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Hello ladies, I am currently 5'7.5 and 166 LBS,...

Hello ladies, I am currently 5'7.5 and 166 LBS, this is definitely my heaviest. I am an active person, I workout at least 5 times a week - cardio, weights and my new favourite yoga.I have two rebels that I love to pieces. I am going to Yily and I hope she is able to give me my dream body, or at least my pre baby body back. I am having lipo to my stomach, back...etc, you know the usual. I was really hesitant on doing a review, but so many have gone before me and with out their reviews I would be very lost, so why not help out.

I am taking 2 weeks off of work, and staying 8 days in DR, if everything goes as planned - God willing. I have almost always had low iron, so I am taking as much iron as possible to make sure that it is up there. I take Floravital Iron, with B12, folic acid, and vitamin C, this is just in the morning. Through out the day I take MegaFood Blood builder, multivitamin and Yellow dock root. Geesh this better work.

My only problem with Yily and her office is communication, can I get a reply to an email? Is it really that difficult? All I wanted was a list of medication that I could get here before I leave for DR. After 2 weeks of no response, I called. I am assuming that Yira picked up because she spoke some english and she told me I could get the medication when I reached DR. Not happy about that. I am going to see my family doctor and ask him to prescribe some antibiotics and such. Hopefully this isn't a tell a tell sign of what is to come. Nonetheless I am excited. Oh I almost forgot I will adding arm lipo and staying at Real Recovery Armonia.


The closer I get, the more I am having second thoughts. I am stressing mainly over my hemo levels, I hope with all the iron I am taking will make a difference. I stopped exercising, well not completely, I stopped my strenuous routines, and I am sticking to yoga. I am definitely getting fatter, and getting a bit uncomfortable. I can't wait to get this over and done with.

More Wish Pics!!!!


How do I change my location? It says unknown and I can't figure out how to change that.

More Pre-Op Pics

I am getting a little obsessed and more confused. Since the death of the Yily patient I am having some serious doubts about going to DR. Yes it is a great price, but my health is worth more. Hate to sound so negative, but this is scary. I am hoping Yily will address this, on her Facebook or somewhere. Anyways here are my pre-op pictures, they should give you a better idea of my body type.
Side notes. I think I might be taking too much iron as I have been getting headaches lately, and just feeling off, I will have to go get this checked out. And, I wish there was a way to edit past posts, it annoying not being able to go back on your own post and correct misspelled words, or simply just add something to a previous blog.

Might switch Doctors

After the recent events with Yily I am, like I have perviously expressed, seriously reconsidering going to DR. I inquired with Dr. Salzhauer. After seeing his work lately I may have to jump the Yily ship. Yes, he is more expensive and I am still in limbo. I emailed his office today. I asked about recovery or nursing services post op and if they have April 16th available. Depending on the answer, I may just switch. I don't have much room to change my vacation time from work so the surgery date has to be around the same date.

There are a lot of pros and cons with going to Miami and DR.
Pros for Miami:
*Closer to home
*flight time will be significantly less
*no translation issues
*Great reviews for this doctor
*I don't have to worry about hemoglobin being one point lower

Pros DR
*Yily really knows how to sculpt
*recovery house, nursing staff, food prepared
*Price is great with everything it includes
*I got my initial ticket for a good price and its first class
*So many experiences on Realself that will help me in my journey

Cons Miami:
*Might not have a recovery house and since I'm travelling solo this is a huge concern
* I will have to fly economy since it is so close to my date, the price is really high

Cons DR:
*I have sent some questions to the office and have yet to get a response
*Risk of infection seems to be greater
*Yily doesn't seem as invested in her patients as I would like her to be

There are more, just don't want to ramble on forever.

Dr. Salzhauer isn't booking until the end of July

I feel truly defeated and not sure what to do. Dr. Salzhauer's office is closed during the two weeks I have off for religious reasons, so I am back to square one.

