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Hey everyone. So it's 12am and am trying to write...

Hey everyone.
So it's 12am and am trying to write this as quickly to catch some snooze as I have work in the am.

SO I have hated my breast for a long time like they don't make sense to me . I find them saggy and just unattractive which has given me massive confidence issues . So I decided that I was gonna get an uplift with implants well hoping too. This week I have a few consultations with different groups and I will do a separate review on them with costs and all that. Cut a long story short ! Real self is so helpful and I want to give back to all u lovely ladies... #HASHTAG NEW BOOBS ENROUTE...
Oh yeah so am hoping to get them done first week December providing doctors have availability .
Size 10 top - breast 30FF /28G - weight 10stone. And my boobs got saggy because of weight loss so yeah I will update this every time something happens xxx am excited yo

Sorted ???? getting closer

Okay hey guys haven't updated you like how I said I would however I wanted all my info first plus I work as a nurse so hardly any time . Sooooo
I did say I was gonna book appointments with
1. Harley medical
2. Transform
3. MYA
4. Hospital group

So I cancelled my appointments both for Harley medical and transform . The reason why I cancelled was I couldn't find much about the companies and if I just wasn't really sold when I did read reviews plus I was just not on wasting my time talking to a patient coordinator. Okay but I did attend MYA which I met a lovely patient co ordinator she was really good knew her stuff and let me ask loads of questions. She advised me that I should have an uplift and would not need implants as I had enough breast tissue . Obviously I went to the appointment really wanting implants as am scared they will sag again but I took her advice on board and that same day was scheduled in at the hospital group with mr Hassan sulaiman he also advised me of an uplift and got his tape out and measured me so I left . Enroute home I wasn't convinced with me sulaiman, I mean I just wasn't sure about him so I texted my coordinator Melisa she is soooo lovely and I was asking her questions she then suggested I can see another surgeon and compare as the surgeon she is gonna recommend me to is a breast specialist and reconstruction and all that fancy I know my stuff jazz anyways his name is George samouris . So I booked a new appointment and went to see him yesterday (Friday) he was nice ,young, very informative he showed me photos of him actually doing it showed me the technique he would use so putting some tissue under muscle if I remember correctly to stop it sagging as quick , he got his tools out and measured me I was happy and convinced and now I have decided that I will be going with George . I honestly believe he gets me and will not disappoint me . From what I have read and pics I have seen he knows what he is doing. So yes ladies I have a date ???? next month so I will keep you guys updated and I will be adding photos and all that jazz , oh yeah so am currently 30FF /28G. Waist is 25.5 inches and he said I will be around c/d I said I was not fussed as long as this chest is tight and looking firm and up Yas honey am involved ???????????? so yeah guys il keep u updated and my procedure is £5195 @ Dolan park they will get me transport and all that all I got to do is buy that macom bra now haha am excited .. feel free to comment ladies on things I should buy and need for an uplift , did anyone buy a special pillow ? He says I will be able to go back to work in a week , am a nurse in community all I do is give injections . Omds am scared about having an injection too lool ! But am sooooo excited and il update this as it goes on ! I have wanted this for soooooo long and seriously I deserve it xxxxxxx added some more photos for u guys to see also

Update x

Few things I forgot in my previous post I am using hospital group and the clinic is in Dolan park but my appointments with nurse and that will be in London xxxx Oh yeah forgot to say so the technique my new doctor is doing my nipple will not be removed at all during process meaning breast feeding on board ???????? horaaaay , really happy about this as I haven't had kids yet and that was the only thing making me sad .. has anyone been able to breast feed after a lift and ladies anyone have nipple piercings ? How was it after surgery did the dr put it in after or did u wait till healed ? I have had mine for like 5 years so hopefully wouldn't close haha I love it can't go through that pain of getting it re pierced again tho xxx

Can everyone see this ?

