Duran Doll Sept 16th, 2014! BBL, TT, BA...the works!

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Hello ladiesssss! It's my first post!! I have...

Hello ladiesssss!

It's my first post!! I have been on this site non-stop, you'd swear I worked for Real Self lol
Anywhoo I've been doing a lot of research and I have my heart set on Dra. Duran. I want to be a Duran Doll 2015! My bday is in January so I'm hoping this procedure will be my birthday present to myself!

I officially e-mailed Dra. Duran a few mins ago so we'll see how long it takes to get a quote back (wrote it in Spanish, with the help of Google Translate. Hope that helped!) I know she takes awhile to respond so I wanted to start now because I am OCD and have to have an A, B, and C plan way ahead of time lol

Procedures I want: BBL, TT (lipo full abdomen, back and arms), and possible breast augmentation because mother nature was tipsy when she gave me boobs lol uneven, much?

Oh, spoke with Angie, the owner of Silhouette Recovery House, and her rate in January is $90/night with 3-meals and 24 hr care, wifi, cable, and a sweeping view of DR from your room! If you have a surgery buddy and share a room, it goes down to $75/night.

I've never had any major surgeries, no kids and I'm allergic to codeine (I'll start hallucinating, it's crazy). My ABSOLUTE WORST, MOST HORRIBLE FEAR is that I'll wake up during surgery. I'm not even kidding, I get anxious just thinking about that. I asked Dra. Duran if I could pay extra for stronger or more anesthesia to make aure I wouldn't wake up lol have any of you ladies woken up during surgery?

Let's talk lists!
I see some puhhh-retty extensive lists of supplies that ppl rook but I want to know, out of those supplies, what did you actually use the most? Was there anything you should have brought but didn't? Anything you would have rather just bought there? I'm making a spreadsheet to include my pre and post op expenses and I wanted to know what was vital (told you I was OCD lol) because some ladies I've seen had bags JUST FOR supplies! Dang. A suitcase of shoes? I get it. A suitcase of gauze? Not so much lol

Oh, Fajas! (Makes me think of fajitas...irrelevant, I'm hungry)
So, I know everyone is different but what are these stage 1 and stage 2 garments ppl are talking about? Do they just have dofferent levels of compression/support? Also, booty cutouts in your fajas or no? Some pics I've seen, the cutouts make the booty look weird and others it looks like it fits like a glove.

Well, I'm off to bed! I'll leave you wish a couple wish pics:)

Goodnight my future bbl sistas!

Duran responded!! And I'm obsessed with....

Sooooo.......Duran responded!
Quoted me $6,700 for a TT, BBL, and BA (it's prob my uneven boob that jacked up the price so much lol jk) and $4,800 without the boobs..not bad! Meds and insurance ($270 total) noy included. Now I Just have to give her a deposit and let her know what date I want. Will have to try n find the cheapest way to send $$ to her. I read reviews from ppl saying their banks charged anywhere from $30-$80 to send it....heeeeck no. Any suggestions would be nice!

So I downloaded this plastic surgery app that many of you may have already seen/used, Virtual Plastic Surgery Simulator (VSSP). Just a WARNING: you WILL become obsessed! You'll start giving yourself, your family members, friends and your man virtual plastic surgery. Shoot, you might even contour your freaking pet! Haha ok, don't. Gave myself a Kim K, J.Lo, even tried a mini Deelishis booty on haha

I live in Portland where it's pretty cloudy most of the year so I'm not sure why people are throwing shade my way....specifically my MOTHER! She is soooo against me doing this because of the girl that died in February after getting lipo and I must be effing crazy cause I'm still set on doing this. Well, I guess I dated my (now ex) boyfriend and some would call me crazy for that too haha

So what do you say to ppl who advise you not to go through with it? My response: my body, my money, my choice, my responsibility.

Well, I'm going to bed to dream of my dream bod and sippin' piƱa coladas in my faja on the beach in DR.

Night ladiessss!

God is GOOD! But Choosing a Doc is HARD!

Hello ladiessss!
I know I have been MIA for awhile but I was having trouble coming up with the money for the new me....BUTT (pun intended), GOD IS GOOD and I have come into some money and I can now start looking for a doctor and put a deposit down!!!! Woot woot!

Here are my issues though...
I have two doctors in mind: Dr. Fisher (Vanity Cosmetics Miami) or Dra. Duran (DR but I'm sure ya'll knew that lol). There are pros and cons to each. Dr. Fisher is in the states and costs a little less than going to the DR. HOWEVER, I can't get a TT or my boobs done so I will leave Miami $5,500 lighter, with saggy skin, hopefully a big booty and uneven boobs.....Option 2, Duran. I can do all my procedures at once BUT I have to pay to fly to the DR (can't use my Southwest points to get there) and my high school Spanish is muy rusty. Not to mention I will be in the hole about $6,700 +/- $2000 for flights, supplies, massages, fajas (I know ya'll think I'm crazy already but I made a spreadsheet to compare the expenses..I'm not sure my business professor had comparing plastic surgery options in mind during our Excel tutorials lol). Saggy skin in Miami vs. paying out the ass (for my new ass?) in the DR. HELP ME HERE SISTERS!

