4 months Post Surgery - Closed Rhinoplasty Adelaide, SA

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I turn 35 this year and for my birthday I am...

I turn 35 this year and for my birthday I am giving myself a new nose!
I have quite a big dorsal hump on the right side of my nose - more so than on my left side. I find my nostrils are particularly long as well, especially when smiling. What I'm hoping for is my hump shaved and my tip slightly smaller - so it is more feminine for my face. I have a typical Italian nose. It has given me grief for many years. I avoid taking photos on my right side. Even driving alongside someone is torture! It's given my quite low self-esteem.
I have my first consultation with Dr Peter Sylaidis from APSA in the city tomorrow and hoping for surgery in early September this year.
I have downloaded a plastic surgery simulator to get a rough idea on what I'm hoping for!
Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I'll update photos as much as I can :)

First Consultation!

Had my very first consultation yesterday at APSA with Dr Sylaidis. Consultation was $160 - but if you bring in a doctor's referral Medibank will reimburse quite a bit back. Dr Sylaidis told me to look in the mirror and tell him what I didn't like about my nose. Front on, not much at all. I like the shape. It was the protruding dorsal hump and the length. We took some photos - he told me he didn't feel my nostrils were a problem at all and convinced me I didn't need work on them.
This was a great sign - a doctor who was genuinely honest and could have made more money for himself, but didn't! I looked at his before and after photos and they were amazing. Very skilled doctor. He has been doing rhino's for at least 20 years.
I had a computer generated image of my side profile taken and he started "fixing" it on the screen - straightening the hump, narrowing the bridge and lifting the tip just a fraction. My procedure was a stock standard one and would take just an hour to do.
Dr Sylaidis then went through what to expect with recovery and told me that revision surgery is always an option.
I was then taken to his Personal Assistant, Ali, who was lovely (we had been corresponding through email prior) and she told me the rough price of it all - even looking at the cheapest hospital to do it at. It would be approximately AU$7k including surgeon's fees, anesthetist fees and hospital fees. I was beyond delighted - I was expecting at least $10k. They also encourage payment plans with MediPlan for those who need financial assistance.
Overall I left feeling quite over the moon! I'm so ready for change and feel very confident after this consultation. The second one in a few weeks will be free!
I'll update my progress upon my second consultation!
Feel free to ask any questions :)

2nd Consultation

I had my 2nd consultation at the APSA this morning. It was a free consultation to see if I had any further questions. I asked about revision surgery - Dr Sylaidis doesn't charge for revision, but there are costs from the hospital and anaesthesia which could be around the $1500 mark.

Dr Sylaidis showed me my 3d image again - and told me exactly how he would remove my dorsal hump through incision. I will be going to the Burnside hospital and booked to go in September. I like how Dr Sylaidis does natural nose jobs - he likes to just refine the nose. This is what I wanted - I did not want a completely different look.

After the consultation I met up with his personal assistant, Ali, who is just lovely! We booked in the hospital and went through all the forms and guidelines with me. I don't need further consultations - If I have any more questions closer to the date, then I can make one but it's all booked in. I will be the first 7am patient :)

More photos

Surgery scheduled for the 17th September. Just adding some more pre-op pics of my nose. I hate taking side profile pics but I can't run from it :(

Photos, photos, photos

Photos pre-op

Dorsal hump pic

6 weeks and nervously counting

6 weeks to go and I LIVE on this site. I want to thank everyone for their honest stories and support. It's somewhat comforting to know that most of us get so nervous thinking about our upcoming procedure! I keep having dreams about it too - has anyone experienced this?? Anyway here's another photo from front - you can see the hump and my point a little too droopy.

Last photos with this nose!

12 days to go. It's all becoming too real now. I'm feeling both anxious, excited and nervous about it all. I keep waking up at 3am and thinking about it!! I only *pray* it's just as beautiful as the noses I've seen on this site. I've uploaded a few more before pics so I can compare post surgery :)

2 more days......

2 more days. 2 more days left with this nose. Will be bittersweet :) Wish me luck!!!

Surgery completed!!! Day 1.

I'm still so tired from the anaesthesia so I'll do my best to make sense! I'm sleeping more than being awake at the moment.

I arrived at burnside hospital just before 7. Met with the nurse who checked my weight, height and blood pressure. She then led me to the day surgery area. I changed into my hospital gown and sat and watched tv until the anaesthetist came. Just went over the same details again. My surgeon briefly popped his head in and told me what he was going to do- get rid of the hump, slightly bring the walls in, shorten the length a bit. Then I say and waited for the nurse to bring me to the operating room. I had surgery 50 minutes after admission.

My surgeon was so gentle and put me to ease as i lay I'm the bed and got hooked up to machines. The nurse put a warm blanket on me which felt nice. The anaesthetist put the needle in and basically I was out like a light in seconds.

