Finally Getting What I Have Always Wanted, Bigger Boobies!

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Tomorrow is the "Big Day"...I am 40 yrs. old, 134...

Tomorrow is the "Big Day"...I am 40 yrs. old, 134 lbs. & 34-A...I have struggled over the past few months about size choice and still did up until the day after my Pre-Op visit. Signed off on 375cc's Mentor Moderate Profile Plus silicone gel, slept on it & changed it to 400cc's the next morning. I am doing my BA with just local & a sedative & so excited!!!

Day 1 post-op

Surgery went great! I had the Awake Breast Augmentation & I have to say it was an amazing experience overall. Arrived at the surgery center 6:45 am, IV antibiotics given to me & a valium with a triazolam....totally relaxed....brought me in to a heated table...did the block( huge needle to numb the muscle) and epi to numb the incision areas...incision made, used a tool to stretch the muscle & place a sizer in, then insert the implants and done! I was out of there around 10am. Last night was, better...still very sore & stiff....lots of icing!!!

Updated photo Day 2 post-op


Day 2 post-op

Taking Vicodin every 4 hours...way more mobile then yesterday :)

Day 3

Feeling so much better today!!! Still high & very tight....not so much the weight feeling on my chest Vicodin today, just Tylenol 500mg...took 2 this morning & 2 strap since the day after surgery & no bra of any type until doctors orders on Wednesday...didn't have any bandaging at all, just the surgical tape strips where incisions happy with recovery, just movin right along!

Day 4 many women talk about morning boob & yes it's true...woke up so sore, my right arm and armpit & breast of pains, so I'm icing it for a bit...just taking 2 extra strength Tylenol 500 mg. each....once you get up & move around, you are good to go ;)

Day 5

Well, since I haven't taken any Vicodin, not even last night to sleep, yikes!!! This morning was rough!!! Mornings are the worst, and I guess because I had thicker muscle on my right breast it hurts!!!! I think I'm gonna have to take one for bedtime because I am a light sleeper as it is! Once you get up and start moving around, way better!!! No pics today because they are the same, still high & swollen...can't wait to drop already :(

Day 6

Went for post-op visit today!!! Still too high so I have to wear "the strap" ugghhhh I hate this thing already!!! So painful, but it will help me drop faster! Incisions looking good, no bra yet & just applying neosporin on the incisions for 2 weeks till my next follow up!

One week post-op!!!

Hate the strap!!!! And it's only the first day!! Knowing it will assist in the dropping of the new boobs, I will promise to try and wear it as much as possible!!! My surgeon is one talented man!!! So far spectacular results...I will update pics this iPad takes terrible pics...gonna try to take some with my phone! Happy healing fellow boobielicious beauties!!!!

Day 8

Feeling great...back to work...still swollen a bit & still too high & wearing the band to help them drop :( here are some updated pics! Very satisfied with my results....all my research definitely paid off!!!

12 Days Post-Op

Haven't posted in a few days! Everything has been the same, but today I had some discomfort...nipples are so sensitive & have a slight burning sensation...I think the band is helping a bit, but today I didn't wear it the entire work day, just back hurts from the confined sleeping position! Here are some pics and I don't know if there is a big difference...left boob looks slightly larger, but they still have lots of phases left to go through...not worried! Incisions are great & I did not have any bruising on my body at all!

14 Days Post-Op

Feeling great...they are changing slightly, but not this the same for any of you??? Still high :( & wearing my band faithfully everyday, all day until I go to sleep! Here are a few pics of my new VS bikini not having to wear padding!!!!

coming up on 3 weeks post-op!

I really can't tell if they have changed!! I look at them all day long...follow up appt. Tomorrow! Here are some pics!

3 week post-op visit today!

Had my 3 week visit with my PS today & got in trouble for wearing a genie bra!!!! He said no bra at all if I want them to drop faster!!! Had to buy the silicone nipple stick on things at VS...I run an office & deal with people all day's so hard to hide the high beams I have going on!!! Anyway, showed me some massage techniques that need to be done throughout each day...5-10 times a day!!! This is a lot of work! My boobs definitely have softened a bit....he also said I didn't have a lot of skin to fill, so it could take me 2 months to drop :( so, I'm almost halfway there! Got the okay to work out again!!! No limits & back to my Pilates & squats!!!

24 Days Post-Op

Feel like they are slowwwwly dropping & so happy with the results!!! No complaints thus far, just getting a complete nights sleep is the only issue...I am very lucky to have a smooth recovery! Just one pic! They all look the same to me, but maybe you all can see a change!?!?

One month & two days Post-Op

Sorry for not updating sooner, everything was at a stand still...they are slowly dropping & a lot softer...nipples still feel so sensitive, like they are sun burned :/ incisions are great but haven't gotten the go ahead for scar diminishing cream yet...just using Vitamin E gel caps & they are smoothing out nicely! Taking Pilates classes at the gym and it feels great to almost be back to normal!!! Here are some pics!

We have dropping in effect!!!!

Definitely seeing some dropping today....ladies, when this starts to happen, I promise you will be in love!!!! Can just see a little more today they are moving into position ;)

One month & 7 days post-op!!!

Feeling 100%...working out again & full mobility for the most part...incision site still tender & probably will be for a while...I have always had confidence, even with smaller husband has always loved me the way I was before, but he is definitely enjoying the upgrade!!! We both are!

One Month & 11 Days Post-Op!!!

So today I had a follow up appointment with my PS & he said everything looks great!!! Gave me the okay to start wearing a regular bra...if I want them to drop a little more, keep wearing non-supporting bras (Coobie, thin sports bras)! Can't wait to find out my true size!!! He was very impressed with how the incisions look after such a short period of time ;) his results are perfection & I couldn't be happier!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!

Got to debut the ladies today at the Jersey Shore (my home) went to the beach with my mom and sister!! 86 degrees & perfect! God it was a long winter! Hope everyone got to enjoy the's a pic, not of my favorite beach in Jersey!

2 Months Post-Op tomorrow!!!!!

It's been a long, wonderful journey....and it's been wonderful because of this great website & the support of all the women on this site that give advise & understand all that you are going gives you piece of mind confronting the unknown with other women experiencing the same emotions, ups & downs of this crazy ride!!! I've been lucky enough to have an easy recovery & have achieved the look I have anticipated wanting all these years!!! Here are some pics!

Just about 4 months post-op

Sorry I haven't posted any recent pics in a while....wanted to give them some time to change a bit since all my pics were so similar...feeling great, no problems whatsoever !!! Enjoying the summer....went skydiving & it was amazing!!!! The girls survived ;) enjoying the beach & all of my new are some pics! Added a few skydiving pics too!!!!

9 months Post-Op!!!

Everything doing great...the girls have fallen into place nicely ;) I felt as though I needed to update my pics so I'm adding some! I love the way they turned out & couldn't be complications whatsoever!! I will admit though that I do have a tiny bit of boob greed, as many women do ideal size would have been 425 or even 450... The thing is that you don't know it at the are scared of going too big because your so flat it is something that you only realize after the fact...I will take my beautiful 400cc's & love them every day of my life!!!! So blessed for this gift from my husband & for my spectacular surgeon Dr.Gartner!!!!
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Amazing staff & such a caring, kind Doctor. The Awake Breast Augmentation was great. For all of you who are curious about the procedure, Dr. Gartner is the best!!! Painless & just know you are in good hands! Best experience I could have ever hoped for!

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