I have crossed over and became a Schulman Doll!

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I am in my mid 30's and don't have any children...

I am in my mid 30's and don't have any children (not sure if I will have some) but considering a BBL with Dr Salama In FL or Dr Alton in NJ. I live in NJ but hv family that will help me I'm FL so either one will work. Looking for the best deal and best looking booty!! HELP!!! I need some help please

Finally found a wish pic...well I think!

I made my appointment with Dr Alton in Linden. A little nervous because I haven't really since his work. This is the shapes I am thinking would best fit my body frame ... This is very nerve wrecking!

Wish pics

My new wish pic

Monday will be my first appointment

Monday I am going to see Dr Alkon in NJ. Although the more research I do, the more I love Dr Salamas work! I just saw that he was booked until Oct! Ughhh that's soooo far away! I really want it done sometime in July so I would be somewhat healed for my birthday!

I started getting my pre op surgery supply list together. I see it's a lot and can surely add u fast!!


Consultation tomorrow

Hello BBL Dolls!!!

Tomorrow is my consultation with Dr Alkon. I am exited just to see he is going to say. I wish he had more pictures on line. I saw a few review, but nothing to validate it. I am hoping that he has more pics at the office. The more research I do, the more confused I am. is this part of the process!! ?? I am thinking about setting up a consultation with Dr Schulman in NY. His resume is pretty impressive although he is a little pricey. But this is not the time to be shopping for a bargain! I will just delay the surgery a little longer. My other option is Dr Salama. I heard he is booked till Oct. I really wanted to have this sx this summer. But want the best so if I have to wait, then that is what it is!



Today I had my first consultation with a PS. Let me tell you, this is stressful! Dr Alkon was very straight forward and to the point. He came in to the room and started telling me about the procedure. I thought I was prepared but he answered most of the questions without me asking him. The ONLY thing I don't like is that he didn't have ANY more pics that what we see on line. I just want to make sure that he can give me the projection I want. Does Anyone have pics to share?? My other options was Dr Salama or Dr Schulman. Their projection is the truth!

Thank you RS ladies! You guys are angels!!

I must say that I usually use this forum as a outlet to put my thoughts out into the universe! Not sure if anyone out there is even reading these crazy thoughts that are going thru my head! As you know, this is an emotional process.

Well, I posted yesterday that I had a consult with Dr Alkon in NJ and was not impressed by his lack of pictures. He told me that he was too busy to take pictures and that I can understand but isn't that what his staff is there for? I'm just saying?? They are suppose to hook me up with a few patients who he had worked on, but realistically do I expect someone who he butchered? Probably not!

So, now I move on to ask my RS family for recommendations, advice and any other feedback that may help me and there it was...a little word of advise that I should prob research a little. So, back to doing my homework

Well....I will continue stalking all you big booty gals and pray that soon I will posting my post op pics :0)

Please keep us updated. Sometimes what you may think is not that important, can confirm that gut feeling we had.

4/4 is my consultation with Dr Schulman!!!

I finally made an appointment for 4/4/2014 with Dr Schulman. I couldn't get an easier appointment but that's fine. Although I am STOKED and ANXIOUS, I am patiently waiting. besides I want to continue stalking the Site. Lol.

I do get a little scared at times thinking about the anesthesia. I stopped smoking cigarets about a month ago. I wasn't really a heavy smoker so I was just able to drop them. Unfortunately I do smoke weed ( pls don't judge me ) .
I know that I should stop and I will ...eventually . I mean people have a glass of wine with their dinners, I rather smoke a joint after mines ;0)

I have been doing research and I do need to stop. I am figuring 4 months before the surgery should be enough. I am def not smoking anything after surgery..well at least for the first 3 months. Maybe I won't miss it and totally stopped.

Are any if you smokers? If so, did you smoke after the procedure? I am to scared to damage any fat that is transferred. Esp at the price tag that I may be paying!!

Got the call....

Today I received a call from Dr S office regarding an opening they had for next Wed. Unfortunately, I hv a part time job who dosent welcome call outs. So, I had to pass :0( she then mentioned she had a Friday appointment at 11 am! That us doable b/c I hv plenty of sick time at my real job. So I jumped all over it. I am anxious to finally meet the MAN with the magical hands!!! I am SOOO nervous . Esp of the anesthesia. Were any of you ladies feeling scared? If so, what did you so do to overcome it??

