BBL - Brazilian Butt Lift Florida, So Excited, Mom of 2 and 155 Pounds

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So I have been researching reviews on

So I have been researching reviews on and I live in Tampa, FL. I was willing to travel to miami but saw lots of good after pics and reviews for Dr. Castor in Tampa. I went in for a free consult. Dr. Castor and his staff are super nice and friendly. He said I was great weight and not to lose any or gain. I have my surgery booked for April 18, 2014! Im so excited and cant wait to see the results, hopefully wont be much scaring, im getting lipo from stomach, love handles and bra area. Im hoping to get at least 1200cc's per cheek! I really want a full, round bottom with projection :D. I was up all night, payed my $500 booking fee today and now its the count down.
Age 31
Weight 155
Height 5'5"
Children 2

Wish pics

Wish pics

Stuffing my pants LOL

Her I am fooling around stuffing my pants to try and see what size I will be after my bbl, used my daughters diapers lol, also sucking in my stomach as much as possible

Consultation with Dr. Castor

So at my consult I was quoted $5500 total and an extra $75 if you want to buy there compression garment (optional) which I will be doing. So my total will actually be $5575, but because im paying my surgery in cash im getting a $250 discount! - Awesome So cant wait..... :D

Hope I get the results I want

After looking at lots of pics of girls that kinda had the same body type as me Im really hoping to definately get 1200-1300 cc's per cheek :D . I definately dont want to look just better and filled out - I want my butt to be noticable, big, round, projected with a super small waist and slim back to match!

Found some more wish pics

Pre-op this Tuesday!!!!!

Cannot wait for my pre-op, im going to print some wish pics at walmart and bring them in, 5 of my absolute top favorites :D so the doctor can see definately what I want, so nervous and excited ;)


Went to GNC and got my Arnica & Bromelain pills to help with swelling and brusing after my surgery. Also got:
-matress protector
-absorbent mattress pads
-alcohol wipes
-protein drinks
-and so on.....

Got my pre-op in the morning!

Done my Pre-op, went great!

I was so nervous and excited, I brought in some of my wish pictures, talked with Dr. Castor, he knows exactly what I want and said he is going to lipo my back to contour it because my waist is hidden by love handles and my back fat. Also because I have some butt already its going to look real nice! I cant wait, my nervousness is calmed because I know for sure now he has the same idea in my head I will be getting around 1200cc's each cheek :D now im just excited

Uploading some more before pics

12 Hours To Go!!!

Im seriously so excited, just sleep, wake up, get ready and go :D

After my surgery

Got into operating room around 11am, my hubby was called at 3:30 to start coming and i was out of surgery. Didnt leave till 5pm, i woke up grinding my teeth and shivering, they gave me pain meds through iv, helped, the nurse stayed with me the whole time, i did wake up in a reclining chair on my bum, but thats what they do, i got warm blankets, hardest paet was putting on garmet, omg wanted to faint, they said i did great, got wheelchaired out to car, i laid in back and just wanted to get home, at home had to walk in painful 1 inch steps, most my pain is in my butt, lots of whole body stiffness. Lots of drainage, no drains though. Got into bed and hit the hay on my tummy.

Today is alot better, yesterday such a challenge to pee, walk to bathroom was extremely hard. Today i can walk better but i get dizzy, you need a long funnel to pee, it saved my life lol, i slepted all night and woke up an hour ago, hubby says my waist is tiny, but im still inflamed everywhere, even my face n eyes are swollen, im tryng to prop my stomach n head with pillows, nite :)

Tiny waste still swollen

4 days post op

Doing better today, walked 2 blocks to store yesterday, last 2 nights hard to sleep cause my necks getting stiff n sore, need some suggestions on sleeping...

Post pics

Posting some more pics, still hard but i can feel everything starting to soften a bit, i really need someone to take my post op pics in the light n not bathroom mirror, but my bf been acting like an ass my whole recovery, i do everything myself

Scars are so small and flat

My tummy lipo scars are already flat and tiny, no indents or holes. Im super excited about there look already and i think they will be non-noticable very soon, im goin to start putting my triple action polysporin 2x a day :D

Walmart has low prices

After spending $75 on my garment from the doctor which i dont want to use cause it puts compression on my butt, i found better fitting garments for less than $20!

My newest garment!

At walmart for $16, and the butt part is super thin and puts no pressure on butt :)


Im starting to get ichy

Since two days ago my lipo areas are getting real ichy, on my tummy i saw 2 dissolvable stiches poking through my skin so I trimmed them, that helped. I have almost plopped down and sat a few times but caught myself just before I did it, thank god. Dont wanna crush my new butt ;)

1 month after pics

Still have some flat areas waiting to round up, about 1 inch of the outter layer of my butt is soft, i still feel hardness underneath, so im hoping it will fluff out a bunch more, wish i had more projection though

Before and After Side by Sides

Before and After side by side pics, wow :)
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Castor and staff are very polite and happy and easy to talk to. Procedure went great, no complications, healing was great too after first few days. I would recommend Dr. Castor. I had the BBL done which I am happy with my new body but could have got a bit more projection, other than that excellent doc and staff!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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