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Hello Ladies. I am scheduled to have my surgery...

Hello Ladies. I am scheduled to have my surgery August 11, 2014 but I have a wedding I must attend. After rescheduling twice already I really hate to do this but it is a very close friend. If anyone has a date available end of May, month of June or after August 18th and are willing to switch please let me know.

I am also traveling alone and would love a friend while I go through this (only my husband will know about the surgery). So if you are having surgery with Dr Salama please let me know. Thanks.

Date switched, bbl in 3 weeks with Dr Salama

I'm so excited. My surgery will be in 3 weeks.

Date changed with less than 3 weeks

Omg, thanks to one of my wonderful realself sisters I was able to change my date. This is becoming so real. I've been obsessing over my butt for the last few years. First date 2012, then 2013 and August 2014. A little about me. I'm 31 years old, wife and mother of two wonderful boys. I've had a breast reduction and tummy tuck after my first son 10 years ago. Had a mini tummy tuck after my second son in 2012. I work out and try my best to keep a healthy diet but I am still over weight. I'm 5'10, 215lbs. My husband loves my shape but I don't. I've been living in butt pads and fajas for years. Hoping that when I get my surgery done no one will notice, lol. Right now I've decided to keep my surgery a secret, didn't even tell my best friend. I don't want to hear all the reasons why I shouldn't do it. She doesn't even shape her eyebrows or wear any makeup so I know this will be crazy in her mind. My husband and a close friend are the only one's that know. She and I both appreciate plastic surgery. She is so happy for me. This is where my little secret becomes complicated. I live in the same building as my parents. Although 4 floors separate our apartments I see them daily. My mother already saw the envelope from my package and said I hope you're not getting anything done, smh. She believes I am going to a conference since I will need her to assist my husband with the boys while I am gone. I hope I can get away with this, pray for me ladies. I am so obsessed with this, all I do is look at bootie pics all day. Since I am a big girl, I don't expect a miracle but would like a sculpted hours glass shape and a nice butt to go with it. I will post some before and wish pics in the morning. Has anyone stayed at the recovery house? What did you pack? I am planning to travel very light, hopefully just a carryon since I plan on having my arms done. Are the arms worth it? I have to pick up my son when I return. Also what is the max fat that Dr S will remove? Sorry about all the rambling.

Wish pics

If I'm going to do it I might as well go big.

It's getting real, husband going crazy

My husband has been very supportive with me wanting to do this for the last few years but I don't th think he thought I was serious. My first scheduled bbl, my grandmother passed away and I had to cancel. Last year there were scheduling problems. I guess he didn't think I was serious.

When I told him I was able to switch my date to May he tried to convince me to wait till winter. Now he hits me with he wants another baby. We have discussed having a third child and he has always been against it. I find it strange that two weeks before my sx he wants to try for another baby. I don't know what to do with this man. I know he loves me and wants to see my happy but I think he's afraid of the added attention I'll receive with my new booty.

What to pack

Ok ladies. If a veteran can comment with what they really needed that would be great. I'm staying at the recovery house so don't want to bring to many things.

-Face down pillow. This will be a must for me, my neck hurts when I sleep on my stomach.

-Vitamins and meds
-maxi dresses
-travel poppy pillow, decided to purchase it because it is smaller and zips into a bag
-female urinal or a big plastic cup
-squeem, I want to cinch that waist.
-maxi pads
-gauze pads
-aloe Vera itch cream
-dial soap
-boys xl boxers
-compression socks
-1 sweat pants and hoodie
-sports bras

I think that is it ladies. Please let me know if I am missing any essentials.

How I look now

I am currently 5'10 and 215lbs. I am trying to lose weight before the sx without crash dieting. I look ok with clothes on, my issue is when the clothes come off. How man ladies had sx my size? What were your results?