I can't wait though!! Ready to brace the change :0)

Appointment with Schulman

So I finally had the opportunity to meet Dr S and his staff. They were all very personally and pleasant. I was provided with a handout of Q & A that were a few questions I had ready for him. Dr Schulman was def very personable. He answered all my questions regarding lipo burns , blisters etc.
I am def going thru with the procedure just need to calm my nerves.

Post op massages

Hey ladies!!! I need help! I am looking for a place in NJ, preferably central Jersey that does lymphatic massages. Does anyone know or have experienced a good post op massage? If so, please do share. Thanks loves! Xoxoxo

Questions to all my Schulman dolls

Can any of the pros tell me exactly where Dr Schulman's stomach incisions are @? I went to a few other docs and can't remember if it's at the hip bone or right over the private area. I can't remember what he told me.


Hello Beautiful RS ladies!!! Hope all is well. I have a questions for all the vets. Does anyone have any body piercings and if so, what did you guys do after sx? I have 2 piercings that I love and would hate if they were to close. Any suggestions?? Greatly appreciated!!!

Pink Room in Elizabeth, NJ

I have some great info to share with those that live in NJ/NY regarding The Pink Room in Elizabeth, NJ. I went there this weekend to price the fajas (garments) that I will be needing post sx. I got there 5 minutes before they closed and they were closed..lol. I asked can I come in to ask a few questions and they were nice enough to let me in. I spoke to a pretty young lady by the name of Maria, who by the way had a amazing shape! I explained to her what I was in the process of doing and she eagerly started asking me questions. First one being who is your doctor. When I told her Dr S, the expression on her face was PRICELESS! Her replied was Dr Chulmen (Spanish accent) is de best! Expensive but good! She continues to tell me about Schulman dolls and their post op shapes. She had nothing but positive things to say. She gave me her card and told me to call her if I have any questions on the procedure or am concerned about anything.

I was happy to hear that she had so many great things to say. Made me feel a little more at ease. I am still nervous, but at this point all I can do is pray that all goes well; before, during and after...

Here is the info to the place and remember, they are not in Spanish people time (that's what I blame my tardiness in), they adhere to their store hours!

2 more months to go!!

I am finally at the 2 month mark and am getting anxious! Can't wait to finally cross over to the big booty side! I finally started buying my supplies and became so overwhelmed. I was taking a little bit of everyone's page and had about 10 different lists i was trying to condense. I know that time is coming up so I really need to begin documenting this accordingly so I can help anyone else that may be thinking about it. Thanks to all the ladies out there that are so informative. It helps us that are going thru the process a little more comfortable with what to expect and allows us to pass the info forward.

Love this profile. Idk who she is but she's hot

Asking for input for my experts

Hello ladies!!! So as my time approaches I am asking all the experts to help me with my list of needed supplies. As you can see from my attachment I think I have it all but am sure I missing a few things. I know all of you Schulman dolls have a list of things that they felt they couldn't live without and I probably couldn't live without it either so I am putting this out there. I have decided to eventually have massages..I know I know Dr Schulman is not big on massages, but I have seen off hand how beneficial they are. I mean if we really think about it, those arnica pills are homeopathic....which depending on who you speak to may just be a placebo effect. As the massages, depending on who you speak to, their answers vary. I mean if I hate it or it is to painful I will stop. If it sucks I will tell u guys to stay away and will walk with my tail in between my legs. So here it goes....let me know what's missing!! Thanks ladies! You guys rock! I don't know what I would have done with out your advice!!

Meant advice from my experts

Typos! :(

How does this bobby pillow work?????

So, I started getting all my supplies in order. My care taker is planning on moving out if the state. Therefore, I need to move up my sx. I called Dr Schulman to see if that is feasible. Anyway, I got this darn bobby pillow that I hv no ideas on how to use it properly. My big sis, Booty4Real told me to practice and lord now I know why. This crap is hard. I feel like when I sit on the pillow I'm squishing my booty now so I can just imagine how paranoid I will later. I wish I didn't hv to sit for the whole 8 weeks. Unfortunately, unless I hit the lottery by then that is Not realistic!! Can you ladies please tell me if I am over analyzing the situation or doing something wrong???

Imagine how crazy I really would be after surgery! Can you say PSYCHO???

Change my date to July 1st! It's getting REAL

Hello all... I know that we always are commenting on how FAB the Schulman staff is, but let me tell you they are truly amazing! My care taker was offered a job in GA and I started panicking. Although my mom lives with me, I knew she would not be able to take care of me the way my girlfriend would. She is a nutritionist and great with healing herself and others. So I really wanted her to be there the first few days. I called Dr Schulman and asked them to move my sx up. They gave me a July 24th date. Since I wasn't sure when my girlfriend was actually leaving I took it. I made my final payment and they sent me the prep paperwork. Later on that day, she emailed me and told me that someone else cancelled on July 1st and I could take that spot! Of course I jumped on it and was like oh shit. It's really real now!!

