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Firstly please excuse me punctuation, my brick...

Firstly please excuse me punctuation, my brick Samsung galaxy note doesn’t really like me and my fingers are not long enough to reach some letters whilst holding the phone in a particular way
I have been searching for a surgeon who is an artist and a perfectionist, I had a consultation with the Harley Medical Group last year and I was told my surgeon would be Mark Solomos. From seeing his before and afters at my consultation I was really not happy with the before and afters, I personally felt that his work usually has no definition on the nose and sometimes aren’t as smooth as I would like (if that makes sense)

I found Lucian Ion after reading someones review on Real Self so I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to RealSelf

I had a consultation with Dr Ion on Wed 30th for Rhinoplasty. I have to say this man is a gentleman, extremely charming, and has a charisma about him I felt at ease straight away

He first took a close look at my nose and the septum and to see how my breathing was. He also looked at the skin surrounding the nose, I was told my being Asian our skin is thin which is a good thing
He then took some photos of different angles, facing straight on, 45 degrees, one to the side, one smiling and one just normal side. I was asked what I my concerning areas were and what I was expecting. While I was talking Dr Ion was was morphing my picture and came to a result very similar to a chap on realself with the username Green838 (I think) Although I did like the morph and really suited me It is not the nose I have dreamt to have. I then asked Dr Ion for making the nose more feminine (the reason for choosing this was because believe it or not but the most desirable male faces have feminine features)
Once this was shown to me I was really happy with it. Dr Ion didn’t mention if it suited my face or not – he also mentioned that the best noses have a sharp triangle angle on the tip but not everyone will suit this

He told me about the procedure and what I can expect, and about revision if necessary. Asian noses have a tendency to be flat and need extra cartilage support. In a year the cartilage can soften and make the nose less angular so he makes sure there is enough support and will monitor every few months.

I have been given a date of 12 December which is a Saturday at the Weymouth Hospital, I have a final consultion on 26/11/2015 with Dr Ion to give him my thoughts on the morph and final decisions

I Showed my family the morphs and they hated it, my sister thinks it makes me look like an Asian Caitlyn Jenner, my work colleagues hate it and thinks its too curvy and sharp, my little brother hates it with a passion…let me know what you guys think.
I do have quite a feminine face anyway, long eye lashes, kinda big lips and maybe a feminine nose will make me look like a tranny with muscles.

My surgery was today

I've don't it!!!'my surgery was at 11 and I'm super drowsy while writing this . So everyone hated my morph but dr ion said my nose looks very close to my morph

Cast off today

Hi sorry I didn't update since my surgery but I was incredibly uncomfortable - swollen face including my cheeks,jaw,gums and the list goes on. Sleep has been awful since breathing through the mouth when you sleep is quite hard...there were many moments where my tongue pretty much turned into a dried statue.....lip balm and straws and water will be your best friend

Anyway I met the lovely Rosie today who is Dr Ions nurse...I've told her about the reviews of her on this site so she did make me promise to write something nice. (I was going to anyway) very down to earth and is definitely a person I would be friends with we really got on like a house on fire. She complimented my lashes eye and big lips (although my mouth,lips and jaw are still very
Much swollen)

Removing the splints wasn't that bad actually but removing the stitches was awful and painful tears were running through my face (not as in crying) but in pain. It's all worth it though because you can finally breathe and taste again it's actually amazing.

