30 Yr Old Mama of Two, Going to Have a Breast Lift with Augmentation/Mastopexy & Full tummy tuck!!!!!!

So I am 30, and a mother of two beautiful kids...

So I am 30, and a mother of two beautiful kids ages 4 yrs & 18 months. I have been in much need of repair since I had a child at the age of 17 that I gave up for adoption, completly ruined my body. I have been self-concous for the last 13 years, with 34D flapjacks and stretch mark heaven on top of my granny muffin. So the last time I felt normal, I was 16 years old. So over the years I have shed many tears shopping for swimsuits & clothing. My Bikini bottoms have to come up to my belly button, which we all know is so sexy. Then I go to the beach and see other women my age with 2+ kids and they have flat belly's and can wear what ever they want, and it just makes me sick. Some of us were blessed with the jean and some of us cursed. Not to mention I bust my rear at the gym an hour some times 2, 3-4 days a week, diet like a maniac, take all kinds of vitamins/supplements/prescription diet pills... you name it, I've probably done it. Just to be told that no matter what I try to do to loose this horrible flab on my gut will never go away unless it's surgically removed. Really demotivates a person that works so hard to exhaust all options with out surgery, just to be told it was all a waste of time. I'm 30, 5'5, 125lbs.....REALLY?????!!!!!!!

So I've been to 5 consultations finally chose my PS, I feel super confident that she will be able to give me my life back. Maybe won't have to live in the gym anymore, but actually go for pleasure to tone up, and actually see results. I wait for the day.

I've already been to my Pre-op, I'm scheduled for surgery 4/4/14. I've already hired a live-in nanny to come stay with us for 14 days. So the cost of surgery has gone up. Thankfully not only is she taking care of my kids but myself also. I could not be more fortunate to have found such an amazing/caring/personable/nurturing/responsible person. She has previously worked in dementia facilities, so she knows how to take care of ppl. She's not an RN but about as good as it gets. I've given her my entire motherly roll to take on....it's a tall glass to fill.

I think I'm pretty prepaird for my big day, I purchased a hospital bed, hospital table, walker, bath chair, removable shower head, compression garments from Merana, My scrips are filled, already taking my vita packs, stool softners are on guard, extra tape, bandages, Newgel Silicon sheets, car is clean, maid comes tomorrow, laundry is done....I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

Seriously I can not believe my husband has finally agreed to let me do this, and it's in 4 days! OMG! This is crazy. You know I'm not even nervous about the surgery, it's the out come I'm nervous about. What am I going to look like? Am I going to be able to withstand the pain? Am I going to freak when I see my body all chopped up? Am I going to vomit having to look at, and empty drains? AM I CRAZY????

According to my husband the answer is YES! But it's the most important thing to me, so I need to fix it. I've tried covering it up by materialism but it doesn't matter how nice my things are, if I don't feel good stepping out of them....what's the point?

I will upload before and after pic's soon.

Pre-op pictures

Ok, so now that my review has been posted I will go ahead and show you the way I look now. And in just two very short days.... It's all going to change! I can't believe it!!!!!

Post op Day 2!!!

Wow, what a world wind. Surgery went well, I kissed my husband good bye and that's all I remember. Next thing I tried to wake up when it was all over, but it was extremely hard. My total surgery time was about 4 1/2 hours. I went in at noon and was done around 4:30, when I finally came to, we were able to leave around 6.

I can honestly say, the reviews people post about how you feel immediately after surgery is so true. I felt like and elephant had stepped on my chest. And my stomach felt like I had been stabbed with a butcher knife.

But before surgery my PS made me feel so comfortable that I was going to come out looking exactly the way I had always hopped. And I can honestly say, as of post op day 2, I can't believe how amazing I look. Sure Im swollen and bruised up, but I can see past all of that. And I do not know how she managed to do it, but I came out with only 1 drain. So thankful. It's going to be so exciting to see the changes ahead.

I can say Post op day 1 was the hardest. Getting in and out of bed and I have a fully electric hospital bed was still excruciating! I purchased a walker to help alleviate my back pain, it hasn't done much on that front. I am literally bent over in a 90 degree angle so I guess it helps for me not to fall on my face.
I know some people leave the hospital wearing compression garments, but my PS did not feel it's necessary to wear until my 2-3 week post-op. Good news is I get to take a shower today just 48 hours after surgery. Im feeling so much better today, I will definitely take advantage of that.

And I have to give props to my husband. He has really been on top of catering to my every need, Im a very demanding patient. He empties my drain and records in the log, administers my meds round the clock, sometimes I question him wether I'm getting the med's I need at the right time, he doesn't appreciate it because he's more organized then I am. He's constantly refilling my water, bringing me juice, food and snacks. He's truly awesome. I don't know what I would do without him!