I obtained my paperwork and went to the doctor to get my lab work. Problem was I wasn't feeling well and knew something was wrong with me. I went In thinking that my allergies were acting up but after my blood work came back realized I had a sinus infection. I started freaking out like omg can I have surgery with antibiotics In my system ???should I push this back??? I promptly emailed Rachel and was asking her what should I do. She assured me that I can take antibiotics and be ok. I was a little more at ease but still decided to google it. I found out that some surgeries require the patient to be on antibiotics to eliminate infections. That eased me up. Not that I didn't believe Rachel but I needed to be sure. I went to my PCP and got some amoxicillin to eliminate this nasty ass cough and nasal drip that I have. While I was there I asked my doctor the same question., should I reschedule? Is this safe blah blah blah. She assures me that I would be fine by July 1, but she wants to see me in 7 days to rest my white blood cells again ( my first test came back that they were elevated). I emailed Rachel and wanted to thank her and apologize for being a bug a boo! She told me that Rachel was on vacation and it was actually Amanda that was helping me this whole time. I was like I want to kiss you guys because she never mentioned who was replying to the emails. All she was doing was answering my questions. That just proved they are there to help someone without needing recognition. Amazing. I have to send them a thank you basket after my SX!!

So, here I am 3 days in with meds and I feel good. I been able to continue working out with out coughing up a lung and am able to breath normally. I started getting my medical supplies and getting myself mentally prepared for my new booty. I started taking my pre meds and vitamins to prepare me for this journeys. I'm stoked because I should be all good by the time my bday comes (it's on 10/23) .

My only problem that I am experiencing is sitting or finding a comfy way to sit. I got a bobby pillow and I feel like I am sitting on it wrong. Also driving and sitting at work is making me worried. I told Dr S I wanted 5 weeks off and he laughed at me like u don't need that much time off. I was like dam I wanted to stay off the booty for as long as possible. Lol

I have rolled up towels and started practiceing with those. They are not as firm as I would like. I am thinking about getting a yoga mat and using that. I know some of the girls used a bag with towels in it or a half foam to sit. I am going to try it all before next week.

I am sooo stoked. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!!

Booty nightmare!!!

Today I am officially 7 days from my new booty!!! I don't know if it's the fact that I am always on RS or my nerves getting to me but last night I had a HORRIBLE dream that my booty was too small post op and I hated it! I think I am started to get anxious and all the emotions are driving me insane.

I know there are a lot of BBL experts out there and I want to ask for opinion. Should I go larger? Or do I tell Dr Schulman to do what he feels will look natural? Or do I just give him my wish pic and hope for the best? I know that some people have emailed him wish pics, I haven't. Should I be concerned?

I am almost there and I can taste it!!! Although I am a little nervous, I am super anxious!!!

4 more days!!

It's going down in a few more days. I was finally cleared completely. I had a sinus infection I had to work on before my doctor could clear me. I spoke to Amanda -whom is the best and she said she had received all my labs. Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!! I asked her when do I send her my wish pics! She said email them to me and I will give them to Dr Schulman. I was undecided on how big to go. I figured if I go too big, I can loose a few pounds to make my butt smaller. I sent them the attached pictures and told her that's my goal :0)

I received my half foam roller today (thanks Booty4real)...that child never lied. It's perfectly shaped and sturdy enough to hold me up and off my butt. I am gonna try to use it tomorrow along with my bobby pillow to see how it all works out while in driving. I ordered a small one so I can pop it in my bad and take it with me. I am planning on using it at work. It's discreet enough where people won't see what I am sitting on. I will lower my chair so it dosent look like I'm sitting high up.

I know all the ladies that have crossed over prob understand all the anxiety that I am experiencing. I am scared/anxious/excited and nervous...all at the same time. I keep reminding myself that god got this and I should not be concerned....

I do want to thank you ladies for all the support and love that you have showed me. You guys are the best!!!

I am sooooooo nervous! Tomorrow is the day'

Ok ladies so tomorrow is the day! I am sooo nervous that I can't even explain how I really feel! I am assuming that it is NORMAL?? I feel all types of emotions... Nervous, anxious,excited, etc... I know that I will not be able to sleep tonight!!