Getting closer

In another week I'll be getting ready to leave. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. Trying to mentally prepare myself for the recovery. My bag is packed, so happy I was able to fit everything into a carryon. Definitely packed light, maxi dresses and the necessities only. Been stalking the seating for my flight home. So far I still have the last row to myself. Really hope it stays like that

Going on a family vacation this week. So going to try and focus on relaxation and having fun. As soon as I return I catch a flight the next morning to Fort Lauderdale.

Talk to you later ladies.

Things just got real..

Things just got real, balance is now paid in full. This is really happening. Going to try and take my mind off of it for the next week.

oh my, my nerves

Hey ladies. It's been a while since I updated. Just went on a cruise. My plan was to stick to a no carb diet and work out everyday. Lets just say my plan didn't work out. I'm scared to get on the scale. Pretty sure I gained 5-10lbs. Anyway, trying not to worry about it. there's nothing I can do about it now.

All packed up but my nerves are going crazy. I can't sleep. Never suffered from back pain now it's bothering me. I refuse to take any medication for the pain. I believe it's my nerves and hope it passes. Just keep telling myself everything will be fine. Praying to God to watch over me and hold my surgeon's hands. I am sure I am making the right decision just have to get there now.

Until tomorrow, goodnight ladies.

I'm ready

I'm finally here. The flight in was fine, traveling light with my travel bippy pillow and carry on bag. Justin picked me up, he is such a sweetheart. He took me straight to the recovery house. Omg, I'm so happy I decided to stay at the recovery house. The girls are great. Naomi came to house to do my preop, she's lovely. Ok, going to try and get some sleep. Night

It's about that time. 214lbs 5'9

Ok ladies. I'm scheduled for this morning. Just waiting for Justin. Wanted to share my most current pre pics. Weighing in at 214lbs 5'9. I ended up putting on a few pounds. Vacations are dangerous. Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers.

Surgery Day

I have my new booty

I have my new booty and am so happy. Surgery went well. I woke up in a lot of pain but Dr Salama's crew took great care of me. His staff us so friendly. I laid in tge bed until Justin came and into the wheelchair I went. The ride wasn't bad at all. He laid me down and I closed my eyes. Ok ladies, I can't even describe the pain. It was horrible, not childbirth but close enough.
I am so happy I chose to stay at the recovery house. The girls and Ms Grace have been great. Such great support here.
Ladies, I was nit able to urinate for hours after the surgery. Ask them to keep you until you pee. Once I went to pee, I felt much better.
I'll talk to yall later. Going to post some pics.

Some post op pics

Day 1 post op. very swollen and bruised but I'm loving my results so far.

Day 4

Day 4 post op. I think I'm healing well. First day without pain meds, I am walking pretty well although I get tired easily. Still haven't had a bm, starting to become annoyed with that. Not sure how many ccs I received. I told the doctor I didnt want to be huge. I know I'm swollen right now.


Hey ladies. I'm finally home. My flight was horrible. It was a full flight and had delays. My poor feet were so swollen, wish I wore my compression socks. Anyway, the day before I left I saw Dr Salama. He said everything looked fine, he is such a nice man. My drains were also removed, I felt absolutely nothing. I feel very comfortable with the choice I made in doctor. I also discovered I received 1700cc in each cheek. Yes, you read that right. I pray the size goes down since I didn't want a big butt, just a shaped body.
I went for my first massage home today, this lady was great. It was very difficult finding someone who specialized in lymphatic massages in my area. She is an hour away but I was able to take the train and stood. I also saw my family and a friend today, no one mentioned my butt so I guess the layers of clothing I wore today did the trick. I am not ready for the great unveil just yet. I'm still getting use to this booty.
At 10 days post op, I am experiencing no pain or soreness. I am able to walk correctly and I feel back to normal. I get very tired though, so I am listening to my body and resting accordingly.

