Ethnic Rhinoplasty (Finally Decided to Do It!)

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Hey RS, So I have decided to take you along with...

Hey RS,
So I have decided to take you along with me on my 'nose journey' as I found the reviews, comments and pictures super helpful on here while I am going through this whole process, so I wanted to do the same as it might help someone else out there. Anyway, like many of you I have disliked my nose since I was very young. I was lucky enough not to be bullied by it when I was younger (which I am very surprised by) but to this day I still remember every single comment that anyone has ever made about my nose. It makes me feel insecure, unconfident in myself and paranoid (who wants to feel that way about themselves?!). I am of ethnic origin and typically most of us are not blessed with small dainty noses! My nose is very wide from all angles, I have big nostrils and my nose distracts away from my other features, which makes me unhappy. I am the girl who will take 100 selfies, delete 99 of them and then the 1 good one I do have will edit and filter the hell out of it! So after many years I have decided to finally go ahead with rhinoplasty as I want to get my confidence back and don't it want to have to constantly worry about what people are thinking about my nose. I have done some thorough research, especially into ethnic rhinoplasty as I want someone who specialises and has worked on noses like mine. At first I wanted to go to the US to do it as there are many surgeons that perform ethnic rhinoplasty, but then I had to be realistic in terms of cost (surgery, flights, accommodation etc) and finding the time to go to the US. I then began my search in the UK and I will be honest the choice is very limited when looking for a surgeon who specialises in ethnic rhinoplasty in the UK, I researched (stalked) many and booked consultations and then cancelled because something didn't feel right. But I think I may have found someone who can do what I am looking for and his name is Dr Lucian Ion. I have read countless positive reviews and most importantly he specialises in ethnic rhinoplasty, so I booked my consultation which is in November (so this post is a bit premature!) but I am very excited to finally be moving forward with my decision and will keep you updated :-)

P.s if anyone has had consultations or surgery with Dr Ion and is happy to share their experience I would be most grateful.

S x


Hey Rs,

So after reading some reviews on here I discovered that some of you use a plastic stimulation app as a guide for what you want your nose to look like, so I thought I would give it a go and show you guys what I'm aiming for. So the pics on left are what my current nose looks like (big I know!!) and the pics on the right is what I am aiming for. These are some of the many pics I have created that I will show at my consultation. I don't know if he will be able to even achieve this but I think there is a more realistic expectation doing it this way as it is my own face. I am really trying my hardest not to create a 'wish list' of noses because I don't want to end up disappointed. There are some really beautiful noses out there that I would love to have! But at the end of the day those noses are on different faces, with different features that are built different to mine, so were I would love to have Beyoncé's nose, I know I just can't! :-(
I think if you know exactly what you want you want and can communicate that to the Dr the celebrity photos are not needed. But in saying that I have tried to find some before and after pics that are similar to mine and have picked out elements of those noses which I like and will also share at my consultation.
Anyway please let me know what you guys think :-)

S x

Side Profile

I'm not quite sure how to add more pictures to my previous update, but here is side profile of my nose also. I like the length just hate how big, flared and bulky it is!

S x

African American Rhinoplasty- The search continues...

So I had my consultation with Dr Ion last week Wed, Dr Ion was a lovely man, he was very thorough with his explanations, he took his time to go through each detail which I really appreciated. He created morphs for me during my consultation which I must say I was slightly underwhelmed by but he said that if I decided to have another consult he would made some further adjustments. He then quoted me the price which I was not expecting!!! Whilst I have no doubts that Dr Ion will not do a great job and most importantly not mess up my nose ! I don't think dr Ion is necessarily the doc I am looking for. He showed me some pics he worked on and I would say I was more 'wowed' my the Caucasian noses as opposed to the African American noses.
So I have decided to explore other options and I said in my previous post that I did not want to travel to the US, But I have now started researching Drs in the US as I think they have a wider range of docs that perform on African American noses like mine (the hard part is finding the right one!) My next consultation is with Dr Kofi Boahene, so let's see how that goes.. if anyone has had surgery with Dr Boahene any feedback would be appreciated.

S x

Surgery Finally Booked!