I went to the Pink Room today to get my ab board (thanks B4R) and the lady was like oh my god...Dr S is gonna hook u up. Don't be worry. I said I am scared of the pain....she said no pain no gain! Lol. Sooo true!

I took a nap after work because if know I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. What did you guys do the night before to ease the emotions? Any advice please let me know :0)

I'm finally A Schulman Doll

Hello all... So I had my surgery yesterday with Dr Schulman and let me tell you everything they say is true! Everyone is amazing. From the prw op nurse to the post of nurse. And everyone in Btwn. I feel ok but the only thing that is killing is the swelling of my labia. The pain is more bearable that I though but my coochie looks like a golf ball. I called Rachel and she suggested to line my garment with a panty liner to avoid friction and put some aquafore on the area. Did any of you ladies experience this? And if so what did you guys do? I will post pics and mots info once I get back on track.

Day 2

So day 2 is a little better. I am not as swollen as I was but my legs still look like tree trunks. My post op weight was 180 but when I weighted after surgery I was 200 lbs! Today I'm down to 194 lb so my swelling is going down. I been drinking water and candeula tea so I'm assuming that is working. I am way more mobile today. Unfortunately I am still tired. Every time I lay down, I fall asleep. And since I can't really sit all I do is sleep. I have been taking Tylenol during the day and my oxy during the night. I think eventually I will just take the tylenols. They ar to be doing the job.

Just like everyone else I sleep for only a few hours. That sucks cuz I'm always tired. When will I sleep a full 8 hours? I need my sleep. Lol

I haven't had a BM but took some stool softener and drank prune juice. I have my own BM so I know it's gonna be challenging. I will take some tomorrow and hope for the best. I haven't had much of an appetite but have tried to eat every time I take my meds. Aww man I don't know how people even think about round 2. Round 1 is killing me.

Well I think that's all for today!

First shower 4 days post op

Today was my first shower and lord what that a task! I was sooo ready to get it over with. It's been super hot in NJ and I felt gross.. I started at about 5 pm and didn't finish till about 6:30 pm. Taking off those foams were no joke. I did get the adhesive removal and it still hurted. I had to stop and stand in front of a fan a few times. It felt like I was going to pass out. I don't know if it was because of the heat, the anxiety to see my body or my blood rushing throughout my body that was making me hot, nausea and lightheaded. But whatever it was it sucked! I
Jumped in the shower but prob
Was only in there for 10 minutes. I had to get out and lay down.

I washed my garment while I was taking off the foams and could not wait to put it back on. I felt like it was my security blanket. My body felt weird with out it.

Overall, I feel ok. Everyday gets better and better. Still no BM. I made some pear, broccoli and fruit juice today which hasn't kicked it yet. I usually have problems going to the bathroom, so I knew this would be a challenge. If you guys have any suggestions on what I should drink, please let me know

I am attaching a few pics. I will take more as my healing progresses.

Day 5 and shit got real (no pun intended)

What a night I had last night. So I had my first shower (which I told you guys about). Well at around 1 am my body was itching like crazy. I thought it was the whole healing process. I was thinking dam my body is healing too fast. This can't be right. I jump on RS and see what can cause itchy skin after a bbl. I come across a page that says it may just be dry skin. Ok I thought let me lotion up again! Lord what I was subjected to was beyond my understanding. Now, as some of you may know 1st showers can be draining. I mean I was dizzy, nauseas, hot/cold, sweating etc . So once those foams were off, I thought it was all good. Hell nooo. The glue was stuck to my skin and to my garment. Now I am panicking. Mind you everyone is sleeping so I'm like do I wake them up or do I try and fix this myself. So I take the garment off and soak it in medisol ( thank god I bought 3 of those). Now I'm panicking cuz I think I damaged the sucker and it's Sunday so I can't go but one. After a few minutes I put it in the washer. Now time to work on this itchy body. I take the medisol and literally pour it on my back. Take a loofah sponge and lightly start scrubbing it. Gently so I don't irritate my skin. I jumped in the shower and washed it off. By now my garment was done washing. So I threw it in the dryer under delicate and jumped backed into the shower. This time washing my self with antibacterial dial soap. Girls it was a mess. I felt like I still have adhesive on my body. This time I put a wife beater underneath the garment so it would stick to the shirt and not my garment. All I kept thinking was I should of bought an extra garment. Ughhhhhh it was a mess last night.

On a more positive note, I had my 1st BM but that was also a mess. I wanted to go more to the bathroom. I feel like I have so much crap to release...sorry tmi but atleast I have one out of the way. I started drinking the Shakeology protein drinks. When I was doing their excersises routine I use to drink those faithfully and they made me go faithfully so I figured it would help. We will see. I will keep you guys posted.

