29 Year Old / No Kids / 5'3" 116-118 Lbs 32/34a

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Growing up, I have always been flat and envied...

Growing up, I have always been flat and envied women with at least B to C cup breast. In college, I was determined to just be satisfied with my chest size and hope it will eventually get larger.

However, after college my chest size did not change. I've also seen my sisters who are also small chested (34a-b) have babies and go back to the same size. At that point , I realized my chest size will not change. That is when I started to seriously contemplate about getting a BA. My first consultation was back in 2009-2010. I was uncomfortable with how my family react or think about a BA, unsure how it would affect breast feeding when I do have kids, afraid that my boobs would sage after babies, scared of the chance that I would have to get additional BA in the future in case of rupture or other issues, the price tag ($6000 at that time in SoCal), deciding on saline vs. silicon, etc.

Since my first consultations, VS came out with bras that add two cup sizes. I bought these VS bras and bikini tops in hopes this would help me look proportionate in clothing and swim suits. However, my chest looks empty in some tops even with the bra. When I wear the bikini top, sometimes there is a huge visible gap where my nipple may show. I'm constantly making adjustments which looks awkward in public. It's just so uncomfortable to maintain. I would feel uncomfortable hugging people because they will feel foam on my chest if they hug tight.

My husband and I moved to Hawaii in 2012 and went back for additional consults trying to find the best price. In Hawaii, BA ranged from $7500-$8500. It's higher than average In Hawaii but I wanted to get the procedure done. I was set to have a BA in Hawaii but we moved again in 2013 to Massachusetts. After many years delaying a BA and second guessing a BA, I decided that I wanted to move forward and chose a highly qualified PS in my area which I found on RealSelf. The doctor was very informative. His assistant was very nice and accommodating to schedule my first consult at their clinic. I went in for a consult mid-March. I've done a lot of research of BA over the years, I went to many consults prior to my visit, I researched the PS credentials, and looked at their website. In a way I knew what to expect so I didn't have many questions. I ask basic questions like where the operation will occur, location of incision site and why, type of implant they use and why, recovery time, and a few more I cannot recall. He then took pictures and measured my chest to see which size would be appropriate for my frame. He suggested 275-325cc. I tried the implants under my shirt and was on the fence between 300cc and 320 cc. I scheduled a surgery date and the nurse just told me to think about the size and then they would purchase the implants early April.

I went for a second consult today. I brought my husband to help with my decision and for him to ask any questions or concerns he had with the BA. I showed him both 300cc and 320 cc. He could not notice a difference either. It's quite difficult to know what it would look like at this point. The doctor said about 220 cc should bring me one cup bigger so I may be looking at full B or small C.

I decided to go with 320 cc. I didn't want to go bigger because he said it could lead to different complications. I really wanted to end up with a full C but I don't want to go too big. This is where I am second guessing my decision. I read on the internet of people with my frame, 275-350 cc should be a good size. However, there were people who thought 320 was too big or too small. I realize everyone's body is different and the look they have in mind is different.

I will just be comfortable with my decision. I paid for the BA ($7275) and got my prescriptions. I guess no looking back now. surgery date is April 9th. I'm looking forward to it and seeing the results.

Over the years, I've read many post on the internet and viewed videos which I found helpful yet discouraging. I'll post before and after photos later. I'll possible post my progress in hopesI've read many post on the internet which I found helpful yet discouraging. I'll also post my progress in hopes it will help someone.


Surgery tomorrow

I've been anxious this past week. During the week, I was researching what cup size 320 cc would bring me to. I read very mixed reviews. Some when to a B/C cup while some went to a D. I do not want to go a large as a D especially if I plan to have kid in the next 2-3 years. I also read a post of another fellow RealSelf user which she thought 320 cc was too large and regretted the process. That really made me second guess my choice. I kept thinking I should go to 300cc but after many nights thinking about it, I decided to stick with it. I was able to catch up on sleep over the weekend. I went to Costco and Target with my husband to buy essentials that I might need for recovery like Gatorade, water, soup, pomegranate juice, FiberOne bars, apple sauce, laxative tea, and other easy to prepare meals. I could not find a front opening sports bra at Target so I purchased one off Amazon. I hope it's the right size.

I also went to CVS to pick up my meds along with Dial soap that I started using in Saturday.

I have some questions for the doctor and nurse. I plan to ask them recommendations on scar treatment. I'll post more updates.


Recommendations for scar treatment?

