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Hello! I currently am 139, 5"7 and a 34D with...

Hello! I currently am 139, 5"7 and a 34D with Silicone implants. I've had my implants about 8 years now, and loved them until after my last baby. Breastfeeding took its toll on my breasts and being preggo 3 x = loose skin and stretch marks that I HATE. We are done having children. With that said, husband is on board with my Mommy makeover. So off I go to start the consultation process. First I went back to my PS, Dr. Hootan Daneshmand and that was in April. May 5th I see PS, DR. Kyle Song and then on the 19th I will see Dr. Troy J. Andreasen. I am astatic!

Here is a little back story. I was 149 a few months ago, and I've been working my butt off at the gym and eating much better. No more lazy me.

me before MM

this picture was taken by my 6 year OLD yesterday April 30th:)

Super excited for the unknown!

Hey RS peeps. I love this site and can't express how much it has helped me in this process. I have wanted a MM for years and the time has come... I have three adorable children 10, 6 and 2. They keep me super busy. My hubby of 12 years is my rock and is super supportive of my MM (thank goodness).

As of now I am 3 months Pre Op. I will be getting the works. I'm looking at it like a 4th pregnancy all the waiting & pain and finally the beauty, relief and joy that comes after the big day. I have never been over weight with the exception of pregnancy. I have been working out 5 days a week to get nice and toned again. I'm almost 31 years old and weigh 139 at 5'7. Six years ago I had an awesome BA by Dr. Hootan in Foothill Ranch CA. I was a nice C cup Pre-Babies, then after they blew up with milk and then dried up months after breastfeeding I shrank down to a flat/small/flabby A cup. LOL.. Tear tear. Also, after my 1st baby I had lost my super awesome tummy and I was left with a small amount of stretch marks and minimal loose skin. My PS fixed my breast in 2006 with 450cc Saline implants and a small lift in my right breast through the areola. Well, after my hubby came home from his deployment overseas we got pregnant with our 2nd baby. Only months after my awesome BA. Pretty common.
Well baby number two added to my stretched out belly skin and made my sexy D boobies blow up again with milk and then deflate back down after nursing. Bye bye perky boobies. He is totally worth it I might add. After baby two my belly shrank and left me with loose skin and more stretch marks. I got back down to my normal 135lbs soon after he was born. Then we were blessed again after my husband returned home from deployment number 3. Yes, a few months maybe 4 or 5 after he got home we started trying. Positive within weeks. Such JOY! We welcomed baby number three into our lives in 2011. All three pregnancies were flawless, with natural deliveries. I breastfed all of them for 3-6 months. Each about 8lbs at birth. I've been married 12 years and waited faithfully for my husband to return home from three year long deployments. It's time to makeover momma bear. Join me on my journey... I pray no one will mistake my decision as vanity but rather recovery. I want to feel like me again. Just normal in my skin. While I'm happy and super excited I'm also deathly terrified. LOL.

Sorry I can't remove my 1st post.

I wanted to make changes to my original post and low and behold you cant. lol. So not you all get two intros about me. Pretty much all the same stuff but I made the corrections on the more recent post, ie I have Saline now not Silicone. Here are some of my wish pics and some of myself.

I have a problem! Please help me ladies!

So today was my 3rd and last scheduled consultation for my MM. This Dr. said he won't do a TT on me. EEEEKKKKKKK! He said NO WAY!
So now what? Do I trust that this Dr. is being completely honest with me and the other two just wanted the extra money? He said the scars caused by a TT will be worse then the scars and loose skin I already have? I mean he's turning down a lot of money by not doing the TT and lipo. The other two Dr.'s were totally willing to do the TT. I should add, I have friends that have gone to this Dr. for BA and have nothing but wonderful things to say. He was super professional and I got good vibes. SO>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Do I keep my loose belly skin, messed up belly button, separated stomach muscles and most of my stretch marks not to mention thousands of dollars by NOT getting a TT? or do I take the risk and gamble with my body and wallet?

Booked my BA with a lift.. Ultra High profile 700cc Gummy bears

Going with Dr. Troy J. Andreasen. Can't wait! Believe it or not it's a relief not to have to worry about the TT. As sad as I am about not fixing my tummy, I think I'm going to look into the Hybrid Tummy Tuck in Santa Barbara by Brent Moelleken, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Tomorrow is my Pre-op

So excited for tomorrow.

Crazy pre-op

My Dr. said he's not going to do the lift on me now. Eeek. 700-750 UHP gummy is the plan so far. Next Thursday is the big day! :)

no sleep

trying to relax and enjoy the idea of having nice boobies again, but the reality is, this has been like a rollercoaster. Not all bad. I started my mommy makeover adventure with the hopes of fixing my tummy as priority number 1, next, a much perkier set of tata's with smaller areolas. Guess I'm still taking it all in... :) I'm blond. ha ha. No, seriously it was a shock to me that my PS wouldn't be giving me a TT, not fixing my belly button, not fixing my areolas or giving me a lift. I'm super nervous I'm going to look exactly the same but with larger boobs.. Yes I could go back to one of the other PS's that said they would do it all. but In reality my PS makes me feel safe and secure and I do believe he knows what he's talking about. :) getting my hair done today.

30 Year Old Mom of Three is Going Big. From 475cc Saline to 700-750 UHP Mentor Memory Gel's.

Hey RS peeps, Can't wait for my new girls!

Many people think "omg 700-750cc UHP is huge" but when you think in terms of shoe size it makes more sense. My best friend is 5 foot 100 lbs small frame and her 300cc hp look "big" and perfect on her she also wears a size 6 shoe. Me, I'm 5"7 138lbs with super wide shoulders and a size 9 1/2 shoe. I have 475cc Mentor saline implants now, went through the nip under the muscle and unfortunately I look flat unless I'm wearing a push-up bra. My husband disagrees. Anyway.

I started this journey wanting a full mommy makeover (TT, BL, BA and Lipo) long story short I'm going with BA only. The PS I choose was very straight forward with me and told me It's not worth it. I did get depressed for a week or so because after all I had been banking on a Tummy Tuck for years and now that I had the opportunity to do it I meet a PS that said "NO WAY, I don't need it". He said a mini wouldn't fix the issues I have. But he did recommend another PS for a hybrid TT and I respect him for that. Mind you, I had made all the arrangements for the full MM, I even got my dad a plane ticket to come help me with my kids for 4 weeks after the MM. Mentally I was ready. Now I'm happy and over the shock of not getting it. Ready for my girls to be fixed and happy about keeping up with my GYM routine.

I have a 10 year old, 6 year old and 2 year old. Boy do they keep me busy/ on my toes. My hubby and I have been married 12 years. 19 when we got married. My boobs were a nice perky C cup back then and after the 1st breastfed baby they shrunk to a flat sac of skin. :( Got my 1st BA back in 2005.


Tomorrow is my big day! So excited! 8 am baby!
Ontario Plastic Surgeon

Troy Andreasen, MD is Very honest and kind!

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