25 Years Old, 2 C-sections & 40lb Weight Loss - Lancaster, PA

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So I had my first consultation with my PS today! I...

So I had my first consultation with my PS today! I was so excited! My consultation was initially with his nurse/patient coordinator. She is WONDERFUL!. I showed up about 45min early (excited plus no traffic!). They took me right back and I watched two videos (TT & BA). Then we went into an exam room and she showed me and my hubby the silicone/saline implants. Then we discussed TT. She stated that I may have to have the FDL (fleur di lis) TT. She heard Dr. Levin speaking in the hallway and asked if I would like to meet him. Usually you have to schedule a consultation with him and pay $125. I said sure and in he came! He answered all our questions and went into further detail. He told me what I would need to have done and what he would do. It was very exciting to hear him say, "You really don't need to lose anymore weight, as this is all skin!". :)
Hubby and I are discussing and I'm going to schedule surgery for September 25th! I travel for work over the summer so that will be the best time for us! :) So excited!!!

Fleur di Lis

So, after hearing that the PS recommends a FDL, I'm a little hesitant to say the least. I think I'm going to seek out another consultation for comparison. I wanted to add two more pictures and see what anyone else thought. Full TT vs FDL?

Surgery Scheduled!

So I scheduled my surgery for BA & TT for Sept. 25th! I'm so excited! I'm going to spend the next 4 months losing the remaining weight (about 10-15lbs). I hope/plan to be 150lbs before my surgery! If you can't tell, I'm very excited. My husband is super supportive and I just hope these next 4 months go by quickly and productively in regards to weight loss. :)

2 months and counting!

I have 4 more weeks until my pre-op appointment! I cannot wait! I'm working out and have reached my pre-op goal weight! I'm planning to maintain this weight and maybe even lose a little more to make up for what I might gain after surgery.

Pre-Op Appt

I had my pre-op appt with my PS today! Got my prescriptions, my lab work order, my H&P/physical sheet and I'm ready to go! I cannot wait!!! I just have to buy my supplies and pack my overnight bag and I'm ready to go!

6 Days Post-Op

Okay! I had my surgery on Thursday Sept. 25th! I absolutely loved Dr. Levin! The whole process went smoothly and I wasn't nervous at all! The first two-three days were pretty awful I'm not going to lie. I had my first post-op appt yesterday. He said everything is looking good and I can start to stand up a little straighter! FINALLY! The hunching over was killing my back. I go back Friday to get my three drains removed!! WAHOOOO! Those drains are annoying! Then it's shower time on Saturday! (You never know how much you take the little things for granted until you can't do them!)

Oh Dr. Levin said he removed 5lbs of skin!! I can't wait to see this waist when I can stand up straight! :)

26yr Old, 2 Kids, 80lb Weight Loss

I had my BA and TT done Sept. 25th by Dr. Levin with Lancaster Plastic Surgery. Dr. Levin and his staff are wonderful! I go back for my 4 month check up on Friday 1/23. I absolutely loved everything about the surgery (well maybe except for the 1st 3 days post-op). Dr. Levin is caring, courteous, never makes you wait long for your appointments and he's very thorough. He takes pride in his work. Sandy is his receptionist and she's a sweetheart! Barb is his nurse and she's informative, attentive and so nice!

Lancaster Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Levin is wonderful! Caring, prompt, courteous, thorough!

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