Round 2, BBL and Breast Implants, Yily Doll!! SEPT 2

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So im back at it again, this will be my 2nd to...

so im back at it again, this will be my 2nd to last procedure (tummy tuck after I decide to have kids in the future will be my last!). I have chosen to go with Dr. Yily again, she did an amazing job on me and I trust her craft... I booked my flight today and am booking my recovery house... this time I elected to stay for 12 days because of school... finals!! (please kill me!)....

this should be easy considering its my 2nd time.. im packing super uber light!!! nothing fancy, not bringing tanks, instead packing white T's (the faja straps are not friendly). bringing an AB BOARD! super important, buying my meds out there... and taking extra for my massage.. I have tons of fajas that I will bring with me to get taken in by this lady out there... im nervous but excited... good luck all...

4 days post

Where do I start!? I'm in so much pain! So I had the lipo revision of my stomach, back and implants. I had one area of my ass fixed and NO I did not do the BBL (I feel regretful!) I listened to everyone tell me that my ass is ridiculous don't touch it. ppl telling me, if you add anymore it will really look fake! But truth be told lipo gives women such a rollercoaster of emotions.

Anyone who knows anything about lipo you know the rule of thumb, anywhere you get lipo gets worse before it gets better. You swell up really bad then gradually with massages, draining of fluid and time you see your results. But one can say you have something like postpartum, you go through a mini depression because your results are not instant. Well at least for someone like me who damn near had 3 litters of fat (I can’t tell you where exactly, yet again the resentment!)...

Where do I begin?

So I was originally set to have surgery in May, but due to unforeseen reasons it did happen that way. Thank god Dr. Yilys team still honored my deposit and I was rescheduled for September 2, 2014. last go round was extremely hard for me when it came to recovery houses, this time I wasn't cutting corners I was going to dish out the money to stay somewhere great and up to my standards. Since I had surgery I frequent yily's Facebook and IG. I’d seen on there that she recommended a recovery house. In my mind anything that she recommends I’m on. I realize that her reputation would be on the line should this place turn out to be anything subpar. The place is called "The Luxury Recovery house", I call them to give them my flight and SX info. I was set. Got my job in order and sept 1st came. The week before SX the recovery house called a few times to ensure that I was still coming. I get it people flake at last minute. They asked for a deposit of 100 dollars towards my stay.

to be cont. I am in pain and tired.. later dolls
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