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Hellooooo Ladies, First let me start of by...

Hellooooo Ladies,

First let me start of by saying , this is my first time ever writing reviews and post. I wasnt sure if I wanted to write and review my experience but I know there are alot of women out there that look forward to seeing results and reviews and further more. Well I have done more than enough research on the BBL procedure for the past 4 yrs ( Yes I kno its a long time) but i wanted to be absolutly sure this is something I wanted to do. I am now 25yrs old turning 26 this sunday :) (yay!) No children at the moment and not married ( not yeeeetttttt ) but I decieded this would be the prefect timing right now for me that is. Now about choosing a doctor, my 1st choice of course was Dr Jimmerson in Atlanta,GA and at the time when I found him he was also 3kcheaper than what he is now :/ , didnt mind paying the extra but of course he also has a 1yr waiting list unless your paying all cash, soooo that was out of the question, so off now to a new search for a doctor, my fiance has been the MOST supportive and I am sooo happy for that, he actually was the one who done all the research on the doctor that I have chose which is Dr Salama in Aventura FL. I wanted someone that was the next best thing to DR Jimmerson and let me tell you, I have almost given up until I seen his work, so now im super excited and Im ready! Im scheduled to have surgery July 22, I have already put down my deposit and now currently just looking for a place to stay during our time there, I am flying in from Las Vegas so I will be an out of town patient, I have never been to florida so im excited about that as well, if you ladies have any suggestions about a nice place to stay during my visit plzzzz let me know , it you have any other questions for me feel free to ask, sometimes I forget to add things I wanted to share that doesnt seem important but may be important to you, I will be uploading pictures sometime this week or in the next few days. Thank you for reading and good luck to your journey :)

here are my before pictures

Just wanted to share my before photos with u ladies, Dr says he wants me to gain about 5-8more pounds but im not sure about that:/ im 5'1 155lbs but i carry most of my weight in my brest, im top heavy 36DD

Have to change my date :(

Hello ladies, if anyone is scheduled to have sx with Salama in the end of August or in Sept and would like a sooner date plz let me know, I need a little bit more time to get my finances together and I'm currently on the waiting list for another date, my original date is July 22


My surgery date is April 28th, I'm not even sure if I want to follow through with it anymore. I just receieved my packet in the mail yesterday and I've noticed my preop clearance form was not in there (something I've been waiting for) okay no big deal I'll just call the office. I've explained to them the form was not in there . They the tell me it was sent via email 2 weeks ago!!! OK and no one has bothered to bring it up since I've spoken to 4 different people in office within those two weeks !? But you guys didnt forget to bring up my last payment that was due though!! Lol , anyways moral of my rant right now is its starting to get hard for me to get my lab work done last min and due to me not having insurance (which is my fault) I have to pay everything out of pocket. So far I have called about 15+ clinics including lab corp (which they are expensive ) everything is roughly $250-600 depending who I choose to go with, the cheaper I go i have to waiting a week and half for an appointment, this sucks and I'm hoping this doesn't get in the way of me having to cancel :( , I've waiting waaaaayyy to long and rescheduled 3 times already, so ladies my advice will be to get insurance ahead of time 2 months advance of your date if you don't have any , or you'll be in a pickle like me and have to pay 500+ more dollars :/.

Also if anyone is going to be there the same time I am plz don't hesitate to send me a message , I will be there from April 27- May 6th :)

Pre Op Physical

My doctor called me today to give me bad news :(, he didn't clear me for surgery however he said everything came back normal except for ONE thing, something about my blood plates being high and I have blood clots. He thinks I may be anemic but growing up and even now as an adult I have never been told that. Dr salama office was closed by the time he called so I haven't been able to speak to anyone on what the next suggestion would be. I'm a little bummed out now and starting to think it wasn't meant to be, but considering I have already paid in full and can't get a refund I'm annoyed now :(.

Yaaaaaaaaaay I got cleared!!!

Noemi called me the other day and said everything looks good with my blood work and I'm all good to go, I'm so excited!! Only thing now I have to fill my prescriptions and book my room, as you guys can see I procrastinate on everything:/ , my friend booked her ticket before I did and I'm the one getting sx lol , does anyone have any suggestions where to stay , there are so many hotels i can't seem to pick a place, I also thought about using airb&b and renting out a condo

Almost Time

Are there any ladies going to be in Aventura this week? I have 4 more days I'm so nervous, also I started my period today and I usually last for about 5-6 days, I have sx on Thursday :/ is this going to interfere?

Wish pic

Nice and plump

More wish pics

Others that I like and hoping I can achieve something similar

Packed and Ready to go (sort of)

I fly into FLL tomorrow, I woke up today feeling very anxious! I hope I Dont have an anxiety attack on the plane ! My friend was suppose to come with me but she had to cancel due to personal finances sooooo my boyfriend is coming last min. I'm out of town on a business trip so we won't be flying THERE together which makes my nerves even more bad!

On top of that I haven't even bought any supplies or extra clothes I've been super lazy so today I guess I will go, what are the MUST haves , Im already limited to space in my bag since I'm out of town for business other supplies I figured I will get when I'm there tomorrow evening

Finally made it

Hey Ladies I finally made, its been a long exhausting day for me , I had a lot to do from picking up supplies and the visit to the office for my pre op visit , but let me tell you everyone that works there are soooooo nice! Salma has a great team behind him :), but I'm assuming I'm the 1st on the list tomorrow I go in at 7am, I can't sleep but I'm so tired , its now midnight , well wish me luck ladies and I will try to keep posting as my days go on

Made it to the other side

Hey Ladies, I made it, I'm extremely sore right now , I was in a lot of pain this morning but I'm doing a lot better when I feel up to it I will take photos And post most likely tomorrow


Hey dolls, below are my before and after pics, as you kno I stated before I gained weight from the 1st set of photos I had posted :/, any who not sure about my results, my bf said my butt looks like two flat pancakes :( , we'll just have to see How things go in a few weeks to 6 months

How long can I stay out of my garment

I have to hand wash and air dry my garment but I'm so swollen I Dont want to be out of it too long, using the dryer and washer isn't an option , everything on my body feels like its throbbing, not getting very much help , ladies pls bring someone who has your absolute best interest, I've been on my feet since day 1 post op, getting myself in and out of bed, walking to bathroom, making my food, every step is getting harder and harder

My vagina is swollen

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm thinking the antibiotics may have given me a yeast infection, it hurts :(, my recovery is not the business, I hope no one has to experience this
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