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Hello ladies. I shall spare you of the usual story...

Hello ladies. I shall spare you of the usual story - yes Iv wanted a nose job pretty much since age 10. And Iv finally decided after all this time to go and do it!

My surgery is booked for Saturday 16th July and I'm 80% excited and 20% scared. This has fluctuated let me tell you haha. Anyway, I'm more or less having the works, dorsal hump reduction, a graft, septoplasty for deviated septum, reducing nostrils and overall projection.

I hope to keep you lovely ladies updated and that everything goes smoothly. I'm really not very good at this review malarkey so sorry in advance haha :^) :-)

Some before pics

These were some pics that I hate of my nose, I try so hard to pose a certain angle because I hate it so much. I never realised it was so crooked until I saw some of these pictures! Bloodynora haha x

Any last minute advice?

Hi ladies. I'm officially on countdown now -3 days to go until my surgery! It has flown let me tell you girls! :-)

Now I have been taking arnica, bought some dry mouth spray, a neck pillow, I'm ordering my food shopping for Friday (lots of soups and smoothies to make) stocked up on straws, arnica gel, bought new pjs, dressing gown, slippers, green tea and I'm currently looking for good to box sets to watch (Iv watched Orange Is The New Black which I was supposed to be saving for next week haha).

I will have my 6 year old son to care for all day on the 4th day of recovery (as he finished school to the summer) but I'm hoping to keep moving and not be lying down all day.

Is there any last minute items I have forgotten or advice you ladies can give me? I'm really excited now and can't wait to update you all! Fingers and toes crossed yeah! Much love to everyone xxxxx oh and some more before pics xxxx

All done!!

Hello ladies. This won't be a long detailed review yet as I'm still a little fuzzy headed haha but all went fine. No pain at all just pressure like everyone said. Staff are brill and I can go home in around an hour. Ate all my food like a greedy guts haha. No sickness but I can see the start of some black eyes. Will update more thoroughly tomorrow after my first night at home. I must say tho the dry mouth spray from Boots is a god send!! I will clean myself up a little before I get discharged and let you all know what meds etc they give me xxx

Day 1 & day 2 update.

Hey ladies. Well I apologise for not putting a more detailed first day review. I was very tired yesterday. The op went great, arrived at 8am, went into theatre at 11.45 and I think I was out at 1.30ish. Anesthetist was fine I just felt this warm feeling and I was away. After I woke I had packing under my nose but this was removed when I was served my food. I had a soup (which I had a little bit of) a cheese and onion toastie and apple pie and cream. Ate the lot haha. The nurses come in to check vitals every 30 mins so couldn't really sleep. I was feeling fine and I was allowed him at 5.15.

Sleeping was hard whilst breathing through my mouth but I think I have the hang of it now. Iv had a couple of small nosebleeds so kept the drip gauze on the first night.

Next day I had cheese on toast and then mashed potatoes and meat for tea. My appetite is good, just have to take small bites and chew slowly. Watching anything funny is a no no because laughing can hurt! Iv tried to clean the dried blood around my nostrils but the dissolvable packing is tightly up there for now.

Napped throughout the day and I can see my black eyes showing a little more haha. But I feel ok, little tight around the nostrils but other than that I can't complain so far. I think I look worse than I feel anyway haha. Any questions just ask away, I probably forgot loads anyway I'm still away with the fairies hahaha xx

Day 3

Helloooo. My bruising appears to have peaked now but is going slightly yellow. I tried using my saline spray today. Not sure if it helped yet but I'm keeping at it. Also cleaning as often as needed. Today I have been doing some light chores and I must say I'm in bed by 7.30pm tired! Broken sleep doesn't help i suppose. My son is back from his nanas now and he isn't fazed at all. Thinks I look funny (kids eh haha).

Eating habits are okay although I can't tell when I'm hungry as I can't taste anything. The only thing that is giving me more discomfort now is my area around my nostrils. I suppose it's from when I keep dabbing away any watery blood that seeps out. Crusting is visible and I'm hoping that the dissolvable packing will start to actually dissolve soon.

Breathing through my mouth isn't bothering me so much now, it's more bothersome when eating. Having to take tiny bites and chewing really slowly. I also nearly needed to sneeze earlier but I found that saying "lalalalaaaaalalaaaaaa" around the house stopped it. Bet the neighbours think Iv lost the plot haha.

Packing question

Hi ladies. Anyone who has had dissolvable packing - does is dissolve on its own? It's day 3 now and other than removing bloody crusting around the edges of my nostrils it's still up there. Tightly. I'm going to ring the surgery tmoz and ask anyway but Iv been worried that il get an infection or something. Iv been using the saline spray 3-4 times a day since yesterday. It doesn't look very pretty and I was wondering if I'm doing everything right or whether I need to be doing more for it to dissolve.

Cast removal day!!