Does anyone have recommendations for scar treatment?

I was looking to replace my One-A-Day women's multivitamins with skin, nail, and hair multivitamins. Also, I read somewhere that Waxelene is a good moisturizer to prevent stretch marks. I also seen that the c-section scar strips are good to treat the incision. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Day of Surgery

I realize my earlier post is riddled with typos- excuse my typos please :)

I talked to the nurse yesterday and she said to avoid taking vitamin E for the next 10 days because it will increase bruising. I decided save my scar treatment questions prior to my surgery and one week post-op.

Right now, I'm just going to prep my bed and all essentials that I will need immediately after surgery like meds. I tested out my pillow arrangement. It felt uncomfortable with just two pillows so I'm washing a couple pillow cases right now.

I haven't drank water since 10p last night so I'm feeling hunger and thirsty.

I'm a little nervous but excited. I'm nervous about my recovery and how I'll feel. I'm excited to say good bye to my VS add 2-cup size bras.

I have to work a little and prep some minor items before my procedure. I'll post more updates.

Have a great day everyone!

Finally! Post op day 1

In pain.. Chest is tight. Arrived 12 to sign paper work. Met with PS which he cleaned my chest area with rubbing alcohol 3 times. Makes me with the implant positioning. Rested for 1 hour. PS, nurse and anesthesiologist answered question and explain expectations. Procedure was at 2:10p and arrived home by 8p to eat chicken noodle soup and crackers with pain killer and antibiotics. After the procedure I nauseated and threw to 3 times but staff was so helpful. Couldn't go home until I felt better. They constant were checking on me. They are so great! I'm icing my chest now and going to bed. My husband is amazing and extremely helpful too. Can't complain.

Good night all!


I'm itchy all over my body. Can't sleep throughout the night. Chest is tight but I don't feel much pain.. Just itchy.

Day 2 -slept 5 hours last night

Sleep is improving. Sleep 5-6 hours instead of 3-4 hours on the night after my procedure. Last night, I took muscle relaxers to help with muscle stiffness I felt yesterday night. The first night felt like I did 100 push up, which I couldn't even do 9 prior to the procedure. I took muscle relaxers during the day and kept dozing off. Don't take the muscle relaxer early morning (6a) if you are trying to stay up or work.

I'm not regular so doing to try my SmoothMove Tea with my FiberOne Bar to help me get back on track.

Remember ladies to stay hydrated. Even small sips at a time. I was nauseated yesterday because I was not drinking enough liquids and not eating much. I'll be consistent today. Still not too much pain. Nausea went away after drinking more liquids and eating dinner (tomato soup, crab cakes, toast, crackers, water and pomegranate juice. Sea bands helped too. Just some tightness in the chest again this morning but bareable.

Maybe I'll have the courage to post my before and after BA shots later.

Have a good day and happy healing everyone!

FiberOne and Smooth move

Forgot photo

One month post op

Here is a recap since my last post (day 2):

I was regular starting day 3. The fiber bars and laxative tea helped.

I work from home so the day after surgery I worked from home. Day 1-2 post op, I was taking all the prescribed medications. The medication made me feel sleepy, so I found myself falling asleep 1-2 hours randomly throughout the day. I was surprised I wasn't in much pain after the surgery. I iced the top of my breast 3-4 times a day. I did not get much swelling or bruising. However, my skin just felt really tight. The implants were high for the first two weeks. Closer to week 4, I can see the implants and my breast muscles drop.

Day three I was comfortable to move around. I went with my husband to do errands. On our way to do errand, the post office and bank, regarding a car accident. My first reaction was shock. My second reaction was to check if my husband was okay. My third reaction was to check if my implants were okay because I felt a slight jolt when we were struck by the big work truck. Last reaction was to get out of the car to check if the driver was okay and look at the damages. Luckily everyone was okay.
After running errands we return close to home and took the T (Boston Subway) to Macy's to exchange the item I bought. While walking I felt burning sensations in my upper breast. I discreetly cupped my breast under my thick jacket while holding onto my husband's arm. It was late afternoon so we eat at a restaurant. We had calamari as an appetizer and I had soup as my main dish. It does not sound appetizing now but I do not have an appetite for the first five days post op. For the first five days my meals consist of soup, crackers, and some protein such as salmon, chicken, and meatballs.