I have a question on this garment. It felt sooo tight on my butt last night. Not on it but around it. Is that normal!? Feels better today. Wonder if my ass was just swollen??? Anyways...I will keep you posted on this eventfully journey of the big booties!


Questions for all my BBL experts. When did you guys start driving? I have my bobby pillow and half foam roll ( thanks to booty4real) but am scared to drive....being in the house is driving me crazy!!

I have a rash :0(

Hello bbl ladies!!! As you may recall, I have been complaining of some itching on my lower back. Well today I couldn't stand it anymore and I emailed Rachel at the Dr office. Within an hour she confirmed that it was an allergic reaction to something and the Doctor would called in a steroid to my local pharmacy. Ladies, let me tell you this itch was real!!!! It hurts soooo bad that I felt like my back was on fire. I was told to start the steroids tomorrow and apply hydrocortisone on the infected areas tonight. I never had the chicken pox, singles or poison ivy so this itch is foreign to me.

What's so weird about this BBL is that I knew it was gonna be painful (which I believe has been tolerable) but actually it had just been annoying! From the swelling to the itching I'm like ughhhhh I need a break. :0/

Anyway here are some pics of my redness.

1 week post op...but I don't want my booty to shrink anymore

Today is my 1 week anniversary and I can honestly say I feel good. Not 100% but atleast 65%. It's hard to bend and at night I wake up every 2 to 3 hours SORE as heck. The swelling has gone down a bit which I am also thankful for.
I am still bruised but I see where it is improving. I mean I am only one week in :0)

Now my question to you BBL experts is how much more will my booty go down and when does it fluff? I know I am WAY ahead of myself but not knowing is also killing me.... I measure her and she is at 47 which is where I would like here to stay at after she fluffs.., is that realistic??

Here is a pic I took today

I received an email from Dr Schulman...I love this man!

As I have previously told you ladies, I had a small rash condition that threw a curve ball during my 1 week post op. Nothing serious just very annoying. I emailed Rachel and she called in a RX for me! I started taking the meds today an it is def improving. I also applied hydrocortisone and baby powder to alleviate the itch. So I am sure with in the next few days, I will be fine. Not to mention it's hot as heck out here...that isn't helping me much either :0/

So today I received an email from Dr S asking me how I was feeling..my heart melted. I was like omg....he cares. Wanted to know how I was feeling and if the rash occurred because of the adhesive, the adhesive remover or just the dam heat ( he didn't say it like that...lol). I am in awwww... He reminded me that he will see me on Thurs and we can see how everything is going.

Now I'm glad that he emailed me because I have a question about my garment. I feel like it's too loose :0( at first the compression was great now it's falling off my shoulders, the strap is all the way up... I added a ab board and it's still loose. Is this normal? I have read that compression is key but I don't feel like I'm being compressed enough? Last week it was TIGHT...this week is just there... Makes sense?

Anyway I am gonna email him and see what he recommends...I will keep you posted ...

BBL kisses!!!!

1st post op visit with Dr. Schulman

Hello Ladies....so today I had my first post op visit with Dr. Schulman....I love that man!!! I arrived at the office at 2:30 and was in the examination room by 2:35. I love how punctual they are. Amanda asked me how my garment was fitting and did I need to see any of the stage 2 garments the doctor had to offer. I told her I wanted to wait to speak to Dr. S because I had purchased a stage 2 and wanted to see if I could wear it before I made any other purchases. With in the next 5 minutes, Dr S walked in. 1st thing he asked me was how is your rash. I was all smiles, like awww...u remembered before even opening up my file (it was in the room with me). He said yes, I emailed you this morning not realizing that your follow up was today (he did and I was on my way into the city, so never responded). I told him it was great and it was starting to clear up. I told him that his bedside manners were AMAZING and he said that is what you paid me for, to take care of you...My heart dropped. This man is amazing....Geez I love my doctor. I told him that he was not my 1st doc of choice because I was thinking about going to Miami but the doc I was interested in was burning patients and I was soo happy that I chose him, even if it was $5K more. This man was so professional that he never bad mouthed them. He mentioned that you pay what you get for and sometimes the doctors don't care as much for their patients, just want the cash...HIT THE NAIL RIGHT ON THE HEAD!!! We also discussed the recent deaths in DR and we both agree that the doctor should be held liable...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I told him I was born there and refused to have surgery there. Actually, my mom came with me and she told me that same man killed her friend! SMDH! My mom actually wants Dr. S to do some work on her face, but I told him I will be back (its all about me right now..)

