TT, liposculpture (w/ chin lipo) and BBL

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Everyone looks in mirror and sees their own...

Everyone looks in mirror and sees their own imperfections and have some idea of what they would like to get done. Since I was 12 i had saggy boobs, they just grew that way. I remember being a teenager hating my boobs and not much has changed since then. My body is also out of waco, my ass isn't flat but its not shapely, nothing to make anyone look twice and i have love handles. I am allured by Mexican and DR drs but the fear is something real, i want to have a banging body but I don't wanna die getting it. Like Anyone else, i want the most affordable deal possible that will give the results i want. I am a RN so i know the risks of surgery but I am woman first. Sighs. I need help

dr. campos

i sent an email with my pictures requesting the pricing for bbl and breast reduction and lift. waiting on him to get back at me. how long does it normally take? its been 2 days

Campos away on vacay

Haven't heard from Campos yet bc he is away on vacation and won't be back until the 29th. Oh well ill just continue saving until then

Almonte 10/10/16

Ok so I'm going to Almonte and I'm nervous and excited. I want this to be over already. So here are some of my stats. 5'8 214pnds. 26 no kids. I'm having a tt, bbl, liposculpture and chin lipo. I wanna be so lit. Lol follow me on my journey!


So im here trying to figure out what all supplies do I need, listen this shit adds up. Its not cheaper going to the DR frfr . for the leg work im putting in with arranging my trip and help getting around and trying to find a PCP that will see me when I get back, this shit adds up. Like fr if I was a US doctor I would step my skills up and get all the girls that was going to DR.


Getting my mind right. Speaking positivity and blessings in my life. I affirm that my flight will be safe and pleasant. I affirm my labs will be perfect. I affirm that Almonte will listen and understand my vision of body and skillfully and beautifully execute them onto my body. I affirm my surgery will go smoothly and pleasantly. I affirm my recovery will fast, smooth and rewarding. I affirm that all the positive outcomes I envisioned for this surgery will manifest into reality. EVERYTIME fear tries to creep in, I start speaking out my affirmation either out loud or in my head. My surgery day is coming!


Sitting in my bed waiting on them to get me. I'm second in line. Ugh I just wanna get it started.

Post op

Here are photos. Almonte team is amazing and so are the ladies at Kindness. I'm just tired and stiff. Minimal pain


Try this again

Doing well

Overall I'm happy but more is needed
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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