Hey haven't had. No replies or anything wondering if anyone can see this :( lol let me know if this is posting xxxx

Update : surgery all paid for woop now I have to give up smoking cannabis today will be my last smoke and I will not smoke for a month x

last minute . com

hi guys , really sorry i haven't been consistent, been so busy as i am a student nurse been at placement, been reading all ur comments just not had a chance to reply also not been trying to take the piss with my mentor as she is the sweetest. ANYWAYS.. am back now as i have some time !!!

so luckily my mentor is finished this week she is going on holiday and my surgery is booked in for THURSDAY 1ST DECEMBER 2016 !!! so i will be missing two days of placement but my other mentor is cool with that as i am a good student , and i recon my other mentor would have been ok with that too ....

anyways guys am so indecisive but i decided it would be beneficial going with a breast surgeon who deals with reconstruction etc, so yes i changed AGAIN !! but i am sticking with him as i have done loads of research. during my consultation he was soo smart , and so real , really and truly i went to him for like a third opinion but i decided to go with him instead !

so i will be going with SIMON SMITH
Mr Simon Smith
Breast (Cancer, Reconstruction, and Cosmetic) and Endocrine Surgery Simon is a Consultant Breast Surgeon, with an extensive practice in Oncological, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Breast work of all types.

all paid for £5782.00
this is for a reduction - as i agree with the DR that to get my desired look and perkiness i would have to go smaller, which i don't mind as long as i don't have bee stings haha.

so i went for my pre appointment check today , the hospital is really nice it is private premium care so patients referred by their GP also use this hospital , the service is A1 !!!

i was told today i would receive two bras and scaring cream all inclusive !! - which is FAB !!
but i still want to purchase the macom bra ( feeling like a follower , but i have read good reviews)
today i had bloods and BP checked ,
if i have missed anything out please ask ! sorry this is rushed but yes i am sooooooo excited and i will try and update on FRIDAY , my surgery will be in the afternoon so been instructed i can have breakfast up till 8AM and water till 1PM.

Wish me luck !
pray for me y'all !!
a bad wish soon have perky tits !!!! haaaaallllejuiaaaaaaaaa

day before

eeeeek ,
am so excited,
kind of annoying as i just got shellac done £25 !! went partying on the weekend and it didn't cross my mind ! so now i have to go get the colour removed , sad times !

yesterday i went and purchased things like hibi scrub, silicone sheets , codeine
i don't think i need anything else as the hospital will be giving me everything.
am soon excited wish me luck guys , today am just gonna tidy my room and like sort out what needs to be done before i go into slow mode, might try get an intense gym session in too , as this is the last time il work out till the new year !

guys am sooooooo excited, my boobs are so horrible and really restrict me from wearing cute things, but like if this goes well am gonna be soo happy , i have to call today to find out information for tomorrow like time to arrive , check out time etc..
am gonna be like to my surgeon , he needs to make my chest look fleeky( on point) so that when i look in the mirror am like ZAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM DADDDY, haha he already thinks am crazy !!!!

i hope my review hasn't been too boring , but yes i shall update y'all on friday how it went , pray for me , nipples aint gonna be on the floor anymore haha xxxx

all done

hey guys just a quick update!!!!

am all done , not even drowsy or anything just sore heels, will do a proper review in the am xxxxxxxx
but i have the best surgeon he's so cute and sweet and the anaesthetic team were sweet aswell ...
now am drinking some orange juice



hey guys !
am fully awake now ,
so yesterday i arrived about 14:20, went into surgery after 6PM , and came out just before 9pm.
i asked how long it took and they said 2.30 hours, i woke up and i was super excited. i must admit the whole time i haven't been nervous or like had butterflies or anything i just wanted it done !! i saw my surgeon shortly after i arrived, like he gets me , he knew what i wanted and he double asked me that am i sure that i want to go smaller, i was like yes as i want to be perkier and he agreed. So he did say he wasn't going to remove much , told me the risks but said he would do his best but i wouldn't be perfect. i totally forgot to take pics of the markings, i shall try get him to send me that if anyone wants to see , but he showed me how high my nipple would be and all that jazz, i really do trust him , so i let him get to work.
Then the anaesthetist came in shortly after him , he was soo sweet too , he asked me all the questions, and told me what he was gonna do ,even told me he liked my varnish ... oh yeah guys i couldn't bare to take my nails of because i just got them done , but i took of the polish on my toes instead before i came. So i was chilling for a few hours then the lovely nurse came to get me , they wheeled me in my bed then went into theatre , well to put some of the sleeping stuff in my body !
OMDS the anaesthetist (sooo annoying i can't remember his name) but he works with simeon , found my vain in one take , do u know how proud i am ? like i was like its normally hard to find a vain blah blah make sure u do it in one take looll, and he done it !! proper experienced chap.
i remember counting , i don't even remember what number i got onto and i was out of it , i woke up and was like HAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY new tits on board, next to me were two lovely ladies monitoring my pulse and that i think for about 20 mins in the recovery bit before they took me upstairs they were so nice also, i needed to wee and she got be a bed pan, i felt like a right old granny. Before i went up i saw my surgeon and Anaesthetist and they said they would come see me in the AM, after they see another client in another hospital, awwwww. lol