He then asked me to get undressed and examined me. He told me I was healing great and the reason that garment was so big was because I had a MED waist and a XL ASS! I just started laughing. I told him that is exactly what I wanted. We went on to discuss sitting and he told me that I can sit whenever I want, just to sit on my thighs. I explained that I paid enough money and will wait to sit at 8 weeks. He commented that is what he suggested but that not everyone adheres to his rules...UHMMMM....I am F%$# what you hear! LOL I took out my half roam roll and showed it to him. He said he prefer that I used that at work (since I have a desk job) and use my bobby pillow for work (since my commute is 20 minutes away) He reminded me to walk around periodically because once you sit on your butt for hours, that is when the fat cells start dying. Trust me ladies I WILL NOT GO MORE THAN ! HOUR SITTING ON MY DESK!! I may be overprotective of Treasure, but I rather be safe than sorry.

We then moved on to my ears. I had him sew them back up (had that dragging pierce look). Let me tell you ladies...that was WORST than my BBL...why? Because since you can only sleep on your belly you automatically turn your head to the right or to the left to get comfortable. For the 1st couple of days, I would wake up with blood on my pillow and sore as earlobes. It was horrible. He laughed (not at me but because I am very dramatic) and said yea, I never realized that. Probably because its not a normal procedure that goes with a BBL. I asked him if he would pierce my ears and he said yup, the old fashion way with a needle. I laughed and was like no really with a gun. He was like no for real, I stick the needle in the back and put the post thru the front. I was like dam it that is how they did it in DR when I first had them done...Going back to the motherland on me...LOL So I agreed because I trust my doctor. Besides, he mentioned that it may be difficult to find someone to touch his work. But, why would I want to. He is great!

Anyway, I got dressed and he cut the stiches off my ears and asked me what did I want to do about my garment. I pulled out a Stage 2 I had purchased and asked him if I can wear that. He looked at it and said yeah looks great. Its not a thong one and he prefers that I use a thong one for the 1st three weeks. But it was up to me. I told him I wanted to purchase a stage 1 in a smaller size and use the one that I purchased as a stage 2 later on. He was like are you sure? you can wear that one also, although the but is covered the butt still breaths. REASON 1000 WHY I LOVE HIM! I told him I was pretty sure because I wanted to keep the fat alive until 3 weeks just like he suggested. At this point what is another $100? He said ok and left the room.

Amanda came in and showed me the smaller garment. I asked her if I can put it on right there and then! I NEEDED COMPRESSION IN MY LIFE. Of course she said ok and left the room.

So, I probably don't have to tell you how great my doctor is again...or do I? What doctor doesn't want you to buy his products? They were never pushy, mater of fact he was like are you sure? Yes, sir I am sure!

So ladies that concludes my visit for the day. I am attaching some pics of my treasure in a smaller garment. I hope this helped you guys :)

9 days post op pictures

10 day post op

Hello all!!! So today I decided that since I feel soo good, I am going to return to work a few days early and I figure that would be a perfect excuse to go shopping! Ladies let me tell you it was eventfully. The looks I was getting was amazing. I use to get attention before (not trying to be vain) but this right here....lol
Some man came up to me and told me that he wanted to bless my husband for landing the prize. Little does he know that I am single. Hahahahah

Anyway. I took B4R advice and tried on a jumper I bought. Initially I thought I could wear it to work with a blazer. Once I had it on I realized it's tooo much. But I will wear it out to dinner or other public places.

2 week post op today!

Today I am 2 weeks post op and I feel great. I am down about 15 pounds. Day of surgery I weight 180 lbs. They next day I was 200 lbs :0/ and today I am 185 lbs. I should be getting my period tomorrow, so I know a lot of that is water weight. So here is what has been going on. I have been getting lymaphtic massages and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I started last week and didn't think it was a big deal until I went 2 days with out them. I woke up sore, stiff and unable to move. After she was done, I was a brand new girl. I drove today for the first time. As per Dr Schulman, I am using my bobby pillow to drive. Tomorrow is my 1st day back at work and I am not looking forward to it. I will be using my half foam roller to sit at work. I hope my booty fits in the chair. I know it sounds crazy, but it has those arms thing and I do not want Treasure squeezed at any point. Today I bumped into a chair and almost had a hard attack. I am just not use to having this big old thing in my way!!!

