23 years, 1 kid, 400cc Textured Round High Profile *Silicone Unders • 32A to 32D

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I don't know where to start except that I got...

I don't know where to start except that I got interested in getting a Breast augmentation recently as I was googling stuff about it one day out of curiosity. I've always been really flat chested, and the largest I was was right after I had my son last year. I stretched to probably a large B, although I was never measured. I only lactated for a week and then suddenly lost my milk. I'm really interested in getting this procedure done, though. I was never very sure about it until I began researching it. Unfortunately for me, I don't have a job right now, as I can't drive and I must watch my 1 year old boy, so I won't be able to afford this for some time. : /

I hope to get a full C look one day :) Hopefully in 1 or 2 years tops, because I really value my youth lol.
I think I already know who I'd like to see, but based on what I was able to find from the reviews provided, it would cost me at least $7000.00 :( I really hope I can get a well paying job sooooon. There had been an opening for the post office RIGHT next door to my house that offered 11.00 an hour, which is fantastic and would have been perfect! But the position was filled immediately. Damn lol. Just sucks because I'm not going to find another job like that in this area, and minimum wage is $7.25 here.

Just a little bit of info real quick:
I'm 21, 5 foot 1 inch in height. My weight varies from (usually) 96-100 lbs, depending on how much water I've had to drink or how much I've eaten. I'm light, but I have some body fat, and I'm not very toned, which I'd love to change, but just no motivation right now, haha.


Just some wish photos and before photos :')

Just some more wish photos...

While I waste away dreaming of something so so far off.. ; u; ......
Wish there was a way I could make some money to save for this since it's currently impossible to get a job :'0 ..
Think it would be unreasonable to link my paypal for boobie donations? haha

More dreaming..

Trying so hard to get a job, but nobody is hiring :(

So I'll just... dream away lol

Getting a job finally!

Most likely :)

Starbucks called me back finally after a month. Had my interview, and the lady I spoke to said they'd run my record and if it came back clear, they'd get my start date!

I'm excited and nervous at the same time, because I'll finally get to start saving a little (not much sadly) but I'm such a sloow learner and don't do well under stress haha. I'm really praying it will be easier for me to learn than my first job.

It just sucks because, 1: It's gonna be so hard on us trying to watch our son AND go to work/get sleep; and 2: I'm starting on 2 or 3 days a week, most likely min. wage at 7 something an hour, with bills to pay, so I don't think I'm gonna save much at all to start. I want to work full time, but I've got no one besides my Fiance to watch him. It is gonna take me a lot longer than 2 years at this estimated rate to save up for my desired BA. haha. Not to mention I want to have my name changed and owe 500 on a laptop my friend bought me.

God, I hope I make a great barista AND still parent well.

Wish me luck!

Here are some more Wish Pics, and a general idea of my size at 5' 1" 98 lbs.

Money saving time

Well, the good news for me is that I'm starting at $8 an hour instead of 7.25 :) But the bad news is I'm not full time and I usually only work 3, 6 hour days a week. But it's only been 5 days, so hopefully that will change quickly. Gonna have my first 9 hour shift on Sunday, which is fantastic cuz I'll finally make a little more.

Anxious to get my wedding rings, my name change, and start really saving. I know I'll probably have to spend 100 a month at least to help with groceries and gas, if not other stuff. I don't want to be selfish, but I also don't wanna spend all my money when I want to save as fast and as much as possible. Ah well. I'm just thankful to have a job I enjoy and get paid more than I expected. Hopefully the year goes by quickly and I accumulate more at least 6K this year ;-;

Here are some more wish pics to pass the time. Some of these are from users on this site :)

Fiance isn't cool with it.