Since I work from home I usually walk the dog in the mornings and afternoons. For the first five days my husband walk the dog. Starting from Day 3, I was comfortable to go for walks with my husband at night. Day 5 I felt comfortable to take my dog for morning and afternoon walks. On Day 7, my dog tugged at the leash which made my left breast have slight burning sensation throughout the day. At Week 4, I do not feel any burning sensations when walking the dog.

One week post op, I went to Dr. Darrow's to remove the bandages and strei-strips. After the bandages were removed, I started applying Mederma once a day and used the c-section silicon strips. I cut the strips into six pieces. I leave the strips on covering the incision for more than 12 hours a day. Right now the scars are dark. Hopefully after three months it will be unnoticeable. I started applying Bio oil on the top of my breast after week one post op.

My husband and I went to a trip to Montreal two and half weeks postop. The day before I went to a cycling class and took it easy. When they prompted the class to sprint, I only went at a pace that was comfortable for me. While at Montreal I went swimming and did laps in the pool for about 30-40 minutes; however, I did not use my arms. I'm eager to restart a workout regiment because I felt bloated during the first two weeks.

While in Montreal, my husband and I went to a Canadian lingerie shop which I was sized for bra. The lady sized me as 34B or 32C. They do not carry 32C so I bought a front opening wireless bra at the size of 34B.

Week 1 to 2, I wore the surgical bra I went home with and alternated with a Manera surgical bra (w/ 2 inch elastic band) starting from Day 3 Postop.
Week 3 to 4 wore a sports bra that I had before the procedure and the bras I bought in Montreal.

Week three I had to travel for work. I had two large carry-on luggage. Looking back it was not a good idea to bring only carry-on. I had to store the larger item overhead. It was quite heavy so during the third week, I felt burning sensations in my upper breast randomly throughout the day.

During week three and four, I felt random muscle spasms in my left breast every other day mostly at night.

I have my follow-up appointment with Dr. Darrow later today. I will post more updates later.

Happy healing!

More pictures

Week 4 PS visit done

I went for my follow-up and my PS said I can resume to all normal activity within my own comfort. I was concerned about the feel of my breast. It's a little firm but he said it will get softer since this is the beginning stages of my healing. He mention the roundness on the top of my breast muscle will eventually go too. I asked about signs is should be concerned. He said of they go lopsided or really red. The zaps and burning sensations are natural and part of the muscle healing since the implant is stretching the muscle.

I'm due for my next follow-up in September. I look forward to continued healing.

I'm hesitant to buy new swim suits and bras since my size may change. We'll see how I feel closer to June/July :)

Week 4 pictures

Week 4 pictures

Week 4 pictures

Previous posted in error. Here are the pictures this time :P

I highly recommend Dr. Darrow. Dr. Darrow, Helen, and Boston Center staff are amazing. I've been to 5 different PS offices/consultations prior to my first consult with Dr. Darrow. The minute I met Helen and Dr. Darrow, I knew and felt I found the right place. Helen is always so pleasant, welcoming, and accommodating. I came in on the wrong day for my first consult but she managed to have me meet with the doctor. Dr. Darrow listened to the results I wanted and provided recommendations based on what I said I'm looking for, measurements, and I'm sure experience. He was thorough with his answers. I wasn't sure on my choice of size. Dr. Darrow and Helen scheduled me for a second meeting and sizing. Dr. Darrow was reassuring on the choice I made and provided and explanation. Prior to the surgery, the nurses explained the expectations. I had additional questions which they responded the same day. Day of surgery - Dr. Darrow, Helen, and staff made the process less nerve wracking. I was surprisingly very calm because I knew and trusted I was in great hands. Anesthesiologist was quick to start the IV, given my veins are always hard to find. The staff was in constant communication with my husband and told him my status and post-op care exceptions. This made post-op recovery easy because my husband was able to gather items I forgot to get and additional items needed for recovery. Post-op I could not remember too much conversation with Dr. Darrow and the anesthesiologist but post op care was excellent. The nurses kept checking on me. They asked me if I was thirsty and gave me what I asked for, ginger ale and juice. I was extremely nauseated and the nurse remained by my side with a pan for when I needed to throw up. She provided me additional nausea medication. She remained by my side until I was ready to go home. The next morning, they called my husband to check on my status. If I had questions or concerns, the nurses addressed what they could at that time. Dr. Darrow called and followed up with further direction. I called with further post up questions and Dr. Darrow, Helen, and Boston Center staff again answered my questions in a timely and thorough manner.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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