Anyway, if you ladies have any suggestions or ideas on how to make my first day back at work as smooth as possible, please let me know :)

2 week post op pictures

Here are my 2 week post op pictures. One of my cheek is still bigger than the other.

3 week mark...now that I can workout what can I do???

Hello ladies!! Hope all is well. Just wanted to check in on my 3 week mark. Although it has been going fast, it is not fast enough. I want to sit! Lol. I know it's a small part to pay for having a booty but I can't wait. I honestly am thinking what if I got a round 2? I have one butt cheek that is bigger than the other. I know that I haven't fluffed and I am only at 3 weeks but I am thinking that it may stay like that. Don't get me wrong, I still have good results. But you mon how we women are... Never satisfied. I don't even know what Dr Schulman would charge for a revision..is it the full price? If so, I may have to pass on that. Lol.

I am attaching some new pics. Ms Treasure is still holding her own at 46 1/2 or 47. Something's she gets a little swollen. My waist is 31 and my boobies are a 39. I'm trying to get my waist down to a 30 even a 39 would be ideal. We shall see.

Question...I know that we are cleared to work out. What are you ladies doing? I know minimal cardio but what about leg work? I was thinking on lifting weights at 8 weeks. By then all my fat should have settled..right???

Thank you ladies! Sending you all booty kisses!

4 weeks down...4 weeks more to go!!

Hello ladies. So today is my 4 weeks anniversary of when Treasure was born..lol. And I have to say that I am pretty happy with my results. Although I still think one butt cheek is bigger than an other ( and have been told after I fluff noone will notice) I am in happy with my results. As of this , I weighted 183 pounds (3 pounds heaver than my pre op) my bust is 38 1/2 waist 31and my hips are holding on to a 46 1/2. I pray to the booty gods every night that they stay there. I wear my stage one and stage 2 all day everyday! I even layer it up with my an board and my squeem. I am trying to get my waist down to atleast a 29. Ok maybe a 30. Hey a girl can dream!

I haven't really started working out, I walk but not doing any heavy weight it muscle strengthening. Which is really what I need to work on. I'm waiting to speak to Dr Schulman on Friday to see when I can really get down and get dirty with my fitness. I am scared to lose any fat , so I rather wait another few weeks. I had asked Msisiskali for her workout regimen and she blessed me with her knowledge. So I am adhering to it. I plan on targeting those booty muscles on or about the same time when I start sitting. Lord.... I can not wait. Lol

Anyway, here are my current booty pics or atleast a few.

Xoxoxoxo booty love and kisses!!

I received my Schulman panties

Hello ladies. Hope all is well. I had my 1 month post op with Dr Schulman on Friday. The staff was their usual humble self! The girls and I were talking about makeup. They are sooo darn cute I swear!

Dr Schulman told me I was healing great and didn't think I wold lose any more fat on my butt ( thank you booty goods). He said it actually may start looking better cuz my waist will get smaller and Treasure will fluff! I asked him about my right side of my abdomen being bigger n he said that it feels it's him being more aggressive on that side because he is right handed and he has noticed that most of his patients are swollen on the same area. But it will go down. I thought I was retaining fluid. But that wasn't the case. We discussed my scares. I had a fibroid n cyst removed last year. And although he dosent usually use those areas to do lipo, he didn't want to put more marks on my body so he used those to do the lipo on my abdomen. Another reason I love that man. He said it was a little mire challenging but less scaring for me. Reminded me to put sunscreen on my scars along with mederma. Reminding me that the UV rays can still penetrate thru the clothes. We discussed my garment and working out. I told himi want to switch between stage 1 and 2 especially since I started working out. I have been super swollen after exercising. He told me that was normal and I could use it. I asked him about wearing my abdomen board and garment and when should I wear it. He said although people think that it molds you, it really dosent. It keeps you cinched so you don't get swollen but the molding is up to the surgeon and his techniques. With that being said he said to only wear it for 12 hours starting my 5th week. I told him I wear it 23 hours a day. He started laughing and told me if I tell him that in 4 weeks he will tell at me. Lol.

So I got my Schulman panties today and she is eating them up. I know my butt can only get better from here. Can't wait till she fluffs!!!

Thank you sissys for all your help. I couldn't do it without u guys!!

My 6 week check in!!

Hello ladies! Hope all is well! I recently dropped my iPhone and cracked my screen so I have not been on here as often as I would like. But I do miss u guys. I am going to pull my laptop out this weekend and read all the updates.