Just saw this on Facebook...SMH

Deborah McCabe At moment in Santo Domingo. Friend came here with a quote of $3900.00 for tummy tuck, lipo, work to enhance hips and larger breasts. Post op saw Dr. and was informed that she changed her implants but with same size?????????, no lipo and no tummy tuck. Meanwhile, she was taking Heparin shots and wearing garments with no surgery except breasts which SHOULD NOT OF BEEN DONE. Shemeka requested a refund and visibly shaken by this Doctor. Doctor REFUSED TO REFUND HER. Doctor's daughter runs her office and is ONE PIECE OF WORK. I TRIED TO HELP HER AND DAUGHTER THREATENED TO CALL SECURITY. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? Also she has been wearing garment for reason….waste of money Taking a blood thinner and no surgery. NEVER GO TO THIS DOCTOR. NEVER!!!!!! Dr. Duran very kind, attentive and all her patients look fantastic. Back at the ranch poor Shemeka is heartbroken and know they say they will give her $1900.00 EXCUSE ME. THEY SHOULD REFUND ENTIRE AMOUNT. In United States giving Heparin without cause is MALPRACTICE TIME and removing perfectly good implants with duplicates is morally wrong. Many women upset with their results. BE CAREFUL.
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Changed Doctors

Keep in mind my surgery is 10 days away and I have yet to hear from Yily or her assistant. I got in contact with Dr. Almonte through whatsapp and she gave me a quote of 3300. She also asked for a 300.00 deposit and flight confirmation. I will be sending the deposit today or tomorrow. I asked her for the address for the wire transfer and she only said "New Jersey". So hopefully that is enough to successfully transfer the money. So far she has been great and attentive. I hope she continues to be that way. If any of you ladies has sent a deposit to her and this information is not complete please let a sister know. Also if anyone knows how I can join Dr. Almonte's Facebook group please let me know too.

Breast Augmentation

I will be going to Dr. Salzhauer for my new boobies during the summer time. That way I can lay on my back without worrying about saving my booty.

Dr. Robles

Can I just say how professional this lady and her assistant is. Very thorough email. I just wish I hadn't fallen for the hype when I initially started my journey.


Keep in mind I made notes as the events were happening. So if you are wondering why I keep speaking in present tense and everything is under one entry, that's why.

So I arrived today and I went straight to CECIP. When getting your visitors pass, don't bother with the machine. There are people behind a plexiglass that know the routine and will do it for you. The ride to CECIP was interesting. People were crossing in the highway, people don't use their signals. If you are from a big city you are probably used to this, minus the jay walking through a busy highway. I met Lesley, very pretty and friendly and she speaks English perfectly. I just had my blood drawn and my arm started bleeding when I went to the washroom to give a urine sample. The lab technician asked me how to say signature in English, she gestured what she wanted and I managed to figure out what she was saying - my good deed for the day. When I was done peeing I asked the lady to clean my arm and for a new bandaid, yes I was bleeding that much.

I went to see the cardiologist soon after. He is a nice man. Ladies do not wear a sports bra like I did. I had to remove it. After I did he cleaned the areas where he would place the clamps. One on each ankle and surrounding your heart I.e your chest. He presses a button and a chart prints out. Then he does the usual thethascope routine. So I am waiting to do my xray. It's a bit confusing when no one speaks English, but luckily Lesley is here, off and on, helping me along the process.

Yes the medical facility has not caught up to modern technology, but they know what they are doing and they get the job done. Did my X-ray. Simple enough process, she just asked if I was pregnant. Made me stand in front of an X-ray machine. I took a deep breath and held for a couple of seconds and I was done. Just waiting on my blood results. Oh almost forget the clinic has wifi.

So I paid for my surgery and since my hemoglobin is at 12.2 I may have to get a blood transfusion, which I am Ok with, as long as it helps me heal. I just finished my cycle yesterday so that could be the reason why it dropped, considering that I have been taking 2 types of liquid iron, blood builder and b12 vitamin and vitamin c, all high potency.

Dr. Almonte came and marked me up she said that I will have very good results. This made me even more excited. She is very pretty also, I think it's a trend here in DR to just be pretty. I told her I am looking for projection considering my butt is already wide. I don't feel rushed, she greeted me with a kiss on the cheek, as did Lesley. Dr. Almonte is very warm and happy.