Well hello ladies. I hadn't updated for a couple of days as nothing had really changed except the horrendous inching I had for the last two days under my cast. It means all the nerve endings are working correctly so distraction and a fan seemed to help.

Anyway cast day arrived, I had my AMAZING first shower. Wow, it's was incredible, I was in there for a good 30 minutes haha. Most of the packing has dissolved thanks to the saline spray (which I bought another can of) but still can't breathe properly yet. Anyway I got there, the cast removal didn't hurt one bit, felt like pressure really. The stitches I hardly felt I was so glad. She said there could be another stitch in there but she couldn't see it so I will just need to pop back in if it shows its little blue head. Anyway the big reveal "pass me that bloody mirror woman" haha. My first words were "oh my goodness". I LOVE it. It's cute and feminine and suits my face. And more importantly it's flamin straight!! It's obviously swollen still but I'm happy even now.

I'm so so happy and I just pray it stays staying this kind of shape. She said I'm healing nicely, too. I have some gunk up my nostrils still but I'm using the spray regularly so it should clear soon. It's so weird cos my nose is numb almost at the end. Strange sensation haha. I even wondered around town afterwards with my son (I had a baseball cap on) because I finally didn't feel paranoid of my nose, even with the steri strips on :^) :-) tell you what though, it's constantly running make sure you buy a family pack of tissues haha xxx

New nose update - First proper outting in public :-)

Yesterday I was invited to a big family party and I couldn't not go so I got dressed up, covered up my remaining bruises in some make up and went. I took my tape off for a few hours (sshhh I know that's naughty) but put it back on when I got home. Everyone was so complimentary and it was so nice to be proud of my straight nose and not be conscious of it. It's still very swollen at the tip and today I'm exhausted from the party but I'm still happy so far xxx

2 weeks post op - picture update

Hi everyone. Nose is doing well. Still wake up a little stuffy so I still use the ocean saline spray which I have gone through 2 cans of now haha. My nose sometimes gets really tickley at the tip which can drive me mad because I can't really itch it properly as its still a little numb at the end haha. I'm still sleeping elevated although I have slept a little on my side (still with about 5 pillows under me) so I can sleep better. Oh and Airwaves chewing gums are my best friend! I'm using Vaseline around my nostrils at night and on the columella scar which has healed really well so far. First day back at work on Monday and I'm strangely excited!

Photo update - 19 days post op

Hi everyone. I don't want to keep posting pictures and updates if there is no change but some swelling has gone down more and my nose is starting to take a very nice shape now. I'm very happy still. My nose is still stuffy in the morning which is annoying and I have bought a Neilmed sinus rinse kit to use every morning and night and help keep my nose clean and moisturised. The skin on my nose is still slightly dry but I moisturise it every morning and night with Doublebase gel. I use the ocean spray if needed but I won't buy another one now I have my sinus rinse kit. It's still numb at the end but it's gradually getting better. Oh, and when I'm wearing lipstick I still can't purse my lips together properly as the skin must still be tight between my top lip and columella xx Iv added some updated before and after pictures too (I really HATE the before side pictures - I would rather DIE than let anyone see these otherwise haha)

6 weeks post op update

Hi everyone. I had my final post op review today and Mr Tahery was very happy with my nose. Everything looks great, no pain, discomfort, no areas I'm unhappy with. He took some photos after examining me and asked if he could use them for his website as my results look so natural.

I'm am still 100% happy and I'm so glad I with through with the surgery. I asked if there was likely to be any more significant change and Mr Tahery said it would be very minimal (which im happy about). He said my nose still feels a little numb - which it is - and he was asking if people had noticed etc and if I have had a good recovery. I am pleased (and 100% honestly) saying that I have had a perfect recovery. I live my results and I am so glad I did it. I gave Mr Tahery a thank you card and he was very grateful and said if I ever needed advice or I had any issues then I only need to call. He has been lovely and professional and I have 100% more confidence. I shall update at the end of every month to keep people updated but please message me if you want to. Thank you everyone for your support xxx

10 weeks post op - never been so happy

Here's a few more pics as promised for my monthly update. My nose can feel slightly tender if a gently squeeze the tip. Must still be lots of internal healing to do. My nose is not blocked as much now. It still gets tickly and numb at the end every now and again. I can now also purse my lips together a little better when applying lipstick!

Other than that it still looks great, I can hardly remember what it feels like to have my old nose now so I'm so happy I went through with it. I feel so much more confident xxx

16 weeks post op - love it more everyday

What can I say, nothing more has changed since! I'm still in love with my nose. It's no longer as numb but it does run ever so slightly in cold weather and I can't feel it. So must still be some numbness. I also still have 2 fleshy lumps near the inside of my nostrils which I assume are from where my nose was shortened and will shrink over time. I still clean my nose with cotton ear buds after a shower but other than that it's been perfect :-) will update with further pictures in December xxx

16 weeks post op

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