I heard a nurse gently repeat my name to wake me up. I was now in the recovery room. My pain threshold was about 8 as my nostrils hurt so I was given pain relief. I slept for a good hour and a half before I attempted to eat some custard but it was making me feel sick. So I was given something for the nausea. I then fell asleep again!

My surgeon saw me for a few seconds to tell me surgery went very well but I bled a lot- hence my washed, straight hair was now curly with dried blood in it. The nurse had tried washing it while I was under.

So it's been about 4.5 hours since surgery and I'm just sleeping. I have panadeine forte for the pain later. This anesthesia has really whacked me out! Was anyone else the same??

Here are some pics. I'll update more tomorrow. Goodnight haha xxx

Day 2!

Day 2 sees less bruising. I've been taking 3 arnica tablets 30c under the tongue up to 4 times a day and drinking lots of pineapple juice. Not eating anything hot. Can't open my mouth a lot. The sleep was on/off- kept waking up with a dry throat. Throat is a tad sore from the tube being inserted during surgery.

If I bend to brush my teeth or take a bath my nose bleeds slightly. If resting, no blood. Take it as easy as you can!

So far day 2 is great! Just going to continue to rest on the couch and watch game of thrones ;) update all you lovely people soon xx

Day 3!

Nothing new to report. Swelling under the eyes and the puffiness is uncomfortable. But nothing hurts. Still sick from the anaesthetic. Don't have much of an appetite, but drinking a lot of water and pineapple juice. Sleeping better too.

I was told in my initial consultation I would be having open surgery. But looking at my nose I can't see the incision mark! Is this a closed procedure? Sorry for the gross pic and it's very uneven haha. Xx

Closed rhino?

Day 4

Nothing really new to report. Skin is becoming oily. I now have phlegm and it's beyond frustrating not to blow my nose, making it hard to breathe, especially with one blocked nostril.
I have been constipated since surgery. So trying movicol to see if it makes me go!

6 day post

This may be my last post until cast removal. Just because recovery is the same and no new surprises are popping up haha!

Still congested (hayfever to be partly blamed) and skin getting oily. Bruises are fading to a yellow tone. Getting on/off tingling sensations along my bridge (which I've read and been told it's nerves repairing itself).

Just resting, sleeping and being bored! Still don't feel great. I guess everyone is different in the way their bodies recover from surgery.

Reaction to tape :(

So I'm day 7 and I'm so itchy underneath. I peeled back the tape a bit to find my sensitive skin has reacted to the tape and I have itchy big hives on my cheeks. It's very depressing. Too ease the itchiness I put some tissue over it and the tape over it so it's not itchy. It really needs to breathe. I don't have cast removal until Thursday I don't know what to do :( I might call tomorrow and see if I can get my cast off sooner. It's only a day and a half but I'm just so uncomfortable. Ah I need ice-cream to cheer me up :)

Photos of allergic reaction

I called the nurse this morning. She was very helpful and sympathetic. She says the tape they use is very harsh and they get a few girls who have the same reactions. So she sent me off to the chemist and now on Zyrtec, over the counter topical cream and a sensitive skin tape to hold the plaster down.
Tomorrow 2.30pm the cast is coming off. Never wanted anything so badly!!

Cast off and so happy!!!

My 5 minute cast removal was done so effortlessly! My Dr came in and took off the tape and cast- which wasn't painful at all. Took out two stitches that were on top of nose.

I told him it was a nice surprise that it was closed surgery! He said he broke my nose and the rest was easy so closed it was! I see him in 3 months.

My skin problems is now less of a hindrance cos I love the new nose so much!! I love how it's so natural and like my old nose, which I hated because of the big hump! Now it looks so much more feminine!! My aim!!

I look like an avatar from the front so not taking photos ;) x

Puffy face :)

Just to give you an example of the swollen stage that comes and goes!
Last night I went to my local GP to fix my out of control dermatitis. He spent the better half on the consultation looking at my nose and touching it saying it's so smooth and he did a great job! And said to expect raccoon eyes for a while hahahaha.

Anyway, I collect my hydrocortisone acetate 1% cream and pray that it works. Get some fuel on the way home. By the time I reached my house I was a big puffy mess ;) but better get used to this for a few months! X

Day 13 (incuding day of surgery)

Back to work I go! I was a bit anxious about coming back due to my dermatitis but so far it's been good. My swelling seems to have calmed around my jaw and cheeks. I do sleep with about 4-5 pillows. So uncomfortable but I want to get the swelling down!

Here are some pictures - I put them in black and white to see the definition better (bad lighting normally). Still loving the hump free nose! I have read to not take ibuprofen for at least 2 weeks after surgery. I may just wait to take any for the swelling as I have high blood pressure and ibuprofen is said to raise blood pressure = high BP.

