Future Diaz Doll, arm & thigh lift and most important BBL

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I am a beyond pleased with Dr. Diaz, and his...

I am a beyond pleased with Dr. Diaz, and his commitment to Service Excellence via phone and email. I pray everyone hopes and dreams are fulfilled via their surgeon of choice... I have already had a breast lift and augmentation via Dr. Jimmerson in ATL , and a tummy tuck via Dr. Horn in Chicago, IL. I am ready it's "my time to shine".


After the unfortunate death of the young lady in New York, I called Dr.Manuel Diaz immediately, he informed me not to worry, we spoke in depth about precautions and sanitary conditions etc. I heart Dr. Diaz

Diaz Doll 2014

It has become real, I am 60 days from being a DIAZDOLL and I am excited. Best of wishes to Dimepiece for I know your experience and recovery will be wonderful, I look forward to seeing your post.

Less than 60 days to a Diaz Doll

Okay ladies, I have taken my full surgery pre-op exam, all my numbers are GREAT esp... my hemoglobin level 12.9. My current regiment is 325mg 2x a day, and I drink Pur-absorb every other day with the B, 6, 12 and Bcomplex, Bromelain, Flax seed, Omega3, Stool softner (lol), and 1 gummy pre-natal to cover EVERYTHING. Drink AS MUCH WATER AS POSSIBLE! !!!!!!!! I've started buying supplies from Amazon, and Walmart. I'm excited to see many people success stories from the CIPLA to the Recovery House. Ladies, remember to lower your sodium level as much as possible.... per my md because my menstrual is right before surgery, I will up intake of iron the month of June to. Drinking Geritol complete once a day, and taking 325mg Ferrous Sulfate 3 times a day @ 6am, noon, and 6pm, with a great stool softner.....DIAZDOLL 2014

Super Exited My supplies are starting to come from Amazon, and my sister is leaving Sunday for DR

Hey Dolls, I forgot to mention I am 5'8 160lbs yeah lol, Dr. Diaz suggested back in January I gain at least 5-10lbs so my BBL will be full and what I would like so I went from a 155lbs to 160lbs and I feel like a WHALE...but no pain no gain....On another note, I forgot to mention my Sister-In-Law is going to be a DIAZDOLL officially Monday May 12,2014. So please keep her in your prayers, she is staying at CIPLA , and I will be giving you play by play action as it comes to me. The site has become addictive to me like Candy Crush ha ha ha ha

Make sure your HEMOGLOBIN LEVELS are high!!!!!

My sister in law is in DR, her level was 11.7, she has had to have two iron drips BEFORE Dr.Diaz will perform the TT &BBL. Make SURE your taking at least Ferrus Sulfate 325mg every day, and Pur-Absorb.... avoid any confusion and unnecessary DRAMA with your levels

Less than 45days to being a Diaz Doll

Hemoglobin Level 12.9, standing 5'8 160lbs and ready. My daily regime is 325mg of Ferrous Sulfate Iron 3x a day (always with a meal), 1 Folic Acid, 1 Zinc, I Calcium cgew, 2 Flax seed oil, 1 Omega3, and eating red meat at least one meal a day. Doing my inventory checklist now, I am going in like im getting ready for the "Dream Team"..... Just updating on my "Diaz state of mind" yesssssss. Just cgecking in Dolls

BBL, Arm & Thigh Lift here I come

Hey Dolls, I am less than 35 Business days away from becoming a certified Diaz Doll. I have "stayed the course" I have now included Bromelain and Arnica Montana pills to my daily regiment: Omega3, Fish Oil, Geritol Liquid High Potency with Iron Supplement, Zinc, Folic Acid, Prenatal, B-12, B-Complex, and stool softener EVERY DAY for the past 5 months I have had this regiment...wheeeew I have obtained all my items from Amazon, the last items I need to pick up is wife beaters, ensure, Gatorade, small water bottles, shower shoes, and white v-neck t-shirts. I am over zealous when it comes to being prepared....sorry the only thing I need to figure out is....What weave to wear??? Lol update soon

Trying to maintain the healthy 6lbs I gained for surgery

I am trying my best to keep the 6 pounds I gained for surgery, however it is warm here and I am NOT use to being 6 pounds heavier, but I am keeping in mind the ultimate goal is to have a natural looking big booty.....anxiety not to bad yet lol.... just my random thoughts

Trying to really contemplate how much cc's?

How many cc's should I consider?

My anxiety is not too bad today lol, my FMLA, Short term disability is complete lbvs. I have started contemplating: How much ass is too much ass? Rs Doll's can you please give some suggestions.


I'm still looking, I want a "presidental" bootay, and I'm on a mad search lol.... I know random @ JazB the rice and cc's are coming along?????

Count down to DiazDoll

I forgot to post my pre-op pics, now PSA I use to work out 4x a week, but I was encouraged to gain a healthy 10lbs, I gained 7lbs yeah but ewwww, so Dolls beware lol. I'm standing 5'8 161lbs.... Team Diaz

diazdoll will update very soon with pic

The wifi is bad, but will post day by day playbook, as soon as I reach the states. Thank you RS for all your well wishes

3 months post op pics after ARM/THIGH/BBL

Dolls, I still have some swelling, no complaints, cosmetic surgery is a process, not a product, my shape I'm loving so are the men & women (ijs), get ready for the women who had nothing to say to you before, have I muffin mouth full to say after... and I say kiss my big ole pretty ass 800cc... DiazDoll 2014
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Excited, I've made a great choice, I believe Dr. Diaz is authentic, passionate, and over a great person,then a great Doctor. He has been beyond attentive to me my level of questions and concerns, and he is always pleasant and informative. I can't wait to finally meet him and his qualified staff.

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