And our caregiver we hired to take care of the kids and myself, has truly been a blessing. She's so calm, patient, nurturing, and genuine. I couldn't imagine any one else in our home doing the tasks I have given her, and most of all she does everything with a smile. She's one of a kind.

Well I tried to take a few pictures, mostly of my breast because I can not stand up enough yet to show you how amazing my doc was with the placement of my tummy tuck scar... So here is a short lil update. I will post better pictures soon.

Day 2 Post op pictures.

I will post better photos tomorrow after I've had a shower.

Post- op Day 6

Honestly I feel amazing today. It did not start out that way, but as time goes by it really does get so much easier. Fortunately I never experienced the depression phase, maybe because I have such an amazing caregiver. Like I said earlier, we hired a nanny to move in for 14 days, not only to take care of the kids but also my every need, and house duties, cooking...you name it she does it above and beyond. She has the most amazing attitude about everything, I don't think the depression is going to hit me until she leaves.
I went in to see my nurse yesterday at 5 days post-op, a lil early but my sterile strips were falling off to early. So she had me come in and re bandaged me right up. And made me feel so confident that I'm ahead of the curve in my healing process. My tummy tuck scar is so low and healing remarkably, I can literally wear what ever swim bottom I want. It's only been 6 days post-op and I'm going to tell you my surgeon is a miracle worker. I never dreamed in my life I could ever look this good again ALL my stretch marks are GONE!!!! The best part is I was fortunate enough to only have ONE drain, most women have 2 drains for a tummy tuck and sometimes for there breast to. Down side I have to wait 13 days post op to have it removed. But no matter what one is better then two. I am so excited that all of my research has paid off and I found the absolute best Dr, and I love her nurse Kacie. What an amazing collaboration of women. I could not have asked for anything more.

And since I have been so religious of taking my meds on the hour around the clock, my breast look unbelievable, I keep touching them because I can't believe they are really mine. I expected to come out looking all boxy or one noticably larger then the other, or crazy looking nipples, or to flat...you name it I was terrified. But I could not be happier, they look outstanding for only 6 days post- op. Yes they still have the bloody sterile strips on until they fall off, but I'm just talking about the shape. I was scared of basketballs on my chest, my husband is not a fake boogie guy. But they look so natural and perky he LOVES THEM! So I was a very saggy full C and a small D. I ended up with 350cc's on the left and 300cc's on the right. I left it in my PS hands and she could not have made a better judgment call.

So here are my 6 day Post -op photos and you can judge for your self!


So I did I side by side comparison today and these were the results!

Top pics were two days pre-op
Bottom two are 6 days post o

What a remarkable difference.


So I did I side by side comparison today and these were the results!

Top pics were two days pre-op
Bottom two are 6 days post op

Bikini time!

I'm going to show you a before bikini shot pre-op & a post op.... I can't believe it!


No more rushing in the morning to put a bra on, when we have friends family or guest over... I can just throw a tank on when I wake up in the morning and I'm ready to go! Usually I'm embarrassed to leave my room without a bra!

Post-op Day 8

So I'm steal very swollen, tired, still need my walker. I have over exhausted myself two days in a row in the car. Let me tell you VERY BAD idea. Do not go anywhere unless you have to go see your Dr. otherwise not worth the pain and swelling. Good news I'm healing so well! My incisions on my breast are amazing, and my areolas are slightly raised, but keeping them taped they will flatten out over time. I can't wait to start my scar treatment, because I know they will look amazing. I'm so happy everything worked out, and I was able to have this done for myself. And once healed my hubby will have a brand new woman. YAY!!!

14 day post-op

So everything is still healing great, I finally got to put on my surgical compression garment today, great for the day, but doesn't look like I will get a lot of sleep tonight with it being so tight.

Well today my nanny left us today, Im going though a world wind of emotions. She was more then just my nanny or caregiver, she became my friend and confidant. People like her are extremely rare in this world. I've been so attached to her over the last 14 days with her amazing help, Im lost, and truly miss how incredibly she took care of all of us. She was an angel to me and a true blessing. I did offer extended help and hope she will except.

So on Tuesday, crazy enough I have yet to see the Dr whom performed surgery on me so I have a 3rd just random visit. Mainly to make me feel comfortable everything is healing at the right speed. So I will post more pic's after the Holiday weekend. Happy Easter Everyone!
Austin Plastic Surgeon

I am truly blessed to have found a Dr, who is passionate about her work, and genuinely cares about the patient and how they would like to see there end results turn out. She listened and delivered. I could not have imagined going anywhere else. If you live in Austin TX and are considering any type of cosmetic surgery Dr. Ashley Gordon is the way to go!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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