Revision Rhinoplasty in Bev Hills- Hopefully Third Time's a Charm!

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I have had two failed rhinoplasties, and I've...

I have had two failed rhinoplasties, and I've learned the hard way that finding a good surgeon isn't easy. And even if you find a qualified surgeon, there's no guarantee that you will end up with good results. My story is: I was born with a big, wide, bumpy nose, and after two rhinoplasties, l have a less-wide, but still big, bumpy nose... plus scars, a deviated septum, breathing problems, crooked tip, and asymmetrical alars. I swear my nose just keeps looking worse every month. I don't even want to think about how my nose got to where it is now. It's so hard seeing old pictures and then looking in the mirror and realizing that you don't look the same anymore. So after all that money was wasted on my previous rhinoplasties, this time I am going with an experienced facial plastic surgeon (and spending way more money than I can afford to) but hopefully it will all be worth it and my nose will finally be fixed :).

I contacted a few surgeons for my revision.... Dr. Motykie's office asked me to send in photos and was in contact with me for weeks, but then they randomly decided to stop responding or directing my calls after I told them I was not local to LA. Dr. Davis' office didn't have an available consultation date until July- and they required a $2500 deposit for the consult! I don't care how popular/ good you are as a surgeon, asking for that much money upfront is outrageous. The other surgeons that I actually consulted with said that it wasn't worth having another revision and that I should just use fillers, or that they would do an open rhinoplasty to try and build up my middle third. Dr. Mayer was the only one who suggested a closed rhinoplasty and was observant enough to point out that I still had a bump that needed to be taken down- which I thought every surgeon would have noticed, but apparently not. So I figured he was the only one with common sense and an aesthetic eye, and he doesn't charge for consultations (a policy all surgeons should adopt). So I decided to go with Dr. Mayer and flew across the country to Bev Hills for my in-person consult with him tomorrow. If all goes well, I should have my surgery with him too.

No-go for now...

During my consultation Dr. Mayer decided that my nose needed to heal more before I could have my surgery, which was a bummer because I hoped to have my surgery the day after my in-person consultation (that was what we agreed upon after the virtual consult). So now I'm stuck in Beverly Hills for a week with literally nothing to do. I do appreciate Dr. Mayer's honestly though, because he could have just let me go through with the surgery anyway since I already paid and we had the surgery date booked. But instead, he passed on the surgery (for now), and asked me to contact him again in 6 weeks to see if my nose is operable then. I'm really sad because I was so excited to finally fix my face and get my life back... guess now I'll have to wait another 6 weeks.
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