Make sure you absolutely HATE your nose before you consider rhinoplasty

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Well i had a rhinoplasty to fix a bump on my nose...

well i had a rhinoplasty to fix a bump on my nose and a little tip work was done along with it and now i don't like it. should have just got the bump removed because now my nose looks a little too small.

I really miss my longer nose because i think it...

i really miss my longer nose because i think it fit my face better. i 'm not liking this new nose:( its my fault i thought smaller would be better but i always felt so good w/my other nose. now idon't feel so good

I think the pointiness added some elegance or...

i think the pointiness added some elegance or something now i feel i look like everyone else

Message me if you want to see my pics i took em...

message me if you want to see my pics i took em down. i just want my old nose back.

thanks angie though

I'm writing this for those who might come upon...

I'm writing this for those who might come upon this years after I'm not on here anymore. I want to say that just two weeks ago i saw a change in my nostrils and bridge that made me happier. I am not depressed anymore like I was and am starting to finally see a good result. I still would rather not have done this lol but I am a lot better than I was. I was in such a deep depression over this, I just want to give others hope. Don't give up, give the healing a chance.

I'm still not happy with having this done and I...

I'm still not happy with having this done and I would go back for my old nose ANY day. I really miss it and am going through the worst time of my life! This is a situation not to be taken lightly. If you want rhinoplasty, your nose would have to be on your mind day and night. That was not the case with me. I just thought I could fix a minor imperfection. Now my life is ruined and I have a road ahead of me that I never ever would have imagined or signed up for.

Still unhappy

I'm so miserable I have done this to myself. My eyes look so different and my whole face looks different. I don't know what he did to me, but the results are not normal. I cant even look in the mirror at myself and I used to be a pretty girl. I can't understand what happened to me...I'm reading that nose jobs can affect your facial fat and eyes and I think something happened to me. I am beyond devastated that I ruined my face. Even if I get a revision, what about the rest of my face. I look horrible, im not exaggerating. Everytime I look at myself, I freak out. I do not look the same at all. I need help with this - I've been in the hospital 3 times and in therapy, on meds - nothing helps. I'm so scared.

Still not happy

hi, I wanted to update my review and to say that I still regret my surgery. I feel that something went wrong with my facial fat as I look way too different for just my nose to have been changed. I have seen the forum on here regarding loss of facial fat and it sounds like this has occurred with me. I miss my face so much, this is so unfair.
I am considering fat transfer but am afraid that that's not the problem and I'll make my face look worse. I had a rhinoplasty in the past but my bones were not broken and I feel breaking the bones and the bruising might have caused loss of fAt...either way it's not a known complication and doctors will not warn you of this so I will..
But I am three and a half years out and I just regret this..
If anyone has advice please let me know. Thanks
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