So I have finally found my surgeon and have also finally booked my surgery (yay!) which will be on 13 Jan 2017 and I cannot describe how excited I am!!
Within the first 10mins of my Skype consultation with Dr Boahene I knew he was the one lol! It's like when you know you just know! He asked me what I liked and disliked about my nose and he allowed me to take my time to talk through everything. He also went through what he would do to achieve what I wanted which includes narrowing my bridge, reducing my nostrils, working on my tip and also raising my bridge slightly. After the consult I was sent an estimate and then took a few days to think about it and speak to my Mum, I then put down a $509 deposit, now I'm here surgery booked :-). I will be flying out on the 10th Jan and will have another
consult on the 11th Jan to go through everything again then surgery on the 13th Jan. I am very confident that I have made the right choice for myself and I just can't wait to get it done now. Now I just need to start planning!! :-)

Supplies for surgery

So I have 4 weeks until my surgery date and have bought what I think I need for my surgery such as dry mouth spray, vitamin c, arnica cream/tablets, throat lozenges, saline spray, cotton buds, Vaseline, humidifier, sanatizer and face cooling mask. I am going to also buy bromelain as I read this helps with bruising and swelling. I am not sure if there is anything else that I need?!!

1 week to go until surgery :-)

So I can't believe how quickly time has gone, I only have 1 week (tomorrow) until I have surgery and 5 days until I fly out to America. My blood work and physical examination paperwork has now been sorted, so my mind is at rest! Now I'm just super excited and cannot wait to get out there. I'm sure the nerves will kick in soon enough but for now all I feel is excitement :-D

2 days until surgery!!

So I arrived safely in Baltimore and today I finally got to meet Dr B in person and he was exactly what I expected. We went through everything in detail once again and I am confident that we are on the same page. In short, I will be having my bones broken and brought in, I will be having alar reduction, I will be having tip work done and I will also have my bridge raised slightly. One thing I am happy about is that Dr B said I might not need to have rib harvested but he said to keep it in mind as that might change on day. After our consultation my excitement has tripled (not sure that is possible lol) but I just want Friday to be here already! I also added a couple of pictures that I took today so you can get a clear picture of what my big ol'nose looks like now lol

All done :-)

I made through the other side!! I can't believe it's done :-).. I am in a bit of pain and I'm struggling with the whole breathing through my mouth but apart from that I'm feeling good. All the nurses and everyone that I can into contact with have been really lovely and made me feel at ease.

I currently have my lovely care nurse with me who is taking great care of me :-). I have uploaded so pics of how sexy I currently look lol

Cast is off!!!!!!!!!


So my cast came off today, and I'm really happy already... it's crazy what difference a nose can make to your face lol. My tip is super swollen but in terms of the width which was my main concern I'm really with what he has done :-)

More pics...

7days Post Op

It's been a week since I had my surgery and i''m very still happy :-)..most of the pain has gone but I get slight shooting pains in my nose occasionally, I can't smile properly at all which feels weird but I am sure that it will come back soon and my nostrils are still slightly uneven but it's still early days so I'm not worried. I also have swelling but 7 days in that is expected,
P.s you have you excuse the lack of makeup in my pics lol!!

1 month post op

Hey guys, so I am now one month post op, can't believe how quickly has gone!! I am still happy with the way I'm healing, my tip is going down gradually even though it is hard a rock and I still have swelling on my side walls . My doc said that it wasn't necessary for me to tape my nose but I did try it one night out of curiosity and because the swelling was frustrating me lol and I must say it makes a noticeable difference compared to when I haven't and for me it last at least 6-7 hours before I see any swelling again, so I think I am going to continue. Also one thing that is kinda frustrating me is that my nostrils slightly are uneven, apparently it is not recognisable to others but it is to myself, when I look back at old pics I actually did have uneven nostrils but I don't think I noticed because I was so distracted by the size lol! Some days it bothers me others days not so much. But apart from that I love my nose :-)..

Some Before & Afters...


Nearly 3 month update!

So I've been receiving messages to give an update on my current nose, so I have added some pics that have been taken in the last few weeks. I am still happy with my nose, my tip is being very stubborn and is still swollen and hard but I know that will go down as time goes on (hopefully). As i might have mentioned before I have good and bad days, the mornings and the night is when the swelling increases. I am used to my slightly uneven nostrils as people don't even notice until I point it out but over 'princess' as my mum likes to call my nose lol is doing well :-)
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Review is based on Dr Kofi Boahene

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