44 Yr Old with Five Girls 2 Are over 21 and 3 Are Under 14, I Am 156pounds

I am having a tt, bbl, and lipo, i am 156 pounds,...

i am having a tt, bbl, and lipo, i am 156 pounds, 5'4 i workout 4-5 times in a gym appro 2 hours 1 hour for lifting 1 hour cardio, my upper body is in great shape, my lower body needs help1, although my legs are fine. i have been consulting with Laura, Dr walkiris robles assistan, i will be looking in scheduling for august, i am a bit nervous, but i have been wanting to do this for years now. my husband and I will be traveling together. i have questions for those who have already been there. I would like to find out what is the nearest hotel for my husband to stay in, and myself after my 2 nights in the recovery house. I can only take 14 days off work I would also like to know if I need to purchase scar gels, and my own faja? i would like to loose 10 more pounds, but i love to eat EVERYTHING!!! :} any suggestions on diets? i will submit pictures later on...pre and post

My husband,

So my husband is a bit concern about my cosmetic in dr, so I scheduled with a visit with another dr....my heart is set with Robles and the price is great.....I'm going to give it a try and see what this other Dr. Has to offer, I just want someone that can really give me curves and make my but look smooth and lean....not like jello with holes Lol, my TT nice and flat and my inner and outer thigh nice enough to put gym shorts on.......

With clothes

Thank goodness for clothes...I did loose 8 pounds...no mare fat loss need to save it........

4 days to go

I'm super excited my procedures are Friday. Take care if the big issues here TT, lipo from flanks and back. And Ba with lift. then finish off with the bbl in Dominican Republic march 23 for my Bbl Dr Walkiris Robles

My turn

Well I worked so very hard to get these procedures...in some ways I feel a bit guilty..the money I'm spending I can use to take my family to a nice vacation....but I know that we will get our vacation...after my surgery. Blessings to everyone...I will post my after pictures.


A quick breast picture...promise I will send more pictures 3 days post

The Very Best Doctor

I went in for my 1rst check up...I had one drain removed and the next drain will be removed on Monday. Dr. Rex is just the sweetest, nicest, caring person Doctor...I mean he just has such a way with his personality love love him.....all went well I'm loving my results..will post pictures soon. I would recommend him to anyone his staff is the very best.. He is warm, kind..and an expert. He talks through everything he is doing....by the way He told me I had a hernia, that he discovered and removed it WOW! I wasn't aware of having a hernia, That itself should describe the loving and caring Doctor he is.
I want to add that I could have never done this alone my husband and my mothers law have been so good to me...the care day and night is amazing. I know that a lot of my real self ladies are stronger and have traveled...if you do please you need someone to care for you. The things that we don't think about the after care..like waking up 2-4 times at knight to use the bathroom...the cooking healthy foods to keep you healthy..the caring for the drains....my husband became an expert with this. The recovery stages to me are like phase 1...this is when you and your body is starting to realize that there's a huge change...in feelings in caring in sleeping, in breathing coughing, eating, pooping. It takes about 1-2 weeks for this stage to graduate into the stage that I find myself today 7 days post up...I am more energetic..have such a better outlook in what I need to do one day at a time...still working on adding for this stage.

I strongly believe that my athletic working out and eating healthy, has made this recovery a better road to walk in. The healthier you are the better results you will have, the better you will feel and the better you will heal. So ladies if you are thinking of surgery.....healthy living is the best way to go...... I will continue to post as I get better. God bless all of you and happy healing for those who have had surgery, and for those who are preparing for surgery.

Pictures of my mommy makeover

Here are the pictures. I'm swollen feel like I swallowed a brick my belly button is healing I'm very happy with my results. Can't wait to do my Bbl. Then tatto my scar around tummy

Girls got to have fun........

I went for my second appt post 14 days....all looks good...doctor thinks I might need a little lipo on my upper abs. Little puff if it doesn't go down within 3 months...I'm telling you he is the best...he just cares for his work like if it was his own body piece.....I have lost more weight and my waist inches are now 31... So I am at 140 38c boobies and 38 hips... My doctor cleared me for jacuzzi bath, I forgot to ask him when can I have. Drink lol :) ..... Just want to let everyone know that this is a process some days are good some days are sad, but we have the power to make our inner souls feel better....when you put your body through surgery..you have to give your mind spiritual growth and just take it one day at a time... It's a process that we can't rush..mind healing has the strongest effect in body healing.....
Read a funny quote, open your computer nod look for a motivational prayer ...I always say thank you GOD for blessing me more than I deserve. :) :) :)

3 weeks today

Have gone down on my swelling...currently bloated..period time........ I am loving my results more nod more each day.....my scar is super thin and very low.....my breat are looking great..today I wore a shirt with no Braus on...still have some adjusting for them ....my Ps says it would take me about five more weeks to see best results......my Belly button is healed, I just have a weakness for my belly button...cleaning it....it just makes me want to throw up ...I don't know why........I still have tingling in my lower part of the tummy touch...feels very hard..and my vagina is puffy puffy pillow still.......overall Dr. Rex just created a new me.........I am starting scar therapy tomorrow......and four more weeks I will start my tattoo on my scar and surrounding areas...I think I am going wit Sea horse theme......ocean scenario ........ Next appointment October 11.....unless I need anything..I love the fact That I can call Dr. Rex anytime on his cell phone and he answers all my questions...he told me after October 11 he will see if I need a bit more tightening up.....:).

Here I go again......

I know I have to wait..for my BBL with lipo..inner things outer thighs and front thighs.........and I'm so confused because I wanted to travel to DR..with Walkiris ....but after seeing some off the work a doctor does here in Boston...I love his results..Ive been in contact with his nurse, and adding trip to DR plus all other expenses it rounds up to almost the same..except that I will have follow up care here.....I'm confused..will let time tell...

Thank you Jesus....for not passing judgment on me and all my real self ladies.

Oh yes on another note.....I started going back to the gym...3 weeks after my surgery cleared by my surgeon....but no heavy lifting until 6-8 weeks. I felt so much better after working out....my TT is still swollen And my BA is progressively getting better. In my opinion before surgery I trained 2 hours 5 days a week eating healthy and having 1 day off spoiling myself, 1 year ahead....I truly believe this is what has helped me heal so fast and has continued to show great body definition...except those areas that no matter how much I worked out..and I have been working out for over 20 years...the problem areas would never go away........eating enjoying life...exercising.....everything in moderation...loving yourselves, your children......also makes life so much better.

Will post pictures on Friday...which will be my 4th week.


Dr Rex, the very best surgeon ever....that should answer any questions, my follow up was yesterday 5 months, answers all my questions...I'm telling everyone..his staff is just so down to earth love them all. I am waiting for my year to post pictures...but I love my results my Breast are perky...size 38 c full cup my tummy is so flat....I will post updated pictures this weekend....to be continued........

Almost a year

I recently had a follow up..with Dr. Rex ..ten thumbs up...for him...this was my almost one year follow up....he is so professional....

Yesterday bikini day

Fall River Plastic Surgeon

The best doctor ever.....

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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