!
Still getting some sharp pains at times....nerve regeneration?? It happens whether I'm moving or sitting still.
Have been trying to up my time at the gym. Want to get back to my pre-surgery shape if I can.
I've gained about 10lbs since my surgery...aarghh!!!
Hard not to when you sit around after the surgery, then I had just started back at the gym and had surgery on my face for basal cell.
That meant another gym hiatus. Coupled with a few vacations and I feel like I have to make a concerted effort!!
My scars are doing well. Previous scars have thickened a bit (I tend to get keloids) and this time is no exception, despite using the Bio Corneum religiously.
I might have to have some further treatment but will wait until my appt in January.
I am hoping to have lost the extra weight by then and be a little fitter.
Hope all my fellow June tummy tuckers are continuing to do well...what a journey this has been ladies!!

6 months AND one week!!

Well, 6 months has gone by. Still loving my new tum. Especially when I look at my before pics!
Still have numbness - buy I can live with it even if it never goes away.
Starting to feel tighter across my tummy too. My surgeon had an interesting analogy...he likened it to cement setting...it will start to pull tighter as it heals.
My scar is a little red and thickened -even though I've used the Bio Corneum daily. I think it can be treated with steroid injections. I'll discuss it at my next check up in January. Think I have little dog ears too!
I would do this surgery again in a heartbeat. The way I feel about myself is amazing. I am back at the gym full tilt too. I do a Booty Barre class that has worked wonders for my thighs - they had really swelled up after surgery.
Last week I bought my first pair of jeans since surgery (first time I ever paid $250 for a pair too!!!). In the store the staff fitting me were amazed at my butt!! They all want to sign up for Booty Barre classes now. So nice to have others comment positively on your body ..especially when you're 57 years old! **jeans were a size 8...AWESOME.
So, I hope that all the other June 2014 ladies are recovering well and happy with their results.
I know it's a very busy time of year but it would be so cool to hear from you ladies.
Take care and enjoy the Holiday season!!!

Almost 8 months but OH NO!!!

had a check up with P.S this week, just shy of my 8 month mark. My incision was already getting hypertrophic (I do have some keloids already)
So I was thinking I might need to try cortisone tape to help. No-o-o. I ended up with cortisone injections into the whole incision line. Can you say OUCH!!! Oh my....it truly did HURT. I have to return in 3 months and potentially will need the procedure repeated. I might also need a revision in the mons area - a little too much surplus skin. Apparently, he didn't pull the skin too, too tight because he had to do the " z- pasty" and skin graft on my previous scar.
So while I am still very happy that I did this, I realize that it might not be over yet!
I continue to work out 4-5 hours a week at the gym & am back working with my trainer weekly. The weight is still up a tad but I'm working on that too!
Hope all the June 2014 ladies are continuing to have amazing progress.

Little revision time....

My poufy spot in the mons area never did settle down, so this week I am having a little revision on it. It will just be a local anaesthetic - which makes me a bit nervous. However, I figure if I did the TT with a spinal, then I can do this with a local!!
I will need to wear some control underwear for a bit but it won't be as tedious as the binder to my mind.
Calgary Plastic Surgeon

Dr Perron is charming and a gentleman. He is so calm and positive. Dr Perron is very busy so it can take a while to get in and see him. I was lucky enough to get a cancellation date for surgery, so waited only 5 weeks for my procedure ( rather than 5 months) His nurse, Carol, is absolutely amazing. She is very compassionate and helpful. As we were leaving, on the day of my surgery, she even demonstrated how I should climb into my car!! She returns calls promptly and makes me feel like she truly cares about how well I do. Carol has a great sense of humour too! The OR nurses, Karen & Tara were kind and friendly. Karen kept me chatting prior to surgery which really helped me to stay calm. Dr Fox was the anaesthesiologist that day and he explained everything that he was doing. I hadn't had a spinal - or epidural - before so was nervous about that too, but he was able to put me at ease. I remember 'waking' up a little just before my surgery was over and started chatting with him! He told me that Dr Perron was almost done and just stitching me up. I think I was asking too many questions (ha ha ha) and he gave me little more sedation because the next thing I knew I was being rolled back on to my bed!!! In recovery Carol brought me a lovely bowl of fresh fruit salad and a fruit tea, nicely served on china with a cloth napkin. Felt like I was in a nice hotel! Dr Perron was also very congenial with my husband on my follow up visits. So I have no reservations, whatsoever, recommending Dr Perron and his team.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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