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Hellooooo Ladies, First let me start of by...

Hellooooo Ladies,

First let me start of by saying , this is my first time ever writing reviews and post. I wasnt sure if I wanted to write and review my experience but I know there are alot of women out there that look forward to seeing results and reviews and further more. Well I have done more than enough research on the BBL procedure for the past 4 yrs ( Yes I kno its a long time) but i wanted to be absolutly sure this is something I wanted to do. I am now 25yrs old turning 26 this sunday :) (yay!) No children at the moment and not married ( not yeeeetttttt ) but I decieded this would be the prefect timing right now for me that is. Now about choosing a doctor, my 1st choice of course was Dr Jimmerson in Atlanta,GA and at the time when I found him he was also 3kcheaper than what he is now :/ , didnt mind paying the extra but of course he also has a 1yr waiting list unless your paying all cash, soooo that was out of the question, so off now to a new search for a doctor, my fiance has been the MOST supportive and I am sooo happy for that, he actually was the one who done all the research on the doctor that I have chose which is Dr Salama in Aventura FL. I wanted someone that was the next best thing to DR Jimmerson and let me tell you, I have almost given up until I seen his work, so now im super excited and Im ready! Im scheduled to have surgery July 22, I have already put down my deposit and now currently just looking for a place to stay during our time there, I am flying in from Las Vegas so I will be an out of town patient, I have never been to florida so im excited about that as well, if you ladies have any suggestions about a nice place to stay during my visit plzzzz let me know , it you have any other questions for me feel free to ask, sometimes I forget to add things I wanted to share that doesnt seem important but may be important to you, I will be uploading pictures sometime this week or in the next few days. Thank you for reading and good luck to your journey :)

here are my before pictures

Just wanted to share my before photos with u ladies, Dr says he wants me to gain about 5-8more pounds but im not sure about that:/ im 5'1 155lbs but i carry most of my weight in my brest, im top heavy 36DD

Have to change my date :(

Hello ladies, if anyone is scheduled to have sx with Salama in the end of August or in Sept and would like a sooner date plz let me know, I need a little bit more time to get my finances together and I'm currently on the waiting list for another date, my original date is July 22
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