Ok so it is 2:41pm and I am starving. I am waiting for Raquel to take to me to my room in the clinic. Just wish I had taken another shower this morning, had no idea I would still be able to keep my original surgery date considering I missed my flight yesterday morning, dumb I know, should have woken up earlier. But anyways that is behind me. Along with the two days of travelling, and overnight layover, which I really enjoyed. Did a little shopping and ate some bad ass food. I am super tired and can only imagine that I will be even more tired after I am done my surgery.

I am in my room at the clinic, changed...waiting for the infamous blue pill. Hopefully I sleep through the whole procedure.

At 6:01pm nurse came in with blue pill. She watched me take it.


So I am still in DR. I took the blue pill and woke up in the room thinking that they had forgotten me. So I try and get up to find someone and my stomach is super sore, I remove my blanket and I am wrapped up...turned out I had my surgery already.

A few minutes later a nurse comes in with food, I had no appetite, but I managed to eat a couple spoons of the porridge and a slice of bread. I fell asleep again, woke up to Dr. Almonte asking me how I was doing. After she left I feel asleep again, woke up to a nurse who cleaned me off and removed my catheter, it didn't hurt but it was an intense feeling. At this point she asked me if I was dizzy, I wasn't so she said feel free to use the washroom when you need to. I got up after five minutes to check out my new booty, liked what I saw. Walked to the closet to get my phone. As I get in the bed I notice a trail of blood. I am draining from the hole above my butt. I call a nurse and she tells me someone will be there... 20 minutes later, no one has come. So I page again and I tell her I need someone to come in and clean my bed and my room, there was blood everywhere. 10 minutes later a nurse came in my room, she had a shocked look on her face, so I am guessing she wasn't coming because of my initial pages.

Anyways she cleaned me up and someone came to clean the room. Raquel (Almonte's Assistant) came in with my medication and faja. We put it on, my driver came and took me to my recovery house. Turns out Armonia has two locations, I didn't end up at the condo. So when we, the ladies at the house Armonia location need a massage, we get a ride to the condo. I love the massages, at first I thought i was going to pass out from the pain...I survived. To date I've had 3, and they are getting better.

There are some really cool ladies, here, I have been lucky, no personal drama. Regardless I still want to go home.

I had my post op with Dr. Almonte and she said everything looks good. I am just really swollen. I mean really swollen, I don't have a drain so that could be a reason. Dr. Almonte thought it might be fluid, so she tried to drain me with a huge ass needle, nothing came out, so definitely swelling. She said my fat was really stubborn, and she asked me if I work out, which I do, she said that could be the reason she had some difficulty extracting the fat from my stomach.

So far I am super sore, sleeping is a chore, eating is a chore, everything is a chore. I am really hating this recovery process, getting up from bed takes a lot of effort. The faja digs into my ribs, my incisions are starting to itch. Anyways, enough of my complaining, I will be posting more pictures of my post op body once I get home.

Almost forgot

I went into this really stressed, not sleeping. I just want to thank God for guiding me through this and allowing me to come out alive. I feel great for the most part. I am enjoying my swollen boobs...but still getting an augmentation.

Changed my mind

2 weeks and 4 days...Faja is driving me nuts

This faja is making my life miserable. On top of the limited mobility, the crotch area is giving me a rash, ugh. But the shorts one looks great on but does not provide enough compression for my lower abdomen. The second pic is what I wear during the day now that I have developed an ugly rash, plus I couldn't fire out how I would deal with my period with just a slit in the crotch. The last pic is the one I just ordered in a small, hopefully it works out.

My butt is staring to jiggle a litte, my stomach still looks swollen, but not as swollen as before. My back looks good. My sides are still very sensitive and certain parts of my stomach still hurts. I have been trying to avoid sitting, but I sit when I drive and sometimes at work but no longer than 15 minutes at a time. Even after my long flight ( 9 hours) and turbulence, i haven't noticed a decrease in my butt size.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Almonte is my doctor.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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