Will review again in a few days xx

Day 15 (incl day of surgery)

Ah I know it sounds gross, but sneezing a few times has really helped the clogged dried up blood to come out...I can finally breathe from one nostril perfectly! But now the other one feels more clogged. Murphy's law i guess :)
My right side of my nose is more swollen than the left, which isn't surprising as my protruding hump was on my right side. More work to do on that side. Won't worry for now, hoping it's the swelling.
I'm still sleeping upright with about 4-5 pillows. I cannot wait for the day to sleep normally. Also cannot wait to wear makeup properly. My nose swells up when I eat warm foods (such as the amazing pasta I had last night) food first, nose second haha! But goes down eventually.

My dermatitis is clearing up - here are some photos. The key is manuka honey. It's fairly expensive and I've been sleeping with it on my face for the last few nights. It has really taken the redness away. Also good for scarring - so those who have had open surgery, this would be great for the scar underneath your nose!

Chat soon xx

Day 16 Before and After shots!

I decided to put a dreaded before & after shot. Best decision of my life - I feel so much more feminine!!! Now just waiting for the swelling to go down.

Just a question - was anyone's smile crooked after surgery?? I seem to be more swollen on my right side (not surprising as that's where the big hump was) but my smile sways to the left. Is this normal?

3 weeks post!

Hi all! Nothing much has changed hence the lack of posts. Dermatitis is basically gone. Nose fluctuates with swelling (especially in the morning) but by midday the nose looks almost perfect for my face. I am wearing minimal makeup around the nose (can't put anything on my nose for 6 weeks).
I still haven't gone back to exercise (I'm HANGING!!!)
My nose is still very sensitive. I kissed my nephew's head and slightly touched it with my nose and it hurt! Still sleeping upright with 4-5 pillows. It definitely helps with swelling.
I have more swelling on the right side than the left still - and a really small lump just under my eye socket. Has anyone had this before? A girl told me it was a hole that will heal - it has a dissolvable stitch in it (they make a hole to access the bridge of the nose)

So for 3 weeks post, I am SO incredibly happy!!! Cannot wait what the future brings!!!

Swelling :)

Just to show you a few photos of how the swelling fluctuates throughout the day and night. Tonight's nose: swollen :) but still rather this than my old nose!!

Ready for a night out :)

I'm ready to venture outdoors. 3 1/2 weeks post op. Little swollen. Feels so nice to put some make up on and straighten the hair xxx

1 month today!

It's been a month already! Wow!! It's flown alright. And I've had absolutely no problems so far *touch wood* it's never crooked or swells too much. It's been a very happy recovery process :) my smile is 90% back. Just LOVING life atm :) still has crusty stuff up my nostrils and I can feel the stitches but you can't see it.
My skin is great. Nose still a bit rough but nothing major. No peeling. I drink up to 4 litres a day of water and I'm convinced it helps with my skin and swelling :D xx

5 weeks update

Just photos. No new developments :) nose at 5 weeks

Almost 7 weeks

Day 46. Almost 7 weeks. If you run your finger along the bridge you feel lumps but it's not visible. I've started exercising and it balloons and gets red but then settles. My left profile is more scooped than my right but that doesn't bother me. Nostrils still uneven, again I don't care. Still very happy with the results :)

Smiling & uneven nostrils

Here's what it looks like when I smile. Almost 8 weeks. Uneven nostrils. And not so much change. A few weird small things like weird bumps but I'll still give it time :)

3 months update

Sorry guys I've been MIA! So busy at work and nothing really new to report. It's my 3 months and this is what my profile still looks like :) the swelling has calmed down but when I run my finger over my nose I feel little lumps and bumps but it's not visible thankfully!
I see my surgeon middle of January for the check up. Hope you're all recovering well xxx

More photos @ 3 months

To having the biggest nose in the family to the smallest ;) best decision I ever made!!!

4 month mark

Hi all, I had my 4 month appointment with my PS a few days ago. I think it lasted a few minutes! He was very happy with my profile and took a photo to upload on his portfolio.
I only asked about the hard, swollen bone on my right side of my nose. He said to wait 12-18 months and if it doesn't go down he can always shave it. It's bone cartilage build up where the most work (hump) was done. It doesn't bother me and the thought of going under again is putting me off haha.
Other than this, all is great! Tip is still numb, feels like when your foot is asleep. Weird sensation that's slowly softening. Very happy with Dr Sylaidis work. This has changed my life in such a positive way x

Pictures 4+ month mark

Hi all, just a few updated pics. Just to show you my nostrils are still uneven as well. But I hardly notice unless I'm taking a picture of it :)

The photos that failed to upload on previous update lol

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