3 weeks post

Well I am now 3 weeks post op. I haven't taken the time to update since I do not get much feedback from my post. Not even sure if I am helping anyone. Anyway, things are feeling much better. I am not as tender to touch. I resumed a light workout, mostly upper body. I have not done any intense cardio, just walks. I realize that I still get very tired, very quickly while walking. I am still receiving the lymphhatic drainage massages twice a week, they are so necessary. I've had lipo in the past and did not receive them. I was left with a very lumpy stomach and lots of scar tissue. I also use a heating pad once a day for 15 mins on each lipo area. I then self massage with coco butter and vitamin E. The massages have helped so much. My skin is very smooth and the swellen is down.
I've lost some projection, well I've lost a lot. I am still happy with my shape. I have not sat or laid on my back. I use the boppy pillow for my massages and it's 10 mins the most that I am on my back.

3 weeks 2 days post op

These pics were taken after my massage. If you notice the flap of skin on my back, I may be stuck with that. Dr told me to push it up with the foams and I have been.

Let's talk about sex

Let's talk about sex ladies. My personal advice would be to not have sex for a few weeks after your bbl. Wish I took my own advice. I missed my husband and had sex at 2 weeks post op. Although I laid down rules like I can't lay on my back and you can't touch the booty. I still wish I waited. I felt able and it was great but I also feel like I started loosing projection afterwards. I'm not sure if having sex affected my fat cells. Let me know if anyone else noticed a change after sex. By the way we've done it a few times but now I won't let him touch me because my ass is shrinking, smh.

Packing List if surgery out of town

I have received pm about what I thought was needed for this surgery. So I'll share what I thought was needed.
Gogirl Female Urinal
Antibacterial Soap
Gauze Pads
Surgical Tape
Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E
Fitted tshirts
Maxi Dresses
Benedryl (the itching is real)
Arnica Gel

I honestly think this is all I needed to travel with. You will not even think about a bra or jeans. Most of the time I walked around in my garment with a robe on. I didn't touch half of the stuff I packed. Just a maxi dress for appointments. I also invested in the travel bobby pillow. It's more discreet. To avoid sitting, I take public transportation to get to my massages so I just stick it in a large purse and go. Hope this helps.

My friends noticed

Went to a friends bbq this weekend and people definitely noticed. I felt very comfortable and embraced the booty. I got slapped on the butt too maby times to keep count, that annoyed me. Kept saying I hope they dont mess up my booty. When they asked what I'm doing I just said working out and waist training. I decided to wear jeans to hide my garment better but wish I wore a dress. The jeans were very uncomfortable touching my butt. I have a lot of events this summer so just ordered a vedette 906 to wear under bodycon dresses. I'll let you know how that goes.

5 weeks post op

I'm 5 weeks post op and in love with my body. It looks very natural. I started sitting with a boppy pillow at 4 weeks and yesterday at 5 weeks I sat on flat surfaces without it. I was out all day and didnt want to travel with the pillow. My doctor said I would be safe at 4 weeks so I gave it a shot. I did not have on my CG but a thong girdle, the vedette906 in a large. Wish I ordered a medium, it was very difficult to pull up over the booty but I do not feel like I had enough compression on my lipo areas. I was in the garment for about 16 hours. Lack of compression resulted in a lot of back pain, burning and soreness, I missed my cg. Sitting without the bobby was also uncomfortable and painful. I really do hope everything will be ok. My butt looked flatter this morning, I hope my mind is playing tricks on me.
I am no longer getting the massages but I use a heating pad daily and self massages. Wear my cg and medium squeem over it with foams and board. I just ordered a small squeem from ebay since I am on the second row. I will say I am concerned a out weight loss so early after surgery. I am not able to eat properly, I am full after a couple of bites. So far I've lost 6lbs since my surgery, I hope the fat loss isnt from my butt. Lol.
This is it for now. Good luck to those having sx and recovering.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Elite Plastic Surgery has been a wonderful experience. Dr Salama transformed my body, right away he understood my vision and boy did he get it right. I couldn't of imagined a better outcome. The staff is great and the office is clean and professional. You get the feeling that everyone cares about you. I was an out of town patient and they made my stay very comfortable away from my family. Thank you Dr Salama and the staff of EPS!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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