Suddenly. It drives me crazy. I already talked to him a couple times, and he said he was okay with it, and to do it if it made me happy. Now, once again, he's all of a sudden decided that I'm being selfish, and it's stupid, and that I shouldn't do it. It's 'retarded'. I just told him he doesn't understand, and he's never going to. I still have every intention of doing it whether he likes it or not. It's my body, my money that I earned, and my choice to be happy. I even tried explaining to him that my intention is to save at least 10K so that I have at least a couple thousand left to continue helping with bills. He doesn't get that as a no longer single woman, who has responsibilities, this is my last real chance to do something for myself. All of my money, time, and love belongs to them and will for the rest of my life, so excuse me for wanting this one thing for me. I could say so much more, but I just don't have the energy.

this is it! :)

After trying to update my review the other day about how I was broke and upset that this wouldn't come as soon as I wanted, my mother called me and told me she was getting her breasts done. She came into a hefty bit of money and she's so so so so generously agreed to help me get mine done as well. My family moved again and I'm the main provider right now so I can't save, but I'm so fortunate to have this opportunity. I'm so thankful! I'm so excited! I'm currently trying to schedule a consultation with a doctor whom I think will be perfect for me. (: this is a once in a lifetime chance for me and I can't express enough how grateful I am!

I think I want mod plus, but I'm worried it would be too wide for my body, and I wouldn't mind high profile, since that's what I'll likely have to choose anyway, but I'm concerned about having too much upper boob. I just hope it'll turn out in the end! Im a petite person and I don't wanna go too big or too small, but honestly, any size is better than where I'm at now. I'm also uneven, noticeably, and I'm looking to correct that as well. But! This is stuff I'll of course share with my surgeon. So so excited..... Thank you, God. Thank you, Mother (:

scheduling my first (and hopefully last) consultation!

With Doctor Louton (: I'm hoping to call Monday or Tuesday and get a consultation next week or so, and then hopefully I can get scheduled for my surgery! I'm ready and raring to go!

consultation this Tuesday! :)

Yaaay. (: man, cannot wait. Wish me luck! Got my appointment with Doctor Louton.

textured shaped gummies?

So I had my consultation today, and I loved the staff and my doctor seems like a great one who knows what he's doing. I of course decided to go with 350-400 CCs and he ended up suggesting the because I have little breast tissue and want such a large size, I should go with textured shaped implants. I trust his advice of course, and he assured me that done correctly, the implants would not rotate.. And I trust his advice, I do, but I'm really worried about shaped implants. I think I'll change my decision to round, but I'm worried by doing so, I'll make a mistake by not going with his suggestion. What are your thoughts, ladies? Please and thank you ????

Preop on the 7th!

Super excited!
Just called this afternoon, and everything is paid for which is fantastic. I have my preop on May 7th, and I'm getting Sientra
Smooth round silicone. I had originally chosen 350-400 CCS, but my surgeon said that I would need anatomical implants, and after thinking it over, I decided I didn't want that. So! The size will be decided on the 7th I suppose. Hoping for at least 325 though! Got all my surgical bras, and I am ready to do this. Thinking on it, I can't believe it's finally happening. I can't wait to feel good in my own skin..!

Will update again soon! :)

Surgery on May 22

Eeeeeeeeeee! Cannot waaaaiiit. Only 2 more days till my preop and only a couple weeks till surgery!

Current info:
Age: 22
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 105 lbs (looking to get back down to 95)
Bra size: 34A, though never properly sized and I only fill half a cup.
Implants: Going with Smooth, round, silicone Sientras. Hoping for a size of 350ccs, at least 325ccs if I can. Incision will be through the breast crease.

Was set to get a fibroadenoma removed the 14th, but for some reason can't go to the surgeon I was supposed to now, so I won't be able to do so before the breast augmentation like my PS wanted me to.

My fiance and I are no longer, and I'm moving out with our son (sadly) after my surgery.

I quit my job. I loved my job.

My son celebrated his second birthday on April 21st :))

Preop done!

I went to my preop appointment today, and we went over what to expect before surgery, and after, and how I should prepare. There were a lot of papers to sign, and I ended up learning some things I had been confused about. For one, the surgery center in going to doesn't readily carry Smooth implants as they prefer textured, so my implants will be textured.
I didn't get to try sizes on again as I expected. I had also thought I'd be receiving Sientras, but i (think) they decide which type depending on my unique anatomy. I thought the Sientras were the only gummy bears, but it's now my understanding that all or most implants are cohesive gel, which is wonderful!