Side note: In my Organizational Behavior class we covered problem solving using intuition today and I just have a gut feeling I should go to Duran so who knows, that's why I need help.

Maybe I'll just have to call Dr. Fisher tomorrow and ask if he'll do my TT and see how much it will be. He already said I should wait to have kids before I do a TT but shooooot Dr. Fisher better be right next to the obstetrician so as soon as that baby comes out, he can take over and sew me back up pretty haha jk (kinda lol).

Well, I am off to bed, please leave your thoughts as I really appreciate them. I would love to hear from you ladies.


Contacted BellaVita Consultants....I think Duran is still my lady!! Anyone going in Dec???

Yes, Yes I understand the risk of going out of the country to get my new body, but I think doing so will be more beneficial and yield better results. If I go to Fisher, I'll end up spending twice as much to get everything I want done and he won't give me a TT until I've had kids (Uhmmm, you think I want kids immediately after I get this new body, Dr.? Heck no! I'm going to use this bod to the my advantage before someone ties me down with some kids! lol)

I have ADD (no, literally), so I contacted BellaVita consultants to put my trip together because knowing me I'll be so concerned with getting supplies, worrying about stupid fajas, and daydreaming about my new booty that I'll forget something! So I'm going to go ahead and invest that $150 so I don't have to worry about anything except showing up!

So, I think I have narrowed down my dates. I am trying to go to DR from Dec 12, 2014-Dec 22, 2014. I want to get in, get out. Is anyone else going around this time? My mother can't go with me due to her schedule and I have broke friends sooooooo if any of you lovely ladies would like to accompany me...I'm down! Not sure which recovery house I'm staying at, I'll let you know as soon as BV (oooh, BellaVita, not Bacterial Vaginosis lol) contacts me.

I'm so excited, can't nobody tell me nothing at this point....it's a go! Haha

Thank you for your words of encouragement, blessings, love, refraining from the shade, and being supportive:)

Bella Vita Responded and I got my lips done....haha

Soooo Bella Vita responded with a form for me to fill out. I guess there are two member options: Standard and Premier. Standard clients are wait-listed while Premier clients are moved to the front of the line. I guess I was wrong on the fees. It's $200 for a Standard client and $350 for Premier. I'm not sure which to choose since I want my surgery in December, I feel that that will be enough time to be able to reserve a date. Idk, $350 is more than my plane ticket to DR lol Oh well, I'll talk to them and see what works best. The Bella Vita partners are in Colombia right now setting up sx packages for doctors out there so it's hard to get a quick response from them.

BTW, I got my lips done and I'm OBSESSED! It was so random and I've wanted it for awhile so I went to Ideal Image since they were having a 25% off their facial services and did it. My lips are so plump! I wish I had a before pic but basically I had a thin top lip that I hated. Now I can't stop looking in the mirror. This only worries me because imagine how I'm going to be with my new body. I'll be like Kim K. when she admitted to taking 1,200 selfies while on vacay in Thailand. My camera phone is going to stop working and have a popup message saying I have lost my selfie privileges lol oh well!

Off to fill out paperwork and work on some homework, talk to you soon ladies!

Sh*t just got real....

I am so freaking excited! And nervous. And happy. And about to be broke. But let's get this show on the road! I'll update you when Bella Vita responds with confirmations. Oh BTW, just learned that their services are $200 for "Standard" clients and $350 for "Premier".......that takes out of my budget but whatevs, get 'er done.

Ta ta for now! Gotta run to the bank and get Dra. her $$$


I'm going to be a Duran Doll Sept 2014

It's official!!! Paid Bella Vita, gave them Dra Duran's surgery deposit, and booked my flight!!
Omg, the flight to the Dominican from Oregon was only $250 one-way on United Air! That's the same price it costs me to fly to AZ sometimes! On my way back, I'm flying Delta and I bought a first class ticket so I can lay down and that was only $611 (not bad considering others ran in the thousands). I'm not sure which recovery house I'm staying at yet but I'm leaving that to Bella Vita. Goodness, I still can't believe this is all happening. I originally wanted to go in Dec/Jan but I would like to look cute for my Christmas pics and not hunched over n drugged up (well I might want to be inebriated to deal with my crazy fam but that's a whole other story lol) I also have a family vacation planned at the end of the year and want to surprise everyone with my new bod (I've always been the chunky one in my fam but that's allllllll about to change bi0tches!!)

