46 Years Old and Tired of People Telling Me I Look Tired All the Time!

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I am a healthy active person and eat well,...

I am a healthy active person and eat well, exercise and take care of myself, but I have become frustrated with being told I look tired all the time (which we all know we interpret as "you look terrible"). After a few years and much thought and research I decided to have Lower Lid Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty to my baggy lower eyelids. I am a bit nervous but am hoping for positive results!

Day after surgery

Today has gone pretty well. I only needed to take one pain pill yesterday and so far have just been a bit puffy and a little sore. I also have a bit of soreness in my hips where some fat was taken to transfer to my lower lid, cheek area. All in all it has not been too bad. I will continue to update as healing progresses.

Two days post op

Two days post surgery and the bruising has set in a bit more, still not too bad but more noticeable than yesterday. I started my lower lid exercises and have had very little seeping from either eye. My hips are pretty sore today, had a hard time sleeping last night because they are pretty tender. I have a follow up next week and will update then. I am pretty happy with things so far! Thank you for the kind words and encouragement!

5 days out

Had my second follow up with the doc today. All is healing well, still some bruising but I actually put on makeup for the first time and it doesn't show too much. So far so good!

5 days post op

A little makeup today

Trying again to post photo

Couldn't seem to get the last photo to post...healing well

Back to work

I put on some makeup and headed back to work today, still puffy in the cheeks which does not show as much in pictures, but it gets better each day.

Ten days down!

Yesterday marked the ten day point since my surgery, I feel great, swelling has almost totally subsided and bruising is minimal. I have taken great care to be careful and not over do any activity and for me it has paid off. This was so worth the results!

Two and a half months out

I am very happy I had this done. My son got married in May and it was so nice to show up bag free! I haven't kept much of thefts transferred, but I am pretty active and knew that might happen. Overall I am very pleased.
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