They took my before photos (which look god awful, woe is me. I stand off to one side) and I received a couple of books with information about surgery. I also got a gel ice pack and the whole appointment was quite extensive. So while it bothers me slightly that there has been relatively poor communication, I'm not concerned over my surgeon's abilities and as long as everything is well understood now, things should hopefully be dandy!

So! The size we're aiming for is 350-400ccs, however, I expect to end up with smaller by the end of everything. I will likely have textured round implants.

And hopefully all my confusion and misinformation is gone and will remain so!

2 weeksssssss

Surgery moved to June 19 ):

Today would have been the big day. But because I had my (benign) tumour removed, which required my surgeon to move my tissue around to prevent a dent in my breast, my surgery had to be moved to June 19th; a whole month away ): I get my stitches out on the 28th of May for my lumpectomy. Ahhhh, of course they had to tell me 3 days before my augmentation. I understand it's necessary so that my tissue can heal so I won't have a deformity, but damn it's disappointing. Ah, well...

And to those who commented with the positivity, thanks so much! I really appreciate it, and sorry it's a bit hard for me to respond with my phone..!

22, 1 kid, 325-400cc textured round silicone* unders

Since I can't update my title from my phone......

10 more days!! :)

And some more before photos.

2 days away, for the second time!

Only two days until surgery! Again, hahaha. They should call sometime tomorrow to tell me when I'm supposed to go on for surgery. Man! I'm a damned tiny person so I hope my new assets won't look funny on me...! I really hope he does a good job too! (: The excitement has seriously set in and I am soooooooo effing ready to wake up to feeling like a woman! I'm looking at clothes I own and clothes when I'm out shopping and the only thing I can thin is, "Wow, I'm gonna fit into this finally" or " Man, imagine how I'm gonna look in this dress now, or this bathing suit, or this bra," etc.

I'm attaching a photo to show just hope petit I am (though in wearing 4 inch boots....) And because the outfit I'm wearing in it is one I look forward to trying on without all the extra padding and bra!

9:30am tomorrow morning!

Nothing left to do but wait! Take my medications tonight and in the morning, no eating after midnight, take my surgical bras, and I am SET! Ahhhhh I can't wait to have my procedure done and find out what size they use!

Wow, I can't believe this is actually and finally happening... It was just a far off dream this time last year...

My Procedure is DONE! :)

So I went in for my surgery at 8 am and didn't actually get into it until 11:45 or so...Which sucked but I understand!

Originally Dr. Louton had told me that I may not be able to do 350cc implants unless I chose anatomicals...But even though I chose round....

I got 400ccs! I'm super happy! I feel like they even look a bit smaller than I'd prefer, but hopefully as the swelling goes down, they'll... maybe look bigger? It's such a great feeling knowing I actually have breasts for the first time in my life! (Besides when I was lactating...)

I threw up a couple times after waking up, which wasn't fun, and I'm still pretty nauseous... Also I'm having trouble with pharmacies getting my meds that I need to take, which is sort of frustrating...
But I have boobs! I actually have big breasts! :)) I can't wait til the swelling goes down so I can try on swimsuits and cute new bras, and pretty corsets and dresses! Ugh, it's such a good feeling!

My breasts are pretty numb, but I can still feel them a little.. Also good.

So yeah! It's really done! I can't even believe it! :)

Of course, one of my breasts is still smaller than the other... but that's just my anatomy so I'll have to be content with what I've got now!

I can't tell if I'm just really swollen around my stomach and ribs or if that's just how much weight I've gained....

Just a couple more photos..

Taken by my ex whom I live with... I know you're supposed to wear the surgical bra at all times, but I just had to try on a bikini... I have never in my life filled out a bikini, and this is just amaaaziiing to me :')

Not the best photos, but who cares?

What Implants did I get?

I got out my little card, and it says that the implants in my breasts are....

Natrelle Allergan Style 120, Textured Round Silicone.

I believe that the 120 style for that is considered High Profile?

I amost wish I got to go bigger, but this is probably the biggest size that could fit in my body!

