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I am excited for my scheduled rhinoplasty. I have...

I am excited for my scheduled rhinoplasty. I have always been self conscious about the size of my nose. Especially from the profile view! Not to mention that I broke it a few years ago, and now it is off center...

I work in the beauty industry and have mastered techniques that give the illusion of a smaller, straighter nose and am always thinking of ways to take the focus off of my nose. Rhinoplasty has always been a dream of mine. I believe that a subtle refining will help me to feel comfortable with my nose.

Let me start by saying that I am SCARED of surgery! I pretty much had a full blown anxiety attack after I went for my pre op blood work! I'm talking shaking, fighting back tears, and not moving my left arm for about two days. (I went for blood work two days ago). Whew, with that said, I am equally excited and proud of myself for facing my fears!

My family is not thrilled with my decision. They like me the way I am. My boyfriend also thinks that this is unnecessary. I respect their opinions, however, I am not doing this for anyone but myself. They are finally starting to come around, which is good because my rhinoplasty is in 10 days!

I have been reading blogs from this site for the past four months and feel a great deal of comfort in learning about other peoples experiences and results with rhinoplasty.

I wish the best for everyone.

Four days until surgery! I'm VERY excited..I am...

Four days until surgery! I'm VERY excited..I am ready for this change. My coworkers are so supportive, which makes me feel good being that I will be going back to work a week after my rhinoplasty!

I trust my doctor, but I'm still afraid that I did not explain well enough the results that I want. At least I will get to speak with him before surgery.

I'm going to go shopping for my after surgery supplies this weekend.

Surprisingly I feel calm!

Any advice would be appreciated :)

This morning was my septoplasty and rhinoplasty...

This morning was my septoplasty and rhinoplasty surgery. Getting ready to go to the hospital reminded me of going to the airport... It was the feeling of excitement because of the destination mixed with a realization that something could go wrong...

Everyone was so good to me at the hospital. They made me feel safe and comfortable. I am home now and can't believe that I feel no discomfort!!! My eyes, on the other hand, are very bruised already! Oh well, that will go away!

I am so happy for having the courage to go through with this :)

Two days after surgery... Luckily I do not have...

Two days after surgery... Luckily I do not have pain, however the swelling is really bothering me to look at. It freaks me out.
I'm scheduled to have the packing removed tomorrow. Hopefully the swelling will go down when that is removed. This has got to be the worst part of the procedure! Tomorrow can't come soon enough!!!!
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