came back into the room now my sister was here , lil cutie and was like u took long blah blah , i told her it would be an hour and a bit , so she didn't worry haha. Anyways she has been so helpful this whole time , couldn't have done it alone seriously. before the nurses left they asked me would i like something to eat , i said yes please and she said should we start of with some toast, i wasn't to keen on this but i knew it would be the most sensible thing to eat as i hadn't eaten anything since 10pm the day before , i was told i can eat up till 8am but i woke up around 07:54 and was too late to make anything, so yes i was hungry but i had plenty of water till 1.

The ward host bought me some orange juice and brown toast, and she bought my sister some orange juice swell, little sweetie.

My OBS were checked every half and hour and the first time the nurse came she asked me if i would like some pain killers, i said yes but i wasn't in pain my chest just felt tight. out of 10, pain is like 4, tbh am not in pain just feels a little uncomfortable. i was instructed that every time i would like to use the toilet i should ring the bell , i done it for the first two times, the third time i rang the bell but they were taking long and i needed to go so i just went, but i have been following instructions haven't been using my arms, been told to use my belly muscle to get up, haha my abs will be on fleek (on point) when i recover, so i don't mind doing this.

its 07:12 and the ward hostess has just come in to ask me if i would like to order some breakfast, i have ordered a lot, let hope i finish it , pictures and everything will be pending , am about to watch some of my shows and complete my online shopping :D
any questions ask me guys, but am super excited i have done this , like i am a young girl and this meant so much to me so i pray i am happy with the results and will upload pics later on today xxxx


Okay my real self family ,
This is gonna be my last review until Myb next week to tell you all how it's going.

So my lovely surgeon came in and had a look at me he let me see Omds I am happpppppppy he's actually amazing , I will upload pics now I can't even write much but guys seriously it is painless like no pain at all I feel like I can do a cart wheel but I won't haha he told me to chill for like two weeks,

But I will relax as long as possible don't wanna mess up my results but guys like this is the best thing to ever happen to me am so happy

Day two

These are some photos after I had a shower , I haven't had any pain killers , I am not in any pain, I feel good . I will try get better pics of the scaring but I don't think il be uploading again until one week post opp .
I will answer any questions tho so ask away xxxx

9 days post opp , breast Oozing ? Any advice

Hey guys so I went for my one week appointment and was all fine , however today I took of the bra and realised I had a little oozing , nothing major literally but a little concerned as now when I think of it that breast has been itching so I got my flash light and actually looked and looks a little ugly ? Any advice ? I will contact the hospital on Monday but any one had a similar experience ? Would be grateful

1 month update

Hey guys it's been a while sorry been more than a month but I won't really be updating this as regular as I have other commitments however as promised I will put a 6 month and year update xx so far it's been pleasant I also went on holiday to a hot country and didn't experience any problems .. these are my update pics I took today and feel free to enter my DMs I love them ! Still need to go for a bra fit may go this week ! I am in sports bra and still the support bra I love being braless haha side boob on fleek

Almost 3 months post opp

hey loves , this is my final update this is to show how my breast are doing , i love them , and so happy i got it done !!
my healing has been perfect and have been using palmers skin therapy oil spary amazing !! any questions feel free to ask !!
Chelmsford General Surgeon

I will be reviewing these clinics in a different post ( let's hope I go to all consultations ) MYA HOSPITAL GROUP HARLEY MEDICAL CLINIC TRANSFORM

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