So. Next on my to-do list is get supplies. I'm trying to keep it to a bare minimum because I don't want to be lugging around a bunch of stuff and lord knows I'm going to over-pack or pack unnecessary things like I always do.
Anyone else going in September??

Reconsidering TT....HELP! Surgery in 5 weeks!

Hello, hellO!
Well, while my friends are out "turning up," I am watching TT reviews on YouTube and I am officially scared to have a TT just because these women's scars were awful! I am seriously considering just doing the lipo and if I have loose skin.....oh well, better hit the gym! So now I'm thinking lipo (full back, stomach, and arms), boobs, and BBL. Did any of you ladies, or anyone you know, who had lipo, had saggy skin afterwards? If I don't HAVE to do it, then I really don't want to. I saw a pic of Duran's patients who looked like she had a stomach like mine and she only had lipo and she seemed to look just fine. Idk. I'm very confused and nervous.

On a side note, literally everything is booked and all I need to do is get supplies which I am halfway done with. I'm really only taking vitamins, maxi dresses, tank tops, and foam boards for under the faja. Maybe some Ensure just in case (I love the chocolate ones haha).

Wow, my surgery is in 5 weeks. Still looking for a buddy! I'm staying at Armonia RH from Sept 15th to Sept 26

Supply Shopping Done. Money Concerns?

It's still so surreal. I can't believe that in 3 weeks I'm going to be lying in Armonia, asking for my mommy, moaning and groaning in pain, covered in leakage, drains sticking out of me, and probably asking myself why TF I did this to myself! lol until I look in the mirror of course! I haven't had any further contact with Bella Vita or Dra. Duran but I've been on Duran's IG like a stalker! Damn near every one of the pics she posts I would be content with, she just looks that good at what she does!

So my primary care provider wouldn't order blood work for my Hemoglobin (or prescription antibiotics/pain killers) so I went online to DirectLabs.com and ordered the test myself ($26, after $3 coupon. Orig. $29), then went to the nearest LabCorp and got the results back in a day........*drum roll*......... Hemo is 14.2!!!! BOOM! Btw, you have to go to a LabCorp lab if you order tests from DirectLabs.com and I found a 10% off coupon by googling "DirectLabs coupon code" and voila....magic! (for my Future fans haha)

Hey! I'm wondering, was anyone else worried about traveling with such a large load of cash?? I wish I could pay the doctor and recovery house through PayPal. I paid my Armonia deposit through PayPal so why can't I just pay all of it on there?? And if I can wire Dra. Duran a deposit, why can't I just wire her the full amount?? I'm just extra nervous because a couple times, when I've traveled out of the country, I've had things stolen from my luggage; a family member even had a camera stolen out of her bag while we were sightseeing. I'm also concerned about what TSA and customs might say. I always hear horror stories about that and have had to payoff cops in other countries to avoid getting speeding or parking tickets lol Any suggestions?

So I got the recommended vitamins: C, B12, Iron, Folic Acid, Arnica, Bromelain and water pills and a laxative just in case. Also got baby wipes, antibacterial wipes, antibacterial spray, hand sanitizer, DIY foam padding from JoAnn fabric ($6 for a yard, cut into 2 pieces. Beats $35 online), a boppy pillow (Craigslist, $10), tank tops, and ScarAway silicone sheets for afterwards (Walmart had a $2 off coupon so I think I paid $15 or $17 for a month's supply. Also bought Juven (from the makers of Ensure), it's a supplement specifically for post surgery/injury recovery which helps build muscle tissue and speed up recovery. I'm going to try it and see if I notice a difference, but I may just buy a supplement online because this was $20 for only 8 packets and you're supposed to use 2 a day. Ehhhh.....expensive.

on my way to the DR!!

All right ladies, the time is here!!! Im on my way to the Dominican! Even though I have bought supplies, packed, gotten vaccinations, and I'm on a flight...what I'm about to do still hasn't hit me.

So far, the process has been super easy and somewhat expensive, but the hardest part is keeping it under wraps! Everyone wants to know why I'm going to the DR and I just say "For a little R & R." But little do they know, I mean Reconstruction and Recovery!! Lol

So far, I have spent over $8,000 for this trip. Here's a breakdown:

Flight (incl. First class on way back): $950
Bella Vita Fee (premium client since I needed a date short notice): $350
Surgery (BBL, TT, BA, Lipo to arms, back, stomach): $6,700
Armonia Recovery House (12 days, 11 nights, night of surgery free): $750
Transportation to airport (round trip): $50
Overnight nurse (will I need this, thought that comes with the hospital stay): $50
Massages (idk how many I need): $25/ea
Extra Garment: $150
Supplies/vitamins: $200
Extra cash just in case: $200.