Anyway, quick run down b/c I'm still typing. From my cracked screen. But it's on the to do list for this weekend. Lol. So I 6 weeks post up and Ms Treasure is hanging in there. Sometimes she is average and at other times she just comes out of no where. I started working out and notice that I get swollen FAST! By the end of the day if I don't compress myself, I will feel crappy in the am. I use stage one to sleep when my stage two is drying otherwise I try to have my stage 2 on at all times. It's comforting to me. Without it I feel lost and fat! I know in not but I feel it. It's prob that crutch Dr S told me about. Lol

My waist has remain at about a 30. And a 30 1/2. Would love a 29. But I don't know. I think that for being 6 weeks I am healing great. I just can't wait until I can sit. I am thinking about emailing Dr S and asking him if I may sit a few days early. I want to go out that weekend . I want to enjoy Ms Treasure and shoe her off a lil.
Btw- be prepared for the attention. Sometimes it's overwhelming. Lol. Here are some pics. Enjoy!

7 weeks!!! 1 more week to go!!!

Hi ladies just a quick update. I am 7 weeks yes!!!!!! One more to go and I can not wait until I can sit!! I have to confess at
6 1/2 weeks I had to sit for a few hours. Ms Treasure had a date she could not pass up the opportunity , so I had to go ;0). I sat just as Dr S instructed and would occasionally get up and walk around. As soon as I came home, you know I had to pull out the measuring tape. Lol I know is crazy but hey!!

Anyway, here are a few 7 week pics. Not much but as you can see, she is stilling holding up. Im still about 6 pounds up but plan on hitting the gym right after my 8 weeks is up. I figure even if I don't sit on a machine, I can at-least do Some squats with outing thinking I am killing all my fat! Lol

Currently my measurements are
38-30-46.5 and weight 186. I'm stacked. lol. I also know I'm a little swollen. I am enjoying my summer. Lol. I TRY to wear my stage 2 a lil more often than Dr S recommends. I prob wear it Btwn 15 to 17 hours a day. On the weekend maybe 13 to 15. I feel so comfortable with it.

Ok ladies. Hope all is well and ttyl.

I can finally sit down!!!

Hello bootiful ladies!! I hope all is well!!!! So I made it to the 8 week mark! Yes lord! I been so thankful that I can't sit!! I can finally enjoy the rest of the summer!! My measurements haven't changed since last week and that is partially my fault. I been eating a lot of cookout food. I haven't started working out as hard as I would like to cuz I was scared Ms Treasure would deflate... Lol she is hold on at 46 or 46 1/2. I am def going back after Labor Day trying to snatch this waist before my bday!!

I know it's early but how do u know when u fluffed? Does your booty just get softer? I am anticipating what to expect. Lol

I still wear my garment. Although I didn't wear it all day yesterday. I wanted ms treasure to enjoy her bday!!! Lol but am snatching her up tonight. I am still using the ab board and girdle most if the day. I'm sure Dr S will tell at me for that. But it just feels sooo much better!

Well sending booty kisses to all.

Btw here are a few pics of my week 8

Update about 4.5 months

Hi guys. Hope all is well. I wanted to do a quick update. It's been awhile. I am almost 5 months and love my results. I will post a more in depth post later. Wanted to shard a few pics.

Before/after pics

Hello ladies!!! Hope all is well!! I am about 5 months post up and finally recieved my pics :0). Overall I am happy. Would I love to have a few things fixed?? Absolutely! But I will wait. I went to see Dr S and as always, the whole staff was the Best!! Warm and inviting always making you feel like you are their only patient ! When I finally saw Dr S, I told him that I was not happy with my tummy. I feel it should be flatter. He started laughing and said you are only 4 months ( at the time I saw him) post op. You need to relax! He also said that I have a lik excess skin at the bottom and the only way to correct that is by having a mini tummy tuck. I knew he was telling me the truth because the first PS I went too also told me the same thing. I don't have kids and don't know if I will. So for right now, that's not a option. He told me to wait till I'm a little closer to 1 year post op before I decide to modify anything. I also mentioned I wanted a little Mie projection in my butt. Don't get me wrong, I love my new shape but as some of te other RS sisters have previously mentioned, we don't waste good fat around here! Lol.

So, I'm gonna wait until I am closer to my 1 year mark before i consider a round too. Currently I am concentrating on working on my legs. who knows. I may not need a round 2. Lol

Thanks ladies and enjoy your thanksgiving
New York Plastic Surgeon

Although I am about 10 days post op, I can honestly say that I love my Doctor. I know that I am still early in the recovery stage; but I feel that if anything goes wrong, they will definitely walk me through it. As my recovery goes, I will continue updating the site :)

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