Attached more photos from yesterday. I can't believe that I'm almost too big for that bikini!
But I guess it's silly to keep my hopes up that they'll stay this size. Once they drop and fluff, they'll be smaller, right?

Just adding more photos.... Sorry! I really love them so far!

Adding a few pictures in clothing that I never fit well in before :)

In particular the bralette that I have a photo of somewhere up higher :)

Post Op Appointment Tomorrow

Well, I'm three days post op so far...The pain has been tolerable... I have percocet to take, but I get sick if I take them, so I've been doing my best to simply deal with any discomfort I have or I just split the pills in half.

I guess my stomach appears bigger than usual because of water retention? Dunno. Just can't wait for everything to stop being swollen. I have some bruising near my incision site, which is to be expected, and it's getting easier and easier to breathe and sit up straight, which is nice.

It's crazy how different waking up from my augmentation was from my lumpectomy! Totally different experience.

My drain tubes itch like maaad, so it would be awesome if they took them out tomorrow..

So, question: I have textured implants and as such, I've been instructed not to massage them so that I don't disrupt their placement in the pocket. What does that mean for sex in a couple weeks? hahaha.

Sorry again for all the photos! This will be the last upload for like, a week, and then 2 weeks, and so on, I think :) It's just nice to feel confident! To have a part of your body that you hated before and overnight, it's a part of you that you like suddenly! But I'm certain everyone probably understands this completely.

Thanks again for the supportive comments and I hope everyone who is expecting surgery, or just had surgery, or is recovering from surgery, and so on.. I hope you're doing well and you're happy with your results, and I hope you're feeling more confident than you ever have and thank you all for sharing your experiences with all of us! It's a wonderful, supportive community here at realself!

Post Op Yesterday

Went to my post-op appointment yesterday at 4 days after my procedure. It went well, of course! They removed my bandages, and took out my drains. Man, the drains this time were effing HORRIBLE! The one I had for my lumpectomy was just a couple inches long inside, but these ones were like, 6 inches! They hurt sooo badly! haha. The nurse said I had some extra swelling in my left breast and pressed it to check for a bloodclot. She said it would hurt if it was one. Then she took some progress photos, and I was out the door. I'll go back on the thirtieth to have my sutures removed.

Today, my breasts are still pretty tender, and I think I might be regaining some feeling around my incisions as it seems the pain is worst around there on my left breast. I took my first real shower yesterday and as I scrubbed pretty hard to try to get the residue from the bandages off. When I got out, I bent over to pick something up, and I felt that breast make a weird noise or something. Akin to rubbing, or squeaking, or bubbles.... Something. I hope I didn't accidentally rub it too hard and displace the implant??

But yeah! So that's that.

So I only uploaded these photos cuz they have no tape on them. Other than that, there's (obviously) no obvious difference.

Feeling on the small side...

Hm. I can't help but feel like one week in that they're sorta small. Maybe I'm just getting used to the size? Maybe the swelling going down is making them appear less large?

I know they're apt to change for the next year, but I get the feeling this is probably all the bigger they'll be. Which is fine! I should be grateful. They're in proportion to my body and they're WAY bigger than they were before and I am happy for that! Maybe I just hoped they would be just a little larger hahaha.

Ah well.

Be thankful for what I've got! :)

Am I crazy!?

Sutures out tomorrow.

Just wrote all of this, and it magically went back like 10 pages, so I lost all of it..... How frustrating.

Anywaaaayyy.... I'll try again.

They told me I could take showers after I got the tape off, but not to get my sutures wet.

Well.. I've been taking showers, and I've also gotten my sutures wet. Very, very wet. I don't think it's possible to take a good shower and keep them dry?? Hopefully I haven't screwed myself over for scar healing... but I guess I'll find out tomorrow!

But in the meantime, as I've been bored, I decided to try to figure out my current bra size. Though I imagine that will likely change as I continue to heal...
Apparently, measuring your bust when you have implants is totally different from when you have naturally grown breasts!