Here are my thoughts: yes, $6,700 looks like a great deal considering Dr. J in ATL quoted me $16,000 but this is still a shit ton of money! Lol not to mention, I have bills to pay so this body better look so good that it pays for itself!!! haha

As for nerves, I'm more so nervous about walking around with $8,000 in cash on me than I am about the surgery. I bought a personal safe from Home Depot that looks like a huge glasses case and you can create your own pin, also got a body wallet. This makes me feel safER, but you just never know.

I have a binder put together (OMFG someone just farted on this tiny as plane while I'm writing this...WTF?!) with my itineraries, print outs of emails between Dra. Duran, myself, Bella Vita and Armonia Recovery, a copy of my passport incase it gets lost or stolen, phone numbers to cancel CCs incase those get lost or stolen as well, and contact information of Dra. Duran, Bella Vita and the RH. I also emailed this packet of infp to my aunt and my mother (my emergency contacts). I think I put more effort into this than I did my summer research paper lol smh!

On a side note, my mother is very spiritual (not religious) and believes in energy work and healing. She paid for me to see an energy healer to fix negative energy I have from the past and I must admit it has really worked. Before I had body image issues that stemmed from being called names when I was young, and although I don't love every cellulite pock mark (or any of them), I don't exactly loathe my body now either which has made this journey healthier (in my opinion). Before I was searching for the ideal body, envious of these women I saw on instagram and wanting to look like them but after this healer, my mentality changed and is now "however this turns out, as long as I'm healthy and healed afterwards, I'll love it and I love me." I no longer feel the NEED to have this surgery.

So for anyone who feels like they're doing this to make someone attracted to them or happy with them, I highly suggest entering this journey with the clearest and healthiest mind possible because I guarantee you'll be happier with yourself, your results and less stressed about being "perfect." No matter what anyone says, including that annoying voice in your head, we are all gorgeous and deserve to be happy from within.

Well, the fart has dissipated and the flight attendant is here with my tea so ta-ta for now and I'll write you ladies from the other side!


landed in DR!!!

I made it to DR!!

When I arrived, I got my bags and then went straight to the tourist card kiosk and bought one ($10, and it's like a receipt, not an actual card). Across from the kiosk is immigration. Immigration just stamped by passport and let me go, no questions or anything. Then you go through to customs. One guy asks for your checked bag receipt (the sticker they give you when you first check your bags, the one I usually throw away; thank God I didn't), another guy takes the paper you filled out on the plane and either looks tough and grills the guy in front of you or just lets you go without asking questions lol he was funny.

Side note: these Dominican men are fiiiiiine!!!

I walked out and Angel, from Armonia RH, was holding a sign with my name on it. He's very nice and doesn't speak much English but he knows where to take you and how to get there quickly haha another BBL sister was on the same plane as me (which I didn't know) and he took both of us to Armonia to check in and then to get our labs done. Since I ate earlier this morning, I have to wait until tomorrow to get my labs done so I'm back at the RH.

I want to spotlight that everyone at Armonia and Myra have been the nicest and most attentive....I haven't even had surgery yet! I get a good vibe from them and the house is spotless! Each room has individual A/C units and tvs. I was originally in a double but opted for a quad so I can share a room with the BBL sis I just met (we clicked right away, obviously lol).

Elizabeth, Duran's secretary, may come off as a little dry at first but she didn't have an attitude like someone warned me of. Overall I feel safe and well taken care of here!

One of the ladies just brought fresh fruit up to the balcony for me! Aww!! Well , I'll let everyone know how tomorrow goes! Hopefully my Hemo is still high (it was 14.2 last month)!

sorry I haven't updated yet!!!

Hi dolls! Sorry I haven't updated yet....I'm alive!! I've just been so tired and weak that I haven't had the energy to update and recovery has been crazy. I needed a blood transfusion, CIPLA effed me over and held my passport hostage claiming I didn't pay for their services when I got the transfusion, I've had a massive headache since I got out, my feet have been like swollen balloons lol recovery is not as glamorous as some of these dolls make it seem! HOWEVER, I am very happy with my results and I think I chose the best doctor for me! I will try and upload pics as soon as possible, but right now, I'm going back to sleep lol

Thank you all for the well wishes and checking up on me, I appreciate it:)

Finally got some energy!

Hey everyone!

I know I went MIA for a little bit but omg I was sooooo DRAINED after surgery! All I do is sleep these days. I sleep so much people think lying when I call/text back and tell them I was asleep lol

I didn't have to get a TT so I had a BBL, BA and lipo to my stomach and back (she couldn't get to my arms)

Here are some pics though, I'm 3 weeks PO. I had 1400 CC's in each cheek and my boobs are 350 and 375 CCs (corrected symmetry)

i love my results and I'll post my review tomorrow...laptop is dying and the way I have to sleep makes it hard to get up sooooo I'm going to do it tomorrow lol
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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