My sister saw my nose first and said it was incredible how natural it looks when I finally saw it I was actually more shocked how swollen and wide my nose looked (dr ion told me this in my consultation) the profile is just beautiful but need to calm the swelling down . I'm lucky I'm not bruised I'm just very swollen. Can't wait to see how it looks over next few weeks. I am missing the gym so badly but will not risk anything jeopardising my new nose. Here is the video of the splint removal and also some pictures taken

Also my nostrils haven't heeled properly so I have neen prescribed some further medication for healing the nostrils

Here the updated video

Sorry removed the other videos I selected the wrong ones please see below and let me know what you think

4 weeks post op

Sorry for delay in updating. I have been massaging. 4 times a day as advised, used the sinus rinse as advised and also used vitamin k given by the nurse for the bruising around my eyes especially the left side which has a dark line around the eyes. It's still very swollen but definition is definitely starting to take place and also started to see a slope forming . It's still very numb. I also have noticed that my top lip has become lifted where the Cupid's bow is. I cannot seem to fully fold my top lip which is quite funny. Pain has all gone. My smelling sense is still not fully there. People from work have complimented how natural it looks saying it looks like I was born with the nose. People who don't know have said there is a difference in my face that I look less crooked. I have noticed that there is much more structure to my face and that my confidence has hit the roof. I don't care who sees my profile now, my posture is much more straight and I can't talk to people more easily

Post op appointment with Dr Ion - steroid injections

So I had a post op appointment with dr ion on Thursday.Dr ion said that my nose is healing remarkably well and he wasn't expecting it to be looking like it was so early. I have been massaging regularly 6 times a day, always used the sinus rinse, taped my nose before bed and slept upright without sleeping on my side. He asked me how I felt it looked so far I told him i really like it but it still looks bulbous to me from front and wide he told me not to worry and that it will look much better in a few months. He said my tip was still swollen and that he was going to put a steroid injection to make the swelling go down. Usually this is an option for patients but they way I wanted my nose it was needed so there wasn't an option but to actually have the injection on my tip and at the bottom of my nose. Dr ion said that my nose will swell a bit more and that in a few days I will start to see a substantial difference. My nose has softened today it's starting to feel like how it did before the operation and I am starting to see the definition. My sister said I look different today and that my nose looked really good. I will post pics of the new definition but I can't seem to capture it on my phone clearly. I have another appointment in 6weeks

3 Months Post - Op

So it's been a while since updating. My nose is settling well my smelling sense is slowly coming back and I don't have any trouble with breathing. Not sure I'm seeing definition but still it's not really been that long. I' have an appointment on Thursday for my second steroid injection. I do feel at times that my nose still looks wide and I really don't see any definition at the top. Dr ion has assured me that he knows what I want and I have full faith in him here's a few pics let me know what you think


So my colleague takes a pic of me when I'm on my
Phone at work to show my manager I'm not working (just for laughs) and I compared the two and my gosh what a difference.

Update 5months post op

It's been 5 months now and I'm seeing more definition I have had steroid injections thrice to help with the swelling. I have noticed that the skin around my nose looks a little strange as in pores show abit more than they used to. I see the slope occasionally most of the time no. I will say that my confidence has hit the roof.....I may not be all that but honestly I walk like I am the the King. It's funny how a nose can hold you back. I can speak to people easily I can stand on the train and not care about my profile Honestly the best thing I have ever done

5 months post op

So it's been 5 months post op and in still having a love hate relationship with my new nose ...I tend to remind myself of how my old nose looked like and then get cheered up looking at how it looks now. Dr ion says I'm still swollen but but everything is looking as planned - I trust him completely . I have been having Stroud injections monthly to help with the swelling.

My concerns at the moment are I have lost the shine I used to have on the tip of my nose and it looks quite flat at times and my bridge needs definition however it's only been 5momths so I'm still hopeful

Almost 11 months update

So almost 11 months since my surgery - anniversary is December 1st. I took this photo less than a month ago ....I have noticed my nose get a little bulbous and a sligh bump on top of my tip ..... It's lost a bit of the slope so I cannot wait to see dr ion again in end of December

I haven't taken a front photo and I will soon but the problem is that the right side of my nose is very smooth and the left is quite bumpy and sort of sunken and in some lighting makes my nose look abit dented so I am a little bit worried that I may need revision

And another one

Another picture
London Plastic Surgeon

Amazing!!! The king of rhinoplasty. A charismatic artist

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