I used this site http://www.herroom.com/bra-fitting-advice,904,30.html and bought some of that soft measuring tape (no idea what it's really called)
I always thought I was a 34 band, but it turns out I'm a 32. I measured my underbust for the first time and I'm a 27 inch ribcage :O This was surprising to me! And one of my breasts is 9 inches wide, so by those measurements, I am a 32D currently! equivalent to a 34C I believe?

Anyway! I thought that was neat :) Excited to get my stitches out and be able to raise my arms soon, and wear normal bras and look cute in clothing aahhhh

Need to lose some weight though >:ooooo

Have a nice day everyone!

2 Weeks Post Op and Sutures out

So I'm 2 weeks today... Got my stitches out the other day, which wasn't all that bad at all... I can now wear normal sport bras if I choose and my arm restrictions are over. I won't be lifting anything heavy for a while though. Lifted my son into his crib last night because I was the only one home to take care of him and I ended up hurting my arms in the process lol. 2 more weeks and I'm allowed to wear normal bras, which I'm excited for! I developed some swollen lymph nodes in my right underarm last night, so I called my PS today, and the nurse told me to watch it and if it gets worse, let them know. Hopefully it won't get worse, and will instead improve with a little time. I'd hate to know my nodes became swollen as a result of infection starting in my implant.

So as far as my implants go.... At this point, I like them, but not when I actually sit and stare at them. This has nothing to do with the augmentation itself and everything to do with my natural anatomy. Way back when, at my consultation, Dr. Louton informed me for the first time that I have slight scoliosis. I never knew this. After taking some photos of my incisions today, I finally see exactly what he's talking about. If you look at the shadow of my ribcage, you can see that one side is significantly higher looking than the other, and it shows in my breasts as well. It's because my spine apparently pushes one side of my ribs out further than the other due to the curvature. This is a bit frustrating as it makes the size difference all the more obvious.

Another thing I dislike about them is the difference between my nipples. They're like two different breasts, and the obvious differences between my nipples bothers the hell out of me. They're shaped totally unalike, and one is smaller than the other. Not only are they shaped not the same, but you can see a colour variation between them as well.

And then the actual shape of my breasts with the implants. This is something I hope to see change as my implants "drop", even though I'm told textured implants do not "drop" much. They are oddly shaped at the bottom, giving my breasts a sort of oblong or almond shape... This is most likely just my anatomy again, but I do so, so hope they round out.

And that's that! My scars look good, and aside from my son repeatedly thrashing at least one of my breasts nearly daily, and the swollen lymph nodes, things are seemingly going great! lol

1 Month post op

Had my one month appointment on July 19. Dr. Louton took a look and said they looked "really good" and informed me that they're 90% dropped and I shouldn't expect to see much change from here on. I have one more appointment in November and then I don't have to go back anymore. He says I can swim and I can start wearing unwired bras (just wait two weeks or so for underwire) and avoid upper body exercise until I'm 3 months post. I'm free to wear and do pretty much anything now!
They've softened up a ton, and now they even have a slight bounce. They're still fairly firm/fake feeling, but I imagine they always will. I still can't lay on them comfortably, which is fine, and I'm wary of lying on my side even though it's probably fine at this point... But I hope they'll continue to get softer. I'm not betting any money they will, but I hope!

Still measuring at 32D. 34C fits fine, just the cups arent quiiiiiiiite wide enough for me.... But my breasts are so close together, I'm not sure I could find anything that covers them that's wired adequately...

I love how they look when I raise my arms. Wish they looked that way all the time, haha.

Not sure what more to say... Definitely enjoying having breasts! Can't wait to go bra shopping somewhere besides Walmart. hahaha.

First Victoria's Secret Experience!

So because I've always been an A cup before, and I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere, I've never had a reason to go to VS. I've bought clothes, but I have never purchased a bra from them.

For the past couple weeks, I've been wearing a 34C that I got from Walmart. It isn't comfortable and the underwire digs into my ribs. As I mentioned prior, when I measured myself after my BA, I came up with 32D.

