30 Years Old, 2 Children Both Breastfed over a Year. 265cc Natrelle

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I have never had big boobs, but I prayed and hoped...

I have never had big boobs, but I prayed and hoped they would come! But they never did. I had my two kids 2 years apart and breastfed my son (4 years old now) for 13 months and my daughter (2 years old) 15 months. I feel very lucky to have had such a great breastfeeding experience, and wouldn't change it for the world! As many other moms know, your breasts will never be the same...
I am now ready to get my surgery and it is surreal- pretty exciting! I have chosen a great doctor that has be used by many people I know. I am really active and pretty small, 5'3.5" and 113lbs. I am really into Pilates, power yoga and running... So having to slow down for a while after is going to be tough, but spending the money and wanting great results will be a reminder to hold if on the exercise until the right time. I really wanted to post my experience because there is not a lot out there about women who get less than 300cc. I am planning on 265cc Natrelle style 15. My doctor told me to go bigger, but they all do. I really cannot imagine going much bigger, but he did order the 286cc implants for me as well. It's not a big difference but I feel like I want to have the look of- are they real or not??! I want it to be a question of either/or, not just: yes, those are fake. It's hard to chose to go smaller because everyone tells you to bigger, but my I am going to follow my gut and go for the 265cc. I hope this posting helps other women who want a relatively small implant- even though it's not that small!! More to come and pics ;)

2 days post op

Wow! What a great experience! I'm in hardly any pain, and couldn't be happier! The doctor chose 265cc in my left and 286 cc in my left. He is a wonderful doctor and I couldn't be happier that he took the reigns and went with his gut. I went under the muscle and incision under the nipple. Honestly, it feels exactly like when your milk comes in after having a baby!
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