51 Years Old and Looking 60, Sad and Tired!

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I am working very hard to drop pounds and get my...

I am working very hard to drop pounds and get my back/core strong (I've had two lower back surgeries.) When I get to my goal weight, it will be time to fix this sad, old looking face. My hope is to do this this summer if possible. I have been reading reviews for a few months now and searching other sites too. I am interested in a few Costa Rica docs and Dr. H of the renowned Biltmore lift. The thing is, in addition to a lowerface/neck lift, I need to get a dental implant and would like to have lipo on a few small stubborn areas too if possible which would make Costa Rica a good choice. But I am in love with the results I am seeing here on the Biltmore lift. I don't know how I will ever decide.

I have found my doctor.

I loved everything I learned from Dr. Edmond Khoury here in Denver. He reminds me of Dr. Harley in Ashville.

Dr. Khoury does the procedure in a fully accredited surgical room right in the office he shares with 3 other physicians. He operates only of the face and like Dr. Harley does it with oral sedation meds and Lidocaine numbing injection.

One difference is that he will only do the deep plane face/neck lift one day and eyes another day. He schedules 4 hours for the face and though he said it usually only takes 2.5 hours, it can take longer and he doesn't want. This increases the price of the bleph procedure compared to Dr. Harley.

Prices incase anyone is interested.

Full deep plane (meaning Platysma muscle lift and of course skin excison) Face and neck lift $7000 includes all fees and costs except prescriptions.

Lower bleph (which I am seriously considering too) $3000 again, includes all costs except prescriptions.

If you were to get only the neck or only the face, he charges $5000. He said he does this in about 5% of cases such as if someone has major weight loss and only the neck is affected.

Other things I thought were interesting is that he uses a scissors and scalpel like most surgeons but that the step of separating the upper layer from the sublayers he does with a special laser that basically cauterizes any small capillaries and also causes the heat that encourages collagen regrowth. Like Dr. Harley and other good PSs there is very little bruising with the face lift. The bleph is the surgery that causes much more bruising.

One last thing. I like that part of the stitches are made behind the tragus. I have only seen a few do that. I like the way it breaks up the line of the scar and maintains the current look of the tragus. Not a big deal, but I really like the look of his incision placement.

Lower Bleph only for now. Face lift later.

So, I have been having some dental issues and now am scheduled in June for my implant. I also am cast in a play that closes June 19th. Aannnd my brother is getting married July 2nd. It seems the world is conspiring for me to hold off on the FL.

On the bright side, I will get to experience Dr. Khoury's work with a lesser procedure first and have another year to prepare mentally for the bigger one!

lower bleph this summer.

Hopefully I can get my longed for face/neck lift next summer, but for this summer I can only manage a lower bleph. I hope it will make me look less tired and sad!

Actually 52 now lol. Less than 24 hours to go for lower bleph!

Had my birthday recently. I never thought I would feel so young while the image staring back at me would look so old at this age. This is a pretty great birthday gift. Though it is just the first step in my journey to looking as young as I feel, I hope it will be a super positive experience and outcome. If I have a great experience with this dr. I hope to get the face and neck lift next summer.

2 days post op.

Dr. Khoury is great. I found the procedure a piece of cake. Much easier than a tooth removal by oral surgeon several months ago. The drugs didn't completely knock me out, but I was in a happy fog, barely aware of what was going on. I was worried about this as I have a high fainting reaction (called high vagus nerve response) anyway, I had no symptoms of dizziness, faintness or discomfort. I barely remember the 45 min drive home :-) My hubbie kept my gauze/ice packs changed and had me take a Percocet (I am allergic to Vicodin), I don't think I really needed the pain med. It was the last one I have taken. Didn't need Tylenol either. The stitch line looks good. Bruising is pretty bad. dark purple under the eyes. I don't have a smart phone so posting pics is a pain, but I will eventually do that. The only thing that has been at all painful is the prednisone eye drops that stung for the first two days but are fine now. I learned to make sure to have my bowl of ice water and gauze pads near by.

It is going so well, I wish I could get the face/neck lift done this summer as well. Alas, I just don't have enough down time to heal and will have to wait until next summer.
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