So we go to VS yesterday, and one of the ladies asks me if I have ever been fitted there, and I tell her no. I told her I had implants and she said that the process is still the same. I always hear that VS does their measurements backwards, and they're usually wrong. She comes over to me and she takes the tape around my underarms, and then my bust. Normally, as far as I know, you measure the underbust and then the bust.

She says, "What size bra are you wearing now?" I told her it's a 34C, but it's too small for me, and uncomfortable. She says, "Well, that's funny... I have you here at a 32C." <--- ding ding ding haha. Wrong! So she tells me to try a 32D and so how it fits and has me go into the changing room to try some on. Lo and behold! They fit beautifully, and even the 32DDs fit as well. Maybe even better than the 32D. Now, I know VS runs sort of small with some of their bras, but I think the ones I tried were pretty spot on.

The difference in feeling between the 34C walmart bra, and the 32D VS bra is amazing! I know 34C is the sister bra to 32D but the fit was totally different. The VS bra is so, so comfortable, the underwire sits where it's supposed to (mostly) and it's so pretty. Of course, it's more expensive, too... But whatever! Worth the comfort I get from it. And it's so exciting to know that I can finally fill out these sizes, that there are sizes that actually don't fit me! That was never a thing before. And they look great, too!

So yeah! That was my VS experience. Nothing super exciting, but it was interesting to see that people are right when they say VS doesn't measure well. Of course.... It could have been that way simply because my boobs are fake as hell, too, so who knows?

As far as my breasts go... My lover says they're beautiful even though he loved my breasts before, which is super sweet and great to hear (and he's a total sweetheart). They've softened up a lot more than I expected and don't even really feel that fake anymore, and I'm loving them more and more all the time! I love my breast augmentation. I wouldn't take it
back even for a second.

Two months!

So tomorrow, I'm 2 months post. My son and I have gone through a bit of a rough patch the past.. Well longer than a couple weeks, but mostly the last few. It's had its ups and downs. The other day, I was showering, and as I was washing my cleavage, I felt an empty spot, and a few dents. I have rippling! It only seems to be present after taking off an underwire bra, or when I bend over, and as far as I know, it's not visible, but man did it give me a scare hahaha. I was really disappointed at first, but I think I can deal with a little rippling in my cleavage as long as it's not noticeable. I was also worried momentarily that I had fucked up the position of my capsule/implants because when I looked in the mirror the other day, it had seemed the right breast was much lower and off looking than the left. I've attributed this to being either from the bra again, or from sleeping occasionally on my stomach, since the implants/capsule are still susceptible to malpositioning for the first few months, so I've kept to a sports bra mostly since, and done my best to stay off my stomach. Seems to have helped, but I may have just been over concerned in the first place. Other than that, they're still doing great! I hope they continue to do so. I'm looking to get them repierced sometime this year, and hopefully doing so won't cause capsular contracture......

3 Months, almost 4

Still enjoying them! Need a new bra, though... The one I bought, I'm starting to think is just slightly too small. I pop out :(

How are you, ladies? Happy with your decision to go through with the procedure? Still deciding if you want to or not?

Ripple, Ripple, Ripple.... • 8 Months Post op

So, everything is more or less the same. They're as soft as they could possibly be, and feel pretty real unless I press directly on them or lie on my stomach. They definitely feel solid in that way. I think I may have lost some weight lately and as a result, I think I may have also lost weight in the breasts. My implants were definitely able to be felt in the cleavage before, but now I can see palpable rippling. That's a bit disappointing, and I can also feel the actual implant. Like, when I squeeze or press my breasts in certain spots, the implant pushes in in a stiff manner, like thick plastic - I really don't know how to describe it- and then 'pops' back out. It's a bit sad, but as far as everything else goes, I'm as satisfied as I can possibly be given what I gave the surgeon to work with. I get the feeling the rippling is a result of weight loss anyway! So maybe if I ever gain a few pounds back, it won't be an issue?

Still a 32D! One breast is still higher and less round than the other (A problem caused by my scoliosis). Yup! Don't really know what else to say!

Included some photos to show what rippling I'm talking about.
Also to give an idea of how they look in clothes/bra!
Altoona Plastic Surgeon

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